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Live Feed Updates - 7/26 - Day 21

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  • Live Feed Updates - 7/26 - Day 21

    We'll be bringing you the Live Feed Updates right here in their very own forum ( you guys seem to like that the best ) and we'll do everything that we can to bring you all the drama that plays out inside the Big Brother 24 house, just like we've done for the past 23 years that we've been covering Big Brother.

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    Yesterday was a LOT ..
    Here's a super quick catch up from where I left off last night
    Kenny did add a conversation to yesterday's LFU page, as well.

    Nicole talked to Terrance and told him she's worried they won't have the numbers to keep him
    He tells her that he thinks they do ..
    She tells him she' struggling with her vote between him and Ameerah

    Alyssa talked to Turner
    She told him about how she messed up, said things when she didn't know that Indy was in the room.
    She tells him she covered it though.
    She tells him that Kyle is not talking to her ..

    Nicole talked to Ameerah
    She told her that she's close to both her and Terrance...
    She says this votes "scares her " ...
    She tells Ameerah that she wants to keep her .. but .. also .. her "heart is really hurting right now".. and that this sucks for her ( Nicole )
    Ameerah tells her that she thinks she is better for Nicole's game
    Nicole agrees.. tells her that she doesn't want her to think that she doesn't want her there ... it's just difficult for her

    Turner talks to Kyle
    He tells him that t Ameerah is feeling safe.
    ( they laugh )
    They talk about how Ameerah is saying that Turner made a mistake putting her on the bock
    Kyle to Turner she ( Ameerah ) is crazy dude! ... she was like... "I have yo and Monte.. she was basically naming off everyone in the house.
    Kyle - I think it's ideal cause she is not going to be freaking out the next two days

    Kyle tells Turner that jasmine was "talking a bunch of ****"
    He says that she realized he was there .. and she got quiet... but .. Brittany was in there, so she will tell them

    Turner tells Kyle that Alyssa is upset .. and crying in there earlier ..
    Kyle says that he's trying to distance himself
    Turner - you have to tell her're ****ing with her head right now,
    Kyle - I don't feel like I am leading her on.
    Turner - she ( Alyssa ) was like... " last night, we ( her and Kyle ) had an amazing time talking.. and then .. this morning's like somebody flipped the switch"
    Kyle tells him that the alliance comes first .. 100% ...
    He tells Turner that Alyssa said that "she liked him last night" and he didn't "say it back"

    He also tells Turner that Joseph told him that he "can't think with his dick"
    He says that he ( Joseph ) made him feel like.. he needed to distance himself from her (Alyssa) everyone in the alliance wouldn't be like "Kyle is feeding her information about us" .

    Kyle tells Turner that if he even talks to Taylor .. Alyssa goes into a spiral

    Kyle tells Turner that he's always felt like he was on the outside... but now .. he feels like they are solid
    Turner- oh ... definitely.

    Turner talks about how Taylor was close to crying when he was sticking up for her ( during the veto speech )
    Kyle- yeah .. that was sick ( as in good .. not that I have to explain that probably .. but just in case )
    Turner tells him that he doesn't think that Taylor expected him to do that


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      Ameerah says Turner’s HoH will be a waste .. because he's only getting out Terrance.
      She also said that it's probably Brittany that is spreading all the lies... so she needs to go next
      She is confident that Joseph will vote to keep her

      Michael and Taylor talked tells him that she wants Ameerah ( of course ) Daniel and Nicole out before jury. ,

      Before he went to bed..
      Turner talked the cameras about bullying

      (that pretty much wraps up last night )


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        This morning

        It begins again ...

        Monte asking Daniel how he felt about yesterday
        Daniel tells him he' so confused

        He goes on to say that if the house is the bully and not Ameerah (or Terrance ) ... why couldn't they have had a "house meeting" to clear it up ...
        He says that Turner made it "clear" that Ameerah is his target, when he brought up the storage room talk they had ... and the whole " we don't talk game" ...but then he ( Turner ) said ... sh wasn't ...
        Monte suggests that maybe Turner really wanted to put up Indy/Alyssa...but didn't want to risk Alyssa being on the block.

        Indy and Terrance are outside as well..

        Daniel talks about how they have 10 minutes before music

        ( BB wake up )


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          ( peeking in .. with a quick update )

          Alyssa told Ameerah that Kyle told her that he thinks they "should just be friends"
          She says that he said that he feel like a showmance will be a distraction
          She says she told him that was lame.... but okay ..
          Ameerah - that's interesting

          Ayssa tells Ameerah that she thinks she's going to be fine ..
          Ameerah agrees ..
          She tells her that she ( Ameerah ) was up last with Daniel last night.. and he promised her his vote ( to keep her )

          Nicole joins them ...


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            Ameerah asking if they think that she should trust Brittany
            Alyssa says she doesn't know ..
            She tells her to "go with her gut"
            Alyssa brings up that Brittany already repeated some thing that she said ...

            Nicole - Daniel thinks maybe she's a pathological liar.

            Nicole says that Brittany's "game" is inserting herself into conversations and then taking pieces of that convo and running with it

            They talk about how Turner told Ameerah that no one listen to the HoH and that it's in the hands of the people now
            They laugh

            Alyssa tells Ameerah that she knows this is stressful.... BUT .. she's safe .. and they are going to win the next Hoh and start taking out "these snakes"

            Nicole and Ameerah agree


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              Taylor talks to the camera

              She talks about being introverted.
              She talks about people perceiving her the wrong way
              She says that waking up in the house everyday has been difficult
              She says she does have people who like her
              She says she will get along with them outside of the game
              She says that in the context of game, it's been hard for her to break through
              She says it's been hard for her to 'come out of her shell"
              She says she misses home .. and her friends
              She says she thinks it's going to be hard to make to the end .. but she didn't go through what she did so far, not to now
              She says that this week .. they are getting rid of a 'strong competitor" .. she won't call her "a threat" ...
              She says she won't call another black woman " a threat" ...
              She says she's made that mistake before and she won't do it again
              She says she likes and respects Ameerah a lot .. .would have liked to partner with her
              She thinks they ( Leftover Alliance ) will grab power and run this to the end ..
              She says all she has to do for now .. is keep alienating herself .... keep quite.. ask people about the vote.. and just lay low .. until .. Thursday


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                Brittany and Taylor talk

                They both agree that they really thought the girls teaming up would be a real thing this season
                Brittany- it sucks .. a lot .. because I was "all in on that" ...

                She says they ( the other girls ) ghosted her

                Taylor - they never included me

                Brittany says they ( the girls ) could have a least "made her feel safe"
                Taylor says it was a bad way to play for them ...
                Brittany agrees that they ( the girls ) didn't hide it very well ( not including either of them in things )

                Taylor to Brittany- but just look at us now


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                  Brittany and Taylor talk about moving forward
                  Brittany saying she doesn't know where Terrance fits in all of this , she says she wouldn't want to put him on the block
                  Taylor says she's torn.. wants to win HoH . .doesn't want to win HoH
                  She says she thinks that "most of the Leftovers" want Nicole out next...
                  Brittany says that they said Daniel

                  Taylor tells Brittany that either is fine by her ...
                  Taylor says that she as a good reason to want Daniel out
                  Taylor - no man should speak to a woman they way he did and bring up what he did.
                  Brittany agrees

                  They talk about Daniel is telling Terrance that he will vote to keep him .. when they know he won't ...


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                    Taylor tells Brittany that she does when she gets out of the house .. want to have real relationships with the people.
                    She says she likes everyone in the house .. even Daniel.

                    Taylor - my mom is going to set **** on fire tomorrow night ( watching the show )
                    Brittany yeah ... veto comp and replacement.. and .. probably .. the blow up too.


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                      Brittany asks Taylor what Daniel said .. in the living room ... ( after the veto comp )

                      Taylor- he said " all of America is watching ... and she thinks she can get away with this .. you can't be like that " ..
                      She says she said " I'm sorry ... I thought you were joking " ..

                      Taylor and he ( Daniel ) was like .. " don't speak to me until the Finale"

                      Taylor says she thinks he called her a bitch ...
                      She says he also called her "fake"

                      ( I really hope they show this.. we've had to piece it together .. it wasn't on the feeds )


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                        Taylor tells Brittany that she got so emotional .. because Turner told Daniel/Nicole to "cut that **** out" especially when Nicole and Daniel think they are so close to Turner


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                          Taylor tells Brittany that she doesn't have to give Daniel "grace" ..
                          She says she knows his apology is coming .. but she doesn't have to accept it ...
                          She says she hopes he believes his apology

                          Taylor - it's going to be really ugly for him ( Daniel ) when we get out of this house


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                            Nicole telling Terrance that she doesn't have an F2 with Ameerah or anything like that ..
                            She says they just say "you're my girl" to each other
                            She says they ( her and Ameerah) want to do the Amazing Race together

                            He tells her that he doesn't think he has the votes to beat Ameerah

                            Terrance- if I do ... it will be a ****ing miracle

                            Nicole counts votes

                            She says that Joseph is definitely keeping Ameerah .. along with Jasmine, Alyssa and Indy

                            She tells him that he for sure has Michael and Brittany
                            Terrance- and Taylor

                            Nicole - that leaves .. me, Monte, Kyle and Daniel

                            She tells Terrance that she thinks that Daniel will vote to keep him

                            She tells him ( again ) that she's "torn" ...

                            Nicole - Ameerah and I are very close...

                            She tells him that a lot of people . don't know that


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                              Taylor to camera - all I have to do .. is to lay low ... until Thursday .. and then .. win .. and then .. Daniel goes home


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