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Live Feed Updates 7/17 - Day 12

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  • Live Feed Updates 7/17 - Day 12

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    Just a quick recap from where I left off last night

    Pooch continues to stress about votes
    Pooch tells Kyle that they need to work on getting Micahel's vote for him to stay
    Kyle tells him he will work on that for him.
    Pooch talks about how if they would put Monte up and send him out, that would be great
    Kyle tells him that won't happen

    In the HoH room with Jasmine, Ameerah, Indy, Alyssa, Michael and Daniel
    Michael threw out the idea of getting Joseph out this week, instead of Pooch
    They hashed that out for a bit
    Michael telling Jasmine that it's her HoH, and they will do what she wants
    They decide to "sleep on it"

    Later, Michael talked to himself saying that he's okay with Pooch going, wonders why Pooch over Joeseph, since Pooch is so bad at the game, he talks about Joseph being able to win competition over Pooch, he says if he used the veto and Joseph went up and got backdoored that would piss off Pooch, and Pooch would come after him, and he's not sure if he would have the votes to stay, he thinks that Pooch would put up him and Taylor. He says he doesn't know where Nicole fits in all of it, he talks about how she gets upset if someone even says there's a stronger female than her, he wonders if she will team up with the guys, he wants to work with Ameerah, but says that she has so many people wanting to work with her, he can't understand why everyone wants to get Indy out, he would love to end up in the F2 with either Indy or Brittany, Indy more than Brittany. He talks about how getting Monte out would be good for his game, And he wonders where Daniel fits in ... he would like to get him out of the well, but says but now "we're in an alliance"


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      Outside is open ...

      Catching us up

      Monte and Kyle

      Monte - I think it's time for the 6 to unite
      Kyle - for sure

      Monte- it sounds like this week is taken care of
      Kyle- yeah

      Monte - are you still going to vote for Pooch?
      Kyle - I think we need to establish how the votes are going to go, so that like, Joseph doesn't get completed blindsided.

      Monte - yeah and I've been telling Jasmine that I'm going to vote for Pooch ( to stay ) because I've been playing this fiddle, that I don't know what's going on .. so if I don't then I'm kinda screwed and I'm feeling like you ( Kyle ) are probably in the same position.

      Kyle- mm hmm

      Monte - let me know what you think.

      Kyle- I'm nervous bro

      Monte- about next week?

      Kyle- yeah

      Monte- I would have been fine, if they would have like communicated just let us know what you are thinking... and we come to a solid agreement .. but then it was just like... and I'm like wait .. what about Taylor? What about the person that you said was going to backdoor me .. and not just me.. one of us ..

      Kyle- yeah

      Monte - when Ameerah and Nicole, are like "I'm going to protect you guys by getting rid of (Pooch ) .. no .. that just doesn't make sense ... I mean I don't know who else was going to take that shot .. but I would have felt comfortable taking that shot ( to get Pooch out ) later in the game

      Kyle - same

      Monte- 100% cause everybody knows that Pooch is a wild boy ... we could have taken that shot .. but later .. because then we would have had the majority of votes, but with less people, but now you are taking that shot early, and trying to convince all these people to vote Pooch out, which is fine, it's working, but it's like . why not just communicate that **** early .. and we all come together on an agreement with a plan ... but there was no plan.. and I'm not going to point anyone out .. but ... I felt like Ameerah and Nicole, sorta just strong armed that decision

      Kyle -yeah

      Monte- so I think that we have to be aware of that **** moving forward, also .. we got to win us some HoH's now

      Kyle- for sure

      Nicole comes over
      Then leaves

      Monte to Kyle- but you see where I'm coming with all this right?

      Kyle- yeah .. it will be a test of our alliance if Taylor goes home next week for sure ... there's no question of trying to back door someone next week.. it's Taylor.

      Monte- because if they try to say Turner ...

      Kyle- no

      Monte- I don't like that idea

      Turner comes over ... they tell him that they are just talking about winning HoH's ...

      Pooch there now too


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        Pooch starts talking about votes to keep him he counts.. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 .. and says "can we just get me 2 more votes, so I can start winning HoH's )
        ( Joseph is out there too )

        Monte- well you know where we are

        Pooch -oh yeah .. no doubt .... I just feel like we need to let the house know that we have it in our favor, even if we are 2 short right now .. but we have Terrance.. so that makes 6 ... that gets me to a tie .. and just one more to secure .. we just have to keep working on Micahel .. make him feel safe.

        They talk about Nicole and Ameerah and Jasmine

        Monte says that he thinks that Jasmine is indifferent, she can't vote

        Pooch- but why, as HoH, would she want to keep Taylor in this game, you want the person that you pushed for, to go. .. and when I spoke with Jasmine yesterday, she was still all onboard for getting Taylor ( out )

        He tells the story ( again ) about how Nicole made him nervous, saying what if there is a bigger target,
        He says she got in his head.

        Pooch asks all of them, if they felt good with their conversations with Jasmine
        They all say yes ..
        Then add, that she's probably saying the same thing to all of them ...

        Pooch - I felt good about going on the block to get Taylor out this week ...

        They continue to talk/speculate


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          Nicole and Daniel in the Have Not Room

          She tells him that she wanted to "dig deeper" with him ...

          ( Daniel told a story a few days ago, about his brother being murdered and how the case was never solved .. I believe Daniel was 14 at the time and his brother was in his 20's )

          Nicole tells him that she feels like I need to be honest with him about her life

          Nicole - I was a police officer for 10 years
          Daniel – Wow
          Nicole – before I became a chef.. so .. it's literally my secret coming into this house.
          She tells him she doesn't want anyone else to know
          He tells her he would never say anything ...

          Nicole- that's why I am the way I am... why I can turn off every emotion and just keep pushing forward....

          She tells him hearing about his brother .. all she wanted to do was to just hug him .. and tell him how sorry she is .. because she knows what it's like to work in that world and to have to tell a victim that they can’t do something as small as a burglary.... let alone something as big as a murder... or someone that was raped...

          Nicole says she was a 'good ****ing cop" ...

          He tells her he believes it ...

          Nicole - I was really good at my job ...

          She tells him she just couldn't do it anymore.... she was losing herself to the job ...
          She tells him she fell in love with cooking ...
          She tells him her ex-wife encouraged her to get out of that job ... and she would still be in it .. if not for her

          She tells him about how she was going to culinary school, while being a cop, ...
          She says she got promoted to detective and had to stop going to school

          She says all of her cases were like special victim cases, crimes against children
          She says her next goal was to get into a unit internet crimes against children, catching predators

          Nicole-don't get me wrong, I could have stayed in my career and I would have been good at it, but when I saw the bigger picture, that my happiness could be my talent for cooking, it was time.

          She tells him she had over 100 cases on her desk, she says that 100 victims .. and more than half of those cases, could not be solved.
          She goes on to say that's over 100 people .. sitting in their homes... not feeling safe....

          She tells him that she hope they ( him/her ) can put something together outside of the house for victims ...

          Daniel crying

          Daniel tells her that it doesn’t feel real..... like looking back it .. feels like he's watching movie...
          He talks about how his dad died, not ever knowing what happened...
          He says he grew up just watching is dad sitting alone in a room every day ..
          He says he was a great dad ... but he saw his sadness ...
          He says he thinks about his brother's death every day ...

          cam moves us

          once back

          They are still taking ...
          She tells him she admires him/adores him/trusts him

          She talks about why she also loves Jasmine so much
          Has much in common with her
          She talks about how Jasmine's sister is gay .. and her sister's wife was a cop ( or she was a cop? not sure )
          She says she knows she will be best friends with Jasmine and her sister .. when they get out of the house
          Daniel talks about how he was skeptical about Jasmine saying she just lost her dad ... but now he totally trusts her.


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            Currently in the Storage Room 3:50 PM BBT

            Pooch to Michael- I'm not trying to pull any information out of you, but any idea, if anything has changed? I still feel good enough .. you know.

            Michael - yeah .. as far as I've heard .. nothing has changed... I haven't had a chance to have a one-on -one with Jasmine yet

            Pooch- yeah .. which might be the most important thing ... to help your game

            Michael -when we talked last night .. and there were other people around.. but she was . yeah .. just wanting to leave things the same.

            Pooch tells him if there's anything that can help his game, even if it hurts his ( Pooch's ) .. would he just let him know ...

            Michael tells him sure

            Pooch tells him he doesn't want to bother him ... just since there were in there together . he thought he'd ask

            ( they were bringing the pool floats to the SR )

            Michael tells him he understands, he's been in that position.


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              Currently @ 4:13 PM BBT


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                Nicole checks on Indy and then joins the crowd above


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                  Indy talking to Monte

                  about herself... ( lol )


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                    BB announced "please go to the Storage Room"

                    ( they had to say it twice )

                    The house guests thought they had beer in the Storage Room ...
                    So they all went rushing in ...
                    Only to find out that it's cake mix and party hats to celebrate Joseph's upcoming birthday


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                      Jasmine got the news that her ankle is a " level 3 sprain' .. and that she "almost broke it"

                      Pooch tells her that when his athletes have a level 2 sprain they’re down for a week .... with a level 3 .. they're down for 2 to 3 weeks.


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                        ( backing us up a little to catch up )

                        Kyle talked to Ameerah .. asking her how he should vote
                        She tells him to give his vote to Pooch ( to stay )
                        They talk about Taylor
                        She tells him that Taylor is definitely coming after guys if she gets HoH... but that she's trying to get good with Taylor, so that she can "manage" which guys

                        Ameerah to Kyle- the good news is.. we have the numbers to keep you.. if she put you up.

                        Kyle- I told her ( Taylor ) that I was leaning her way . towards keeping her.. that's the only thing... and if Pooch goes.. I can easily deal with Joe and Turner....

                        Kyle- Taylor will easily recognize that Kyle, Monte, Joe and Turner ( did not vote to keep her ) .. and if she's going for guys already .. me and Monte are probably the most physical threats. and I just don't want to deal with that

                        Ameerah - okay ... me and Alyssa were talking about this . and since me and her are friends with Joe and Tuner, me and her were thinking about telling them last minute ... and we were going to talk to you and Monte about this .. but telling them ( Joe/Turner ) .. like "hey, they house has flipped and we are going to flip, because we don't want to be on Taylor's bad side"

                        Kyle- when we were talking about it . they ( Joe/Turner ) think that you guys are going to keep Taylor, but there was maybe like a shot that you guys would keep Pooch .. and I'm like...

                        Ameerah - they think that we are going to keep Taylor ?

                        Kyle - mmm not really .. they just don't know where you two ( her and Alyssa ) are at ... because when Pooch comes through with the numbers he's like " I've got Monte, Joe, Turner, Kyle, Terrance, Daniel, and he ( Pooch ) is like.. I just need one more .. maybe Alyssa.. maybe Ameerah

                        Ameerah - he doesn't have Terrance or Daniel

                        Kyle- I know .. that's the thing .. if the whole house goes for ...

                        Ameerah - he's only going to have you, Monte, Turner, Joseph

                        Kyle - yeah

                        Ameerah - and everyone in the house is okay with that .. expect for her .. Taylor

                        Kyle- yeah .. I don't know what to do

                        Ameerah - let's talk to Monte, but me and Alyssa are afraid that they .. Turner and Joseph ... are going to come for us .. because

                        Kyle- no .. I don't think so

                        Ameerah- no?

                        Kyle- no.. you guys are closer to those too.. than anyone in the house

                        Ameerah- yeah

                        Kyle- and here' the thing .. Turner and Joseph ... and Pooch .. they are not strategically minded

                        Ameerah- no .. not at all .. NOT at all

                        Kyle- I'm in bed and I have all .. Turner, Pooch and Joseph yelling information at me .and I'm just like.... idiots ...

                        Ameerah - yeah

                        Kyle- I think that I can manage those 2 ( Joe/Turner ) being upset

                        Ameerah - okay

                        Kyle- it's just Taylor .. I dunno .. and Jasmine .. I don't want her to be upset ...

                        Ameerah- yeah . she doesn't know how you are going to vote.. she's been saying that

                        Kyle- exactly

                        Ameerah - you're right

                        Kyle- I talked to Jasmine a little today and I told her that I'm willing to do whatever she wants.. cause I don't care

                        Ameerah- but Jasmine already said that she wouldn't put you up

                        Kyle- yeah and I appreciate that's just like the rest of the house .. like Daniel ..and Terrance... if they see me vote this way .. and the rest of the house is going this way ...

                        Ameerah- no . you're right .. you're right .. I didn't think about that

                        Kyle- it's difficult ... I talked to Nicole and she's like "vote Pooch out" ..

                        He goes on to say that he sees both sides..
                        He says she is talking to the girls.. and to let him know what they think ... perception wise ... what he should do ...

                        Kyle- If I vote Pooch out ... I just don't think that the blow back is going to be that bad ... from Joseph or Turner

                        Ameerah-- if you don't think the blow back will be that bad... then vote him out .. if you think you can manage that .. I think that's a good idea to vote him out

                        Kyle - I think so .. and I'm wondering if Monte would do that too.. I don't' know ..he said he was going to vote for Pooch ( to stay ) ... but Taylor is obviously coming after guys

                        Ameerah - she is

                        Kyle - so like Monte, I don't know what he would continue to do that .. don't continue to keep voting her out .. that's not a smart move

                        Ameerah - you're right .. if she wins HoH .. she's going to go for the guys that voted for her

                        Kyle- and I could vote Taylor ( to stay _) I've already told her that I'm leaning her way . I told her that I didn't want to be tied to Pooch, and she understood that.

                        Ameerah - good good

                        Indy comes in .. so that convo ends


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                          BB did give them beer and wine

                          Pooch who ran in there saying he just needs a bottle of wine, realized Have Not's can't drink

                          They can't figure out who it's for ..
                          They think it's for Joseph for his birthday ( which isn't until next week )
                          They also think maybe it's for Indy for her "one year"

                          Joesph - even it it's for me.. it's for your "one year" too Indy

                          They celebrate

                          Pooch- can Have Not's have alcohol.. is it on there ? ( the list of what Have Not's can have )


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                            Work out time ...


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