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Live Feed Updates 7/13 - Day 8

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  • Live Feed Updates 7/13 - Day 8

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    (catching us up a little bit )

    Taylor talked to Indy and Alyssa more about how she didn't mean to make them feel any certain way about her .. or about what her intentions were in the game.
    She told them that it's hard not knowing what this Backstage twist will bring ...
    She says that it's hard because she feels like that house has already made up it's mine ... even not knowing what will happen ( with the Backstage twist )
    She said there's more conversations that she wants to have with both of them
    Indy told her that they had a problem .. they talked about it.. they solved it ... ... and now it's done
    Alyssa agreed


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      Taylor and Terrance talked about the Backstage twist ...
      They both agree .. the only way either of them stays ( depending on how everything shakes out ) is if one of them is up there with Brittany

      They talk about if there's a competition to be played ... etc.

      Taylor tells Terrance that knew about this game ( Big Brother ) because of the Cookout ..

      Taylor - I'm not letting one of us go home this week.
      Terrance agrees.. says he doesn't want that to happen either


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        Michael and Brittany talked
        She told him she thinks she might just lay low today ... not talk game

        He tells her that the house intends to evict Taylor


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          ( catching us up again )

          Taylor and Alyssa

          Taylor - Terrance has the numbers to stay... and that's good. I don't want to be up next to him.
          Alyssa- yeah ... but if she ( Brittany ) is up next to you .. I think she would go home.
          Taylor - I don't know.. I hope so .. I'm an easy out ... but I hope it works out that way .... but that's the reason why I wanted to talk to you, Indy and Jasmine today ...

          Taylor- I pulled you earlier in this game and told you that I wanted to play this game with the girls.... I just want to get back into your good graces... and if that means going on slop next week.. I'll do it .. if it means unbridled loyalty for at least 2 weeks... I'll do it .. I want to be in this game.. and I want to play for you ... for us.. and I mean that

          Alyssa- I'm saying that I will do what I can .. absolutely ... and I really think that I need more people on my side... like whenever I go over and everyone is talking game..... like no one really talks game to me... I mean .. I've always been like let's all stick together .. and everyone is like "oh, I've got your back" .... but not really ... no defined.... so having you here next week.. and making something of it .. is a really big thing for me...

          Taylor- yeah .. and I know I got in trouble .. because of the "guys vs. girls" situation ... but "if" ... "IF" it were to come down to that .. we need girls that have strength... like physically capability ... and I think that's you/me .. I mean people aren't ready for you .. people don't know what you bring to the table...

          Alyssa- yeah

          Taylor- and I think that like both of us .. have the ability to go long in endurance and physical comps ...

          Alyssa- yeah

          Taylor - and obviously Nicole too

          Alyssa- yeah .. well you have my word.. 100% .... if I have any say in it

          Taylor- you'll protect me ..

          Alyssa- yeah

          Taylor- I got you too ...


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            coming in mid-convo with Taylor and Monte

            Taylor- I would not come after you ... I just want to get it .. just rebuild good faith with everybody ...

            Monte- mmm hmmm

            Taylor - you're not my target.. I'm not targeting you .. I'll go on slop next week.. like... anything

            Monte- okay

            Taylor- to make sure that you feel comfortable with me being here

            Monte- okay

            Taylor - "IF" there is a scenario .... for me .. to come off the block .. or if Terrance has a chance to come off the block ... I would appreciate ... exploring Brittany going up .. .. how do you feel about that??

            Monte- ummm..... I like Brittany .... would I be upset to see her go up on the block .... yeah ...

            Taylor- - yeah .. like anybody

            Monte- like anybody ... like.. if you were to come down and she goes up .. against Terrance... I'm definitely keeping Terrance.... you know

            Taylor - yeah

            Monte- more than likely ....

            Taylor- yeah .. if it's me and Brittany on the block .. would you keep me here ... instead of Brittany?

            Monte - I mean I'm open to it ... I think that she ( Brittany ) has just been reaching like.. a lot ... right now .. like very .. ummmm .. aggressive ...

            Taylor- yeah .. she's playing hard

            Monte - yeah ..ummm.. so .. I think that's something that I would have to think about .. you know?

            Taylor- okay

            Monte - and I'm sure that she's going to come up and talk to me ..

            Taylor- talk game..

            Monte- like afterwards... but.. do you think that's all going to happen during the live show ???

            Taylor - I think ... I don't think that we're sleeping in out of kindness from last night

            Monte- sleeping in? .. oh .. yeah .. yeah ...

            Taylor- I think that tonight might be a Backstage situation ...

            Monte - oh .. you think somethings happening tonight?

            Taylor - I wouldn't be shocked if they said tonight .. that something was happening with Backstage.. and then they cut that .. and put it in the show ... I would not be shocked if there's like an internal vote.. with like the Backstage .. me and Terrance... I just have to be prepared for all options....

            Monte- I didn't think about it like that .. but that 11 o'clock wake up call was kinda strange

            They speculate on what will happen ...

            Monte- so like.. I haven't given it much thought .. but I know that it's on the top of your mind...

            Taylor- yeah .. I'm like a no stone unturned type of person ... so if I leave the house .. I want to be able to say that at least I tried

            Monte- yeah .. no .. 100% .. I respect that ...

            Taylor- I appreciate that

            Monte- yeah .. let me marinate over that ... I was like.. sorta out of game mode for like the past morning or so

            Taylor- yeah .. no I get it .. and I'm trying to do this . and be respectful of everything... and I'm not talking game with her ( Paloma ) today ... it's just not worth it .. I would never sacrifice someone's stability for a game

            Monte - yeah .. yeah .. and that's why we are like trying to do yoga .. and make sure like she's straight and all that stuff.. cause you don't like to see people in the house ... going down that route ..

            Taylor- no .. especially when we can help

            Monte - yeah .. yeah ...

            Taylor - and we all can

            Monte - well .. cool.....

            Taylor - go get your workout in .. but I would appreciate it if you would circle back to me and let me know where you fall....

            Monte- okay .. sounds good

            Taylor - thanks so much

            They walk out of the bedroom

            Taylor- let me get to packing

            She heads over to her open suitcase that's on the bed....

            Taylor to herself- ****.. ****. .****.. this sucks...


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                    Taylor to Kyle - if there's a situation where there is a vote in the house for who backstage goes on the block.... would you be willing to put Brittany up? Kyle - I haven't thought about that..... I think that's definitely an option though..... Brittany definitely is rubbing people the wrong way

                    Taylor to Kyle- if I were up on the block beside Brittany .. I would prefer your protection

                    Kyle- for sure... 100% .. you're awesome .. I appreciate you

                    Taylor- thank you ...


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                      Brittany led a "guided meditation"

                      Relax your body and mind, relax your forehead, smoothing out any creases, relax the tiny muscles next to your eyes, relax your jaw, letting it hang loose, and slack, because when you relax your jaw, it sends a message to the rest of your body that you are safe.


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                            Brittany - relax your torso, breathing easily, and relax your legs, all the way to the bottom, to your feet, you realize now that your eyelids are wonderfully, deeply relaxed, they are so wonderfully, deeply relaxed,


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