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Live Feed Updates 7/6 - Night 1

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  • Live Feed Updates 7/6 - Night 1

    Hello Big Brother Fans!

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    Just going to warn you .. or really ask your forgiveness ahead of time... I'm definitely not going to be so speedy quick on the updates tonight...


    Welp .... I'm 23 years older than I was when I started doing this ... ( crazy ) .... but more than that .. with the cast being released so late .... I have no idea really who is who yet ... what their voices sound like.... so I'm going to be sorting it all out live .... ( usually I spend time listening to them /learning them ... but that didn't happen ) ... so just bear with me...


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      It's great to be back with all of you ... hope you enjoy this season and BBU ❤️

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        I'll be back in a couple of hours....


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          9:34 PM BBT

          Almost ...


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            We are LIVE

            HoH Daniel names the Have Nots ....

            Joseph, Michael, Monte and Kyle ( all volunteered )

            Backstage Boss Pooch and his 3 picks ... Paloma, Brittany and Alyssa can NOT be Have Nots this week


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              Have Not Room


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                  Daniel thanks Joseph and Monte for volunteering to be Have Nots, as they do a taste test of Slop ...


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                    Everyone gathered around in the kitchen, as Joseph brings out the slop ...


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                      Most everyone still just socializing ....


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                        The many faces of Brittany as she listens to Daniel talk ....

                        He likes to drink whiskey ....

                        And he's a Hanson fan ...


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                          Terrance, Nicole and Monte talking about the Cookout alliance...

                          Terrance talking about diverse this cast is .....

                          He also talks about how BB told him that he would be the oldest cast member in the house


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                            Nicole just told Taylor that she used to do pageants when she was in Middle School ...

                            Nicole going on and on with used to do pageants details....

                            (remember Taylor ( below ) was Miss Michigan USA 2021 )


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                              Putting out the tip jar ....

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