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Live Feed Updates - 7/30 - Day 25

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  • Live Feed Updates - 7/30 - Day 25

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    We are currently on Kittens, so Veto pick must be underway.


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      Veto Players-

      HoH and his besties - Monte, Terrance, Joseph
      Nominees - Indy and Alyssa
      Picked - Daniel and Kyle
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        Kyle in the shower
        Joseph and Micheal hanging out in the bathroom
        Daniel and Nicole working out
        Jasmine was taking off Alyssa's false fingernails with a floss pick. Complaining that Taylor (?) Turner is inconsiderate because he doesn't help her (Jasmine) with her scooter and making slop.
        The others are wandering around.

        ETA: It may have been Turner she was talking about. It was Turner she was talking about. She mentioned that the "person" doesn't offer to fill up her floatie or wake her up to get batteries, ...
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          Ugh, she has a queen complex, I'm over it too so I feel you Turner!!

          Jazz, put your big girl panties on an do it youself! I'm pretty sure you don't need your ankle to fill up a floatie..

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        9:33 BBT(?)
        Monte goes into Have Not room to join Alyssa.

        She wants to confirm that Taylor is still the target. Monte asks why. Alyssa (talking fast), said that she says she is with the girls and then hangs with the guys. She has caught her lying. Questioning whether Nicole would throw a comp.

        He reassures her that Taylor is the target and he has no reason to target Nicole. Everyone is on the same page.

        He tells her have fun, no pressure. Whoever wins, they are all on the same page.
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          Monte then goes to HoH room and Turner is there. He is telling him about his conversation with Alyssa.

          He is telling him that Alyssa was saying that she can't trust Nicole and Indy was saying the same thing to him, which was weird because he knows they are talking. After he told Nicole he might put up Alyssa/Indy, Alyssa came up to tell him it was ok if he put her up.

          He thinks they are trying to pull out of him whether Nicole really is his target.

          Turner has been throwing up. The slop doesn't agree with him.


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            I wonder what will happen in Daniel & Kyle win the veto? It must be an individual challenge bc what if they disagreed on what to do... if they are beginning to think that Nicole us the target, maybe Daniel want to keep noms the same, which I think Kyle would be okay with for his own selfish reasons (Alyssa)

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          Kyle comes up and Monte is relaying the conversation to him too and then he notices that Indy is coming up.

          Monte- These girls, they're like f_ing hall monitors.

          They say to just talk about something.

          Monte- When Indy comes in, "Oh hey Indy" (LMAO)

          They talk about the veto, then Turner throwing up. Indy said she lost her workout partner.

          Monte is now relaying some of his conversation with Alyssa to Indy and asks her about whether they are talking and if she distrusts Nicole too.

          Indy says she doesn't trust Nicole and that Nicole is always trying to listen on conversations to get information. She relays a talk she had when Nicole told her that if it was Indy and Daniel on the block, Nicole would choose to keep Daniel.

          Indy tells him about a conversation they had the week Pooch went out, when Nicole and Daniel said that they should use the opportunity to get out a big guy. Joseph's name was thrown out.

          He asks who was there. She says Daniel, Nicole, Jasmine, Ameerah, Alyssa,..

          She says they talked about making a bigger move the next week, meaning Joseph or Monte.


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            They continue to talk and he tells her that she's in a good position because all of the groups playing veto have at least one member who is willing to use the veto to take them down.

            He says that Taylor has always been his target, but if he puts up Nicole and Taylor who would she vote out.

            And my live feeds flaked out and shut down. Grrrr

            ETA: He says that seeing the person not coming for you is worse, the snake in the grass. She says her personal vibe is that she doesn't mesh with Taylor. She says that Taylor and then maybe Nicole next. Tells him it wouldn't look good for him to the house to get Nicole out instead of Taylor (LOL)
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              The conversation continued with them discussing Ameerah and her spreading information. She had no power, but when spreading information she was able to get Pooch out. All he can do is put someone up, then it is out of his hands.

              He tells her he wants a unanimous vote.

              He talks about what he should do with the information (Them wanting him to put up Monte and Joseph) she gave him since he won't have power. (I think he is planting the seed for Nicole to go this week).

              She mentions that Michael was there, but didn't say anything.

              Monte has been called to the DR.


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                Jasmine and Joseph talking about what Ameerah told Jasmine on the way out.

                Ameerah apparently whispered that Jasmine shouldn't trust Nicole and Daniel and to pack up her stuff.

                They are talking about Nicole and how she moves from group to group and Jasmine says that she doesn't know where her loyalties lie.

                They both say they are neutral about her, but she can't be trusted.


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                  Now up to the HoH-

                  Monte is talking to Michael about his conversation with Indy. Relaying the information about the meeting and Daniel saying something about putting Joseph up. Michael says that Daniel was in a lot of conversations and says that he doesn't remember Daniel being the one to say "Let's get out Joseph".

                  Monte tells him that Ameerah was the one that told Indy was that Joseph was after Indy, but then he says that right after the conversation Indy told him that it was a guy that told her (that part of the convo was a little confusing).

                  Now Nicole pops into the HoH (being Hall Monitor)


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                    Monte says he wants everyone on the same page.

                    Nicole says that she sees Taylor's behavior in the house and she thinks "Who does she think she's fooling.."

                    And the camera switches to Daniel/Kyle conversation in the bathroom abruptly.


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                      A couple of minutes and back to the HoH room talking about the block and she is on board for whatever he wants.

                      Michael and Kyle come in and they continue the conversation about getting Taylor out.

                      Nicole brings up the storage room convo last night, when Kyle was hiding. She doesn't know wants them to know that she is still on board with the Alliance.

                      Terrence comes up. Talking about bacon, and snacks.

                      Switch to Joseph and Daniel whispering in the living room. About the veto set up and whoever had gone up is coming down. Joseph saying that Monte said he is going to be transparent.


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                        Joseph joined the HoH group.

                        Kyle and Alyssa were in the kitchen.

                        Indy and Jasmine in the bedroom, Brittany joins them

                        Joseph came downstairs to join Kyle and Alyssa in the kitchen.


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                          People are milling, groups are shifting.

                          Lots of chit chat.

                          Nicole telling Monte (with Terrance still there) that she was using things in the bathroom to get Indy's head into the game and explain scenarios and who to put on the block.. She says she told her that she said putting the strong guys on the block would help her with the strong guys playing in veto and helping her. She says she was explaining how it would benefit Indy to team up with the strong guys.


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