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Live Feed Updates - 7/24 - Day 19

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  • Live Feed Updates - 7/24 - Day 19

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    6:55 AM BBT

    All house guests are in bed/sleeping.


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      ( just doing a little catch up from last night ... HUGE thanks to Kenny and sdkgeo for jumping in and helping out )

      Last night HoH room

      Turner, Kyle, Monte, Brittany, Michael, and Taylor
      Joseph is downstairs to distract, so that they ( Taylor. Michael, Brittany ) could go up

      Kyle laid out the " Old Skool" alliance to them

      Kyle - let's talk about numbers, they have their 7 ... Nicole, Ameerah, Jasmine, Alyssa, Indy, Daniel, Terrance .... that is their 7 ... I feel strong that it is... and then I look at the rest of the house ... cause there's 14 people in the house .... we have us 6 .. .and Joe

      Kyle goes on to say that they have the "besties" Ameerah and Terrance or Alyssa and Indy.... that they can put up .. to guarantee to flip the ship.

      Kyle and Monte continue to tell Michael, Brittany and Taylor all about how Joseph found Ameerah crying in the bathroom, after Turner won HoH, and how she was saying she was going home,. He talks Pooch's week on the block, his eviction. he talks about how none of them were happy about Turner's win .. or even today about Michael and Brittany's veto win ... and about how they have pieced things together .... and that Ameerah is the head of the snake., how she incriminates people.... just like she did with Pooch, and how she started with Joseph today, after he was talking to Taylor ... etc.

      Kyle asks Taylor what she thinks...

      Taylor- I've been looking for people to trust with everything .....and these two ( Michael/Brittay ) I’ve been able to trust with everything since day one ...

      Brittany says she had the sense that something was going .. she talks about being "ostracized" from the girls .. and she didn't know why ...
      She says she feels "used and manipulated"
      She talks about how they (Ameerah/Nicole ) were making up lies about Pooch .. and worse.. they were putting their names... and it hurts

      Monte talks about putting up Ameerah and Terrance.. ( Terrance just because he's bestie tied with Ameerah )

      They talk about what Turner should say about when he makes them the replacement nominees

      Turner tells them about when he was trying to figure out what the house was doing with Pooch's vote ..and how he went to Ameerah s and says her .. to be honest with him .. and asked her .. "where is your vote going" ( for Pooch ) .. and her ( Ameerahs' ) response to him was wwhat do you mean..... me and you don’t talk game’"

      He says he was expecting he to probably bull**** him .. but not for her to just "slam the door" in his face like that ...

      Turner says he can use that in his speech .. that even she said they never talk game... and never will ...

      Monte- so Turner has his speech .. for why he's putting up Ameerah

      He goes on to tell them that he doesn't want the rest of them to show their cards... at all ... don't let her know that she is going up ...

      Monte - we’re going to have to put on Oscar performances.....and be like "oh my god" .. "what the hell just happened" .. you know .. all that stuff...because if we show any sign .. especially to Ameerah, who is smart, sharp as a tack, she will look and see what the whole room looks like, and she will come right after either one of us to say .. what the hell was Turner doing .. where is this coming from ...and try to pin down anything to try to get the house to flip in her direction. So, at this point, that's the narrative .. and if all the attention is on Turner, Turner has the assurance that .. with his bestie as Jasmine, so that's perfect.. because at the end of the day .. there's no risk if they put them ( Jasmine/Turner ) up ...

      ( they think this pair twist is ongoing, therefore, Turner would not be an option to go on the block, because of Jasmine .. for that other side .. especially just losing Ameerah )

      Monte- we just have to make sure to not show any cards... that any of us know that was about to happen ( Ameerah/Terrance on the block ) making sure that we just like everyone else, is shocked.. and be like "oh wow" .. we thought the plan was to backdoor Taylor.

      Monte - and you Taylor can be like.. " I thought I was going on the block this week and going home..but . wow .. apparently Ameerah doesn't talk game with Turner"

      He goes on to say he thinks it will work best if they are all "shocked" that way Ameerah won't suspect that they are working together .. or that any of them even knew ..

      Monte- and at that point, the house can either come on ( vote her out ) or ...

      Taylor - it's game on

      Monte- it's game on .. exactly

      Kyle - I just want to point out the people talking the biggest risk of flipping the vote to Ameerah .. is you (Monte) and Joseph .. because you are a pair, and if they win HoH and put you two up .. we don't have the votes .. it would be the same situation

      Monte- mm hmmmm

      Kyle- same with you two ( Michael/Brittany ) you are in the alliance .. and I think that is why moving forward .. we continue to play the " I'm free game, I don't really have these connections, I'm going to do what you want"

      Michael- and they aren't going to think that us two ( him/Brittany ) are going to align with you two ( Monte/Joseph ) especially after this week

      Brittany- I love this .. it's a diverse group ..

      She talks about them being the "outsiders" looking for crumbs .. and just hoping tha they could make it to jury .. like the "outsiders" do in every other season of Big Brother

      Monte- not this season

      Brittany- yeah .. they treat us like we are expendable .. and it's just not true

      Taylor to Kyle- where do things come down to Alyssa with you ???

      Kyle- oh .. my loyalty is here .. we chatted about it a lot last night, I understand that a showmance is bad for my game. I do have feelings for her .. I won't lie... and I think she does for me too ..but at this point . I came here to play a game... it's week 3 .. I'm not worried about that .. but honestly ..if it was meant to be that she leaves this week.. I'm totally fine with it .. I hate to say it, love the girl, but I'm here to play the game, and I've been stressing because it is kina obvious that she's into me . finds me alone ... and that's a big risk.. I see that .. and moving forward... I'm totally open to that .. but at this point, she's provided a lot of really good information ..and I'm not going to do anything.. I'm not going to kiss her .. but I'm probably going to maintain that kind of relationship ...

      Taylor - if we are taking all 7 of to Final 7 . what other 4 people are we taking to jury?

      Kyle and Monte say .. "ummmmm' .. we haven't thought about that

      Kyle to Taylor - what do you think?

      (she does not answer )

      Michael - I will say right now .. I am totally fine cutting Daniel before jury ...

      They all agree

      Kyle- I don't think that Terrance is a big competition threat .. and he's the nicest guy ( to bring to jury )

      Brittany- I think Terrance and Alyssa ( to bring to jury )

      Kyle- she's amazing could you not like her .. and that's scary too .. in the Finals ..

      Monte says he would love to see Terrance ( in jury )

      Kyle - I think rather than focusing on who we want in jury .. we focus on who are the biggest threats and get them out now

      Tuner- how many more do we need to get out before Jury ?

      Kyle- 3 ... Ameerah, Daniel and Nicole... whichever order.. we can get Ameerah this week ...

      Taylor says "there's no getting in" ( to their circle )

      Others agree

      Kyle- they are so tight .. but all of them are emotional players.....and for Daniel and Nicole to blow up like they did .. that does not serve their game

      Taylor- throwing Paloma into my face, in front of the whole house, was just dirty.

      Everyone agrees it was "dirty"

      Kyle- at the end of the day you ( Taylor ) are not going up on the block this week

      Monte and Turner tell Taylor, they have her back ..

      Kyle to Taylor - you are safe this week and we've got you next week, you are in a good position .. in this game

      Monte- yeah

      Kyle- because you know .. we have the votes... and I don't know how else we can prove our loyalty and trust .. this has been a crazy 3 weeks...and I'm still trying to figure it out .. as are we all

      Taylor- yeah

      Kyle- hopefully putting her up .. will prove that we are legit and that we want to work with you guys ( Michael, Brittany, Taylor )

      Monte- 100%

      He says he hopes Joseph will make it back up there soon .. so they can name this alliance..

      They say they like Ameerah .. but she's a threat in the game.. and if she stays in the house one more week .. they are toast

      They talk about how Joseph was the one that figured it out ..and Ameerah is noticing .. and now she's trying to push the focus on him

      They think the like the name the "leftovers" but will wait to see what Joseph thinks too

      Joseph returns .. asks Taylor if she's filled in on everything?

      Taylor- yes, and I'm all in

      Kyle cheers

      everyone hugs everyone ...

      Joseph telling Taylor that she doesn't deserve the way she's been treated.
      He tells her that he's been doing "damage control" for her ..
      He says by doing that "it's put the target on him" but that's okay

      ( sounds Poochy doesn't it? .. better watch that )

      Kyle - Let's go !!! we can run this game!!!

      Joseph to Taylor- you are not a shield you are part of this alliance...... this was build right now right here.... with you as a member... keep that in mind if anyone tries to sway you. ,

      They talk about just letting the others think they are just outside of everything...
      Joesph tells them to not say names.. just say "we're going with the house"
      Kyle- let them think they are running this game ...

      He talks about how Ameerah has "been on his ass" about talking to Taylor....
      He says Ameerah called him out. . and that he and Taylor weren't even talking game... and now she ( Ameerah ) everyone "Joe isn’t trustworthy"

      Joesph - it’s the same thing that happened to you (Taylor) the first week... same cruel people .. doing the same thing

      They continue to talk about how they plan on acting when the others are around..
      They will agree that Taylor is going home this week
      They continue to reassure Taylor that she's with them.. they have her .. she has them ..

      And they celebrate their new alliance "The Leftovers"

      More hugs all around ..
      They say " it's time for the Leftovers to take over"

      They can't wait to see Ameerah's face .. when Turner turns the key at the Veto Meeting

      The tell Taylor that they were rooting for her to lose the veto, because of this, it was the only way to form this alliance and pull this off.


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        ( still a little catch up from last night )

        Michae and Taylor talk about how insane the day has been ...

        Michael - wee one .... they were going to pick me off .. and then pick you off .. and Brittany off...

        Taylor tells Michael that she does trust them ( the boys )
        He says he does too ...

        Michael talks about how the "girls girls" were laughing , talking bad about Joseph ...calling him stupid and bad at this game,,,, because he wasn’t making a million alliances.

        He talks about how Joseph said he wanted to "get to know people" ... see who he could get a feel for .. who he could trust ..and then make an alliance...
        He says that's smart...

        He talks about how Monday is going to be crazy

        Michael - . Ameerah is going to be so shocked
        Taylor – at the core

        Michael to Taylor – Nicole picked you because she thought... this is my golden ticket... she said that she wanted to protect you ... "no .. you ( Nicole ) didn't .. not at all

        Michael talks about how as good as they are feeling right now .. they can't get overconfident, they have to focus on winning the next HoH ...

        Miichael - I can't wait for all of them .. to have to walk up to the HoH and see Taylor’s pictures


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          Taylor to herself - I came here wanting to play a game with girls... but the girls didn’t want me..... I may have contributed to that... but they continue to use me... and make me play their game ....the way the house has spoken to people is no different than the way they speak to each other ...I’ve seen it myself

          Taylor to herself- this is the only chance I have .. Sunday is a day of reconciliation.. Monday is game

          Taylor to herself - I love Kyle.. she laughs ... let's gooooo!!

          ( how he acted when she told him she was "in" )


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            Taylor to herself - I need to go to sleep, I'm so tired, but that means I have to walk past these people ( Daniel, Joseph, Kyle, Michael are all downstairs, just chit chat, you can hear them taking from where Taylor is )

            Taylor to herself - I need to change, I just don't feel safe around Daniel, the way he cursed out on me ...

            Eventually, the talk downstairs breaks up and she leaves.


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              Nicole in the HoH room telling Monte, how supported she felt by everyone ( after she broke down crying yesterday ) aside from Taylor

              Daniel comes in

              Nicole- she ( Taylor ) pretty much was like " you know it's okay if you quit" ..or some **** like that .. and she said it in a tone... where I was like.. "
              did you really just say that" ???? and so I immediately flipped it .. when someone talks to me like that .. the first thing I want to do is hand them their ass on a platter" .. so I immediately flipped it and went on a tangent ..I was like "I'm here for a reason, I'm not going to quit, I'm not going to allow anyone to make me quit, and I made a point, that I already know that if something happened to my mom, that my sister is not even going to let me know ...because she knows that I'm doing this in part for my mother

              Monte just doing a lot of "mm hmm's throughout her talking

              Nicole says she doesn't even really remember what all she said ..

              Monte- this was in the room

              Nicole - yes.. and when I get mad.. I'm an "angry cleaner" so I folded this sweater like 5 times...

              Monte laughs says "that's some Puerto Rican **** right there . my mom does the same thing ..

              Nicole - so when I left......I was angry I was like I just need to blow off some steam .. and in that process .. I was like I need to go stretch .. I need to get ready for this comp .. veto players were just picked.. we don't know what the comp is.. and I'm also dealing with the fact.. that like "****, I have to throw this comp"

              Monte- mm hmm

              She tells him she had already told him ( Monte) about how she was going to throw the competition

              Nicole - so when I left .. I saw Ameerah and I was like.. I will let you know when I'm ready to quit

              Daniel - no .. you said .. will you let me know when I'm ready to quit ... and I was like "what the **** just happened" .. I could tell the energy was different from her

              cam moves us


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                Currently @ 12:23 PM BBT

                Most everyone just grabbing some breakfast.. and waiting for the backyard to open
                Jasmine is making chicken wings and rice

                Jasmine, Joseph and Alyssa talking about how they ( BB ) let them sleep in again ...


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                  ( catching us up )

                  Turner and Kyle talked

                  Turner told him that Daniel, Nicole, Ameerah are all up in the HoH room
                  Kyle asked what they're talking about?
                  Turner - calling Taylor a bitch and what not
                  He tells Kyle that Monte and Brittany are there too.... but that they aren't adding any fuel to the fire


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                    Taylor checked in with Kyle to see how the house is ...
                    He told her they are all up in the HoH room "talking ****"
                    Taylor - of course they are
                    Kyle - just let them

                    He told Taylor that once Ameerah goes on the block, that she has to know that Nicole and Daniel are going to be on her, because they know that Ameerah will need her vote
                    She's aware


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                      The backyard finally opened.

                      But Taylor is inside, in her bed ...

                      Nicole tells Taylor that she really hopes that she gets outside and that she really does want to talk to her at some point

                      Taylor- yeah .. I'll get out there

                      Taylor to the camera - I'm not napping, I'm sulking, but I really should get some sun ...

                      Taylor to camera- my obvious target is going to be Daniel going into next week

                      Taylor - I want Daniel...Ameerah and Nicole gone

                      Taylor - the Leftovers about to be the main course

                      Jasmine and Monte telling Taylor that she needs to come outside ...

                      Taylor to herself/camera - everyone is so nice.. just because ... ( in a sing-song kind of way ) most everyone in the house thinks I'm going home... everyone thinks I'm depressed cause I'm going home....but I'm not

                      Taylor says that she really does like laying in bed, she does it a home, likes it, it's too hot outside, there are bugs out there, and that's gross, she says "if there's anything I'm going to do it's lay down"

                      Joseph comes in, asks her how she's doing, does she still want alone time
                      She tells him she's good, she will come out later, it's too hot out there now

                      He tells her that "they" were saying that they know she's going home and they hope that they haven't been wrong about her, but if they have, she ( Taylor ) can use her exit interview to convince them that she's a good person

                      He tells her that he will talk to her later

                      Brittany comes in


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                        Taylor joins everyone outside

                        Taylor to Jasmine- thank you for getting me out here
                        Jasmine - absolutely

                        ( she's learning to play the game )


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                          Michael, Brittany and Terrance talk/speculate about what next week will be .. and what happens to the person that not evicted

                          Brittany says the line was " that doesn't mean you are safe"

                          She says it sounds too much like a Back Stage thing


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                            Currently @ 5:37 PM BBT

                            Most everyone just chilling outside ..
                            chit chat here and there

                            ( I'm breaking away )


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                              ( catching us back up )

                              Turner told Kyle that he can't wait until tomorrow ( veto meeting, where Ameerah/Terrance will go on the block as the replacement nominees )

                              He talked about how all the others are in and out of his HoH room ... even with out him in there


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