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Live Feed Updates 7/7 - Day 2

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  • Live Feed Updates 7/7 - Day 2

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    7:04 AM BBT

    All HGs are in bed/sleeping.


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      Just a quick catch up from last night ...

      If you looked back on yesterday's LFU thread...
      Kenny mentioned that Paloma and Alyssa were talking game ... trying to form an alliance of 6 ... perhaps with Kyle, Monte and Pooch.

      Daniel did some talking alone in his HoH room last night ...
      He wants to talk to Nicole
      He thinks Kyle is cool
      He says that both Tayler and Indy are "firecrackers"
      He thinks Turner is "chill"
      He says that Terrance is cool ... and someone that he needs to keep around
      He thinks Brittany is sweet.... but she's also someone that will be easy to nominate
      He says Pooch is cool
      He talks about how he knows he "likes" to many people right now


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        Monte and Kyle talked ...

        Monte asking Kyle if what they said in the Porta Potty competition is "still a thing"
        Kyle tells him he hopes so
        Kyle talks about how he really hasn't talked game with any one .. and how he's getting paranoid ... because he knows Daniel's nomination decision is coming soon
        Monte tells him that Paloma and Jasmine told him that they will talk tomorrow
        They both agree that Daniel is a good player

        That pretty much wraps up last night ....


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          Currently @ 9:32 AM BBT

          Everyone up ... chit chat throughout the house

          Here's a quick recap after the recap I just did ...

          Daniel is the HoH
          Pooch is the Backstage Boss - he does not compete in any competitions this week...he does not vote - but he has immunity this week
          Pooch had to pick 3 to be "backstage" with him ... however while they do not compete in any comps, do not vote ... unlike Pooch . .. they are NOT safe from the threat of eviction
          Pooch picked Alyssa/Paloma/Brittany
          You with America's Vote can vote to keep one of them safe this week

          Have Nots were to be picked by HoH Daniel .. however... Kyle/Monte/Michael/Joseph all volunteered
          Daniel is leaning towards keeping Nicole/Kyle/Terrance/Paloma/Alyssa safe this week

          Paloma and Jasmine formed a F2 .. as they look to form an alliance of 6 ... they talked about Kyle/Monte/Pooch but have also talked about an all-girl alliance with Indy/Jasmine/Ameerah/Brittany ... they talked more about how their "main" alliance would be ... Kyle/Monte/ Pooch/Jasmine
          They like Jasmine's loyalty ... but think she would not be good in competitions ...
          They do not trust Taylor
          They also do not trust Daniel


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            Side note -
            I'm "guessing" that Daniel's nominations won't be until tomorrow...
            That would get everything "on schedule" with nominations on Friday, veto comp on Saturday, etc.


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              Indy hanging with the guys ...

              Other girls ( not Taylor.. not sure where she is ) hanging out in the bathroom .. applying make up ...etc.


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                10:36 AM BBT

                Just chit chat throughout the house...

                ( I'm going to break away for a bit )


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                  Catching us up ...

                  Ameerah and Paloma talked....
                  Ameerah saying that she thinks she's going to be nominated.
                  Paloma tells her no .... she thinks he ( Daniel ) is going to put up Terrance

                  They both say that they think that Daniel will try to get rid of a girl...
                  They say 100% they think that Brittany will be a nominee

                  Ameerah tells Paloma that she needs to "watch" Taylor

                  They think that Nicole is going to try to team up with the guys


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                    Ameerah and Paloma talk about how they think that Indy is " sketch"


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                      Ameerah is the first to have a one-on-one HoH talk with Daniel ...

                      He tells her if that if she has reasons/strategies of why he could put someone up.. that would help
                      She talks about good players ... physical players ... winning comps... harder to get out moving forward...

                      Ameerah to Daniel - that's where I would go....., getting out the competitors


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                        Ameerah tells Daniel that she knows that "those competitors" volunteered to be Have Nots ... but ... they are the strongest players physically....


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                          Ameerah tells Daniel that she will back him up AND that she can have ALL the girls back him up to ... if he wants to get out a stronger player ...


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                            Daniel to Ameerah - are you vibing with anyone?
                            Ameerah - Paloma
                            Daniel- yeah .. she's cool as **** ..

                            She tells him also Alyssa ..
                            Daniel - she's cool as **** too


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                              Daniel asks Ameerah how she feels about Inday
                              She tells him she doesn't know if she could trust her ..

                              Daniel - if .. I put up two physical threats ... , what happens next?
                              Ameerah - one will get the veto ...
                              Daniel - or put up Michael and a strong player?
                              Ameerah = that's what I was about to say ... and if the strong player wins (veto ) then you put up another strong player


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