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Live Feed Updates - 7/16 - Day 11

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  • Live Feed Updates - 7/16 - Day 11

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    7:40 BBT

    HGs have been woken up. They are changing batteries, getting coffee, breakfast, and cleaning up.

    Early wake up, so the veto player pick should be soon.


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      Ameerah talked with Nicole in the bedroom to tell her that Jasmine wanted an alliance with Ameerah, Nicole, Daniel, Jasmine, and Alyssa. Telling her that they have to say yes and then take it back to their core six.

      They need to take Daniel and Jasmine as far as they can. They say Daniel is all about being with the girls.


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        Monte talking to Ameerah in the bathroom. He is pushing back on getting out Pooch. He tells her that Pooch isn't going for anyone in their alliance.

        Ameerah tells him that Taylor is gunning for him.

        She pushes back and says that they have to take the chance to get out Pooch now.

        He keeps pushing that Pooch is not coming for him and they know what he is going to do.

        She is adamant that Pooch has to go. It's done. She warns him that Jasmine has mentioned that the three guys are voting to keep Pooch.

        Monte says he is going to talk to Jasmine.


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          Michael comes in and Monte leaves.

          She tells him that Monte is backing out of getting Pooch out.

          Michael says they (Monte and a couple of the other guys) need to step up then if they want to say who goes. They can't sit back and have others in the alliance do the work and then step in.


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            Monte than takes the coversation back to Kyle in the back bedroom. First talking about going along, but then switching to telling him it makes no sense to get it out. Saying they want Pooch out for emotional reasons, not game reasons (I take exception to their attitude on that, just because the girls don't want to play his way ).

            They talk about since Ameerah told Monte that Taylor wanted him out that it should be game over. They should get her out since she is coming for someone in the alliance. Reiterate that Pooch is not a threat because he tells everyone what he is going to do.


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              8:50 BBT

              We are on pets. Veto pick time.


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                Veto Players-


                Taylor - Nominee
                Pooch - Nomine

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                  Coming in live with Jasmine talking to Michael and Indy

                  They talk about this chance to get Pooch out .
                  They hope it works out

                  Indy - if he stays and I get HoH next week, I'm putting him back up, I'm sick of it.

                  Jasmine - you know how accomplished I'm going to feel .. I got injured.... I won HoH... and I get him out?
                  Indy - it's going to happen.
                  Michael- - it's going to be such a good week


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                    ( now moving backwards to catch us up a little )

                    Nicole to Terrance - are you onboard with what we want to do?
                    Terrance- it's Taylor right? I want to make sure **** stays the same... I want her the **** outta here, bro

                    Nicole - No .... it's Pooch ... we are trying to get Pooch out ...

                    ** his face ( lol )

                    They both burst out laughing

                    ( he's laughing so hard .. he's wheezing )

                    Nicole- I needed that thank you .. ( still laughing )

                    Terrance- I need more memos sent out....

                    Nicole- yeah . I'm giving you the memo right now ..

                    Monte - but I got the memo now

                    Nicole - Monte is going to try to get you to vote Taylor out.....
                    She tells him to just tell Monte, that he's going to do whatever Jasmine wants
                    Terrance gives her a nod . says he's got it

                    Nicole- that's what Jas wants to do ...
                    Terrance- the memo
                    Nicole- the memo

                    Nicole leaves...

                    Terrance to camera- I didn't get the memo.... . I got the memo now..... I know what to do now.... we're about to play Big Brother... we playing today!


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                      I have to run out.

                      There are conversations among shifting groups of people as they wait for the veto comp.

                      Most of the game conversations center around not wanting Pooch to win the veto. Everybody except the nominees are going to leave the nominees the same.

                      Jasmine is waiting for Kyle and Monte to talk to her about whether they are on board with voting Pooch out.


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                        ( still catching us up )

                        Kyle asking Terrance how he feels about Pooch going

                        Kyle- I'm on the fence.
                        Terrance- I'm on the fence too.. just because .. you gotta think logically about things... I'm 47 .. would I rather go with Taylor or Pooch ... in the long haul of things..... but I have to do .. whatever house want to do
                        Kyle - exactly... I'm trying to get a vibe
                        Terrance - just have to see what the majority is ...


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                          ( still catching us up a little )

                          ( Just after the veto players were picked )

                          Michael to Nicole- we can't let him (Pooch) win
                          Nicole - embarrass the **** outta him...
                          Michael- I'd love to

                          Taylor talked to the camera- after winning veto,.... which I'll do .. I have to map out my plan. .... what I want my jury to look like..... who I want sitting next to me in Final 2.... if I play smartly.... I can get there


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                            ( still catching up .. just after veto players picked )

                            Nicole, Ameerah, Monte

                            Nicole to Monte - are you saying that you'll vote the other way so that Joe and Turner think that all of you guys got blindsided?
                            Monte - yes .. it allows us to still have a hand in with Joe and Turner ...
                            Nicole - I agree with that 100%

                            Monte to Ameerah - didn't you say that Taylor is trying to backdoor me?
                            Ameerah - she did .. say that she would ...
                            Monte -= that should be enough reason.
                            Ameerah- well then .. why don't you win HoH next week.... you're not even trying

                            Monte- we had an agreement..... I wanted Nicole to win ( HoH this week ) ... I wasn't going crazy hard or whatever but I actually did try
                            Ameera- I'm not worried about her (Taylor)... you have to ****ing relax on that

                            Nicole to Monte- I want you to stop.. you're going to turn into a crazy person.... and the reason I'm saying that .. is that we have her ( Taylor) onboard... she thinks our target is Turner next week ...
                            Ameerah - yeah .. she thinks our next target is Turner...
                            Nicole- you are literally overthinking it .. to a point that you are going to drive yourself crazy

                            Monte- last week she ( Taylor _) put herself as a target.. because she "lied to me " ( he air quotes ) or she tried to give me some "misinformation" .. she ( Taylor ) told me that Jasmine doesn't like me.. that I reminded her of a "tough ass punk" ... all this happened last week and you ( Nicole ) weren't even aware of it ... and you were the closest to her

                            Nicole - if we don't get him out now .. we're going to be screwed
                            Monte- how ??
                            Nicole- he ( Pooch ) talks too much **** about us ... we're the strongest girls
                            Ameerah - and he wants to get Michael out... he's in our alliance too

                            Nicole to Monet - if you let Pooch continue in this game, .. we are at risk.... do you not see that ?? We ( Nicole/Ameerah ) re the two strongest females in your alliance.

                            Monte - of course... and what I'm saying is .. at least we can be prepared... we know what he's going to do ... he tells everybody.... y'all acting like you feel confident it what she says

                            Nicole- I don't give a **** if he says what he's going to do .... I know that I'm safe with her being here, .. I know that she's ( Ameerah's ) safe with her being here,.....and my alliance is safe with her being here

                            Monte tells her that Pooch has never once said that they need to get out Nicole or Ameerah

                            Nicole- I'm thinking long term .. he ( Pooch ) is going to come after me and her .. strongest females...

                            Monte- yeah .. but what I'm saying is that we can get him out before he has a chance to do that ...

                            Nicole- yeah ... we're going to get him (Pooch) out this week

                            Monte-- and then Taylor?
                            Nicole - yes ..

                            Ameerah to Monte - - if that's what you want.... sure.
                            Nicole to Monte - if that's what you want... I've got your back 100%

                            Monte- but we are talking about comparison of threats..... we have one person wanting to get out a member of our alliance...

                            ** her face the whole time he's taking **

                            Ameerah- but he wants to get Michael out and he's a member of our alliance too ...
                            Monte- but what I'm saying is .. he would put up Michael and Brittany .. he would not put up someone that was in our alliance...
                            Ameerah - so you think that she ( Taylor ) would put up 2 people in our alliance?

                            Monte -yes
                            Ameerah- who ??
                            Monte- I don't know .. she could put up me and Kyle

                            Ameerah- she ( Taylor ) is working with the girls ..
                            Nicole - hard core
                            Ameerah- I'm telling you
                            Monte- okay .. but she could still put up 2 .. me and Kyle... me and Michael ..

                            They tell him she won't .. they have that covered
                            Monte- but who would she put up?
                            Ameerah = we have her going for Turner
                            Monte- so Turner and a pawn .. probably Brittany?
                            Ameerah - or Terrance
                            Nicole- probably Brittany or Terrance

                            Monte- you think she ( Taylor ) is going to put a black person up ??

                            Ameerah- she's fine with you going .

                            Monte- but that's what I'm saying ..she's communicated that with you directly .. for sure .. but .. we really don't know what she's doing

                            Ameerah - Monte, do you think you can really flip this house right now ( not to vote out Pooch ) ?? Then the house will be coming after you ...
                            Monte- no .. that's not what I'm saying ... I just want to have an open conversation ...

                            Monte tells them that they think they have Taylor in their back pocket . but they really don't know what she will do .. and she could put up 2 of their alliance members...

                            Monte- it's risk verses reward.. and the risk of having Pooch here one more week... is a lot lower than Taylor being here...for one more week.. because we know that see could put up 2 of our alliance members...

                            Nicole- but she's not going to .. because we know what her target is next week ...
                            Monte- and you believe her whole-heartly .. ?
                            Nicole- I do

                            Monte- I just don't believe it ... because she ( Taylor ) has lied to me ..directly to my face... she was literally trying to create a stir between the guys and the girls... I just don't believe her

                            Nicole- listen, I understand what you are saying.. but I also understand the type of person Pooch is ... and I'm thinking long term.. and if we want to get to the F 6 .. we are not going to make it ..if Pooch is here one more week ...

                            Monte- you think that Pooch is the biggest danger in the house?

                            Nicole - for us ?? absolutely

                            Monte- for the alliance?

                            Nicole- yes for the alliance

                            Monte- but Pooch says that he wants to put Brittany up ..he's opening said that Terrance and Brittany are his pawns...but has Taylor said that she would put Brittany up .. or Terrance up?

                            <<< Nicole just shaking her head at this point >>>

                            Monte- in my opinion there are only so many guys in the house ..and if she ( Taylor ) puts up 2 members of our alliance. That's huge ... and it's not sitting well with me...

                            He goes onto say that if he's out next week..he's out ..he's just saying that would only leave them with 5 people in their alliance...

                            Nicole to Monte- it's crazy that we are even having this conversation.. we're at a point where the majority of the house wants to get Pooch out

                            Monte goes back to the "risk verses reward" and how it's better to keep Pooch one more week..

                            Ameerah - it's going to be hard to get him out

                            Nicole- are you going to get HoH and put him up next week
                            Monte- I could .. if we had the numbers....

                            He talks again about how Pooch tells everyone his plans...

                            Nicole says that Pooch has a God complex.... and right now ..he thinks he's untouchable

                            Monte - he can think whatever he wants.. we have the power
                            Nicole- correct.... we have the .. to get him out

                            Monte continue to talk about keeping Pooch one more week is better than keeping Taylor one more week ..

                            Nicole tells him . she's not HoH ..and if he wants to change things .. he needs to go talk to Jasmine

                            Monte says it's not about that's about them thinking they know what Taylor will do .. and he doesn't trust her .. and if Pooch wins HoH next week.. he knows that he won't put any of them up

                            They say .. they hear him .. but ... they are in a position now to make this power move now

                            Brittany comes in .. so that convo stops
                            She leaves

                            Kyle comes in

                            They tell him that Monte is saying that Taylor should go ... not Pooch this week

                            Kyle says that he knows that Pooch would not come after them next week

                            They circle back

                            Monte bringing up again that Taylor said she would backdoor him

                            And he goes back to "risk verses reward"

                            Nicole- let me say this.. I appreciate you boys bringing me into this .. and now I'm a protective bitch and I'm going to protect all of us ..I do not trust him ( Pooch) .. not for my game.. not for her (Ameerah's ) game.,..period end of story .. if you guys feel another way .. I understand.

                            Monte back on the "Pooch tells everyone his game" and "Taylor lies"

                            Nicole tells him that Taylor can go next week .. and if she wins HoH .. she will go after Turner

                            Kyle questions when she ( Taylor ) said she would go after Monte..and then says that Pooch has never said anything about them ( girls )

                            Ameerah- if y'all can flip the vote .. I'm in .. but .. all the others want him out

                            Monte says that he thinks it's personal stuff the reason that people want Monte out ..not game. .. he says that it's hard for him to be fake .. and he has to do that with Taylor .. he doesn't trust her

                            Nicole - I'm not asking you to trust Taylor, I'm asking you to trust up

                            the convo breaks and they leave the Storage room ...


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                              Ameerah to Nicole - we need to stay good with Monte,...I don't want him to flip on us...
                              Nicole - I don't want him to flip on us either.
                              Ameerah - that would be a problem. .. but . I'm not getting out who he wants to get out.. . I'm not taking out Taylor.... I'm not playing his game
                              Nicole- I can tell that Kyle doesn't 100% agree with him ( Monte ) .... but he feels like he owes him something


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