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Live Feed Updates 8/2 - Day 28

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  • Live Feed Updates 8/2 - Day 28

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    welp... she did it.
    Alyssa finally got her kiss @ 10:26 PM BBT last night
    and then her second and third .. etc.


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    ( quick catch up from last night )

    Nicole talked to herself saying she believes that Indy and Alyssa are being truthful with her.
    She talks about the possibility that "reverse psychology " was used .. so that Daniel/Kyle would use the veto ...
    She says Michael's and Taylor's reaction to it being used was hilarious
    She says they seemed "shocked".
    She says that she feels like using the veto worked... but they will just have to "wait and see"
    She hopes she gets some kind of "secret power" ( she's talking "when" Taylor goes and she stays )
    She say she hopes that both Jasmine and Indy are trying to find out information for her
    She talks about the "hints" that she picked up on in her talk with Michael
    She wonders if there is an alliance of 8 .. she says if there is .. they have the votes to get her out this week and that sucks
    She says she never "betrayed" any of them ...
    She says she understands her "friendship" with Daniel is threatening to them
    She gives a shout out to Ameerah .. asking her what happened ??
    She says she feels like she' "living in " a big investigation....where she knows who the suspects are..
    She talks about how she's playing Big Brother
    She talks about how "these people are the worse liars" in the world ...
    She says they don't realize how much their "body language" tells her how much they are lying
    She says it' s comical


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      Tuner tells Monte about his talk with Nicole
      He tells him that she (Nicole ) was like " the girls don't trust me" ... "so I know I don't have their votes"
      Monte – oh wow ...she believes it?
      Turner – for sure dude..she's stressing. ... she was like I don't have their votes... I trust Monte...
      He tells Monte that she ( Nicole) talked about how he told her before hand .. ( about the girls not trusting )
      Monte – that's interesting ... but she's definitely scheming .... because why would she tell you that.... but tell the girls that I told her that they didn’t trust her.
      Turner says he was just like okay ... yeah ... Monte's got your back ..


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        Taylor told Turner and Kyle that she's going to "put on the same bikini and heels tomorrow and piss more people off"


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          Monte talks about how Nicole and Daniel are 'looking crazy" by telling everyone that Monte told them not to use the veto

          ( that pretty much for the most part catches us up from last night )


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            This morning

            Daniel did a little cam talking ..
            He talks a little about Brittany and "all her lies"
            He says he thinks that Turner is "America's Player"
            He thinks that Michael is "playing the best game"
            He says that yeah Brittany won a veto .. but only because of Michael .. he says she's "useless"
            He says that people probably think that Monte is playing a good game.. .but he's not
            He also talked about how Evel Dick and Dani were on the block together and stayed in the house
            He his favorite player is Dan Ghessling
            He also like Brittany Haynes
            He says that the fact that neither Janelle or Kaysar won a season .. "pisses him off"
            And, he liked "Hurricane Howie"


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              Indy and Alyssa talked
              Indy saying she can't trust Monte ...
              Alyssa says if she was HoH .. she would put up Monte ( and his besties ) or Michael/Brittany


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                Jasmine to Terrance - it's time to get this bitch ( Taylor ) outta here


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                  Hey Lexie, your date for this update says 8/1 again instead of 8/2


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                    Thanks.. I made the correction ..

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                  ( catching us up a bit )

                  Picking back up with Jasmine and Terrance

                  Terrance to Jasmine - if Taylor stays .. she will join Indy/Alyssa ..
                  Jasmine - why?
                  Terrance - I think she thinks that Alyssa is connected to Kyle and that Indy is close with Monte why would they shoot ( as in try to target her )


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                    Kyle talks to the camera -
                    He say she really likes Alyssa.. but he doesn't know what to do ... because she (Alyssa) is outside of the Leftover alliance ..

                    He talks about when they decided to take out Alyssa, after he had already promised her that he would use the veto on her, and how it was a moral decision for him to make....

                    He says he's glad that Daniel "came to his rescue" and he didn't have to make that decision

                    He says he is "playing dumb" with Daniel
                    He says Daniel thinks he's "an idiot"
                    He talks about starting the Leftover alliance and how Daniel doesn't know that .. and that Daniel doesn't know that he is going to vote with the Leftovers to take Nicole out..
                    He says "that tough too" .... he's lying to Daniel's face

                    He talks about how Daniel really thinks he has the numbers to keep Nicole safe this week ...
                    He talks about how Daniel used the veto and now his best friend is going out the door
                    Kyle- dumbest move in BB history
                    He says he thinks that it will be a "landslide" vote

                    Kyle to camera ( still ) - I kissed Alyssa yesterday ... What am I thinking? Is this the dumbest thing ever ??
                    He says he told himself coming in "no showmance"

                    Kyle- I'm so bored and so horny ... it's soo bad and she's soooo hot ..

                    He says they were making out 2 feet away from Joseph ..
                    He says that's sloppy ..

                    He says he really likes her .. and that is scary ..

                    Kyle- it's so bad .. I think about us kissing and I get excited .. that's why I have to wear this hoodie.. it hangs down and covers things


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                      Kyle continues to talk to the camera-
                      He says he doesn't care if it hurts his game..
                      He says he'd rather "enjoy moment with people he cares about"

                      He says they have to be more "discrete"

                      He talks about how he worried that what he has with Alyssa.... will effect the Leftover alliance
                      He wonders if that is why they ( Brittany/Michael ) wanted her gone this week
                      He says no ... he doesn't think so .. he thinks they are just in a "tough spot"
                      He says he will keep building trust with them ... and that will get him to jury ..

                      He does some shout outs to his the best parents in the world ...
                      He says his mom is the strongest person he knows

                      Kyle- I made a Final 2 with Turner ...

                      Kyle - I think me, Turner, Michael and Brittany is the way to move to the Final 4

                      He says Monte, Joseph, and even Taylor will win the game if they go to the Finals...

                      He says he's going to talk to Brittany and Michael about that

                      As he watches the spy cam

                      He watches Alyssa

                      He says " come upstairs please .. stop talking to Joseph ... I'm whipped ... this is bad for my game"


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                        Monte and Kyle talked

                        Monte asking him how he's feeling
                        Kyle tells him good ... but he won't lie. .the decision to take Alyssa out .. made sense

                        Monte tells him that he could tell that it was weighing on him
                        Kyle agrees .. says he thought about it .. came to terms with it .. and realized how "at risk" Michael/Brittany were

                        They talked about tomorrow .. they will "spread the word" that the votes ( to go ) will be for Nicole
                        Monte says if it gets to Daniel .. so be it .. and if it doesn't .. that's fine too
                        He says people will react however they react


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                          Kyle tells Monte that he doesn't think that Alyssa will make it to jury
                          Monte tells him that he thinks they can get everyone onboard to take out Daniel next


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