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Live Feed Updates 8/5 - Day 31

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  • Live Feed Updates 8/5 - Day 31

    We're bringing you the Live Feed Updates right here in their very own forum ( you guys seem to like that the best ) and we'll do everything that we can to bring you all the drama that plays out inside the Big Brother 24 house, just like we've done for the past 23 years that we've been covering Big Brother.

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    Nominations should happen sometime today.

    9:50am BBT
    Cams 3 & 4
    Currently Michael is sitting in the HOH Room by himself. Looks like he's doing some deep thinking.
    Later Michael picks up a photo he got that is beside the bed. Smiling big time he says, "Oh, I miss those girls" (didn't see the photo but guessing it's of his cats).

    Cams 1 & 2
    Daniel & Terrance are sitting in the Kitchen drinking coffee and talking. Daniel was saying he is hoping to last one more week so he can go to Jury. He tells Terrance that he's glad since he (Terrance) didn't win that he's glad that Michael did because he feels Michael will listen to him. Terrance reassures him that Michael will. They say that Michael didn't cry when reading his letter from home (his fiancé Hayden). They say he seemed to get more emotional about when his cats were mentioned. They talk about Paloma. Missing her and her energy. Random talk. Doing little shoutouts to their loved ones.
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    • Lexie
      Lexie commented
      Editing a comment
      Thanks Kenny .. I wasn't feeling so hot this AM .. but I'm okay now .. I'm going to do a little catch up for everyone

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    (catch up time )

    I totally forgot to add last night that there are no Have Not's for this week
    So, that problem was solved.

    After Daniel talked to Terrance, he also talked to Joseph ,
    Daniel said pretty much the same that he did to Terrance...
    He says he knows there's tension, but he doesn't want to not be able to "hang out" this week.
    Joseph tells him he keeps the "game" separate ..
    Joseph talked about he "confrontation" between Daniel/Monte
    He says that it they both t de-escalated it quickly
    Daniel thanks him

    Indy talks to Joseph about Taylor being the room with Kyle
    Indy- I don't like her!
    Joseph reminds her that Taylor is her Festie Bestie ...
    He tells her she should be happy that Taylor joined them . because if they are all on the block. she (Indy ) isn't like Nicole.
    He tells Indy that she plays an "honest game"

    Indy – so why is she talking with Kyle?
    Joseph - I don't know ..
    He tells her that he will ask Kyle
    She say she will ask Taylor

    Joseph to Indy - but .. don't be hostile with her!!!!
    He tells her that it won't help her game...
    He tells her to "not make Taylor team up with Alyssa ... because if the 3 of them are on the block .. 2 are coming down

    Joseph to Indy- do not cause problems with her ( Taylor )

    Indy – I'm not causing any problems..... I just don’t like her! ... and I hate that she joined me ..


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      ( still catching up )

      Kyle and Alyssa talked

      She tells him that she would rather keep Turner than Jasmine
      Kyle tells her that he's thinking that they could KEEP Daiel now .. that he's isolated/alone
      He talks about numbers...

      Jasmine's muffin mystery continues... but now with a twist ... .. as now someone has put half of a cookie in her muffin bag.

      Just after 2 AM ... Michael got his HoH room

      Jasmine talks with Michael ..
      She tells him she would never put him up ...
      Michael brings up that maybe .. could she and Turner "be pawns" to get Daniel out
      She tells him she would have to talk to Turner .. see how he feels .. etc.

      Kyle talks to Michael ...
      He talks about the Leftover alliance .... how he started it to get Nicole/Daniel out .. and how now that's happening ..
      He talks about how he's looking at the alliance .. and there are 2 groups within it ...
      Monte, Joseph, Terrance, Indy, and Jasmine
      and then
      Them ( Kyle/Michael), Brittany, Turner and Alyssa

      Kyle says maybe they could/should bring in Daniel .. to add to their numbers.. and get Indy, Terrance or Jasmine out this week

      ( omg .. right? )

      Kyle to Michael - if we feel comfortable ( bringing in Daniel )
      Michael - I'm not saying that I don't agree with you ...

      Turner at the door

      Kyle to Turner- give us one second, if that's alright

      Turner leaves

      Kyle -where do you see Taylor being .. I just know that her relationship with Terrance is super tight

      Michael - yeah . I agree with that . 100%

      Kyle - and like between our alliance.. she ( Taylor ) is gravitating toward Jospeh and Monte ...

      Kyle talks about how Joseph was sleeping beside Taylor and now that now he's moved beds to be closer to Indy and Alyssa

      Kyle- I don't think that's just him wanting to diversify his relationships

      Michael - no that's him .. he wants to have the best relationship with every single person outside the alliance and he's like "I'm doing this to help us" and I'm like "are you really?" .. because I'm sure it's just helping you

      Kyle - yeah and he's like "I talk **** about you and Michael and Monte" .. and people see through it to be honest, like Daniel is like "Jospeh is the worse liar" but.. at the end of the day.. he does have a very strong relationship with the girls

      Kyle = that's why I'm like I don't see Jasmine and Taylor ever working together .. unless they had some glue like Monte and Joseph holding them together ...

      Michael - I think that Taylor is pretty game savvy ..

      Kyle - I just keep going back to our "why" as a group .. I think that we would be in a better position next week .. if we could say that we have Alyssa, Daniel, me, you, Brittany, and Turner

      Taylor comes in
      And Brittany, Turner and Monte join ...


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        The Leftover's gather in the HoH room ( aside from Jospeh

        They celebrate

        Michael - I was so nervous when I heard that Daniel was 16 seconds ... so I was like "I just have to go for this"

        Brittany- last season the times were in the 20 seconds . so when I heard that I was like oh no ..

        Kyle- 11 seconds bro ( Michael )

        Michael tells them that they have already discussed this week .. but he wants to hear everyone's thoughts ..he doesn't want to "assume" anything ..

        Taylor - Threat level number one is Daniel and Threat level number two is Alyssa

        She says that Daniel goes this week "by any means"

        Kyle - how do we execute that?

        Monte- well I think that the ideal situation would be a pawn and a backdoor

        Turner - I don't want Taylor to have to go up again , he says he would do it

        Michael - Turner, my one concern with that if Jasmine isn't medically cleared for the veto and they ( Kyle/Daniel ) get picked that's 2 against those 2 and that's worse case scenario

        Turner - 1000%


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          Monte- I talked to Joseph and it only takes one person to use the veto . so if we go up . that's 3 people and it gives a pretty strong ability to have the 3 of us ( Monte/Jospeh/Terrance up as a pair and then the two of you ( Michael/Brittany ) up as a pair and then even if Kyle and Daniel do go up .. I feel like we have good chances of winning ..and if Kyle and Daniel did win.. we could leave us up on the block and then Terrance would have to go unfortunately . I don't personally want to see that .. but that could be a situation . or ... use the veto - and I want to get your (Taylor ) opinion on this ... this is worse case.. if Kyle/Daniel get picked and win .. then there could be a potential backdoor for Indy or Alyssa

          Everyone- yeah .. yeah

          Monte- but I talked to Joe and we feel good about that

          Kyle- good


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            Monte- and the optics of it.. if you put us up would show that we are not working togther ..because why in the hell would you put up someone that you were working with

            Michael - yeah . that's a really good point .. as long as you are comfortable with that

            Monte- we are in part of the game . where the Festie Bestie is forcing that

            Monte continues to sell it ..

            Taylor- I think we all know the pecking order of who we want to get out of the house . and if it comes down to it . I have another dress... she laughs


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              The Leftovers ( minus Jospeh ) continue to run numbers..

              They all agree that putting up Monte/Joseph and Terrance would be the best bet to control everything

              Monte tells them that Indy is "trying" to start up something with him/Joe/Jasmine and ..

              Taylor - Alyssa ..

              Monte- no .. she ( Indy ) doesn't trust Alyssa..

              He says the other one was Terrance

              He says he thinks he and Joe could influence Indy, if it came down to it.

              Michael- I do think that covers our tracks . pretty well

              Monte- and I trust you guys ...

              Michael- sorry Turner, I guess I'm not putting you up

              Talk turns to Turner eating Jasmine's muffins ..
              He says he would never get her vote, if she found out ..
              They laugh

              They continue to talk

              ( but that pretty much gets us caught up for "the plan" .. BUT .. there's Kyle and he's going to twist that plan if he can somehow, someway to keep Daniel.. so .. we'll get to that when we get to that .. but for now .. that pretty much wraps up last night )


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                Today ...

                Michael - okay.. since the camera is on me . I will give a little insight into my thoughts...

                Michael to camera- I feel okay with the alliance right now.... the biggest concern is ...I think a lot of the biggest threats are in this alliance.... and I don't want to look back and wish I had taken a shot earlier... but I do think ..taking a shot at the alliance is going to obviously fracture it ....and leave us in a 6-5 numbers situation.... where one of them wins HoH on the other side and then all the sudden ... numbers are back even. that's only if I manage to keep the rest of the alliance intact, which is unlikely

                Michael- I love Taylor... there's no way she's going up or going home this week.

                Michael- Daniel is complicated. I've been saying since the beginning it would be smart for us to align based on our position in the house.... but I don't think he agreed.. so I will see what he has to say now

                Michael- I love Indy. Indy would be a great person to sit next to in the final two. On a personal level.. on a game a game level.... I don't think a lot of people want to see her win. But.. I definitely dont want to see her going home this week

                Michael- Jasmine is an interesting one... I really like Jasmine... but.... I do see that she's playing a lot harder than she is letting on ...and I don't think I'm included in those plans necessarily....

                Michael- I love Joseph... but Joseph is a huge physical threat... and as we get down to it... it will be interesting to see what happens.. but he hasn't won a comp yet we will see how he performs in challenges moving forward

                Michael - Monte I think .. is the biggest threat to win the game... but if I'm taking a shot at Monte... that means I'm taking a shot at Joseph. Monte has Terrance, Jasmine and Indy....there's no way I can let Monte get too deep into the game. I think that Monte is, if not one of the best competitors in the house ... you can tell he's super smart...he stays clam, focused, and he's one of the most physically fit .. as well.

                Michael- He (Monte) also has volunteered to go up as a pawn. If he goes up and something happens and he goes home...not mad about it

                Michael- I really like Alyssa. I do think that she is a good liar..... we will see what we can do moving forward but I don't plan on getting her out this week.

                Michael - Kyle, I love Kyle. Kyle is honestly is probably the person I talk the most game with... do I want to risk Kyle going home this week by putting Daniel up? Not really but ...if I have to put up Daniel...I dont know....

                Michael- I love Terrance ...but similar to Jasmine...I think he has got things going on that I'm not a part of, which is obviously a concern.

                Michael - Turner, no way am I going to target Turner this week. Which is funny because if you had asked me 3 weeks ago who I would have targeted... Turner would have been one of the names at the top of my list..

                Michael- and obviously I love Brittany, she's not going home.. Brittany is the other person that I would love to make it to the final two with... we have had a final two since the beginning of this game
                We are the Chen-Bots and on a personal level I would just love to sit next to her and for the two of us to make it all the way to the end together ..

                Michael- if everything goes according to plan this week ..a guy will be going home.. last week four women were put on the block and I'm not replicating that

                He gets quiet

                BB- MICHAEL

                Michael - oh god ( he jumped )

                BB - Please go to the DR


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                  Terrance talked to Michael

                  Daniel talks to Michael

                  Daniel - you could use me to take those shots at the people that you don't want to, not get any blood on your hands..

                  Daniel- me having nothing to lose, just means that I will do anything that it takes, even just to get one more week, down the line, and like basically, I'm here to do whatever dirty work you need... that is the position that I'm in .. and every competition, I've fought for, I'm not here to ever throw a comp,... that's where I'm coming from .. with the 9/1 vote, where everyone lied to me, but everyone is playing their own game, and I'm going to hear them out, and like when Terrance broke it down to me.. I was like "oh, that makes sense" if I was in your position, that makes sense .. but for your game.. I'm here to do your dirty work, I have no problem doing it, and if you could just keep me, one more week, I mean it when I say it, that you have my vote already in this game, for jury, so .. being a fan of this game.. I respect what you've done, the way you carry yourself, your social game has been through the roof, and if the game ends today, not only do you have my vote from stats... you also have my vote as it is .. just know that

                  Michael- I would prefer that you not going around telling people that

                  They laugh

                  Daniel - yeah . I will stop .. I won't say that to anyone

                  He asks him again to keep him "one more week"

                  He says that he knows that Michael and Nicoel were close, so that makes him feel close.

                  Daniel to Michael- I am a number, I have nobody, I'm not aligned with anybody....use me to get further in your game

                  Michael tells him he hasn't gotten the chance to talk to everyone .. but after yesterday, he assumes a lot of people will be throwing his name out

                  Daniel- oh for sure

                  Michael - so in my head, that's kinda where I'm at .. when someone is an easy target... it becomes like.. do I give the house what it wants and not ruffle feathers .. or ... kinda like you are saying...... I ... it's ... it's easy to trust someone's words... but their goals and their positions ... when they look at someone that is alone.. but I see that there is value there ...

                  Daniel- yeah

                  Michael goes on to say that if he were to keep him in the house . on paper it makes sense as he's looking at it ... that they need each other in the game

                  Michael - can I make that happen without jeopardizing my position ..that's definitely a conversation that I want to have .. I don't want to sit here and promise, this , that or the other, but I definitely do see value in keeping you here and I think . for my personal game... I think that it would help maybe other's people's game a lot more than it would help mine.. so I want you to know that I see that 100% and that it's something that I am taking under consideration ...

                  Daniel - yeah

                  Michael- I am assuming that people are going to want me to backdoor you

                  Daniel -yeah

                  Michael- so from perspective . I'm probably not going to put you up initially .. but if the veto doesn't get used

                  Danie- then it's not your fault .. yeah

                  Michael - like for me.. that would probably be best case scenario

                  Daniel- yeah for sure ..and if I won . I would save myself and you could do what you want to do


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                    Sorry...I have to jump out ...


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                      I'm back just in time for PET CAM @ 3:02 PM BBT


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                        It's time for the Nominations ..( and it's not like we are going to be shocked by them .. or anyone even in the house is going to be shocked by them ) ... but just so that you have a little back ground here's a quick catch up

                        Michael asked Alyssa - Is there anyone you are aware of that the house wants out this week ..or a "common goal" this week
                        Alyssa- Daniel

                        He tells her he's thinking backdoor

                        He talks about using pawns
                        Asks how she would feel

                        Alyssa- 0bviously I would prefer not to cause we were up last week and Taylor is now part of my team and she is up every single week

                        She tells him she wants to work with him and Brittany moving forward and she's talked about it to Kyle too ..

                        He tells her that he would "like that a lot"


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                          Michael talked to Indy and asked her the same questions ...

                          Indy names Daniel

                          Indy to Michael - I'm just afraid if he goes.... who is next?
                          Michael- that's kinda where I am too

                          When asked about pawns ..
                          Indy names Turner and Jasmine .. because they put him up
                          He says he doesn't want to risk Jasmine going home
                          Indy agrees

                          Michael walks her through the backdoor to get Daniel out
                          He tells her that he might put up the guys ( Terrance/Monte/Joseph ) etc.


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                            Kyle apologized to Indy for them being so crazy/dumb/excited last night
                            Indy tells him that she just thinks that they ( him/Alyssa ) are "in love"
                            She tells him she told them right away to "go to the ****ing Have Not room"


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