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Live Feed Updates 7/21 - Day 16

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  • Live Feed Updates 7/21 - Day 16

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    @paramountplus - Have no fear, Thursday’s

    @CBSBigBrother episode may have been postponed but the live feeds will return later that night after the eviction has commenced. You also won’t want to miss the epic 2-hour special episode of #BB24 this Sunday, 7/24!


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      ( catching us up a little )

      Ameerah told Jasmine about her talk with Brittany and how Brittany denied having other alliances...

      Daniel told Ameerah that Brittany doesn’t feel included by the girls
      Ameerah warns Daniel against talking any game with Brittany.

      Monte and Kyle confirm to one another that Pooch will go
      They talk about the two of them "sticking it out together"

      Midnight BBT - Have Nots can eat

      Kyle tells Alyssa he trusts her more than anyone.
      And, she reveals to him that she has a "new alliance" called Old Skool" ( remember .... that's how THEY are spelling it )
      She tells him that it's with her, Daniel, Ameerah, Jasmine and Nicole ( she left out Terrance )

      Pooch campaigned to Ameerah

      He told her that he was nervous
      She asked why.... did he heart the house is flipping?
      He tells her no .. he heard that people are saying there's a "guy alliance" ...and that they are saying that .. to try to get him voted out

      He tells her that he doesn't know where Joseph's head is ..
      Ameerah- you don’t talk game with Joe?
      Pooch – he thinks we talk game.... but its not like.
      Ameerah – well he's defending you up and down.

      Pooch – is he? .... okay . .well l.. I'm glad .. that makes me feel better.... because I've have been nervous about him... I thought he was the one ( that spilled about "Oasis" )

      Ameerah- no .. he's rooting for you

      Pooch – this is good. ....I wouldn’t have put myself on the block... if I had something to worry about

      He says he feels like it's boys vs. girls ...
      He says he doesn't know who to trust right now

      Ameerah tells him that he should just talk to everyone...

      He counts votes ( again ) -
      Pooch - Joseph, Kyle, Turner, .. that's 3 ... ... you and Alyssa .. that's 5 .. I only need 6 to tie ... and I can talk to Monte,
      She tells him that he should also talk to Jasmine .. in case its a tie

      Pooch alone in the bedroom talks to the camera- this makes no sense.. I'm ****ing lost.. if Joe didn't say anything... how did the girls find out about Oasis? .. it makes no ****ing sense.. now I have to go back on everything that I ****ing said .. and I'm going to get caught up in a ****ing lie... . I just need to survive this week and ****ing move on..... but .. somebody opened their mouth about the Oasis.


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        ( still catching us up )

        Ameerah to Alyssa and Indy- poor guy ( Pooch ) he thinks that a guy is the one spreading the info ... that there's a "guy alliance" and that he ( Pooch ) started it ...
        She tells them he's trying to figure out "which guy" ...
        She tells them that now he doesn't trust Joseph

        Alyssa - is Brittany with us or not ?
        She says she feels like Brittany is trying to start another alliance
        Ameerah - she ( Brittany ) had a ****ing meltdown today .. and now I'm so confused
        Jasmine - she ( Brittany was like " I want his _ (Pooch's ) ass sout

        Daniel tells Michael and Nicole about Pooch was so pissed off ... when he found out that the girls .. know about "Oasis"
        Daniel says that.. even if he was going to try to save Pooch ... he was done at that point... he ( Pooch ) is digging his own grave.

        Kyle, Monte and Joseph talked about the votes...
        Kyle saying that they can't be on the wrong side of the vote ... it will them against the house

        Pooch tells Joseph about Alyssa knowing the name Oasis ...
        He tells Joseph that someone screwed him over ... but he thinks he can fix it

        Kyle told Michael and Monte that Alyssa said that Ameerah was approached by Monte for a Finall 2 deal
        Monte says he can't trust Ameerah ...
        They want to "test her"

        Turner and Joseph talk about the vote ...
        Turner says he doesn't know what's going on ... but he doesn't want to be surprised
        He tells Joseph that he really wants the guys to stick together


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          ( Catching us up from this morning )

          Brittany talked to Michael ..
          She's frustrated ..
          She tells him she is just doing the same thing the other girls are doing , talking other people....
          She says why is she the only one that needs to "report every little thing" to them


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            Nicole told Ameerah that there was some confusion on the "Pooch/Brittany" trying to make an alliance talk
            She says she talked with Michael and he said that it was Pooch that tried to make an alliance with him and Brittany ... but when Pooch told Daniel, that it was Brittany that was trying to make an alliance with him ( Pooch )

            They talk and say that they still don't trust Brittany ...
            They think that Monte is solid .. and that he can be trusted with their ( Poe's Pack ) alliance


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              Ameerah talked to Alyssa ..
              She told her about the offer from Joseph for an alliance him, them ( Ameerrah/Alyssa), Monte, Jasmine, and Indy


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                Pooch pulled Brittany in the Storage Room ..
                He tells her that the girls are nervous, because they think there's a "guy alliance"
                She tells him that she's going to vote with the house .. and as far as she knows.. the plan is Taylor


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                  Alyssa tells Jasmine that she thinks the vote will be unanimous ..
                  She says that Joseph doesn't want to vote against the house


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                    Pooch told Joseph that he thinks he's good ( to stay )
                    He told him that he thinks he's good with Daniel, Nicole, Michael and Brittany


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                      Joseph and Indy both telling each other that if tonight's HoH comp is the Wall .. that they will be the one that wins

                      Joseph to Indy - if it's the wall .. I will win . .the wall will come down with me .. before I fall


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                        Joseph tells Indy that he loves Pooch .. but he doesn't know how he's going to vote
                        She tells him to just let the day pass.. and they will see how it goes

                        ( she thinks/knows that Ameerah was planning on talking to him and telling him what's up )


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                          Joseph telling Daniel that he doesn't think that Turner knows that anything is up ( with the vote )

                          Daniel tells him that he talked to both Turner and Monte yesterday and told them that they way everyone was talking .. "very diplomatic" that they are going to vote Pooch out

                          Daniel tells Joseph that he doesn't want to do anything yet ...
                          He says that after the lockdown .. he will talk to people.... and then let him and Turner know what's happening


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                            PET CAM _
                            HoH lockdown began about 15 minutes ago ...

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                            Thank you!


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                              Feeds came back just a bit go

                              Turner and Michael talked ..

                              Michael telling him that he's not getting a " good feeling" ( about Pooch's votes to stay )

                              He tells him that if he had to guess .. he thinks the house will vote Pooch out
                              He asks Turner if he's heard anything
                              Turner tells him that he knows that there are a few "swing votes"

                              Turner counts votes -

                              Turner ( for Pooch to stay ) - I think it's me .., Kyle, Monte, the dudes.. and maybe Alyssa ...

                              He tells Michael that they need 7 votes ..or 8 ...
                              Michael - 7 ...

                              Turner to Michael - I think the deciding votes .. might be you and Brittany

                              Turner asks Michael to let him know ... because he wants to do what the house is doing.. doesn't want to stir anything up


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