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Live Feed Updates - 8/8 - Day 34

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  • Live Feed Updates - 8/8 - Day 34

    We're bringing you the Live Feed Updates right here in their very own forum ( you guys seem to like that the best ) and we'll do everything that we can to bring you all the drama that plays out inside the Big Brother 24 house, just like we've done for the past 23 years that we've been covering Big Brother.

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    (catching us up from where I left off last night )

    BB gave them alcohol ...

    Alyssa to Brittany - we need to show girl power . we need to show how strong we are.. we haven't had that opportunity to .. they think we are weak, they think we cry...

    Monte and Michael talked...

    Monte - it'll be very interesting how they act once you decide to use the Power of Veto.... because nobody has talked to me at all..... I'm almost 100% sure Jasmine and Indy are going to come up to me and Joseph and talk about this alliance again

    Michael tells him about how Jasmine told Brittany that everyone is on board and some point... if the whole house wants something it's not the HoH's anymore...., it's the house's HoH.. and how Jasmine was " like do you really want to go against that? "

    Terrance and Jasmine

    Terrance -I'm just afraid that he ( Michael ) doesn't have the guts to do it
    Jasmine - yeah .. and I think that he wants Daniel out... because he purposely said Monte/Michael ( as his targets before ) .... but you ( Michael ) should want Monte out even more....

    Terrance - it's stupid
    Jasmine - but that will be good for you .. if you come off ...
    Terrance - he should want to get him out ...
    Jasmine - he should

    Terrance - but .. if it get discovered .. what I wanted .. then I am public enemy number one in my own group
    Jasmine - I don't think ( Michael ) would do that .. why would he?

    Terrance- and Kyle doesn't want to go on the block .. I told Dainel to go talk to Michael .. " I can't play your whole game, boy"

    Jasmine- yeah .. I'm about tired of telling people what to do .. lord have mercy ..

    Terrance- yeah I'm trying to save you (Daniel ) and I don't have to .. you know what I'm saying ?

    Jasmine - you sure don't ...

    Terrance - I could have just sat down and done nothing

    Jasmine- I think that Michael might be scared that Daniel will come after him next week if he wins HoH .. and I'm like "make a deal"

    Terrance- no he won't
    Jasmine - I know .. but ...

    Terrance- **** ... well I did the biggest goal I had set for myself ..

    Jasmine - what?

    Terrance -make it to jury

    Jasmine - but I'm so scared.. how do we know ??

    Terrance- that's a good point.. they could have changed everything about jury

    Jasmine- Do you want them to stay the same?
    Terrance- **** yeah.. God dang it.. why is this so hard? We will never get this opportunity again

    Jasmine -the more people that go to him and say " I want him ( Monte ) out .. then he he should get him out .. and I told him that I would protect him ... as much as I can ... he should want to get him out.


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      Kyle and Daniel in the HoH room pitching ( once again) not letting them touch the block this week, and keeping Daniel

      Michae asks Daniel .. if the nominations did stay the same, what would he envision happening this week?.. where would his vote go?

      Daniel tells him that his vote would go where he wanted it to .. and from what he's heard from people..., they are supportive of Monte going home

      Michael - one hesitation I have with sending Monte home this week last week he didn't put us up and could have easily backdoored us.

      Daniel - yeah

      Michael - I had conversations saying "keep us safe this week and we would reciprocate"

      They continue to talk about Monte as a target...

      Michael - if everyone wants Monte out ... and sees him as such a big threat,.. it kinda becomes.... who is next then?.... obviously, I would feel very vulnerable not being able to compete....that another concern that I have... how would you feel if it were Terrance or Joseph going home instead of Monte?

      Daniel - I'm going to ride with what you want... if I don't see the block.... I have your back

      Michael asks if Monte did go home.. who do they see the house targeting next

      Neither Kyle or Daniel give an answer.. both saying that's a tough question

      Michael - my mind is not made up yet about what I want to do..... I want to make sure I hear everyone out and weigh out the pros and cons


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        Daneil talks to Brittany afterwards ..

        Daniel - the fact that he (Michael) is hearing us out is huge to me.... he's a very smart player..... him saying "my mind isn't made up" means the world to me.


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          They are still up ...

          Michael telling Turner, Monte and Jospeh and Taylor ( who are on the hammock together ) how none of the others have come to talk to him .. they just "assume" that he's doing what they want...

          They ask Michael if he's thought about what his speech will be ..

          Taylor- you could just use the same words that he ( Daniel ) said to me.. "what is good for the house, is good for me, you've been rubbing people the wrong way and now I hope you take time to apologize to people


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            Currently @ 3:55 AM BBT

            They are talking/laughing about how BB made Nicole do her speech first, because they must have known what Taylor's speech of "you are so dumb" to Nicole was going to be...

            ( I gotta jump out .. heading to work )


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              ( quick update )

              Daniel did a follow up pitch to Michael this morning, same thing .. keep you safe, not my target, help you get your target, etc.
              Michael telling him that he's "juggling' with his decision on what to do.

              Jasmine talked to Michael
              He talked about how Daniel's thrown his name out as a target, he hasn't made any promises to Daniel, etc.
              She told him that she knows how much it means for him to "keep his word" and if his heart/gut are telling him to get Daniel out.. follow that.

              Jasmine asks him if he's said anything to Monte about what the "house" is saying about him
              Michael tells her "no"
              Jasmine says "good" .. and that she knows that she can "trust him ( Michael ) with whatever says says, so she's not too concerned about it

              Kyle talked to Michael ... saying that Daniel told him to come up and talk to him
              Michael tells him that early this morning, Terrance told him " I don't know if I can do it" ( as in stay on the block, target Monte, etc.)
              He tells him but when Daniel came up .. he was still giving the same pitch
              He also tells him about how Jasmine came up and told him not to do anything that he's not comfortable with ..
              Talked turned to Kyle asking if he should pursue the "showmance" with Alyssa
              Kyle tells Michael that he he thinks the Leftovers know that he will cut Alyssa when needed

              Monte told Michael that when he woke up this morning, Jasmine was telling him that she has been "talking to Michael all week" to make sure that the "target is still the target" ...AND "it looks like it is"

              Michael to Monte- God, she's trying to cover herself

              Michael tells Monte about how Jasmine was asking him " you didn't tell Monte anything, did you? "

              They laugh


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                PET CAM
                Feeds went down about 30 minutes ago... so maybe Veto Meeting .. ( seems early ...but maybe they were tired of the back and forth .. lol )


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                  Feeds back about 15 minutes ago ... ( sorry I was trying to sneak and look )

                  Michael/Brittany used the Power of Veto to remove Monte/Joseph/Terrance from the block and named besties Kyle/Daniel as the replacement nominee's


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                    ( quick catch up )

                    Terrance and Daniel

                    Terrance- - **** this **** .... that took the gas out of my mother ****ing sails. ...who wants to play this now?....just cut the check. I'm over it. .... this ain't about keeping no ****ing word ( as in Michael keeping his word to Monte )'s about playing the game....

                    Terrance - I know the set up..... I maybe got one more week... bunch of clowns

                    Daniel says he's not going to cause any drama.. just going to try to enjoy his last few days in the BB house
                    He talks about how it's been a 'dream come true"

                    Daniel - Taylor and Turner are holding back from exploding laughing. ( during the veto meeting )
                    Daniel - dude... chill...
                    He says he "gets it" from Taylor .. but not from Turner

                    Daniel says he will "have his talks' with people... but he's going to be "positive"

                    Terrance- - nothing ****ing adds up .. it's ****ing stupid
                    He say she can't "respect the gameplay"

                    Daniel says that "everything went to ****" when Turner put up Ameerah and Terrance ... for "no reason"
                    He wonders if America told Turner to do that ...
                    He says .. if not .. "that's even worse"

                    Terrance - I got to play in OTEV ... I gave up the victory .. I gave it up .. to try to make a power move ... it's just whack..... it's crazy's stupid.

                    Daniel talked about needing 5 votes to stay ..
                    He says he doesn't know where he would get them from ..
                    He says him ( Terrance ) and Jasmine ... but he'd need 3 more ..

                    Terrance tells him that no matter what he has his vote ..

                    Terrance - I don't care about going against the ain't sympathy.... it's my vote


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                      ( catching us up again )

                      Terrance tells Daniel that he ( Terrance ) will be public enemy number one .. and then it will be Jasmine
                      Daniel says he'd love to see Jasmine win HoH ...
                      Daniel that that shot girl
                      Terrance -she's not gonna take the shot


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                        Terrance and Monte

                        Talking about the Veto Meeting

                        Monte- I don't know why .. but I felt nervous

                        Terrance- oh I was nervous bro, and you can correct me... if I'm not understanding.. but he ( Michael ) said that you and him make a deal not to put each other up on the block .. but I'm like " we on the block" ...

                        Monte - mm hmmm

                        Terrance - you see what I'saying .. you honored your deal .. you see what I'm saying

                        Monte - mm hmmm

                        Terrance- but he( Michael ) didn't honor his deal ..because we touched the block ..

                        Monte- yeah

                        Terrance - but I understand what we touched the block.. ultimately for .. better numbers to help this situation .. but it felt could have been a quick swap .. easy to get rid of me.. I've been on there 3 times...

                        Monte- mmm hmmm

                        Terrane- you know .. take a shot ...

                        Monte - mm hmmm

                        Terrance- I mean I'm definitely glad it went that way .. but now I'm just ...

                        Monte- trying to access everything ..

                        Terrance- yeah ... like what's going to be next though ? what's next .. I'm looking at a lot of likeable people . so where are people gonna go .. you know what I'm sayiing ...

                        Monte- if the festie besties continue

                        Terrance- which I don't think it is ...

                        Monte - I think it could go either way ...

                        Terrance- who will Kyle joing? Turner?

                        He says he can't get a "read on him"

                        Monte- Indy was saying that it might be best for him to join Michael and Brittany ... but I don't know how Kyle sees it .. his options are us .. which I think would be a bad idea... Michael and Brittany, Jasmine and Turner, and I don't know where Turner stands with the house right now ..

                        Terrance - I don't know .. it's just going to be spooky times if it ends.. I just don't feel secure ...

                        Monte- I guess it just all depends on the HoH comp

                        Terrance- yeah .. definitely gotta shoot for it...

                        Monte - yeah .. cause I would think that after this week .. everyone would go to jury... things are moving quick .. though


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                          ( catching us up )

                          Kyle to camera- this is where I'm at .. I wanted to play with Alyssa and I was setting up seeds so me, Michael, Brittany, Turner could flip to it was an option.. I was laying those seeds with Michael ... I was planting that stuff but she went all AWOL, that whole side did, on Monte ... and now there's like no trust over there... so I'm back to square one, I am riding with the Leftovers. Alyssa, I'm sorry but that was a really sloppy move to go all in on Monte without any like strategy. Jasmine was crazy, Terrance was crazy .. it was just too much... so ..I don't know what options I have to play with's too much stress to think about .. like risking everything .. . I want to keep her along. I think Michael and Brittany are on the same page but, damn Jackie, I don't know what to do...

                          last night we got a little wild ( he laughs ) I hope that doesn't get aired.. we were kissing in the Have Not room... ( he laughs ) and freaking Michael and Brittany walk in .. mom and dad.. it literally felt like my mom and dad walked in on us kissing... luckily we weren't kissing at that point . because it would have been very awkward...but .. oh my gosh .. it's so hard with her in the house... literally all I want to do is go hang out with her ... but them I'm like I have this whole other game I have to play ... like why can't she just be in the alliance and then we don't have to hide any of the stuff...

                          but.. I told Jospeh that I might kiss her tonight ... which I'm surprised that no one knows that we've kissed... but yeah .. in the moment in the game.. if I'm in the Final 2 ... I feel like I lose to Monte, I feel like I could beat Alyssa, I think I could beat Terrance.. I think I could beat Brittany .. I think I could beat Turner.. I would lose to Joseph ...I'd lose to Jasmine . I'd beat Indy, maybe... I'd beat Daniel and I'd lose to Taylor .. so within the alliance..... I lose to Taylor, Monte, Joseph, Michael.... so ..whatever.... Number five on the list.. so yeah that's where I'm at .. Joseph said that he had something to tell me... listen I don't know what to do . I feel awkward talking to the camera.. so I try to do this every once in a while.. Joseph is always doing goofy stuff in the house... like what should I do?? I dunno.. I have no energy anyways... cause I don't sleep .. Terrance's snoring kills me...umm I don't know where Joseph is . I don't know what else you want me to say .. he laughs. says "what other drama is there" and then he chokes on what he's eating .. then he laughs ..


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                            Jospeh and Monte join Kyle in the HoH room ..

                            Joseph to Kyle- I'm getting so much info .. they know they are losing Daniel.. so Jasmine is entertaining the idea of sending you home.

                            Kyle- What???? I thought they were trying to get me on their side.

                            Joseph- they can't lose their head. which is Daniel.. but we went through the numbers..

                            Kyle- what do you mean they can't lose their head which is Daniel?

                            Jospeh- they would rather save Daniel than you .. cause they don't' know where you stand...

                            Kyle - oh .. you mean send me home this week

                            Jospeh - yeah ... but I made sure they don't waste their time voting against you. I confirmed there is no shot .. that they can get this .. so this will be another week where they vote with the house to hide their cards

                            Kyle- what did you say?

                            Jospeh- man .. they are again going to vote with the house .. to hide their order to hide their alliance. Jasmine is warming up to throwing me in their alliance cause they need another number now that they are losing Daniel.. so they are getting desperate to bring me in.. and you are on the block so the don't give a **** about you

                            Kyle- yeah they can't bring me in ..

                            Joseph- so you're on the block ..they don't care about you .. but we went through the numbers... and Jasmine was like "there's no shot that Monte votes for Daniel after what happened.. and no one knows what Turner thinks...and they don't trust him ( Turner ) and .. Taylor there's no shot ...Brittany's gonna move with Michael and Alyssa wont' vote against you ..

                            Kyle - nice

                            Joseph - so unless they are clowning me about Alyssa.. Jasmine was saying .. that we just need "one of those people" to change an then we can entertain sending Kyle home.. because she ( Jasmine ) is counting me... voting you out

                            Kyle - does she not realize...

                            Joesph -they are getting really desperate to save Daniel and .. I've been throwing you ( Kyle ) under the bus.. saying that you always keep me in the dark

                            Monte bursts out laughing ..

                            Kyle- I don't know how you have them all fooled.

                            Joseph- You do too.

                            Kyle- I don't thin it's to that level ...

                            Jospeh- it's just cause you are on the block and you are not a vote.... you are on the same exact boat as me

                            Kyle laughs ..

                            Joseph - now that Taylor and me are doing a fauxmance, Jasmine was talking to me about it and I think they want me on their side so they can leak info from Taylor and Monte... by the way .. they think you two (Monte/Taylor) are an alliance...

                            Kyle - do you think they are going to come at me pretty hard this week? do you think they are going to try to get me out?

                            Jospeh - if Alyssa would say yes. then yeah . and they wouldn't show Alyssa's cards to me .. so unless they are lying to me about that .. but Jasmine just got confirmation that she has me now . so she's going to push .. if she gets confirmation with Alyssa.....yeah they will try to push .. and the bad thing is .. they did the numbers and I would be the swing vote

                            They all crack up laughing

                            Joseph= me and Kyle are the only thing that is keeping the Leftovers from being exposed

                            Monte- you guys keep me entertained ...

                            Kyle - should I try to get her ( Alyssa ) not to vote for me...

                            Joseph - no . I will tell you if they tell me that Alyssa is voting you out .. they will tell me "vote for Kyle" and that will mean that she ( Alyssa ) is voting you out ...

                            Kyle- I hope she does honestly .. it would make it so much easier..

                            Monte- I think something that can spur conversations with them. is who you are picking if you stay .. I asked Indy what she thinks you should do and she said that she thinks that you should join Michael and Brittany . cause if you were on the block with them.. everyone would want Brittany out .. and I was like.. ohhh

                            Kyle-what group should I join?
                            .. I was thinking the girls.

                            They agree... the girls ..

                            They talk about how Michael was saying that he had a deal with him.. about not putting him on the block.. but you ( Monte ) were on the block..

                            Joseph says they were like "something is going on" ...

                            They talk about how the other side .. ( non-leftovers ) flip and flop ..

                            Monte and Brittay called them "the convience store" because they do whatever is "convient"

                            they laugh

                            Talk turns to Kyle's "showmance"

                            Joseph- I think Taylor thinks you like Alyssa more than you actually do... they think you are some lover boy simp, heart over heels...if you are, I respect it.

                            Kyle- sure there is this personal connection but game always comes first

                            Monte- yeah yeah

                            Joseph- I think you should do it (showmance) for the fun of it.

                            Kyle- That's where my head is at but I think about what's the optics of the seven of us looking at me....

                            Jospeh - I don't give a **** what you do with her ..

                            Kyle- Either way, she (Alyssa) is going in the next two weeks.. it's not going to be a final two with Alyssa.. this showmance that goes to the end..

                            Joseph- she ( Alyssa ) might be the next one.

                            Kyle- Exactly


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                              Jasmine to Alyssa - I don't think there is no shot Kyle is going home. ... t o many people want Daniel out..... Monte, Taylor, Brittany...
                              Alyssa - me ... Me.
                              Jasmine - you want Daniel out?
                              Alyssa- compared to Kyle

                              Alyssa - I wish he ( Michael ) would have left it the same ....but I get how it was better for his game
                              Jasmine -just cause he didn't want to break his word... but I don't think that's the only thing. .. there's no way ..
                              Alyssa - I think he's thinking ...."that's three people (Monte/Terrance/Joseph ) that won't put me up"


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