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Live Feed Updates 8/25 - Day 51

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  • Live Feed Updates 8/25 - Day 51

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    It's Double Eviction Night!

    ( quick catch up from where I left off last night )

    Jasmine talked to Monte, just after her talk with the others...
    She tells him that she picked up on some of the things that he was saying this week and that's how she wasn't surprised that she was the one going home..
    He told her that he's sorry .. it wasn't intentional ..
    She asks him if he and Joseph were close
    He avoids answering .. ( lol )

    Taylor and Brittany talk about Joseph .. they don't want him to go to jury ...

    Brittany, Taylor, Monte and Michael talked about how their talks with Jasmine went..
    All say that she's doing well.. considering she's being voted out

    Kyle and Alyssa talked

    Alyssa telling Kyle a LOT about how she's angry, frustrated, that he lied to her for so long, ( about the Leftovers ) ....
    Alyssa – I am sorry I got snippy with you. I am just angry a little bit.
    Kyle – I hate this blue thing.... ( he's talking about the tarp they put over the yard ) ....I hate my hat. .....I hate my hair.
    Alyssa – I'm angry that you lied to me for a month.. I'm angry that you told them stuff that I told you. .. I'm angry that you said you would vote me out..
    Alyssa- I'm angry that I had like a panic attack like a week ago.... and I needed you so badly.... and I couldn’t find you anywhere t.. and that you were probably with them.... and they were probably talking about getting me out of the house...
    Alyssa- and I'm angry that I care about you so much.

    BUT as angry, upset, mad, etc. that she is .. it doesn't change how she feels about him....
    She says she just had to say it to him.. it was suffocating her
    Kyle tells her that he's sorry
    She asks for what
    He says he doesn't know ..
    Kyle- I just don’t even know ....I just know I feel like guilt and sadness.
    She tells him that she "loves him as a person
    He asks her if she just said the "L' word ... to him...
    She tells no .. she "loves him as a person"
    He says he "loves her as a person too"
    Kyle- I don’t want to say "it " in the game because I want it to be bigger than the game. .. but yes .. I’ve been thinking about it for awhile. Should I say it? Should I not? ... but .. I felt like it would be better… why do I want to cry..??
    Alyssa – you’re so sweet. ....I love it
    Kyle – you what ??
    Alyssa- I love . I like it ...

    They go on and on...

    Turner and Alyssa talked - they agree they should make a Final 3 deal with Kyle.
    They talk about going back in the house .. will it be weird ..
    She says she thinks there be some "weird tension"
    He says that he expects Monte to have some kind of funny reaction to everything
    They agree that Monte "is a funny guy"

    Back inside

    Taylor and Monte talking about the outsiders coming back in the house
    Monte says they can get back to normal
    Taylor – normal?.. what's normal???

    Michael, Taylor, Monte all talking about how they hope Joseph wins the next HoH ...
    They all agree that he does not deserve to be voted out this week.

    Brittany joins them ..

    They "cheers" to surviving the "split house twist"

    Taylor talks about how when she was festie besties with Indy and Alyssa .. all the could talk about was " how a girl has to win" ... and then she won .. and they were like " whoa a girl won" ..

    They talk about how Alyssa was like "that's enough" when Kyle hugged Taylor after she won the wall comp.

    Taylor – I hope that’s in the episode.
    Michael – I still can’t believe she said that.
    Monte – she did,,,, I heard it..
    Taylor – I hope America sees how nasty she ( Alyssa ) was from the very beginning of that episode and how comfortable she was when she snatched that trip...... and how lucky she is that Kyle didn’t use the veto....
    She says she won't be sad if Alyssa doesn't walk back in the house ...

    They talk about taking out Terrance ...
    Who out of them should win the HoH in order to do it ...
    Monte and Brittany both say they’re comfortable winning and taking him out ...

    Brittany talks about how she thinks that Jasmine's crying was fake .. at first .. when they were telling her that they weren't keeping her

    Talk turns back to Terrance ...
    They wonder if he will be honest about what's happened during his HoH outside...
    They wonder if Alyssa will come back.... and they worry that if she does ... that means that .. they ( outsiders ) have formed something ..
    Taylor says she’ll be very upset if Joseph has been evicted and something "shady happened out there"


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        By a vote of 2- O .. Jasmine becomes the 2nd member of the BB24 Jury


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              By a 2- 0 vote .. Joseph becomes the 3rd member of the BB24 Jury ..


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                The twist is over and the house guests are reunited...


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                  HoH competition will play out sometime tonight ...


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                    Note the time change for Eastern peeps ..


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                      Recap of Tonight's Show HERE


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                          Kyle and Turner

                          Kyle to Turner- we never spilled the beans about the Leftovers...Joseph might have .. but we haven't heard anything

                          Turner- yeah


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                            Kyle to Monte- how was it with Jasmine .. do you think she knew?
                            Monte tells him that Taylor and Brittany had a heart to heart her ..

                            Monte to Kyle- first and foremost ..I'm glad you are here, by the way.
                            Kyle- another week on the block...... I had no idea, bro.... I was like... could have been me or Joseph.....luckily it came down to Turner and Alyssa putting in the vote
                            Monte- we were fine at that point

                            Kyle- we knew it was coming .. we knew if any of them had any type of power ... shots would be taken

                            Taylor joins them


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                              Taylor- it was Joseph and...
                              Kyle - me ..
                              Taylor - for noms?
                              Kyle- no ... .. Joseph and Turner...... Terrance won and put me up....., which I think was the plan the whole time


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