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Live Feed Updates 8/20 - Day 46

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  • Live Feed Updates 8/20 - Day 46

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    quick catch up from last night


    Brittany won the Power of Veto


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      ( super quick catch up after the Veto Comp )

      Brittany and Michael talked ..
      They hope that the outside will take out Alyssa

      Jasmine campaigned to Brittany to use the veto on her ... "in honor of her father"
      Jasmine tells her she wants to see Zingbot
      Jasmine promises Brittany that she will be loyal to her and Michael
      Jasmine tells Brittany that she " loves them and respects them" ... and how they "play the game" ...
      She tells them how they play "goes a long way" .. cause as they know she's "from the south"
      She says she doesn't game to them that much .. but she has "other targets in the house"
      Britttany told Jasmine that he "person she wants to go home this week .. is already on the block "
      Brittany told her that it's going to come down to Taylor and her ( Brittany ) voting .. so she wants to talk to Taylor and make sure they are on the same page...
      She tells her worst case scenario Michael would break a tie
      Brittany tells her for now, she will leave the noms the same.

      Taylor and Monte talked
      They are worried about Kyle's loyalty to the Leftovers ...
      Monte that Michael is the only person really at risk next week,.. and Terrance
      Taylor talks about how Terrance can't compete in the next HoH ...
      Monte says that no one should be targeting Michael

      Taylor asked Monte who he would put on the block next to Terrance next week?
      Monte told her "process of elimination and who has been on the block the least" .. maybe Turner or Joseph .. not sure


      Kyle telling Alyssa more about the Leftovers and how he told Terrance everything, because he was worried that Joseph might get to Terrance first.
      Kyle tells Alyssa in the event that he goes home she should trust Turner

      Back inside

      Brittany talks about Jasmine
      Brittany- it's pathological.... the lying
      They agree they don't want her in the house any longer ...
      They are nervous that she would still come after them ..

      Brittany tells Taylor, Michael and Monte about how Jasmine campaigned to her ...
      Monte tells him he's fine with staying on the block, leave the nominations the same.
      Brittany talks about how she wishes that they knew what was going on outside
      Monte says he's nervous for Joseph than any of them.
      Monte says that he hope that "Turne will do right by Joseph"
      Monte says he hopes that if Turner won the veto .. and Joe was on the block ... he would take him down ...
      Monte says that he doesn't think that Terranc e would put up Turner.
      He says that would be "worse case" ... if all 3 of the leftovers were up in the case of a veto being used
      More talk about how Kyle was acting last week .. etc.
      Monte says that he thinks Kyle would want to spill the beans to Alyssa about everything...

      Taylor and Brittany

      Taylor asks her if she has an F2 deal with Michael
      Brittany tells her no ...
      Taylor talks about how it would be hard to beat Michael

      Back outside

      Turner telling Kyle and Alyssa they could work together moving forward ...

      Back inside

      Michael, Brittany, Monte, Taylor talk about targeting Alyssa next ( if the outside doesn't get rid of her ) .. and then Kyle


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        Brittany will not use the Power of Veto and Jasmine will to go jury ...

        The outsiders will play the veto competition sometime today


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          Terrance won the Power of Veto


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            ( I'm the girl at a family event, checking her phone every five minutes,
            I'm home now and I will catch us up )


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              Turne to Terrance -good job bro, this is your week ..

              Alyssa tells Terrance that Tracy ( his wife ) will be excited

              Terrance – I owe this to little mama..... I said it in my vows when I married her.... I said you’re my super power
              Alyssa- you're going to make me cry..
              Terrance – I'm serious ..
              Alyssa - were you thinking about her when you were playing?
              Terrance – yeah.... this morning I was

              By the outside kitchen -- Joseph and Kyle

              Kyle – what do you think?
              Joseph - probably keep it the same
              Kyle – you think?
              Joseph - we should talk with Turner. ..
              Kyle – and say what? ... try and get him to flip it to Alyssa.

              Joseph - mm hmmm.... I still think there’s a chance he puts up Alyssa
              Kyle – how? ... we would have to mix something up. ..... anything we could do with the Fly Swatters with Alyssa leaving him out or something


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                Inside the house

                It sounds like they are just waking up ..
                Monte telling them that they must work out today
                Jasmine - we were in there from 11 to 2 o'clock? .. I love a good nap ...
                Monte saying that he thinks there might some kind of coachella special event for them tonight ..

                Back outside

                They are all wondering that the inside did for their veto comp ....
                Alyssa -are we waiting on something?
                Terrance - no .. but I'm about to jump in the pool
                They wonder if they can move some furniture around in the backyard .. to put it in the shade
                They talk about how much longer they have to be out there ..

                Joseph, Kyle and Turner

                Joseph - I think we approach Terrance together.....
                Turner – what’s our pitch?
                Joseph - that Alyssa exposed Old Skool ... and then if we go back in the house .. us four are one.

                Turner to Kyle - thoughts?
                Kyle - sure ... I’m down. ....

                Joseph - what do you think Kyle?
                Kyle- I have no idea if he would even be open to entertaining it.... I dunno

                Joseph - we might as well try
                Kyle – worth a try

                Joseph - worse case .. he sends probably me home....
                Kyle- yeah
                Joseph - or Kyle .. because he keeps pitching to me that he’s going after Kyle
                Kyle – and then to me... it's you...
                Joseph - yeah so we might as well unite.

                Turner- I don't even know how I ended up there .. I'm just there

                Turner leaves...


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                  Joseph to Kyle- yeah dude.... he’s ( Terrance ) telling me it's you
                  Kyle – we’ll see .. if he uses the veto.... then I'm ****ed ..

                  Joseph - if he does maybe we can get Alyssa up.
                  Kyle – maybe..... I wanted to cry dude when he won..
                  Jospeh - me too dude..... we have one more shot .... it's a long one .. but dude.....I’ve seen you do it in bumper ....but it will take all three of us.
                  Kyle - yeah

                  Kyle gets up says he's going to get in the pool ...


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                    Alyssa chit chatting with Terrance in the pool

                    Terrance talking all about his family, family vacations, family friends, kids, grandkids, etc.


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                      Everyone joins Terrance and Alyssa in the pool ...

                      BB reminded them that it's a "hot day" and "not to forget their sunscreen"


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                        Inside ..

                        Jasmine and Michael in the HoH room

                        Jasmine asking if he's talked to Brittany
                        He tells her that they touched base and that she plans on leaving the nominations the same

                        Jasmine - right . right. .that's fine ... I did talk to Taylor and Brittany ... and I told her the exact same thing that I told you .. you guys are anywhere near ( being a target for her ) .. I've got too many other fish to fry ... she asked me if you to me the plan before and I told her yeah ... that fif anyone other than him ( Monte ) won the veto .. that he is still the target...

                        Michael nodding ..

                        Michael talks about how the one round that it was only him and Monte that "stayed"
                        Michael - I was like either this is the round that gets him out or ..
                        Jasmine- that was my strategy ... to fold until he was out ... worse case. .. I would have been head to head with him ...

                        She talks about how she prayed that Monte didn't win the veto this week ...
                        She says that she doesn't pray for herself to win .. just prays for a good outcome ..

                        Jasmine says that she doesn't want to see Taylor go up .. so she's fine with the veto not being used .. and she will count on Taylor's vote and she ( Taylor ) was like sure long as I don't go up ..

                        She talks about how all she has in this game is her word...
                        She talks about how she wouldn't lie...

                        Michael tells her that the only thing that Brittany could do .. that would made him mad.. is to pull Monte down ..
                        He says he doesn't want to put anyone else up ...
                        He says they all knew the goal this week ...
                        He says he would never expect the vote to come out in a tie.. but ... he wouldn't be mad if he had to break a tie
                        He laughs

                        She tells him she just wanted to check in and make sure the "plan is still the plan" ...
                        She says the game changes every "damn minute "

                        Michael tells her that he doesn't know if Monte has talked to Brittany yet or not ..

                        Jasmine tells him that she's surprised that Monte hasn't had a serious talk with him yet
                        Michael tells her that he knows that Monte wants to stay ...
                        Jasmine- he hasn't come up to say like "can we chat"
                        Michael - not really ...
                        Jasmine- he will do it today ... probably
                        Michael - I always get nervous .. I'm like are you (Monte ) ... going to drop a last minute bomb or are you concocting something?


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                          Michael to Jasmine - would you be sad if Turner went home and you didn't get to cast a vote ?
                          Jasmine- you know . I would be like "oh, I"m happy" .. but on the other hand .. I would be like "HE WAS MINE!!"
                          She tells him that she has a speech for Turner that is impeccable ..
                          She says she can visualize herself standing there if she was HoH .. giving this speech .. it would be "her time" .... she says she would not depend on a veto, she would need him ( Turner ) to hear what she had to say ...


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                            They talk about how they don't know what is happening outside...

                            Jasmine tells Michael that she and Terrance never talk game... so she doesn't know what Terrance would do .. with his nominations...
                            She says she can't see him making a big move to get out one of the guys...
                            Michael says that getting out a showmance is also a big move
                            She says yeah .. just one of the guys .. or the showmance .... it would be good for his resume ...


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                              Jasmine tells Michael that she thinks that she's been "handling being on the block pretty well for the most part"

                              She says sometimes she gets in her head... when Monte says " it's going to be great to see them ( outsiders ) again .... "

                              Jasmine- for the most part it's been good.. like you said . I hadn't been there ( on the block )

                              She asks who else hadn't been on the block

                              Michael tells her Turner ...

                              She 's like "really? "

                              Jasmine- if he ( Turner ) doesn't go up .. that would be wild
                              Michael - I think that would put a target on his back
                              Jasmine- yeah that makes a lot of sense... and maybe he ( Terrance ) would put him ( Turner ) up .. to make it seem like the aren't close ..

                              Michael says that it surprised him that Terrance picked Alyssa ...

                              She says that the biggest shock of the season .. for her would be if Joseph went home.


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