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Live Feed Updates 8/27 - Day 53

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  • Live Feed Updates 8/27 - Day 53

    We're bringing you the Live Feed Updates right here in their very own forum ( you guys seem to like that the best ) and we'll do everything that we can to bring you all the drama that plays out inside the Big Brother 24 house, just like we've done for the past 23 years that we've been covering Big Brother.

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    7:09 AM BBT

    All house guests are in bed/sleeping.


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      ( thanks Kenny )

      Today the Power of Veto Competition will play out.
      We'll update you with the veto players, once they are picked

      For now .. here's the very quick catch up from where I left off last night

      While most of the house guests play Chinese Checkers together ..

      Here's Brittany ..

      Kyle talks to the camera

      Kyle – America .. America .. alright holy **** what a freaking week...okay ... freaking Joseph and Brittnay come up with the idea that they are going to find out about this other alliance and Indy goes home..... Dyre Fest.. he talks about how Terrance/Michael win HoH ...

      He exlains out everyone was picked and how he was sure that Michael would pick him .. but he picked Monte and that forced him over to Terrance's side... who he's not talked any game with .. he says that Michael doesn't trust him any more and he's up against Jospeh. he goes on to explain how that all played out when he told Terrance about the Leftovers... because if Joseph played his cards first with either Terrance or Alyssa.. it would be an easy decision to get rid of him .. so he said screw it .. told Alyssa .. told Terrance ...etc.

      He says that within 10 minutes of talking to Terrance, he flipped and he was like oh **** . that is a dangerous man ..

      He continues to explain how Dyre Fest played out..and when Terrance told Joseph told that he knows about the Leftovers..and so Joesph used that .. to get Terrance to put him on the block ..
      He says it blindsided him ..

      He talks about how Joseph went crazy .. etc.

      He talks about how they formed the After Party alliance... and how he suggested that they don't share all the info .. and how Terrance was pissed... etc.

      Kyle- Turner wins.. and now we’re in the HoH ... he says that Turner wantst to go back to the Leftovers and take out Alyssa/Terrance .. and I'm like .. oh **** .. he says that Turner came to his senses.. and Monte came over to them.. he says he's feeling good about the After Party and the Pound...

      He talks about how Taylor told him that he and Turner were the first of the seven out of the Leftovers to be voted out and how he didn't even know that .. but thanks for the info ..

      He talks about how they needed Monte .. and how he had to talk Alyssa and Monte into coming on with Terrance... because if either Alyssa or Terrance won HoH . Monte would have been the one going home.. and now they are meshing them all together ...

      Yo this is crazy there are 8 people left.. basically 7.. like if we can backdoor Michael this week and take him out.. holy cow.... then we have Taylor and Brittany we can take out next.

      And then I am solid with Monte and Turner with the Pound.. I'm solid with the After Party with Alyssa, Terrance and Turner.

      Then I have a final two with Turner and a showmance with Alyssa. I'm like holy **** ... I just went from being on the block about to go home to like the best position in the entire house..... how is that possible!? It just shows you how much can change in Big Brother. ...winning competitions is the key... unfortunately for Michael he has won a lot of competitions and he has been safe ....but listen Michael and Brittany coming after me .. that is so annoying... they act like they run this house.. it's so frustrating.

      I started the Leftovers and looped you ( Michael/Brittany ) in and I basically saved your game up until this point ....and now I am butchering the Leftovers so that I can take you guys out.Michael and Brittany are crazy….. they’re sneaky players... they are really really good at this game. ..let's pray they don't win veto ...

      I'm working with Alyssa and Terrance.. what is my life right now .. there's a path to the end... I just have to make sure that Alyssa is go to go and playing strategically ...the next few weeks are going to be crazy... Taylor, Michael and Brittany are the bottom of the pack and they feel it.....

      I need to make sure that Terrance feels included, he's old, so it's nice to ask him for advice, to make him feel included ..

      He talks about how this is Alyssa and Terrance's first time being part of something .. truly being a part of it... I love this game...I love you America...I feel like I have new life..

      He says that Jospeh was the best player in the game.. so smart... and now he's gone..

      He says get Michael out . then Taylor.. then Brittany ... keep the Pound strong ..


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        Turner and Kyle in the HoH room

        Kyle – Me, you, Monte have the Pound.... which honestly I think is the best move we could have made ..
        Turner- oh for sure

        They talk about bringing Alyssa and Terrance together with Monte .. and how they all wanted each other gone .. and now they are talking game..

        Kyle- me you, Alyssa and Terrance have the After Party.
        Turner – me, you and Alyssa have whatever the **** that is ..

        Kyle -do we have a name for it?
        Turner – no. ... maybe it's just better so it doesn’t get leaked
        Kyle – yeah I think that is better...

        Turner – I think me and you are in the best ****ing standing in the house... no matter what, of them are going to leave next week.... and as long as one leaves the next week we are fine.

        Kyle- yeah .. Michael can't clutch it up back to back ..

        Michael joins them.....

        Michael – I can stay and hang for a little but .. no 5am for me .....

        Kyle tells him he was doing shout outs to his family
        Turner asks if anything ground breaking is happening other than them playing Chinese Checkers..
        talk turns everyone else is getting ready for bed...

        Kyle leaves ...

        Michael says that he thought that they ( him/Turner/Monte/Kyle ) could talk .. but then BB called Monte to the DR ..

        talk turns to the veto competition ...

        Michael to Turner - I would love to play in the veto if you got a house guest choice

        Turner – oh.... for sure.

        Michael – cause I think its going to be Zingbot and I really want to play Zingbot ...

        Turner – oh ....100%.... I’m sure if Brittany and Taylor also get house guest choice they will also pick you... but I will definitely...... hell yeah
        Michael – okay,....well I appreciate that

        He says he will be sad if it's not Zingbot ..

        Cam moves us

        Kyle telling Alyssa that he wants to try to avoid the showmance being targeted.. as the numbers in the house grow smaller ..
        He wonders if he letting Terrance know that she's open to him .. and how she doesn't want to be "saved" by Kyle and wants to play her "own game" ..
        She says she doesn't want Terrance to think that she's just all over the place

        Back to the HoH room with Michael and Tuner still chatting about previous competitions..

        Turner tells him he's going to shower and go to bed ..


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          Currently now .. @ 8:51 AM BBT

          Everyone still sleeping


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            Checking in

            Everyone has been up for a while now
            Mostly chit chat here and there

            Brittany worried about the veto comp being something that involves spinning

            More talk about how they hope it's the Zingbot

            Still no Veto Player picks...


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              Feeds were down on PET CAM

              but now back


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                Monte - put on a show for us Terrance

                Kyle- I will be the sole audience member

                So ..

                Veto Players

                HoH - Turner
                Nominees - Taylor and Brittany
                Picked Players - Michael, Monte and Alyssa

                Host- Terrance


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                  Camera checking out the nominees...


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                    and it stopped to check out this ...


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                      The house is quiet ...


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                        HoH room

                        Kyle and Monte

                        Kyle asking him how he's feeling...

                        Monte -I just want to prove that I can beat Michael once..

                        Kyle and Monte agree that the whole house pretty much knows that if someone comes donw .. Michael goes up ...


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                          Taylor to Terrance - do you think I should be scared?

                          Terrance- I don't think you should be scared.. I think you should try to win.. it's important .. a lot of things could possibly shift if you do ..

                          Taylor- do you want them to shift?

                          Terrance- they should shift... that's all I'm going to tell you .. in my opinion

                          Taylor - okay


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                            Nope .. we still haven't played the Veto Comp yet .. ( I know right?! )

                            I'm catching us up


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                              Brittany and Alyssa talked

                              Brittany asking if Kyle or Turner had told Alyssa anything yet
                              Alyssa tells her no
                              Alyssa thanked her for "telling her first"
                              Brittany telling her that she's sorry she didn't tell her sooner
                              ( all about the Leftovers - which again Alyssa already knew about )

                              Alyssa told Kyle about how Brittany was asking if they had told her anything yet and she told her no
                              Kyle wonders if they will tell him that they told her ..

                              Kyle tells Alyssa that he's still "wary" of Monte
                              Alyssa says she trust Taylor more than him ..
                              They wonder when the Veto comp will start... and if it's Zingbot

                              Kyle, Alyssa and Turner

                              They talk about how Taylor has asked each of them, if they win the veto, will they use it on her.
                              They wonder when the Veto comp will begin
                              They all agree that as long as Michael doesn't win .. everything is good ...

                              Kyle tells them that Michael and Taylor won't make eye contact with him

                              Alyssa tells them that Brittany told her that she didn't tell Michael that she told her everything about the Leftovers
                              She says that Brittany is encouraging Michael to tell her

                              Kyle and Monte

                              Kyle asking Monte if he thinks that if Turner wins the veto ... does he think that Michael or Brittany will start campaigning against him ..
                              Monte says that he thinks so .. cause it's their only option ..


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