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Live Feed Updates 8/19 - Day 45

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  • Live Feed Updates 8/19 - Day 45

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    Currently @ 5:27 AM BBT

    They are all finally tucked away

    No need to "catch up here from last night" since I rode with them all night long ..

    But you can..... Catch up HERE on yesterday's Live Feed Update


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      7:20 AM BBT

      Cams 1 & 2

      Sleeping restlessly. Seen Joseph, Terrance & Turner all moving around. Joseph came out of his sleeping bag. Hear loud jets flying over. lol

      Cams 3 & 4
      Inside House

      Michael sound asleep in the HOH Room.


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        11:47 AM BBT

        Kyle is telling Alyssa that if she is put on the block, she is gone. He names everyone that has said they wanted her out of the house and that because he has been protecting her, he is on the outs with the main group. He's trying to figure out how to protect her this week and if they make it through, he wants to team up with Michael, Brittany, and Terrence.


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        Catching us up

        Michael and Jasmine

        Jasmine- I just wanted to chat with you .. again to kinda see where your head is as to who would be going up, so I can get into my headspace

        Michael- after talking to everyone last night, the way I'm thinking about it... from talking to Brittany and Taylor, I think that we are all on the same page, on what we would like to see happen this week

        Jasmine - okay

        Michael - getting Monte out

        Jasmine - okay

        Michael - basically the way I'm looking at it is ... veto is going to be the four of us .. verses Monte

        Jasmine- hopefully ...

        Michael - and I know for me, as HoH, it's easy for me to say "oh it doesn't really matter" .. but from our talk yesterday, you know I'm not going to put Brittany up

        Jasmine- yeah

        Michael - so if Monte does win the veto, that only leaves you and Taylor

        Jasmine- right, right, right

        Michael - so whoever I put up first, in my mind, it is like "okay it doesn't really matter" ... because if Monte wins veto . it's the same scenario .. no matter what .. and so . talking with Taylor, she has been up 3 times... and you've yet to go on the block

        Jasmine- mmm hmm

        Michael- I'm not allowed to say definitively what I'm doing ... but I do have the idea of leaning ...

        Jasmine- towards me..

        Michael- towards you...

        Jasmine- okay ..

        Michael- but obviously I want you to know that it's not because I want you to go home...

        Jasmine- yeah

        Michael - worse case Monte wins the veto and then my hand is forced.. if any of us win the veto .. we're golden .. for the week .. and I know that's what you wanted to hear this morning but ..

        Jasmine - no it's okay ..I get it .. and Taylor has been on the block, and you've been on the block, and it's your HoH, and Monte's been on the block too, so I guess it's my time to sit up there .. I appreciate you being honest and transparent with me.. and not just blindsiding me when I go down there .. so

        Michael- yeah

        Jasmine- I guess I'll just have to fight and do whatever I can to win the veto ... so. just asking if you were to win the veto . you would just keep noms the same so that we could get Monte out right?

        Michael- umm probably ... if I did get a feeling that Brittany or Taylor were waverng .. I would be willing to use it to make sure he goes ...

        Jasmine - mmm

        Michael - but cross that bride when we get there ..

        Jasmie- right, right, right, for sure

        Michael - as long as I know that one person that is not on the block, is willing to vote him out .. ultimately that is just what I need to make sure happens... when it comes down to it

        Jasmine - cause you would vote to keep me ...

        Michael - mm hmm.. yeah

        Jasmine- well.. thank you I appreciate it .. good chat... does Monte know he's going up?

        Michael - umm I think so ...

        Jasmine- I haven't talked to him at all

        Michael - I think he has an idea..

        Jasmine- yeah yeah yeah .. he has an idea .. and I appreciate it .. I figured that was going to happen anyways.. everyone has to bear their crosses ... as they say .. so I'm not shocked, or mad, you know what I mean .. it is what is is .. and I feel like that's a great decision for you to make .. cause again she ( Taylor ) has been up 3 times... and she just got off of her HoH so .. and I do still appreciate you picking me...

        Michael- yeah .. and obviously I do wish there were more people to chose from

        Jasmine- yeah I get that ... it's cool ..

        Michael - speech wise.. I will just say Jasmine, you haven't been up and Monte, your a big threat .. just keep it generic .

        Jasmine- I get that... I'm just praying the veto isn't super physical ..

        They wonder if it will be Hide- A - Veto

        Jasmine- I won't be flipping any mattresses over, I'll tell you that .. I'm going to tell them that I need my boot out of storage ...

        He tells her that they all seem to be on the same page
        She tells him she appreciates him being up front and honest ..

        Jasmine- you know I'm a straight-shooter


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          Kyle to Terrance - we ( he and Alyssa) have your back .. and I think that Michael and Brittany have your back .. and I think that Turner has got your back..... I lose 100% if I'm sitting in the end to Monte or to Taylor


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            Terrance to Jospeh and Kyle - let me use the bathroom and do a quick round of one-on- ones, gotta wake Turner up, this kid . he chuckles . . they are probably gonna call me soon

            He leaves

            Kyle to Joseph- he said me and Alyssa?
            Jospeh - yeah
            Kyle- that makes sense
            Joseph- I told him if he puts me up, I go home..

            Kyle- I wonder if that's why Michael picked Monte last, he doesn't want to be in that spot, to take the shot, he will probably take Jasmine out first,
            He talks about how Terrance and Michael talked about taking "big shots" this week

            Kyle- at the end .. he ( Michael ) was forced to choose between me and Monte.... , knowing he promised Terrance he would take a shot at Monte. I bet that's why he picked Monte last

            Jospeh- you and I are his ( Terrance's ) targets, he's telling us both different things.. he's telling me that you are his target...


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              Terrance and Kyle wake up Turner

              He tells him he has to do one-on-ones ..

              BB tells Turner that his batter is ready for him

              Kyle- they waited for you to wake up, you guys are homies...


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                Everyone in the HoH room .. chit chat ..


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                  They are searching high and low for Turner's mic

                  It's found ..


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                    Kyle spilling everything to Terrance about how the Leftovers ( he didn't say that name )... but .. he names all the names of the alliance .. all 7 ... and told him that they have been running the game, since Ameerah left ...

                    Kyle-- Monte was never the target, when Taylor yelled at me, she told me before hand that she was going to,

                    Kyle- Monte and Jospeh have been running the show ...

                    Kyle- and I think that is why he ( Michael ) picked Monte over me .. I think that he might take that shot . but I dunno

                    Terrance- that's what is supposed to be

                    Kyle tells him about how "he was being told " to use the veto and take out the closest person to him in the house and he was like "**** no"

                    Terrance- yeah I was wondering why you didn't use it

                    Kyle- that was why ...


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                      Terrance - I definitely appreciate you telling me that....... I was wondering what the **** was happening

                      Terrance says he's never trusted Monte

                      Terrance- Joseph makes it seem like he's out of the boot and not working with Monte

                      Kyle- they have been working together since day one ...


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                        Kyle tells Terrance that he worries that if he is on the block with Jospeh . that if Turner won the veto, he might take Jospeh down ...

                        Kyle - I floated it to Turner...... I was like "if it's me and Joseph, are you down to keep the noms the same?".

                        He tells Terrance that Turner wants Alyssa out . because she's "outside of the alliance"


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                          Kyle - I would want to work with Michael, Brittany, Alyssa, you and me. ... that would be five.... and we are final eight


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                            Kyle- why do you think Joseph and Monte wanted you to join their Festie Bestie group? ... it's so that they were insulated... if you got put on the block,....the alliance could take out you. Terrance- so . that's why they asked me to join...not to protect me


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