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Live Feed Updates 7/8 - Day 3

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  • Live Feed Updates 7/8 - Day 3

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    6:50 AM BBT

    All HGs are in bed/sleeping.


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      I'll catch us up from where I left off last night ... very quickly ...

      Michael is worried that no one is talking game with him.
      He tells Jasmine that he thinks people are talking game without him.
      She tells him she doesn't think that is happening yet.

      Alyssa tells Ameerah that she's worried, because she hasn't had a chance to talk to Daniel at all.
      Ameerah tells her to talk to him in the morning, and besides, he can't nominate her anyway.
      Alyssa says she knows... but she's worried that he might have something to do with the backstage thing.

      Indy is there with them.. she tells them that she feels like Daniel is a friend to her .. and she likes talking to him .. but feels like it's strange when she does.. like she's kissing his ass ... but she's not .. she just wants to talk to him about a lot of things...
      Ameerah tells them about how she was pushing him to eliminate stronger players


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        Paloma and Daniel in the HoH room alone ...

        She asks where head is
        He tells her he really doesn't know and asks her if she thinks that anyone is working together

        She tells him she get "vibes" based on how people act/react ...
        She says that Nicole doesn’t talk game....

        Daniel asks how she feels about Monte ...
        She says he's a strong competitor so he would be really good for an alliance but at the same time .... he's a good strong competitor.

        Daniel tells her that he "****ing loves her" ...

        Daniel to Paloma - you're dope as **** ... I vibe with you. ... you're so f ucking cool ...

        Jasmine enters....says she's looking for Ameerah and then leaves...

        Paloma - she ( Jasmine ) is so ****ing sweet and loyal. ..
        Daniel - i'm feeling that ...

        They talk about how then they think .. are people just good ****ing liars...

        Paloma ( about Jasmine ) southern charm man..... bottom line.... we vibe

        Paloma goes on to say that she really likes Ameerah ...
        She also tells him that she can't trust Taylor ... but she's a "sweetie" and she loves her "confidence" ... but again .. just doesn't know if she can trust her.

        Daniel tells Paloma that because he likes her .. he wants to know who she vibes with ... he adds .. not that he won't put them up ... but it's helpful ... because he doesn't know what he's doing yet

        Paloma – I am like the voice of reason with the girls.
        She goes on to say that she wanted to come in sit back watch ... but she needs to stop talking so much ...
        She adds that her dad is a psychologist.

        Paloma and Daniel agree that they will look out for each other
        She tells him she can give him info on the girls and that he can do the same with the guys ...
        Daniel says he likes Nicole
        Paloma - I love that girl ...
        She says she would like to get her ( Nicole ) in with them .


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          Paloma, Alyssa and Monte meet up in the Storage Room ..

          They agree that they should form and alliance with Ameerah, Kyle and Pooch.

          Alyssa asked Monte if not having Taylor .. would be hard for him .. he tells her no .. it's fine ..he's fine with it

          Paloma says she thinks that Joe (Jospeh ) will be the first one to go home


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            Paloma and Alyssa now alone in the Storage Room

            Alyssa saying that their alliance is the like "Level 6" alliance and how it made it far...

            She tells Paloma that she has Daniel "wrapped around her finger"


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              Paloma talks with Kyle .. telling him about the 6 person alliance...
              Monte joins them
              She repeats to them .. that she has Daniel "wrapped around her finger"
              She adds that he ( Daniel ) is just her pawn


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                Monte and Kyle talked ...

                They agree their loyalty is to the 6.

                Monte –first official alliance of Big Brother 24... we started it dude.

                Kyle talks about Derrick and Cody in Season 15 ... how they would only talk game at the pool table at like 4 AM

                He talks about how they need to find ways to communicate ... not get caught ...

                Monte says if was Daniel ..he would want to get out low impact players. ... like Nicole and Brittany
                He says they are sweet....
                He goes on to say that he doesn't think that Daniel will put them up ... thinks that he will put up Taylor ...

                Kyle – that’s what I would do...
                Monte – Indy is another one...
                Kyle - hopefully that is where his mind is ....

                They also discussed how they would just send Terrance home this week... if it were up to them


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                  Michael talked to Daniel in the HoH room

                  Michael tells Daniel that he will keep Kyle safe next week .. if he ( Daniel ) keeps him ( Michael ) safe this week ..
                  He talks about being a big fan of the game and doesn't want to be the first one to go .. wants to stay ... play the game... with people that are there to play the game just like he is


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                    Paloma and Ameerah talk

                    Paloma telling Ameerah about the 6 ....

                    Paloma tells her it's Kyle, Monte, Pooch, Alyssa and the two of them ( Paloma/Ameerah ) ..
                    Ameerah – you already talked to these people?
                    Paloma – we’re locked in like glue..... I was trying to find you all day.... you're the realest person in the house..... been ride or die with your name all day.... they are locked in.


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                      HoH Room

                      Daniel, Pooch and Turner

                      They talk about their Final 3 alliance...

                      They talk about how they have to start bonding with the other "bros" ...
                      They talk about Taylor being a "ticking timebomb"

                      Pooch says he doesn't want to be HoH .. when the group decides to evict her ( Taylor ) ...


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                        Daniel alone in the HoH room

                        He saying that he would put up Monte... but he knows that Monte would just come right back after him next week ..

                        He talks about how Pooch is good at this game.. but get over zealous .. and how he has to reel him in

                        He goes on to say that getting Michael and Terrance on the block... would be the easiest way


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                          Tuner and Pooch ( I can't )

                          They talk about their F2 alliance .. and their F3 with Daniel ...

                          Pooch saying that when they talk to Daniel.. it's like they are talking about everything for the first time... BUT actually .. what they are talking to Daniel about .. will be something the two of them ( Turner and Pooch ) ... have already discussed ... and they will decide how to bring it to him ...

                          Turner to Pooch - This Final 2 ... is ****ing locked

                          Pooch talks about brining in Joe .. ( Joseph .. but I'm going to just call him Joe from now on )

                          He says he could win an HoH for them ..
                          Tuner - he's a sweetheart too
                          Pooch yeah ... he's a good kid

                          ** they had talked about this idea with Daniel earlier ... and Daniel had agreed ...


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                            Monte and Paloma talked...

                            Paloma asking about any names for the F6 ... and if Pooch is part of it ...
                            Monte tells her that he doesn't think that they've officially talked to Pooch about it yet ...
                            Paloma tells him that she's very " skeptical" about Pooch ...


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                              Paloma tells Monte that he talked to both Ameerah and Alyssa ... about the F6.... and they are good ... locked in
                              Monte tells her that he and Kyle were talking about how .. Pooch is a bit of a wild card

                              She asks if he thinks Kyle is a wild card ??
                              Monte tells her no ..... Pooch is ...
                              She says she feels the same.... and she asks again if anyone said anything to Pooch about the alliance ( 6 )

                              Monte reminds her that they all ( him/her/Pooch and Alyssa ) had a conversation about it


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