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Live Feed Updates - 7/12- Day 7

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  • Live Feed Updates - 7/12- Day 7

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    ( I added a little bit more on yesterday's 7/11 thread from last night )

    Currently @ 4:06 AM

    Yep.. some are still up ...

    ( I'm out the door to work .. I'll update as I can )


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      ( busy day at work .... but here's a quick update )

      Michael and Ameerah

      He tells her that he's heard that people are wanting to put up Tuner and Pooch ..
      She tells him she doesn't know ....

      Talk turns to Michael winning the next HoH ... and make that move ( Turner/Pooch nominees )

      Michael tells Ameerah that he would be "willing to take the shot"

      Michael talked about how after the Veto Meeting .. that Pooch talked to him and said that he wasn't going to try to win HoH ... and he would be willing to "throw it" if he was comfortable with the last 4 people that were in it ...

      Michael says that he plans on making Pooch feel "as comfortable as possible"


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        (not sure that I included this part of not in yesterday's LFU's ... but the Mamba had to change they name of their alliance ( re production Mamba could not be used )
        So.. according to Ameerah the "former" Mamba alliance is now called "Bleep" ( not sure that's true or not ... lol )


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          Taylor talked to Alyssa

          Taylor asking her if she every offended her ..
          Alyssa tells her no ..
          Taylor talks about how she wasn't purposefully trying to stay away from the girls .. but how it looks like she was
          Alyssa thanked her for coming to her to talk


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            Paloma's kinda on the edge today ( I will update this portion more ... when I get home .. just sticking a pin in it here for now )


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              Monte talks to Kyle

              Monte - if she ( Paloma ) keeps going off the ****ing rails, ... we need to balance the guys alliance with Paloma's alliance.

              Kyle talks about how the should include Michael and tell him about the guys alliance ...

              Monte says that Pooch is making the guys alliance "too obvious"


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                Monte tells Kyle that he doesn't want to win the next HoH ...unless Taylor doesn't go home.. then he will need to try to win
                Kyle says he doesn't want to win either ..

                They both say they would rather throw it to Michael .. and let him .. and let him nominate Turner and Pooch .. to break up that duo


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                  Monte, Michael and Ameerah talking in the Have Not Room

                  Monte says that Indy and Brittany are obvious next targets

                  Ameerah tells Michael about the whole Pooch/Brittany drama ...

                  They ask ask Michael.. why was Brittany going to Pooch about Ameerah targeting him.

                  Monte says Brittany feels socially isolated....

                  Michael says that he's close with Brittany on a personal level, ... but he doesn't know if she's best for his game

                  Monte - says that he thinks that Pooch established the "Oasis .. but he's loyal to them ( Ameerah and Michael)

                  Micahel asking about Indy/Brittany as targets.. should he drop out ( of HoH comp ) or go for Pooch/Turner

                  They tell him to go after Turner/Pooch

                  Ameerah tells Michael to be careful what you s he says to Brittany ....because she’s not trustworthy

                  Talk turns to how hard Brittany is playing ... and how if she doesn't slow it down .. she will definitely be out next ...

                  They talk about the Back Stage twist .. and how if Taylor comes off the block.. and one of the Back Stage girls goes up ... then Terrance will be the one to go

                  They also say that if Terrance comes down as a result of the Back Stage twist .. then Taylor will go ...


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                    Ameerah and Michael

                    Ameerah talking more about Brittany .. and how she thought she had her back ...
                    She tells him that she had Brittany's back .. until she dropped her name to Pooch

                    Ameerah - I don't want to mean to he.... , I get it it's a game,....but she lost my trust


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                      After Ameerah leaves...

                      Michael to the camera - why .. why .. why.... did you ( Brittany ) do that? .... oh man .. okay .... I just need to win HoH and save her.....


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                        Currently @ 3:17 PM BBT

                        Brittany and Michael talking in the Storage Room

                        Brittany - I've just been hanging out with people.. being nice.. being positive
                        Michael - yeah that's what you should be doing ..

                        Brittany - I don't know if there's anything I can do with Pooch.
                        Michael - any thing you tell him.. just know .. it's going to get out
                        Brittany- I don't trust him.

                        Michael- yeah I wouldn't be telling him anything ...- other than just like "you're good with me" ...

                        Brittany- yeah .. I already told him that twice ... I don't know what else to do .... I'm not telling him jack ****

                        Michael - just being positive with people.. and not letting them think that you are freaking out .. or paranoid

                        Brittany- no ... not freaking out .. not paranoid .. just being nice... I think I'm good if Taylor stays up ...but I dunno if Terrance stays up

                        They talk about what the Back Stage could be....

                        Brittany = if it's against Paloma or me against Alyssa,.. I don't know if there is anything that I can do

                        Michael- It sucks cause the two of them are friends and they have got the same votes

                        Brittany - yeah

                        Michael - they said you can't be nominated bu... I'm guessing there is some way you can be on the block

                        Brittany- yeah .. you can't be nominated .. but you could be the first to go home...

                        Brittany- yeah ..but not nominated is good .. I don't want Pooch to have anything to do with it .. if it's a competition that I lost .. that's whatever.. but ...

                        Michael- If you won HoH next week, incredible would that be?

                        Brittany - I just get full body chills .. visualizing that ... I would do whatever is best for us.. and if that meant taking a shot, ......I would love it.

                        Michael- I think I would put up Pooch and Turner for sure


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                          Talk is about looking like or not looking like your mom or dad ...

                          Jasmine- I don't look like either .. but I look like my grandma .. she had green eyes... and I have green eyes

                          Next breath ...

                          Jasmine telling this group that she was blonde haired and blue eyed when she was born...

                          This was the reaction ...

                          Turner - this isn't your real hair color.... you're a blond?

                          Jasmine - no .. I'm a blond ...


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                            ( sorry .. we lost power ... I'll catch us up )

                            Monte and Joseph talked in the Storage Room

                            Monte asking Joseph if he heard about Brittany telling Pooch that Ameerah was targeting him ( Pooch )
                            Joseph says yes.. and that he thinks that Brittany wasn’t lying about it ...

                            Joseph and Monte promised Terrance their vote to keep him ...

                            Taylor and Brittany

                            The talk about what if Taylor comes down .. etc.

                            Brittany telling her that she could promise safety ..

                            Taylor - yeah .. I could promise safety to everyone in the house .. but ... the most terrifying thing for the house is that if I stay and win HoH ...


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                              Taylor to Brittany - in the case that I'm not here next week.... please start getting close to Terrance..... it's obvious that he is only being kept here because he is not a threat and .. you .. Michael, Terrance, Turner can make something happen if I'm not here....


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