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Live Feed Updates 8/15 - Day 41

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  • Live Feed Updates 8/15 - Day 41

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    Today the Veto Meeting happens!

    ( catching us up from where I left off last night - just going to give a quick what happened - as a lot of it is redundant )

    Kyle talked to Michael about how he's not going to use the veto ...
    Kyle is worried about not using it, worried about how Taylor, Monte and Joseph all seem to be on the same page, he's worried about them targeting him and Michael

    Joseph and Monte talk about how Alyssa needs to go ..
    They talk about how having her in the house is making this "way to complicated"... especially because she's not in their alliance.
    Joseph talks about how he was willing and ready to go on the block, to get Indy out
    He talks about how now Kyle isn't "doing his part"
    He says that he doesn't think that Kyle "has it in him" to ever send Alyssa out

    Terrance still thinks that Kyle is using the veto .. and that he and Indy are going to be safe this week.

    Kyle talks with Brittany ....
    He tells her he's not using he veto
    He tells her that he's worried for Michael, thinks they "might take a shot at him"

    Kyle tells Terrance that even though he hasn't talked to Taylor yet about i t.. he's leaning towards "not using the veto"
    He tells Terrance "not to worry" ...
    He tells him that Indy will be the one to go .
    He tells Terrance that he "doesn't see the point" of using the veto .. if Indy is the one going home anyway
    Terrance tells Kyle it "doesn't matter to him " ... he just doesn't want to be voted out


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      Kyle talks to Taylor

      Kyle tells Taylor that he just talked to Terrance to let him know where his head is .. and that he talked to Joseph and Monte and most everyone else in the alliance and
      that he heard that an idea is floating around about Alyssa......

      Kyle - can you maybe explain where you’re coming from? .. it went from Terrance ( as the target ) .. to Indy and now Alyssa.. so can you catch me up?

      Taylor – for me number one.. like this is why I said I was going to be such a bad Hoh ... number two .. it's almost embarrassing to have targets moving like that so quickly ....but I have my personal reasons for wanting to get Terrance out of the house .... I had reasons to get Indy out of the house..... she gets on my ****ing nerves.. and .... so I have to walk you through it because on the surface it seems like the pettiest reason to nominate someone ... from Alyssa’s perspective I joined the festie besite to protect her. ....I promised her I would not put her up this week as a nomination..... I promised her I would not put her up on the block...... I picked her for the veto competition ... so I'm giving her all these reassurances and promises that in this house ....matters to me .. I promised her that I would not come after you.... like... I was protecting her in ways that I don’t need to be doing...... considering that I also have information that she is not doing the same for me......

      Kyle – has she said that she is coming after you?

      Taylor – no....
      Kyle – I'm curious what do you mean outside information?

      Taylor - it was more of the comments that she made about me.
      Kyle – like on the wall?
      Taylor – yeah....
      Kyle – ah ...the jealously stuff.
      aylor – yeah and I get it ....but it still happened.... and again .. I don’t want to go after someone for that.... but at the same time.... don’t say those things in the heat of the moment ....and then act differently to my face.. .and then .... we get to the veto comp.... and she swaps the punishment for the prize... and it's not about a trip to London for me.... I don't give a **** about a trip to London.... for me .. in that decision that she ( Alyssa ) made.... it was like ... . my ( Alyssa's ) social standing in this house is so good that you ( Taylor ) with power.... after announcing multiple times to everyone in the house.... that you ( Taylor ) would consider a nomination .. seemed like my ( Alyssa 's ) social standing is stronger than any power you ( Taylor ) have. .... and for me .. and anyone that watches the show .. you always take the veto.... always take the veto .. . she ( Alyssa ) is really really good socially..... like none of us have a reason to get her out of this house. .... but .. that moment ... the judgement that she was trying to make in that moment that is a reason to send her home...

      Kyle – yeah

      Taylor – I hate this... she ( Alyssa ) knows that was a bad decision.... and if we keep her ....she will never show her cards that again and we will never have a reason. send her to the jury house.

      Kyle – from the conversations I’ve had Monte said that he was indifferent between the two,.... and with Joseph I got the same vibes...... Michael and Brittany want Alyssa to stay, Turner would rather Alyssa to stay,.....I would rather Alyssa stay.... and have it be Indy that leaves this week ..

      Taylor .. oh .. so a little flip flopping from some people....

      Kyle – those are literally the conversations I’ve had today

      Taylor – I don’t like you taking the blow back.

      Kyle – oh I am fine with it..... do you think that I'm going to get Indy , or Terrance or jasmine's vote in the end?
      He tells her he doesn't talk to them ...
      He says he doesn't even having the fake alliance

      Taylor – if you were told that I was hard sold on Alyssa....

      Kyle – no it was never like that.....

      Taylor- – the second you get like big muscle, whipping your dick out ... we’re the alliance.. you're going home.. that’s when things get tested
      She tells him she's afraid on taking the risk not to get her out now ...
      She asks him what if he's HoH next week or the week after and he has to put Alyssa on the block
      He tells her he's "fine with that"
      She asks him if that would be easier than now?
      Het tells her yes...
      He talks about using the veto ...knowing that she would be backdoored.... when there are other options ..
      Kyle- that is more difficult to me than saying listen I had this alliance that you never knew about it was either you or Terrance or whatever you’re going home

      He says that Alyssa has to go at some point
      He says that he hopes this doesn't look like he's "trying to save a showmance" .... because its not like that

      ( and yet .. isn't it ?? )

      She tells him no .. she doesn't see it like that
      He talks about how his problem with using the veto and letting Alyssa get backdoored .. is similar to the issue Taylor has with putting up Jasmine.
      He says "morally" that is tough for him
      She tells him she respects that
      Kyle tells her that he doesn't comfortable saving either Indy or Terrance .. and that he wants one of them to go anyway .... and he hopes that is Indy

      He talks about there are other options now .. ( to take out )
      He tells her that "he sure" . that if it came down to it .. and Jasmine was on the block with someone in the Leftovers.. she would send Jasmine home..
      He says he would do that with Alyssa ...
      He says again that it just doesn’t seem necessary for them to go against morals when there are other options.
      He tells her that Alyssa didn’t go for the veto because she knew he was still in the comp .....and would take the veto anyway.
      He tells Taylor that Alyssa is not a threat
      She tells him socially she is ..
      He says that she ( Alyssa ) has "no strategy"

      Joseph and Monte join them

      They rehash everything that they just talked about ..
      Taylor - for me the shifting targets all week was about exploring options.
      Joseph – Alyssa’s bad gameplay presented itself for us to entertain the option for her.
      He tells Kyle that next week, if Kyle is HoH .. he will have to tell Alyssa that 'he's in an alliance" and he needs to send her home"
      Kyle - well.... at that point I feel like more people are on board with Jasmine

      Turner there now to <raises his hand> ( as in yes for Jasmine next )

      Turner talks about "how they’ve already got Indy on the block" .... wouldn’t have to go through that again ...take advantage of it now.

      asmine joins to that convo ends....


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        BB gave them beer/wine/ cake mix/birthday hats ( for Jasmine's upcoming birthday )

        HoH room - Taylor, Michael and Brittany

        Taylor - this is going to sound aggressive ....but did you guys tell Kyle that you prefer Indy to go instead of Alyssa?

        before they can answer ... Turner and Monte walk in

        Michael says that he will "say this in front of all of them " .. "his order is ... Jamsine on top of everyone" ... he goes on to say that between the other three the only other person that said they would put him up is Terrance.

        Michael - so .. to be honest Indy and Alyssa are my bottom two ...but ... I do note that they are the two most physical competitors that the other side.... has so if one of them goes this week..

        Taylor – that prevents them from winning and having the opportunity of putting you up.

        Michael – but between them I am open either way and I told Kyle that....

        Brittany – I feel the same.
        She says that Jasmine doesn't trust her .... and the other three for her 'are a wash'

        Brittany- I don’t recall talking to Kyle about that specifically..... I think we talked in more general terms...

        Turner – for my personal game Alyssa is all the way at the bottom but that’s because I am friends with her.

        Taylor asks if they feel exhausted with how she's shifted targets over the last few days

        Monte tells her no ..
        He says the conversations have to be had..... have to consider all options.
        He talks about the opportunities that have presented themselves in the last few days

        Monte - I think if Kyle feels that its best for his game.... not to use the veto ... and he's fine with whatever repercussions come from that.... as far as me not being the backdoor option or whatever.. then I am fine with it. .....

        He says he's "indifferent with whoever on that side goes out"

        Joseph brings up that Terrance will be pissed if Kyle doesn't use the veto on him ...
        Joseph- Terrance was like' he ( Kyle) is thinking with his dick ... and that damn showmance thing always lead to **** like this"

        Taylor tells them she's "cool with it " she will "give in" on getting Alyssa out this week ....but she "hopes they won't regret this later"

        Indy arrives in the HoH room ... she wants to talk to Taylor
        Everyone leaves...
        Indy telling Taylor that she's thinks that Kyle is afraid to use the veto
        Taylor tells her that if he doesn't .. it will "ruin her plan" ...
        She tells Indy that she "really needs him to use it"
        Taylor- I need that veto used.... cause I have someone I want to put up that I need to get out of this house. ..if the veto is not used, my HoH is ****ed
        She tells her as soon as she has any confirmation that Kyle is going to use it . . she will talk to her
        Indy - I am so nervous
        Taylor we're going to take care of this
        Indy - we're going to get ****ed up if we dont use it...

        Jasmine joins them .... and joins in on the "Kyle is afraid to use the veto" convo ..
        Taylor - apparently he (Kyle) thinks I want to put up Alyssa for taking the trip.... has Alyssa said anything to you guys?
        Jasmine - she hasn't said anything about it.
        Taylor- I dont know where that would come from
        Jasmine- You did make that comment out there ....but it was playful...

        Taylor puts the blame on Monte ..
        She says that Monte convinces Kyle to worry about it .. and that Monte was "just trying to save himself"
        Taylor -and she ( Alyssa ) promised not to put me up... why the **** would I **** that up?

        Taylor assures Indy and Alyssa that she would "never be petty enough" to put Alyssa on the block, because she took the trip for her

        ( LOL )

        Alyssa joins them ....

        Alyssa and Taylor talk ...
        Taylor talks to her about how "Monte was the bigger plan" .... but she doesn't want Alyssa to "spread that around" so that there's no chaos before tomorrow
        Alyssa apologizes to Taylor (again ) for taking the trip from her

        Indy to Taylor- can you promise me that I wont be there on Thursday?
        Taylor - he just has to use the veto and that's it. ....It's just one action.
        Jasmine tells Alyssa that she is going to have to "work some play into that"
        Alyssa says she will talk to Kyle tonight ...
        ( she is totally aware that he's not using it and that he wants Indy out )
        Indy - Thank you

        Monte, Taylor, Michael

        Monte - I've seen a different side of Kyle today.
        Taylor- agrees
        Monte- I've never seen him so emotional about a decision
        Michael - two weeks ago he was ready...
        Taylor- yes
        Monte - the fact someone outside our alliance has that much pull on somebody..

        ( they don't know about the Have Not sex ) ( that doesn't sound right .. but you know what I mean )
        ( I mean Monte "kinda" knows.. I wasn't sure if he really picked up on what Turner was "trying" to tell him )

        Kyle, Joseph, and Monte talk ..
        They all agree that it should be Jasmine that goes next week ...
        They talk about how the next week .. if Taylor won HoH again .. she still won’t target Jasmine because of the "representation concern"

        Taylor talks to Michael and Brittany
        She talks about Jasmine .. and not wanting to put her on the block ... she would ... but ... then she goes back to everything that she said during casting ... how she said she "would never nominate another black woman"

        Kyle, Michael and Brittany talked

        They talk about Taylor and how they think that it was "just about revenge" her wanting Alyssa out this week ..
        Brittany says that Taylor " just wants to make good TV" with her HoH reign

        Also.. there was talk about how Indy said that if she was evicted .. she would quit and not go to the jury house

        The Leftovers met up ...

        They rehashed it all .. Alyssa goes up .. Alyssa doesn't go up ... Indy comes down .. Indy goes out ...
        Show their cards...
        Don't show their cards ..
        Kyle reminds them that the very reason that the Leftover are an alliance .. is because of all the info that they got from Alyssa
        He tells them she's not a threat to them .. etc.
        They finally all agree ( again ) that they are "fine" with Kyle not using the veto.


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          Today ....

          Kyle told Indy that he's "leaning towards" not using the veto ..
          He tells her that he "just wanted to let her know" before the veto meeting happens


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            Kyle did not use the Veto.


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              ( sorry that I couldn't get here sooner to update the aftermath of the veto ceremony .. I literally just walked in the door , things to take care of after work, etc. )

              So .. Taylor is playing it up that she's PISSED that Kyle didn't use the veto ...

              But first, let's start with Indy

              Indy immediately asking Michael and Brittany if they will keep her
              They both tell her yes
              She tells them that if she can count on them .. she also has Jasmine, Alyssa and Joesph ..

              Jasmine comes in ..

              Indy tells Jasmine that she is the only one that she can really trust

              Indy tells her that Michael and Brittany promised to keep her
              Jasmine tells her that Brittany said to her "you will probably have a tough decision between Terrance and Indy"
              Jasmine - I was like "I'm not voting to keep Terrance" and she ( Brittany ) said ... "well, he thinks you guys are close"

              They talk about how Alyssa is "probably scared" right now .. because she is attached to "him" ( Kyle )

              Jasmine says she doesn't like the way that Brittany talked to her ..
              She says she doesn't like it when people "tell her" something ..
              Jasmine- I was about to say "baby, girl you can't tell me who I am close with" .. mind your own business ..


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                Rolling back to ... Indy in the HoH room with Taylor, Michael and Brittany ...

                Taylor - have you talked to Kyle yet?
                Indy- no ... I really don't want to talk to him right now.
                Taylor - yeah .. I ****ing get that.
                Indy- I need a break. ...

                Indy tells Brittany and Michael that if they "change their mind" just let her know
                Indy- I just don't want to be that person and be going crazy..... if you tell me one thing, .....I trust you guys

                Indy to Taylor - if it's a tie .. what do you do?
                Taylor- Oh My God .. it could be a tie... I thought I could relax all week... ****
                Indy- no .. you have to think
                Taylor - I got you ..


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                  Kyle and Alyssa

                  Kyle- I kept nominations the same. ,, sorry Taylor
                  Alyssa – sorry not sorry
                  Kyle – yeah.. If you wanted to take a big shot ....and make TV ....then make it from the start.... not this grand backdoor scheme
                  He says it all felt a little "fishy"

                  He reminds Alyssa not to tell anyone that they talk game..

                  Kyle – make sure you say we never talk game .. that is very important this week
                  He tells her "she's good"
                  Kyle- you know what to do ... you know Big Brother

                  Kyle asks if she's told anyone ( about them having sex )
                  She tells him no

                  ( he knows that she told Turner, cause you guys know that Turner told him that she did )


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                    Terrance and Kyle talked

                    Terrance – don’t put yourself into a tailspin.....
                    Kyle- for sure ..

                    Terrance- I hope that I can have your support going forward.
                    Kyle tells him that he wouldn't have done this.. if he felt that he would have been in danger


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                      Alyssa talked to Taylor ..
                      She tells her that she wants to "earn her trust"
                      She says she wanted her to "make the big move " ( Monte out .. is what she "thinks" )

                      Alyssa- I did not expect him ( Kyle ) to do that ..... stick his neck out for me...... I think he was thinking .....I made a stupid move in that competition... and that it could have sent me home...
                      Taylor - I'm frustrated because I didn't get to make my move
                      She tells him she's going to talk to Kyle,
                      Sh e says she just didn't want to blow him up ..

                      Taylor- I told you I wasn't going to put you up.....
                      She points out that she chose Alyssa to play int the veto comp ...
                      Alyssa- you have shown me again and again you are here for me.. . and I appreciate that
                      She tells her she wants to win HoH . so that she can show that she is there for her too
                      She told her taht she understands Kyle is frustrated with Indy... and that Terrance , last week .. voted to kick him out last week
                      Taylor- I get it ... I can't be mad at it .. but I'm just frustrated about what it means for my game


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                        Indy asks Kyle for his vote
                        Kyle - definitely.
                        Indy- 100%??
                        He tells her that right now . he can't say 100%.
                        He says he's sorry ..
                        He says he wants to hear everyone out
                        He also points out that Terrance voted against him last week .. and doesn't feel good
                        Indy tells him that she won't hold it against him or Alyssa ...
                        She tells them she "loves them"


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                          Brittany and Taylor rehash it all in the HoH room

                          They agree that they don't understand why Kyle would risk "saving one person" .. and having two jury members mad at him ..
                          They talk about how he's "causing distrust" within the alliance

                          Talk turns to "how Alyssa did this to herself"
                          Taylor says that the only way that Alyssa was "sorry/upset" about the veto .. was that Kyle brought it up to her
                          They agree that it all cam from Kyle

                          Brittany- what are you doing dude, what are you doing?


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                            Indy talks to Jasmine and Kyle

                            Indy – I want to be here..... I came all the way from Brazil 9 years ago.... my parent live in the f***ing Favela and I need to be here to take them out of that..... that is my goal
                            Kyle- I know

                            Indy crying ..

                            Indy- I hope you guys know that .. I give you all my heart... every single day you have the best of me...... this is a game’s part of a game.... do not use my weakness against me when I cry and come to you guys it’s because I trust you guys.... I'm vulnerable.. .. I feel comfortable enough to this girl .. to be open ... to be my best...

                            Indy - so please please please help me.. to keep me happy and if you guys can..... cause we don't know what her mind is .. and it can be used against me... okay .. love you

                            She leaves...

                            Kyle to Jasmine - I won't lie.. when I heard what she said last night about going home
                            Jasmine - I'm not taking up for her .. I get it .. it takes a lot to be here... but I aways try to keep in my head. that this is not the way the Brazil game goes .. and that she does have a language barrier .. but I also understand when stress lets things get to you .. and you are like "**** it" .. you know? ....

                            They talk about how she was talking about "the votes"

                            Kyle- yeah .. it's like she was kinda threatening me

                            Jasmine- but that was like her talking.. not me.. it's like when she says "we" .. I was like who are you talking about ... ? not me..

                            She asks if he's working with Monte,
                            He tells her that he and Monte are on "good terms" .. . but not like "alliance wise"

                            He tells her that if he hadn't of felt like Alyssa was "at risk" instead of Monte,... he would have used the veto
                            She tells him that she respects that, if that's they way he really felt ..
                            She tells him she's not upset with him
                            She tells him she was just shocked...

                            Jasmine talks about how Taylor's reaction to him not using the veto seemed "too much"

                            Kyle tells that he knew him not using the veto .. would put a big target on my back.. but at the end of the day if she ( Taylor ) is saying that she's going to "take this big shot" .. and I don't go with that and she's pissed

                            Jasmine- so she ( Taylor ) didn't know that you were not going to use it?

                            Kyle shrugs

                            Jasmine- Oh. Okay.

                            Kyle- I mean I let Indy know this morning and I let Terrance know last night .. and I did talk to Taylor .. so was not a blindside ...

                            Jasmine- so she shouldn't have acted like that?

                            Kyle- well ...I mean she was obviously pissed .. I didn't tell her straight up .. cause you can't say that you're not going to use it

                            Jasmine- oh .yeah .. yeah ..

                            Kyle- but.. I thought it was clear.. but maybe it wasn't ...

                            Jasmine- Damn ...

                            Kyle- I just hope that you know that I am trying to keep Alyssa safe...

                            Jasmine- I just wanted to make sure that we have the same person that we want to protect.

                            Kyle- yeah

                            Jasmine- Alyssa is my number one in this game .. since day one .. and that fact that you are protecting her . .doesn't bother me... I'm not coming for her or you . you guys are just off limits for me.. and I mean it ..

                            Kyle- yeah . and I hope Indy isn't too upset...

                            Jasmine - I don't think so . I think she's just replaying what happened and she really does want to be here

                            They continue to talk
                            Jasmine - I don't know.. I am close with Indy and Terrance thinks that he's close with me.. but ...
                            Kyle- yeah I'm close with both ..

                            Jasmine- do you just go with the house on this one?
                            Kyle- I don't know ..

                            Monte comes in . . so that convo ends


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                              Terrance got some more tattoos ..

                              Indy helping put them on ....

                              Indy - oh ... it's upside down .. "free the zing" .. who is the Zing???

                              Terrance - Zingbot

                              Kyle talks with Taylor

                              Kyle to Taylor- I felt kinda bad.... she (Indy) was like "please don't tell anyone about the fact that I was willing to go home".... and I didn't realize that at the time... but that did play into my decision ( to not use the veto )

                              Taylor - Jasmine is telling everybody..... and I didn't tell her that Jasmine is the one telling everybody... but she will find out ..

                              Kyle - I think Alyssa is fine with it and I think she will vote either way...whichever way we want.,,, and Jasmine I think she is okay with it but she may have been a little blindsided by it ( him not using the veto )

                              Taylor – maybe a little bit. ....I was sitting out here with Jasmine and Terrance... and she ( Jasmine ) was like ..'"so he's not using it? .. "what are you going to do about it" ??

                              Kyle tells her about how Jasmine is trying to say that she's not close to Terrance...

                              Taylor says she knows.. that Brittany said ( to Jasmine ) " you are so close to both of them .. and this will be a hard decision for you? and she ( Jasmine ) was like WHAT ?? I'm not close to Terrance..

                              Kyle - I honestly .... I feel bad about yesterday. .....I just want you to know I am totally open to every possibility and I didn't want it to be like I was the only one wanting to keep it the same. ... from the conversations I had.. I promise you .. that the narrative was one thing.... and maybe to you it was different.... I had no control over that. ... the majority was either indifferent .....wanted Indy gone and for me to not use it.

                              Kyle - when we got to the table out here ( they were around the pool table last night for the Leftover meeting ) ... no one was sharing what they were telling me...... Turner was silent.... Michael was silent,....Brittany was silent..... . I felt isolated by the people who were like "Alyssa should stay".

                              He says he was like .. "why aren't you voicing that in a group setting" ... ??
                              Kyle- at the end of the day.... if it was we all feel like Alyssa needs to go this week that’s what we do....

                              Taylor - I could see myself being like "I'm going to stay quiet because I don't want to ruin what is so good".

                              She tells him that she doesn't want him to feel isolated
                              She tells him that she doesn't want him to feel like there was this decision that no one wanted to tell you

                              Kyle – I’m being told one thing when I’m alone with individuals .....and then in the group setting.. .....even when I asked Michael.... "what do you think we should do? .. he was like " I'm fine either way"

                              Taylor – the only conflict we have with anybody is.... do we as a group have an order that we prefer ...or do we each have shots we want to take.

                              Kyle - I don't want it to be viewed ....that I'm the one trying to save Alyssa.... at the end of the day,. she's going to go and I'm fine with that ... I even talked to her today and said we need to put distance between us.....

                              Taylor – yesterday ... was the first time we had to face that it’s not the end of the world
                              Kyle – yeah.. exactly.
                              Taylor – I’m good....


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