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Live Feed Updates 8/22 - Day 48

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  • Live Feed Updates 8/22 - Day 48

    We're bringing you the Live Feed Updates right here in their very own forum ( you guys seem to like that the best ) and we'll do everything that we can to bring you all the drama that plays out inside the Big Brother 24 house, just like we've done for the past 23 years that we've been covering Big Brother.

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    ( not a whole lot to catch up on )

    Taylor talked to the camera
    She says if she's going to win the game, she needs to win more competitions ..
    She talked about "jury management"
    She want to take out Terrance ... but she hopes that Joseph can win HoH and do it

    So.. the outsides are still outside .. there was a quick glimpse of them at 11.26 PM BBT last night
    looked like they were getting ready for bed.
    Alyssa was already in her sleeping bag ... Kyle was nearby

    Michael talks to the camera

    He says that Brittany is his number one
    He says he also really loves Taylor and hopes that he/Brittany/Taylor can make it to the Final 3
    He says that he DOES think that Taylor would chose Brittany over him in the end... BUT .. he has confidence in himself that he can win the Final HoH competition ..
    He says he doesn't think there is anyone that would take him to the Final 2 ...
    He says if he and Brittany could bring Terrance, there's also that way to to ... thinks they could beat him in all the comps .. etc. and then be able to chose each other to the F2 ..
    He says he doesn't know if "you" are screaming at him this week to take out Monte... but he can't trust Jasmine.

    He went down and studied the memory wall for a bit and then talked to Monte, just chit chat.

    Once back in the HoH room he talked to the camera again

    He says that he knows that Monte is a big threat and that it will be hard for him to win against Monte ...
    He says he loves him as a person and he hopes that is coming across on the show, glad they met, etc.


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      Today is the Veto Ceremony

      We know that Brittany will not use the veto .. and Jasmine and Monte will remain on the block, with Jasmine as the clear target.

      We "think" that Terrance will not use the veto.. and Joseph and Turner will remain on the block, with Joseph as the target ... BUT .. without any feeds, it's hard to know what has transpired out there

      the rumor/potential spoiler is that .. yes, they are playing music outside ( which we heard the insiders talk about last night ) to avoid the outsiders hearing any more wall yellers , hence why we do not have the feeds out there.

      Not sure when/if that craziness will end.


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        Okay ..

        So ... the feeds were down and back and down and .. you get the picture

        When back .. they are still only inside

        We heard Jasmine talk about "having to think of her speech ahead of time... or she will blank out"

        So .. assuming the veto wasn't used ( not that we thought it would be ) ... OR ..... maybe she's talking about the speech FOR the veto meeting ...

        who the heck knows what's going on these days ...

        Still no outside feeds ...

        And.. literally just like that .. we're back to PET CAM


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          Well.. just after 3:30 PM BBT

          We got glimpse of the backyard

          Kyle to Terrance - “Hey join our Festie Bestie we got your back


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            The rest of the day in pictures ... because their chat chat isn't really worth updating ...


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                        They are either all at the table or all up playing bumper pool....

                        And there's a LOT of this in between ...


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                          After a bit of being on WE'LL BE RIGHT BACK

                          Talk is about the Live Feed and Social Media ..

                          They wonder if the "live feeds" are on them right now

                          (sigh )

                          Jasmine asking the Live Feeders to make sure her husband is posting on her social media that she's on Big Brother 24

                          Jasmine- I feel like the Live Feeders are a "different breed"
                          Taylor agrees ...

                          Monte- how much time do you think that the average Live Feeder is on the Live Feeds?

                          Taylor talks about how much her mom watches the live feeds...

                          Jasmine says that she watched the live feeds last year - but then didn't because they were not "giving her what she needed"

                          Taylor- do you think we are giving them what they need?

                          Jasmine - OH FOR SURE

                          Taylor- the live feeds ???

                          Jasmine - yes ... I mean we do have our days when we're not doing **** .. and maybe this is one of those days.. but we've been giving some good ..

                          Taylor- that one day in the bathroom.. but you wanted actual hours Monte?

                          Monte - like how many hours a week is your mom on them?

                          Taylor - oh a disgusting amount of hours..

                          Monte- 10 hours?

                          Taylor- oh yeah ..

                          Jasmine- I used to hate the fishbowl moment .. it used to happen so often

                          ( girl . we haven't had a "fishbowl moment" in YEARS )

                          Taylor- but now we know why they are down ...

                          Jasmine- I do now .. but I didn't think

                          Taylor -every time I would login . they would be down ... and I'd be like .. it says 24/7 !!! Anyway ...

                          Brittany- my sister never told me an accurate amount of time she watches .. but a good amount ..

                          Monte- Michael, any thoughts?

                          Michael - I guess it would depend on if you are actually watching .. or if you just

                          Taylor- have it on in the background

                          Michael - yeah

                          Taylor- I think that's how you have to operate...

                          Brittany- I'm not a background watcher .. either I'm watching or I'm not

                          Monte- yeah same ..

                          Taylor - I can't wait to see what the big Live Feed moments are .. you know there will be like a youtube .. or twitter clips

                          Jasmine - I want to know what is said after we are done .. that's what I want to hear ..


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                            And .. just because I don't want to transcribe Jasmine talking about her husband going to a strip club ..

                            Let's play along with this ..


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