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Live Feed Updates - 7/22 - Day 17

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  • Live Feed Updates - 7/22 - Day 17

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    Nominations will be sometime today

    Here's a quick catch up from where I left off last night ...

    Turner's HoH room reveal just after 2:00 AM BBT

    After the crowd leaves.. .. Jasmine stays behind ...

    Jasmine tells Turner that "Taylor took control over her HoH"
    She tells him that no one ever told her that they wanted to work with Taylor ( acting like she didn't know entirely about the flip )

    Jasmine tells Turner that he could get either Taylor or Brittany out ...
    He says if he put up Taylor and Nicole, he would not want Nicole to be mad

    She tells him she will bring him back, everything she hears
    He says same

    Turner tells her that they are "stuck together for the entire season".
    Jasmine- you think it's for the entire season ???
    Turner- for sure

    ( no way )


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      Tuner talked with Kyle and Daniel

      He admits that he made a very early F2 deal with Brittany
      He goes on to say that he wants Taylor and Brittany out over the next 2 weeks ...

      Daniel tells Turner that he could put up Michael/Brittany ... and then backdoor Taylor
      Turner tells if he couldn't get Taylor on the block... then Brittany would be "his back up" ( to go )


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        Nicole talked with Ameerah ..
        They talk about how the person that survives ( not being evicted from the nominated pair ) gets a “special power.”


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          Turner and Joseph in the HoH room

          Jospeh- dude, play safe, I don't know what happened with the whole Pooch thing, but remember ... we were the last people... and you handled the news ( about Pooch ) better than I did ... but there were a lot of people that left me and you in the dark

          Turner- oh.. for sure

          Joseph - I don't know who broke it to you completely ...

          Turner- it was Michael, I told him "Dude, you got to tell me what you're doing" and he was like for Pooch ... and I knew there were only so many votes and I knew that they were taking a long time to tell then I was talking briefly with Daniel and Alyssa

          Joseph - dude, I'm not going to name names .. but people left me in the dark, as well, but they left us in the dark, not talking game, for a reason, so remember that

          Turner - at the end of the day.. I think it helped us .. that it wasn't like 10 -2 ..or whatever...

          Joseph - yeah .. then they would have 100% came for us

          Turner- Oh . for sure.

          Jospeh - those people..and we have people that have our backs.. but .. it doesn't change that those people made a huge game changing move and were willing to go against us

          Turner- also, I think it's helpful now .. that I'm paired with Jasmine, and a part of that crew isn't going to put up Jasmine .so ...

          Joesph - I'm tight with Jasmine too .. and we will make thing work .. but dude, don't forget what happened today ...

          Turner- oh for sure.

          Joseph - I know that it's a lot to put down ..but there's a lot more going on in this house than what me and you know about

          Turner- oh .. definitely bro

          Joseph - so are you thinking.. what are you thinking ??

          Turner- so. I'm thinking... I honestly have no idea, bro (he laughs ) not a clue.. the only thing I could think the whole time was that Michael and Brittany were swing votes ... and then at one point they weren't .. and Pooch is out

          Turner- and I was like well ****.. you guys ( Michael/Brittany ) are clearly calling the shots in this house ... so something

          Joseph - they may have been swing votes.. but someone convinced the swing votes to change

          Turner- definitley .. and all Brittany said when I asked.. she said "I've heard that Pooch, might be coming after me" ..and I was like.. "well clearly someone put that in her head.. and I think it might of been Taylor, I think that Brittany would be pretty easy to convince... she was frantic ...

          Jospeh- before you tell Brittany that you are using her as a pawn .. talk to Brittany and ask her "why did you swing after Pooch? "

          Turner - definitely

          Joseph - as her who planted the seed.. don't go too crazy .. don't make it look like you're on a vendetta...

          Turner- yeah of course

          Joseph- I just want to know who started this ****

          Turner- of for sure, bro

          Joseph - you have the HoH power ...

          Turner- I'm so pumped, bro .. we all have the power .. and I know that this is what Pooch would have wanted... if he could have stayed. I was thinking dude, this is all this little boy wanted ( points around the the HoH room ) and it sucks.. but the game goes on bro

          They both agree that voting Pooch out was the best move for them at that point ...


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            Jospeh leaves

            Turner to the cam...

            Turner to the camera- okay . what am I thinking's like 5:30 in the morning, and I'm about to go to bed..

            but .. I want Taylor out of the house and I want Brittay out of the house, because I don't trust either of them.. a
            and like.. it is what it is .. a
            and Pooch if you are watching, I'm so sorry dude, that you had to go this week, this sucks,
            like obviously I wouldn't vote my F2 out for no reason, I didn't know . I love you bro, come to New York, if you're not mad ...
            Megan, if you are watching, I cried like a baby reading that letter, love ya
            Paloma, we all miss you ...
            umm and I mean that's that .. I dunno ..
            Goodnight America .
            .that's what it is .. now I'm going to bed ..
            oh my goodness... alright if anyone is wondering what album I picked.. it's Notes On a Conditional Form by The 1975’s.. cause that album slaps ..
            alright it's bedtime baby ..

            Lights off

            He laughs as the camera zooms in and follows him around


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              ( still catching us up from last night )

              Nicole, Daniel and Ameerah in the bedroom ..

              Nicole - to Daniel , we have a new name for the 3 of us .. we are the "Project Managers"
              Daniel laughs says - I feel like I've been doing that all day ...

              Nicole - I am in charge of Taylor and Indy

              Ameerah- and I'm in charge of Alyssa and Brittany

              Nicole- and you (Daniel ) are in charge of Turner and Kyle


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                Okay .. currently @ 9:44 AM BBT

                Everyone fast asleep still ...


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                  ( okay quick catch up )

                  Miichael talked with Nicole and Ameerah .. he's worried that it's going to be him and Brittany going on the block.
                  They tell him if that happens .. he's safe .. and that the plan is to get Taylor out ..
                  Michael talks about how Taylor could win the veto
                  They tell him, then Britttany would be the one to go home.

                  Indy checked in with Jasmine
                  She asked what Turner is thinking
                  Jasmine tells her she is safe, no worries

                  Jasmine tells Alyssa that Turner is thinking Nicole and Taylor and Brittany and Michael, but he wanted to talk to everyone, before he made a decision.

                  Jasmine to Alyssa- he ( Turner ) did tell me that tops were Daniel, Kyle, you and Monte
                  Alyssa- to keep safe? ... good .. really like him. ....I don't know why he likes me so much..... but we just vibe

                  Jasmine tells Alyssa that Turner can't stand Brittany ..
                  She also tells her that he wants to find out who flipped the vote
                  Alyssa asks her "what is their story"
                  Jasmine - I said I think that Taylor flipped the votes


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                    Nicole told Joseph that Turner needs to "backdoor" them .. ( her/Taylor )

                    Nicole- it's the only way we are going to be able to get rid of her ..... I'd rather us not be on the block so that she can't compete


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                      Brittany told Turner that "**** hit the fan" after the lockdowns ( yesterday before eviction )
                      She says that things were being throw out from both sides,,,,, but that mainly they were coming from Taylor's side
                      Turner - definitely.
                      Brittany - I was like if I don't know what to believe... I have to just go with the house

                      Brittany tells Turner that he would have her and Michael making sure that Taylor goes home...
                      She tells him that he is not on "their radar" moving forward for any other week
                      Turner- I have no idea what I'm going to do ....but it's not going to be something to hurt our game


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                        After Brittany leaves ...

                        Turner to camera - I feel bad giving people the runaround but she (Brittany) introduced the fact that maybe it would be good if Michael plays in veto.

                        He says she will bring that up with Michael... and then he can "introduce them to being a pawn." ...

                        Turner - that's probably the plan

                        He says that Taylor is " scratching at the walls to stay in here"

                        Turner- but . for the love of God... get out of here


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                          Michael talked to Kyle about his convo with Nicole

                          He tells her that Nicole says she has it all figured out .. and that him ( Michael ) Taylor, you ( Kyle ) and Brittany, are going to be the next 2 people to go up on the block .. to get rid of our "besties" .. and then Alyssa .. ( to get rid of Indy ) ...

                          Michael to Kyle - so she ( Nicole ) is going to bring Daniel, Terrance, Jasmine to jury

                          Kyle tells him that Monte had the same concerns ..

                          They say it's a big red flag

                          Michael says he wants to do more that just "get to jury "

                          Michael - whey does she ( Nicole ) get to bring all of her people? ( to jury )

                          Kyle - yeah ...exactly


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                            Kyle tells Michael that Turner's plan is that ... he and Brittany go on the block .. win the veto .. and then Nicole and Taylor go up as the replacement ...
                            Kyle- Plan B is ... you ( Michael/Brittany ) stay on the block .. and Brittany goes home


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                              Turner and Michael talked

                              Turner told him that the target is probably going to be the same target this week

                              Turner- I'm probably going to do a backdoor


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