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Live Feed Updates - 7/11 - Day 6

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  • Live Feed Updates - 7/11 - Day 6

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    I'm going to quickly catch us up from where I left off last night...

    Paloma and Daniel continued to talk .. with Paloma talking about Taylor, shouldn't have said she was in pageants.
    She says she likes Taylor, respects her game play ... but she doesn't know how to play the game
    Daniel - so you don't respect her game play? .. ( he laughs )
    Paloma says she does ... but she ( Taylor ) just doesn't know how to play this game

    Paloma tells Daniel about her plans ... she wants Terrance out next...
    Paloma - a lot of people are like ...."it's ****ed up to vote two black people out of the house" .... but .. I don't see it that way ... and if America sees it that way,,,, it's ignorant. .... I'm voting people out based on their play and strategy

    She goes on to tell Daniel that Terrance's is lacking strategy

    Paloma- has he come to me been like "let's talk strategy"?? ... no ....

    Paloma- the color of your skin should not matter in this game...... I see you guys as family,.... not based on the color of your skin

    Paloma to Daniel - I don't want to get hate from voting 2 black people out ...
    Daniel talks about how he will end up with 2 black people on the block at the end of his week ... how does she think he feels about that ...
    Paloma tells him they just have to "se that aside" ... and that "America needs to set that aside" ..
    Daniel - I know .. but they won't


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      Paloma to Daniel - I think they will.. they are watching the liv e feeds
      Daniel says not the "casual viewers" ...
      She tells him that everything can be explained... afterwards...

      Paloma to Daniel- we need to play this game...

      They talk about how next week .. people are saying ... either Terrance or Indy need to go
      Daniel says that "for this cast" .. he sees that .. it's the "most logical order after this one" ... cause it's the "easiest way out"


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        around 10:30 PM BBT

        Daniel talks with Joseph ....

        Daniel – I I'm proud of Michael for winning but that put me in a ****ty position.
        Joseph- absolutely. ..
        Daniel – obviously the target (Taylor) showed themselves. .... so that .. is the best case scenario

        They talk about goodbye messages...
        Daniel saying he would never tell anyone what to say ... but he hopes that everyone will be "honest" about Taylor is leaving.

        Daniel - I'm aware of how bad it looks with 2 black people on the block at the end of my first HoH... and I do care about that .. but .... I also want to play the game,.... and we know why this is happening

        Joseph - to be completely honest... she hasn't done anything to me ... I have kinda watched where she's had her moments... with other people... but .. I am in the same position as you are ..having to trust everyone else ... to make this decision ..

        Daniel - it was Monte's vulnerability that secured me

        Joseph - – I don’t look at Monte as a liar. .. and even if he was..that's on him .. if he did that to Taylor.. but I would put my life that he is not lying ...... that's s how much I trust that kid.

        Daniel – dude.... he ( Monte ) was on the verge of tears telling me this....

        Joseph – and everything is recorded.

        Joseph tells Daniel that he should find out if she ( Taylor ) has any alliances... so that this doesn't backfire ...
        Daniel tells him that even before this drama ... every single person wanted Taylor out ... everyone was fine with it ... and then when this happened ..the other option he was thinking about ( Indy ) was no longer even a thought ...

        Joseph- if she (Taylor) thinks for a second that there's no hope anymore....
        Daniel- she's going to blow up ... because she is just sitting here waiting to be evicted. .. she's going to go out with a bang


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          Paloma and Indy

          Paloma telling her that the girls are united for sure

          Paloma to Indy- you said .. F3 ... you, me and Alyssa ... so we need to talk to Alyssa too.. she'd be down.
          Indy – not excluding the six.
          Paloma – n no . of course not..... Jasmine and Alyssa join them
          Indy – if we stay six together,....we can make it.....


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            10:45 PM BBT – Taylor and Daniel in the HoH room

            Daniel tells her that he wanted to win the HoH for safety ... but he didn't know it would play out this way...

            Taylor - first of all people respect the hell out of you as HOH. ...

            He asked her how she's feeling ..

            Taylor - straight up no game ..I'm kinda stressed... yesterday was a tough one for me. .....I know like you said people don’t know me and that is something I've always struggled with. .... so I was like okay ..I'm going to find people and connect .... because I really want to get to know all these people.... and I was walking from room to room and no one was there ... and you know .. you’ve had this happen before..... where you walk into a room and the conversation wraps up and everyone leaves...... that was in my head yesterday ...

            She goes on to tell him that she feels like she's been straight forward with wanting to work with him... protect him.... and giving him valid reasons why she feels some sort of connection with him...

            Taylor – I should just ask you straight up how do you feel about me in this moment?
            Daniel – I feel pretty solid..... I feel for "me" .... our communication has gotten better like this .. the only thing would be.... and not just you ....but everyone should be playing socially now.


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              Daniel alone in the HoH room to the cam - Oh My God.... I don’t like doing that.... but she has to go home .. whatever... sometimes she's better than you think.... but her social game is wack! she's going to be pissed..


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                Have Not Room - Monte. Michael and Joseph

                Monte – when it comes to Paloma.....I don’t know what is going to come out of her mouth at any given moment.

                cam moves us .. then back ...

                Monte - it's hard to find a sensible conversation with her.. ...

                He says it's hard to find a sensible conversation with anybody other than "you guys" ....

                Monte- when we talk .. we get to the point ...

                Michael – I would love to see Pooch and Paloma talk strategy.... they do the exact same things... and they really don't "say" anything

                ( that's about it .. I'm at work .. so I'm doing twelve things at once .. )


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                  Today is the Veto Ceremony


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                    Making a note here in case anyone wants to watch or transcribe...

                    Starting around 9:20 AM BBT (or maybe earlier but that's when I came across it), Cams 1 & 2

                    Great non-game talk.

                    Starts off with Nicole & Kyle talking. Michael later joins and then Monte joins. Even later Joesph joins.

                    Kyle wanting to know and learn about Nicole's life as a lesbian. He talks about growing up Mormon.

                    Kyle wants to get to know more about LGBTQ people, Black people, etc... (in other words, people besides those he's used to growing up with).

                    Wants to make sure he doesn't offend groups of people. Kyle is such a good guy!

                    Talk turns to relationships too.

                    Still going on as I'm typing this.


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                      Daniel and Pooch -
                      Pooch talking to Daniel saying that if there's a reason with the Backstage twist that Taylor can't go on the block ... that Brittany would go up .. and Terrance then .. would go home.

                      Ameerah tells Terrance that the vote should be ( she said 13-0 .... but it would be 9 - 0 .. .because only 9 are voting ) so he should feel good.
                      They talk about Taylor

                      Terrance to Ameerah - what the **** to you want me to say .. you ( Taylor ) lit your own ass on fire

                      Terrance - ain't nobody gonna feel no way .. when she ( Taylor ) moves out

                      Ameerah tells him that she thinks that people will try to put Daniel on the block.. since he was HoH
                      Terrance says that's "stupid"
                      She agrees.. saying she would not vote for him to go

                      ( I'm at work so I'm not going to transcribe all the "life advice" and " how they feel about past seasons and past players " ... that's been going on between the house guests this morning, if you want to hear it, there's a lot you can flashback on .. I'm just going to grab the actual "game talk" between all that )

                      Jasmine and Terrance talked ....
                      She asked him if he won HoH .. who would he put up
                      He told her that he would not put up Daniel
                      Jasmine advises him that he would not "get more blood on his hands" if he just put Michael back up ...
                      She asked if he would put up any girls ...
                      He kinda scoots around that .. but tells her that she would be safe with him


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                        PET CAM just before 12:00 PM BBT

                        Veto Ceremony underway

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                          ( sorry work gets in the way )

                          Feeds back

                          Michael used the veto on himself.
                          Daniel has nominated Taylor ( no surprise )
                          Either Terrance or Taylor will be evicted this week

                          ** Backstage Boss twist is still in play .. so something could or could not change


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                            Paloma to Taylor people can't be judged off of one bad ****ing moment,..and I'm sick of it ....because people are human beings. ... we just need to ****ing establish that here in reality television

                            Paloma- we are breaking it ... you know .. just like Kim Kardashian ... was like **** it .. break the internet .. we are like **** it .. we're going to break the internet .. we're going to break Big Brother ... because we are REAL .. these tears ( she points to herself ) this tears are real .. it's not like we are some ****ing actor or actress... we are real.... and I feel so ****ing bad for everything that is going on ...


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                              Paloma tells Taylor that next summer they will be .. all of them will be on a yacht in Greece.
                              Taylor laughs

                              Paloma says they are family ...
                              She tells Taylor that whether your in the house or sitting on your couch watching this..... be cheering us on .. because when we are out of here.... we are a family

                              Paloma - but like I said .. make the impossible .. possible .. you still have time...


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