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Live Feed Updates 7/27 - Day 22

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  • Live Feed Updates 7/27 - Day 22

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    ( catch up from where I left off last nignt )

    Brittany told Michael that the girls had an alliance called "Girls Girls"

    Nicole and Ameerah continued to count votes

    Nicole tells Ameerah that if she goes home, then she can't trust Monte
    They talk worse case, if Ameerah goes home...
    Ameerah to Nicole - should I just blow up the whole thing when I walk out ??
    She says she doesn't really want to do that ... because that would be throwing them ( Nicole/Alyssa ) under the bus
    Nicole – I don’t care ... you can do whatever you want to do.
    Ameerah – Oh ... I would shut that **** down!
    Nicole – you should
    Ameerah – because he ( Monte ) is doing me dirty
    Nicole – if you go home its because he did you dirty.
    Ameerah – 100% correct

    Nicole talks to Taylor
    Nicole saying she's torn between Ameerah and Terrance
    Nicole talks about how she feels like she's the 'swing vote" ...
    She says there's a lot of rumors going around the house ...
    Taylor – like what?
    Nicole – just bull**** .. like someone said that yesterday Monte was crying
    Taylor – about them being on the block?
    Nicole – I don’t know .. we got into a little thing in here... and I got ****ing pissed off and left... then something was said .... and I took it the wrong way. ...and then I was like .. I'm ****ing done! ... I went outside and they all came out and we hashed it out .. we were fine... but then someone .... said Monte was crying.

    Taylor - okay ...

    Nicole - but he wasn't ...

    Nicole goes on to talk (again ) about how close she is to both Ameerah Terrance... how does she chose between them .. ?
    She says she doesn't think she will be able to decide who she is voting for .. until that day ...

    She asks Taylor what she's told Terrance... because he thinks he has her ( Taylor's ) vote ..
    Taylor – I told him the whole reason why I came here was so that black women wouldn’t be villainized for being good at the game ....and it doesn’t make sense for me to vote out Ameerah.
    Nicole – then why does he think he has your vote?
    Taylor – because I told him earlier when we were on the block together that I would always have his back.
    Nicole – oh... so ... haven’t spoken to him since?
    Taylor – not about my vote ..

    Taylor relays her talk with Nicole to Monte.
    She tells him that she told Nicole, that he was her target
    He tells her that's good .. keep it up ... he wants to ensure the others don't know that they are working together ..
    Monte talks about getting Daniel/Kyle on the block this coming week ... and then if they win veto .. Nicole/Taylor go up as renoms .. with Nicole going home

    ( Kyle had suggested that he and Daniel go on the block .. I do NOT know why ... but he did )

    Jasmine tells Ameerah that she talked to Turner and he still doesn't think that they ( Jasmine/Ameerah ) are working together.

    Jasmine tells him that Turner told her that someone told him .. that she ( Ameerah ) got a job with Google and it's pays $250,000.
    Ameerah tells her that Kyle is the only person she told that too ..
    Jasmine - that means Kyle told him..... which scares me
    Ameerah - It's not $250,000.
    Jasmine - I'm just telling you what he ( Turner ) said .. and he also said he thinks you flipped the vote for Pooch

    Jasmine tells Ameerah that Turner told her that not only did he tell Daniel about how Taylor wouldn't be the one going on the block, he also told Nicole
    Ameerah tells Jasmine that she is not relying on Daniel to vote to keep her ... but ..

    Ameerah - 100%....I have the votes to stay. .... 100% I am staying.
    Jasmine - okay

    Nicole asks Monte what he's told Terrance, has he told him he would vote for him to stay?
    Monte tells her no ... he hasn't been direct with him ..
    Nicole says that she's close with both ... she says she's his ( Terrance's ) number one .. but he's not hers and he knows it.
    She asks what does he (Monte ) want them to do ..
    Monte - Po's Pack .. is all I really have...
    Nicole – if that’s what you’re telling me,....then that’s what we do.. because we have the numbers as females to keep her.

    Ameerah and Kyle talked about how Daniel yelled at Taylor " don't talk to me until the Finale" and now .. how are he and Nicole going to rebuild their relationship with Taylor.
    They talk about how people are worried that Taylor will win the next HoH ..
    Ameerah says that Taylor isn't dumb .. she might use that her advantage ( Daniel yelling at her ) .. but she won't trust him anymore.

    Ameerah – so I have the numbers this week
    Kyle – do you think it will be unanimous?
    She says she doesn't think so ... but she has the numbers to stay ...
    Kyle asks if Nicole has confirmed with her ( about her vote )
    Ameerah – she has
    Kyle – that's good

    Ameerah - you're voting to save me, right?
    Kyle - yeah ..
    Ameerah- it's gotten back to me . that people know about Google.... and you . are the only person I told that too ...
    Kyle- I didn't say anything... I swear
    Ameerah - you're the only person I told
    Kyle- it can't be ...
    Ameerah - it's not like it was a secret.... but now people are like "oh my gosh".
    Kyle continues to say that he didn't say anything ..
    Kyle- why would I ??
    Ameerah- it' s not that serious .....nd it's not even that much money.. it's stock ...

    Nicole, Ameerah and Daniel

    Nicole saying that Turner put her ( Ameerah ) up .. without realizing that he didn’t have the numbers to get you out
    Ameerah – yes.. .I'm definitely the target.
    Nicole – he ( Turner ) clearly thought that everybody was going to vote you ou
    Daniel – he' s going to be ****ed when we keep you.

    Ameerah tells them that she's staying .. she's going to be playing in the HoH ..and that the house sitll wants Taylor out.
    Ameerah tells Daniel that she's afraid that Taylor will come for him
    Daniel talks about how they all will be playing for HoH .. so it's good

    Ameerah leaves

    Nicole to Daniel – good job Turner..... you literally made the move that non of us would have made. ( said with sarcasm )
    Daniel- hopefully America knows more.... and is like wow ...what a big move.... because right now it ain’t **** .. that's not a big move
    Nicole - no it's not .. a big move would have been to put up Monte and Joseph.

    Nicole- **** .. I have to say goodbye to Terrance tomorrow.
    She's crying ...
    Daniel - I ****ing love that guy ( Terrance )
    Nicole - it's going to be bad.. real back ... I hate ****ing crying.
    Daniel – what a ****ty ****ing replacement… it makes no sense!...
    Nicole counts votes for when she's HoH and puts Turner on the block ...
    She says the votes to get him out would be... Ameerah, Indy, Alyssa .. no I don’t think Alyssa would vote him out… Monte, Joseph, Brittany and you ( Daniel ) . .that's 7 ... and

    Nicole tells Daniel that Taylor’s target is Monte.

    Daniel told Nicole that he thinks that Ameerah "is hot"
    She tells him if they ever make out .. he has to tell her
    He says he doesn't think it would happen (in the house ) unless they were Top 5.. or in jury together

    They talk about Daniel's "moment" with Taylor and how she ( Taylor ) told Nicole that she could leave, if she needed to

    Nicole - I standby the fact that everyone else came in here with love and kindness towards me... and she's ****ing telling me that if I want to bow out .. I can
    Daniel- yeah
    Nicole - "you can leave this game"... who the **** says that ..
    Daniel- yeah that's crazy ..
    He says he needs to watch that part ( once he's out of the house )
    He says he's "second guessing himself"
    He also says that Jasmine thought he "reacted" amazingly ... but Ameerah thinks he "over reacted"

    Nicole - I feel the way we both handled ourselves.... I didn't scream at her... didn't belittle her and ...neither did you
    Daniel - there are so many mixed races on this cast ..... it could have happened with anyone ..
    Nicole - exactly ... and the issue is not that she is a black woman.... the issue is that she is a ****ing bully ... period.
    Daniel - yes

    Nicole- I never intended to confront her because our goal is to get her out of this game... but I'm pissed... I felt like she spoke to me in a very passive aggressive way and obviously when we get to see the tape.... I might feel differently....

    Daniel - and this is why I want her out's still a distraction. .... it's no longer a vengeful thing. ...
    He goes on to say that it's beneficial to have her in the house .. because everyone wants her out .. and want her out over him ...
    He says he wants her out .. because he's done thinking about it
    Nicole agrees .. saying that people are distracted by it all
    Daniel - ( about Taylor ) go home so we can focus on this game....

    Jasmine-tells Taylor that she was never her target.. and hopefully she's has some trust with her ...
    Taylor says she knows.. talks about being 3 weeks on the block ...
    Jasmine - - another white male ....putting up two black people
    Taylor- I was obviously the initial target and now it's Ameerah and Terrance

    They talk about the "friction" between Taylor/Nicole ( and Daniel ) ...
    Taylor saying how much she loves Nicole
    Jasmine saying she loves her ( Nicole ) too
    She tells Taylor that Nicole has "nothing but good things to say about her"


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      Today ...

      Ameerah and Taylor chatted
      Ameerah telling Taylor how "shocked" she was to go up on the block
      Taylor tells her that they don't really need to talk "game game" .. .because Ameerah knows where she is ( on the vote .. which she is just leading her on )

      After Ameerah leaves...

      Taylor to the camera - sorry girl...... you are so cool... and I can't wait to hang out with you after this.... but I'm sorry ... you're not going to make it to the jury house. ... I didn't want to betray you ....but this is the only way that I stay in the game


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        Kyle also does some cam talking

        He says that they are "all in" on the Leftover alliance
        He says that Ameerah is still confident that she's staying .. she's not even aware that there's a chance she's going home.... because she thinks she has the Po's Pack alliance and the Girls Girls alliance and the Old Skool alliance...

        He says that she thinks she has everything covered...
        He says the only angle that she hasn't covered is from behind .. and that's the plan .. now
        He says they have no idea that they ( Leftovers ) are all working together ..
        He says they just think that Turner is "off his rocker" and that he just threw up two random people

        He talks about liking Alyssa .. but he's seen some "red flags" when he's talked to Taylor ( and Alyssa saw him )

        He says he came to play .. not to get into a showmance.
        He says he tried to lay it all out to her a few days ago
        He goes on to say .. "maybe" in the jury house ... or after the game... he's open to that

        Kyle talks about how he is the one that told everyone about Ameerah getting a job at Google
        He says he knows he needs to keep his mouth shut ...
        He says he's going to try to "make a habit " of talking to you ( America )


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          Ameerah and Alyssa talked
          Ameerah telling her she's confirmed all votes from Po's Pack ..
          She says that's the Final 6 in this house
          They talk about Terrance
          Alyssa says he's not a very good player
          Ameerah agrees.. says that's why she was afraid that they might want to keep him around

          Ameerah - that's how Derek F made it to the end


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            Monte, Turner and Kyle talked

            Monte telling them that Nicole was saying that she's conflicted about her vote..
            He says that she said she could go with Po's Pack .. or vote to keep Terrance from a friendship point of view
            He told her that he said he was going with Po's Pack to keep Ameerah

            ( again he's not )

            He tells them that the closer the vote is the better..
            Kyle agrees
            He says if the vote was like 6 -5 to evict Ameerah .. they could pin the votes on Nicole and Daniel

            ( that's all I can do for now .. I have a meeting and then I'll jump back in once I'm home )

            ( oh and it goes without saying.. but I'm saying .. if ANYONE wants to jump in and help update... the help would be fantastic! )


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              ( catching us up )

              Ameerah told Jasmine that she thinks that Turner knows that she has the votes ( to stay )

              Taylor and Terrance talked

              Terrance told Taylor that he thinks that they ( him/her ) and Turner are on the bottom..
              She tells him that they ( him/her ) have been used for other people's game.. and she's "****ing tired" of it ...

              Terrance to Taylor - that boy ( Turner ) had the courage to change the whole game.
              Taylor - yeah .. and he didn't have to

              Turner talked to Terrance and told him not to worry ... that he will be here tomorrow ( not evicted
              Turner also told Terrance that he feels good .. if Terrance was to win HoH ..
              Terrance - I would never put you up... you would never see the block ...

              Terrance tells Turner that he also likes Jasmine ( his bestie )
              He says she ( Jasmine ) makes me wings ..

              ( LOL )

              Turner tells him that had Nicole not been his partner .. he ( Terrance ) wouldn't have had to go up


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                Monte and Joseph checked in with each other

                Joseph telling Monte that he's told everyone that he wants Taylor and Turner to go home ( moving forward )
                He tells him that he would like to see Nicole go ( she would be up against Taylor, if the besties stay,. as is )

                Monte agrees....


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                  Brittnay talked to Terrance ..
                  She told him that there are a lot of overlapping alliances
                  He asked .. more than two?
                  She tells him .. yes ... three . four even

                  He talks about how they are doing what the Cookout did ..
                  He says it's not the Cookout .. but that they did it like that .. "you connect with a person.. and you connect with a person"

                  Terrance to Brittany - it's just like in the drug cartel,....who is the leader of the cartel?
                  He says no one ever really kows .. but you get directions from them .. " to do this and do that ....

                  Brittany - I feel like people know who the leader is .....and she's on the block right now

                  They talk about who would be the "leader" when Ameerah leaves
                  Terrance says Nicole would


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                    Michael talks to Terrance ..
                    They talk about votes...
                    They talk about shaking up the house
                    Michael tells Terrance that he thinks they need to shake up the house
                    Terrance agrees
                    Daniel - if Ameerah went home.. it would shake up the house

                    Terrance tells Michael that he wants to feel "comfortable"
                    He says that Monte and Joseph are very comfortable in this house .. ..
                    He says that if he's here ... he's 100% going for them ( Monte/ Joseph )

                    Terrance tells Michael that Daniel told him that he has his vote ( to stay
                    He says he thinks if Daniel votes that way .. so will Nicole
                    He says he talked to Kyle and Kyle said he didn't want him to go anywhere
                    He says that he feels like he's close to the "minimum" number of votes that he needs to stay


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                      Terrance talked to Kyle ..
                      He told him that he loves the move that Turner made

                      Terrance - I believe was courageous and it does shake up things a lot

                      Kyle tells him that he will have to talk to his "bestie" Daniel .. and then he will come to a decision about his vote


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                        Daniel and Terrance talked again
                        Daniel telling him that he doesn't know what he's going to do ( vote wise )
                        He tells him that he needs to talk to people.. hasn't done that yet .. etc.


                        Daniel to Terrance- here's my vote .. my vote is for you ( to stay )
                        He tells him he hopes he can talk to people... find out more and let him know one way or another

                        ( I gotta jump out .. but I'll be back )


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                          ( picking it back up )

                          Nicole and Daniel talk about their votes
                          They both say that they are going to tell Terrance tonight what their decision is
                          Nicole tells Daniel that from what she's heard ... she thinks the votes are in Ameerah's favor ( to stay )

                          Daniel asks if Nicole thinks it would be okay for him to give Terrance a sympathy vote
                          She says she thinks it will
                          He says that he doesn't mind telling everyone that he's going to


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                            Terrance talks to Joseph and Monte ..

                            He tells them that he has 5 for sure votes ( to keep him ) ...

                            Terrance = I have ... Michael, Brittany, Taylor. ....
                            He says that Kyle is on the fence... he says he's waiting on them
                            Joseph - then that's 6 right there .. ( counting Kyle, Monte, Joseph )

                            Terrance tells them that Daniel is also "on the fence"


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                              Nicole asks Joseph if he's made a decision on his vote yet
                              He tells her no.. .
                              He told her that he took her advice and he's having conversations ...
                              He tells her that Ameerah is "very convincing"

                              Joseph asks Nicole if she's made her decision yet ... he tells her that she doesn't have to say who
                              She tells him no ..
                              She says she's emotionally invested in both Ameerah and Terrance ...
                              She says she can't make her decision until tomorrow


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