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Live Feed Updates 8/18 - Day 44

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  • Live Feed Updates 8/18 - Day 44

    We're bringing you the Live Feed Updates right here in their very own forum ( you guys seem to like that the best ) and we'll do everything that we can to bring you all the drama that plays out inside the Big Brother 24 house, just like we've done for the past 23 years that we've been covering Big Brother.

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    ( catching us up from where I left off last night )

    Michael and Indy

    Michael told Indy that he will check in with people to make sure things are good
    She tells him that she told Terrance that she hopes "the best happens for them" and that "God's in control"
    She tells him that she's never said anything bad about Terrance, so she can get his jury vote ...
    Michael – yeah, that’s true

    Indy talks about how everyone changes their mind

    She asks Michael if he's feeling good .. ( about the vote )
    He tells her yes.... " but Thursdays are always weird."

    He tells her again that he will try to check in with everyone.. see where they are at
    She tells him that "no one wants to say anything" ...
    She tells him .. if everyone stays the same, from what they have told her, she will have 7 votes to stay


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      Terrance and Jasmine

      They talk about how Brittany is acting ...
      Jasmine saying that when she asked her her where her vote was... all she would say is that she doesn't know...
      Terrance - she told me she was waiting to talk to people. ….

      Terrance - You ( Brittany ) only talk to Michael,,, who you waiting for??

      Jasmine says that Brittany lied to her, saying that she and Taylor aren't close and that they dont talk game...
      She say she doesn't care if they ( Taylor/Brittany) have something or not ..
      Brittany - but don’t lie to my face.


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        Alyssa and Brittany

        Alyssa asking what she's thinking about her vote
        Brittany tells her she doesn't know

        Alyssa - Indy said that Michael said that you would never vote her out.
        Brittany – yeah I think that’s true.... but .... I get the feeling that its the sympathy vote.

        Brittany asks Alyssa what she's thinking
        Alyssa says she feels bad .. but at the same time... she will probably end up voting Indy out
        She says she knows that personally Indy loves them .. but game wise .. she doesn't have their best interest at heart....
        She says "its hard"

        They talk about Terrance ...

        Brittany saying that she talked to me and that he seems clearer on what he would do moving forward, and it doesn't include targeting her ...
        Alyssa says he said the same to her
        She says she thinks that Kyle will vote to keep Terrance ... and that Turner will too

        She say she has no idea how Monte or Joseph will vote ..


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          Michael talks to Taylor and Monte

          He fills them in on the conversation in the Have Not room with Indy/Jasmine/Brittany/Alyssa

          Taylor tells them that Indy asked her if it was a tie, would she vote to keep her and she told her yeah … but I don’t know .. she doesn’t have the votes.

          Monte – how are you feeling Michael??
          Michael – I don’t know… I still would like to give her a vote….. I don’t want her to go out unanimously.. but also I don’t know if you think that would put the vote in jeopardy of making it a tie ..

          He tells them he doesn’t want to put Taylor in that position

          Michael says he doesn’t want t to cause any “ distrust”…

          He tells them that of the 4 on that side of the house.. Indy is the
          only one that he would want to give a sympathy vote to ... . the alliance is more important to him...

          He asks Taylor if that is something she is open to?

          Taylor - I don’t think your one vote is going to push things to be a tie.. unless Jasmine votes to keep her…. but even then it can still be a 7-1..... 6-2 vote.. I’m comfortable with that.
          Michael – then if you are comfortable with that…that’s what I’ll do.

          He tells her if anything changes..

          Taylor -
          I just need to make sure Jasmine and Alyssa swing that way


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            Joseph, Alyssa and Jasmine talked that the vote

            Jasmine telling them that she’s heard people telling Indy they would vote to keep her ..
            She talks about how she’s torn ..

            She says she’s heard that Monte is going to ‘go with the house”
            Jasmine- - who is the ****ing house ?? we don’t even know!... why does he keep saying that!?

            Jasmine- I’m a loyal person and if I don’t vote to keep her, how would I look to y’all!?

            Joseph tells them that they need to be “aligned” and that voting for Indy to stay . .is the last thing he heard…


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              HoH room with Taylor, Monte, Michael, Joseph , Kyle and Turner.

              Joseph talking about how Kyle ****ed up his plan ...
              He says he was never thinking a Indy/Terrance vote ...

              Joseph - I'm sending Indy home. ... not keeping a bigger threat...

              He talks about how Jasmine and Alyssa aren't going to send someone home ( Indy ) that will work for them in this game...right now .. if they think there is a chance to save Indy, they want to.

              Alyssa comes in .. so that convo ends.....


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                Indy talked to Joseph

                He kept saying he would “talk to Taylor”
                She says she did and she wants to keep her
                He says he hasn’t talked to Michael or Brittany
                She tells him she has and they want to keep her
                He tells her that he doesn’t think that Turner will vote to keep her
                She tells him she knows
                He tells her that he doesn’t know about Kyle … but that Kyle was like “ I dunno, bro” and to him .. that probably means ‘no”
                He tells her that he thinks that Monte will “go with the house”
                She tells him that he should talk to Monte and tell him what votes she has


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                  Indy and Jasmine

                  Indy counting votes .... you ( Jasmine ), Alyssa, Joseph, and Michael. I have four. I just need one. more
                  Jasmine – or Taylor.
                  Indy – or Taylor... that's it


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                    Indy checked in with Taylor to see if they are "still on the same page" . for her to stay
                    Taylor tells her yes.

                    After Indy leaves...

                    Taylor -I hate lying to her.


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                      So .. a super quick catch up ...

                      Joseph told Brittany that he's voting Indy out

                      Indy tells Brittany that Joseph told her that he's voting to keep her ... and the girls will too ...
                      She tells her that she thinks she has Michael's vote too ...
                      She tells Brittany that they are all going to talk to her

                      Brittany tells Indy that she doesn't know that that is really the plan ..
                      She tells her that when Joseph talked to her .. it didn't sound like it ...

                      Indy tells Brittany that Jospeh will come talk to her and confirm
                      Brittany tells her again that saving her isn't what Joseph told her last night ...
                      Indy tells her okay .. BUT .. he's keeping her ..
                      Brittany tells Indy that people are telling her the exact opposite that they are telling her
                      She tells her that she just wants her to know the trust
                      Indy tells her "okay"

                      Joseph tells Terrance that he's voting for him to stay ...

                      Brittany told Alyssa that she tried to tell Indy that Joseph is not voting to keep her .. but she doesn't believe her ...

                      Alyssa talks to Indy
                      Indy tells her that she trusts Joseph

                      Indy tells Joseph that Brittany told her that he's not voting for her to stay
                      He tells Indy to go get Brittany

                      Joseph talks to Brittany, .
                      Indy and Michael are there to o

                      Jospeh to Brittany- what are you thinking?
                      Brittany tells him that when they talked last night . .that he ( Jospeh ) told her about the Five Swatters
                      Indy says that the "Five Swatters" doesn't mean anything
                      She says that it didn't work . Kyle didn't use the veto to save her .. so it's not a "thing"
                      Brittany tells Indy that yesterday when she asked her ( Indy ) if she had any other alliances .. she said no
                      Indy tells her that it's not a thing ... didn't work .. etc.

                      Indy says she's "always had the girls backs"
                      Jospeh to Indy - you didn't tell me that.
                      He says that it's one thing to have the girls back . .but it's another to be working with them and Brittany

                      Indy keeps saying that the Five Swatters wasn't a thing. it didn't work for her ..
                      She says she didn't create it ...

                      Indy and Joseph

                      Indy asking him why he told Brittany about the Five Swatters...
                      He tells her that Brittany said she was working with Indy .. and then they started figuring out . that she ( Ind y ) was in two different alliances ...

                      Joseph tells Brittany and Taylor that he's not going to vote to keep Indy

                      Michael tells Indy that no matter what .. .he's voting to keep her

                      Alyssa and Jasmine get into a little tiff
                      Alyssa "trying" to apologize to Jasmine telling her that she's feeling emotional today ,,, about her looks ..etc.

                      Apparently Jasmine made a comment about how Alyssa puts on makeup 3 times a day

                      When Alyssa tells her that ..
                      Jasmine snaps back saying "that's not a bad thing" .. .
                      Alyssa tells her again that she's just feeling a certain way .. emotional today. nervous .. etc.
                      Jasmine tells her that "it's not a bad thing" she ( Alyssa ) takes like 3 showers a day .. so of course she would put on her makeup 3 times a day
                      ( that's the jest of it )

                      Jospeh, Indy and Jasmine talking

                      Joseph is all over the place.. ( not even going to try to transcribe all his ramblings )

                      Indy telling them that Michael told her that no matter what .. she has his vote to stay

                      Jasmine- I'm already stuggling .. me and Alyssa got into it in the bathroom ..So I'm' "this" close to losing my **** .. so I .. really cant' .. like for the past 2 months.. I've been trying so hard.. you know . you have to keep your calm ... and keep peace in this game and it's really hard for me.. cause y'all just have to understand in the real world... I have . I'm not going to say that I'm defensive about things... but. I've been through A LOT .. so it just really ...bothers me when I cannot speak up for myself... and when I can't say anything .. so it's just really .. really ..

                      Indy- it really bothers me when I do something to help someone,, and that ****ed me up .. I'm literally leaving .. if I leave this house today .. I'm going to leave this house . because I saved Kyle ... that's why .. because I got in the "thing" ( Five Swatters ) to save him .. that's why ...

                      Indy looking directly at Jasmine

                      Indy- that's why . that's why .. your friend.. your friend.. the person that I was most admire you two ( she points at Jasmine and Joseph ) she ( herself ) is leaving because I trusted you two .. so I hope you keep that in mind ..

                      Indy- cause it was not necessary for me to have anything with him ( Kyle ) ... I don't care.. I always had your ( Jasmine') back and Alyssa's back ... and you ( Jasmine ) were my favorite . my favorite person in this house ... you and Michael .. you guys know ..and I'm leaving because of him ( Kyle ) and so I hope you guys keep this in mind... for the future. if you guys vote me out today ... you guys keep this in mind...

                      Indy- I was on the block . I wasn't even close to the block .. I did this .. ( Five Swatters ) just to save him ( Kyle )
                      for what? Cause it was not necessary for me.. I was just like "sure . why not?" ...

                      Indy now looking at Jospeh

                      Indy- just saying .if someone offers you protection . what are you going to say .. no?

                      Indy- I didn't do whatever Ameerah was doing.. I didn't do it .. and you guys know that . and if I leave this house ... today .. be sure that you guys know . it's because of Him ( Kyle )

                      Indy- like my dreams are being destroyed because of a move I made for him ( Kyle )

                      Indy- you are not sending me home.. you are letting like.. my dreams being broke...and I know I said I would be a part of that thing .. in the momnet .. but I thought when it didn't happen ... this is not real

                      Ind to Joseph- - but I would always have your back ... and you never asked questions about me having your back or not ... and if you ever questioned yourself about me having your back or not . our friendship is not real ...because I know you know me .. really well ...and I will always have your back .. always .. always .. and that's the thing.. thank God that one person sees that that's the thing and that's Michael ..

                      She starts to cry ...

                      Indy- now my dreams are being crashed .. because of ****ing Kyle ...

                      Indy - cause I did something that I didn't need to do ... to save him. Great.

                      Jospeh and Jasmine with their head in their hands..


                      Jasmine gets up and walks out the door ...


                      the silence between them last for a long while

                      Indy looks at Joseph

                      He finally walks over and gives her a hug

                      Indy- I love you
                      Jospeh- I love you too

                      Shet tells him that she would never go against him here
                      He tells her there's no one more that he wants to see make it .. than her

                      Joseph- let me think about things..

                      He leaves

                      Cams move to Alyssa and Brittan y in the Have Not room ... discussing votes ...
                      Brittany- I think there is a very good chance Indy will go home today
                      Alyssa - I'm going to vote her out.
                      Brittany- I think that will be good. ... my guess is.... she will have one vote and it will be Michael

                      Cams move us to Taylor telling Terrance that "she's got him"

                      And ...

                      PET CAM


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                        So.. yeah ..

                        Tonight we begin a whole new chapter in this crazy Big Brother world..

                        2 hours ... game will change ... house will split into two groups... no interaction...... completely separate games of Big Brother will play out simultaneously all week long,
                        ending in a double eviction like no other. -= next Thursday.

                        I'm asking ahead of time, because I know we will be burning the bandwidth at both ends from tonight until next week..

                        Any donation you can give is much needed and so much appreciated ..


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                          The house will be spilt into Big BroChea & Dyre Fest


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                            Julie reveals the new twist to the House Guests

                            One HoH inside with 4 other houseguests
                            One HoH outside with 4 other houseguests
                            No interaction between the inside and outside house guests
                            Inside and Outside will make nominations, play a veto competition, veto meeting ....separately
                            Thursday, two houseguests will be evicted.
                            It only takes 2 votes to evict next week for each of the two groups


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                              Michael is the first Head of Household inside as Big BroChella
                              Terrance is the second Head of Household outside as Dyre Fest

                              Michael and Terrance will " schoolhouse pick" who they want to join them in their "Festival"


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