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Live Feed Updates 8/4 - Day 30

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  • Live Feed Updates 8/4 - Day 30

    We're bringing you the Live Feed Updates right here in their very own forum ( you guys seem to like that the best ) and we'll do everything that we can to bring you all the drama that plays out inside the Big Brother 24 house, just like we've done for the past 23 years that we've been covering Big Brother.

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    ( catching us up from where I left off last night )

    Kyle and Alyssa talked about "whether or not they should kiss" when they are in the hallway casting their votes ( on the live show )
    She says yes
    He says no.... maybe it's too much
    She says nope it's not too much
    He says their families would be watching...
    She tells him that their families already know –

    They share a kiss

    Nicole talks to Indy
    Nicole tells her that she's safe ... and she has to understand that they are playing a game.. it's not personal ... it's not a personal attack towards her .. but they know they can get away with things...
    She tells her if they are going to play like that .. they ( Nicole/Indy) have to play harder.

    Nicole to Indy- the only way that we are going to win is if we stick together
    Indy tells her to stop talking to everyone
    Nicole tells her she has to campaign
    Nicole- it's very scary to know that this girl ( Taylor ) might stay here and I might go home
    Indy- I know. .. that's what I'm saying... just talk to your six people

    Nicole goes on and on about how Monte is telling people that she's paranoid... etc.

    Indy –I'm giving you my advice.. ...only talk to your 6 people.
    Nicole- they are trying to flip the house.
    Indy – I am overwhelmed.
    Nicole – I know but this is what the game is .. you have to lie and tell them what they want to hear
    Indy – you have my vote... you don't have to worry about me...
    Nicole – do you think Kyle is flipping?
    Indy – I don’t know.
    Nicole - I'm done talking.. if I go home tomorrow .. I did what I needed to do

    Nicole, Terrance, Daniel

    Nicole tells Daniel and Terrance about how they ( Monte, etc. ) are making Indy very "uncomfortable" ... by telling her that she ( Nicole ) is spreading the paranoia throughout the house
    She tells them about how Indy told her not to talk to people...
    Daniel – then stop talking to people
    Nicole - I have.
    She tells them that Indy said she's keep her ..
    She talks about Kyle
    Daniel tells her to leave Kyle alone right now .. and let him talk to Kyle
    Nicole says she's already told Kyle "pretty much everything"... so she's either shot herself in the foot .. or .. it's working.
    Daniel - same
    Nicole - if there's a mole within the mix .. it is probably Kyle.
    Daniel – yeah.
    Nicole – if he has Kyle.. that means Kyle is really good at playing dumb....
    She tells Daniel that he has to win HoH .. and protect Terrance.. .
    Nicole to Terrance - if I go home tomorrow,... it's because I never had a chance to stay ...anyway to stay
    Daniel- and that means I'm next

    Kyle and Alyssa

    Kyle tells her that Taylor is not a threat
    He asks her how she feels ..
    Alyssa says that she will be fine ( with Taylor staying ) .. she doesn't Nicole or Daniel at all
    He tells her that he wants her to work on getting closer to Michael and Brittany
    He wants them to have a group of 4
    They talk about their "showmance"
    Him asking if it's about to be a "full blown showmance"
    She tells him they need to wait "one more week, so they are guaranteed to make it to jury"

    Daniel and Kyle
    Daniel asking if Kyle is "playing dumb" about the vote
    Kyle says maybe he's just "blind to game"
    Daniel tells him he's the deciding vote to keep Nicole

    Daniel and Nicole
    He tells her that after his talk with Kyle he doesn't trust him anymore
    They pretty much realize she is toast and he is next ...
    Daniel says if he can win HoH .. his targets next week would be Monte, Michael, Joseph, or Turner.

    Indy talked to Monte and Joseph .. she pretty much pitched and alliance with them, her, Terrance and Jasmine
    They nodded and smiled about it ...

    Nicole and Indy
    Nicole tells Indy that she doesn't have the votes to stay ...
    Indy tells her that she will still vote to keep her
    Nicole upset that "she's been lied to"

    Also, throughout all that drama . .Have Not's ended... Jasmine and Turner get to eat .. and Jasmine walked without her cane ... ( exciting I know )

    Oh .. and also .... someone ate Jasmine's muffin and she is on a mission to find out who

    Taylor to Turner - I think Jasmine is playing the **** out of us
    Turner - I can totally see that.... and that’s why I ate her muffin


    • BB for life
      BB for life commented
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      Haha, yes, Kyle IS great at playing dumb!!

      That is so funny that Turner ate Jazz's muffin!

    • Mongado22
      Mongado22 commented
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      Poor Jasmine. She managed to milk that sore ankle for a long time but I guess that’s over. She annoys me so much. I can’t wait to see her go. I really like the Leftovers.

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    ( I know it's Day 30 .. but sheesh .. it seems like day 60 )

    Today's the LIVE eviction and a new Head of Household takes control!

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      ( a little catch up from today )

      Terrance told Daniel that 'he's figured it out"
      He tells him that Kyle and Turner are working together.

      Daniel tells him that now .. all he can do is win HoH.
      He says he needs to get to jury because he doesn't have a job, when he get home
      He says there are people in the house who have a LOT of money/financial security
      He tells Terrance that he came here "with $400

      Nicole thinks there is a "battle back"
      She promises to "return"

      Indy tries to get Alyssa to vote for Nicole to stay " to honor her"
      Alyssa worries
      Indy assures her that they have Terrance ..
      Indy tells Alyssa that the others are going to target Daniel, so that means that Kyle will be on the block too "before jury"
      Alyssa tells Indy that even if it's a tie.. Monte will send Nicole home
      Indy tells Alyssa that they can't have 7 of them up there and just the 4 of them down there ..
      Indy- we're going to get ****ed
      Alyssa - I don't think they have alliance
      Indy - if Kyle doesn't help us right now... I won't be able to help him out late


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        Indy told Jasmine and Terrance that they still need to vote to keep Nicole
        She told them that Alyssa needs to get Kyle to do the same
        Jasmine told her that Joseph said he's voting Nicole out
        Indy says they don't need Joseph .. they need Kyle
        She talks about Kyle being on the block next week with Daniel


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          Nicole campaigned to Alyssa
          Nicole saying that they were "baiting her" so that she would "talk ****" and that's "not fair"
          Nicole to Alyssa - I've never said one negative thing about any single person in this house..
          She says 'unless she was given the wrong information, that they were saying "something about her"

          Then Nicole says that she "knows all the lies and that they will see that she "called out all of the people who lied to her" when they watch the show
          She say she's not stupid ... she was a cop for 10 years.. and a damn good one ... for a reason


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            Indy and Michael talked
            He tells her that he "doesn't want to be on the wrong side of the vote" ..
            He says he thinks that's what he's going to do ( be on the right side )
            She tells him they should be able to do "what they want to do"
            He tells her that he "won't hold how she votes against her"


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              Alyssa tells Joseph and Michael that "it's not in her best interest right not to vote to keep Nicole"
              She tells them that Indy won't listen to her
              She says she will deal with the "consequences' later


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                Alyssa tells Jasmine they will be on the "wrong side of the vote" ( if they keep Nicole )
                Jasmine tells her that 'she's fine" to vote Nicole out


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                  Jasmine, Michael and Alyssa talk about how Daniel is going to try to "wreak havoc"
                  Alyssa says she's "more scared of indy"
                  Michael points out that Indy can't put up Alyssa ( besties )


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                    Indy tells Michael, Jasmine, Joseph and Alyssa that if Taylor stays, she's going to win, and that she ( Indy ) will go home, because of it.
                    Indy- I feel it in my heart... I will be going home.. then it's on your hands... if you prefer her rather than me ....
                    Alyssa talks about how Nicole woke her up screaming at her this morning


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                      Feeds were down for the HoH lockdown ..but returned about 1:20 PM BBT


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                        Taylor tells Kyle and Monte that when she and Jasmine were talking and Jasmine was telling her that she was voting to keep me.... Nicole came in and started "coming at" Jasmine saying " I'm saying this with Taylor right here ... so that you ( Jasmine ) can see ... .. "why am I going home? .. what happened?" ( said to Taylor )
                        Taylor tells them that Nicole said that she ( Nicole ) has played the game with " honesty and integrity".
                        Taylor - I was like... all I've done is talk to people and pleaded my case

                        Kyle assures Taylor she's good ...
                        Monte tells her that Terrance is 100%


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                          Jasmine is currently hiding .. trying to trap the Muffin eater ..

                          ( with that .. I'm going to jump out )

                          (it's a done deal that Nicole is gone .. probably even Indy will cast her vote for her ... so that leaves Daniel as the sole vote for Nicole to stay )

                          It should be another drama filled night, once we have a new HoH

                          Stay with us!

                          ( I'm out for now )

                          Any donation is a great way to help us keep doing what we're doing here.. and we can't without you .. we appreciate any support.


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                            Joesph & Daniel in stotage room & Joesph asks if Daniel is changing his vote.

                            Daniel responds (it looked like on the verge of crying) that he knows everyone is lying, he's not stupid. He knows everyone has been lying to him since the Ameerah vote. Everyone is handing Monty & Michael's the check. Everyone is all liars.. saying they are voting one way, then switching. He knows he's being played & he'll be the only one voting for Nicole & that's fine. He know he'll be next.

                            Michael walks in & Daniel says, "Congrats Michael, you are winning the game."

                            Michael is shocked like, "okay.... thanks"

                            Daniel tells Michael if Daniel gets to jury, he'll vote for Michael to win & he knows that everyone is lying to him.

                            Michael standing speachless.

                            Jaw drops...

                            Awwwwwkward ( in Pauly D voice).
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