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Live Feed Updates 8/29 - Day 55

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  • Live Feed Updates 8/29 - Day 55

    We're bringing you the Live Feed Updates right here in their very own forum ( you guys seem to like that the best ) and we'll do everything that we can to bring you all the drama that plays out inside the Big Brother 24 house, just like we've done for the past 23 years that we've been covering Big Brother.

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    6:03 AM BBT

    All house guests are in bed/sleeping.


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      From last night .. when they got the backyard back ..
      Kyle alone at the table inside ...


      Kenny actually grabbed most of the game talk from where I left off last night .. ( thank you Kenny )

      ( here's just a little more of that Monte/Turner convo )

      Monte to Turner - I just got the reassurance from her (Taylor),.. that you’re not going up next week
      Turner – I honestly appreciate that a lot.. ... that's what Michael said too

      Turner tells him that Michael said " you've had the most intense HoH of the summer today alone ...I don’t think anyone is going to have you take out Kyle for the house.... and then target you next week."

      Turner tells Monte that he will sympathy where he can get it ..

      Monte – 100%

      Turner –obviously I would not ask for 100% immunity ....but Michael said it and I was like that is amazing.....and it made me reassured for the week

      Monte – yeah and it's good to hear from Taylor

      Turner – yeah especially from Taylor..... because she is one person I would be worried about

      Monte tells him that he was conveying that to Taylor in the conversation he had with her about it...

      Monte says that next week .. he thinks it would be Alyssa and Terrance ( on the block )

      Turner - then .. be at the Final 5 .. with Michael, Brittany, and Taylor

      Monte agrees

      Turner tells Monte that he hopes that people approach Kyle with delicacy for the next few days because he was .. ..

      feeds cut

      once back ..

      They are talking about how going to the jury house with Indy and Jasmine ( and well Joseph ) will be Kyle's worse nightmare...

      Turner – do we solidify the Taylor side or the Terrance side?
      Monte tells him .. say Kyle is out this week .. and they win HoH .. they can't punish someone for doing the right thing ( Michael ) ..
      He says after next week .. then ... he thinks that is the time .. ( to get Michael out ) ....
      Monte- and that's when ... we put our dicks on the table and be like this is what we’re working with... and I don’t think anyone will look at us and be like.... those to guys screwed us over.


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        Taylor and Monte

        Taylor saying Turner/Terrance or Turner/Alyssa next week ...
        She says they could take Terrance or Alyssa to Final 5 .. she says she does not want to take Turner to Final 5 ...
        Monte - yeah .. yeah ...
        Taylor – he’s got a stronger shot at winning....
        Mont e- the only thing I would say..... is if he ( Turner ) does get there and Michael is still here... it’s clear who his ( Turner's ) target is 100%....
        He says the only thing is .. if Turner missed his shot at Michael .. they are the causality .. but ... at this point .... . everyone’s game is out on the table
        Taylor – this is crazy ...
        She says she can't imagine people watching all of this on TV ...


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          Today is the Veto Meeting ( yikes )

          Michael will use the veto on Brittany
          And .. Turner will name Kyle as the replacement nominee ..

          What happens from there ... we'll see ...


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            ( quick update )

            Terrance checked in with Turner
            Turner tells him he's putting Kyle as the replacement nominee
            Terrance- I definitely still got you 1000%....


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              We've been on PET CAM since about 11:15 AM


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                Off pet cams now. Kyle & Terrance playing pool no game talk happening just talking about playing pool.

                Turner & Taylor appear to be napping outside on the couch.

                Alyssa & Monte cooking/talking about breakfast and what they will do for the rest of the day (hearing them talk about ideal breakfast is making me hungry)


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                  It’s sounding like Kyle was put on the block during the veto meeting. Terrance and Monte are talking about giving him grace at this time (cams have been switching on and off of them).


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                    Lexi/Kenny if you are able to go back (I can only see feeds on my mobile so I can’t rewatch/rewind). But it seems like a lot went down at the veto meeting and the cameras keep switching on and off of Monte & Terrance


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                      Kyle to Alyssa - I'm excited to see the Jury House


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                        Michael used the Power of Veto on Brittany.
                        Turner nominated Kyle as the replacement nominee
                        Kyle and Taylor on the block.


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                          Monte and Terrance

                          Terrance tells Monte that he's been thinking ..

                          Terrance - I definitely think that it will be an unpopular opinion.... but I am honestly thinking about the ramifications that happens when he (Kyle) leaves. and you know ... my thought process and you can correct me.. it's just my thought process... but .. us sending him away, does that really change anything in his mind?.... you know .. I think that encapsules how everyone would feel about him..... America included. .and it doesn't give him the opportunity to shift... and my thought ... is would it be better of an opportunity for him to stay and grow.... and possibly progress his thought process to give him an opportunity to change the stigma he has inside of him? .... you know . instead of allowing that to be .. us throwing him ... out .. you know . that's the easy part . the harder part would be like.. . like let him play the game.. .. the problem that I'm having though with that process .. is that Taylor is up against him..... to me... that was a weirder move on Mike to

                          Monte- -oh .. to use . .yeah

                          Terrance - to use the veto on Brittany

                          Monte- I think we all could have saw that coming from a mile away....

                          Terrance- yeah but based on the climate and temperature of everything done that has been done . it would have been like . let me ( Michael ) give you ( Taylor ) a reprieve on this situation ...

                          Monte- and on top of that .. Brittany hasn't set on the block ... on one eviction night .. so ... you bring up a valid point

                          Terrance - yeah that was just something I was kicking around in my head. and it ain't nothing .. that has to grow legs but it was something that was in my head to navigate all options..... even unpopular options..... just to see if we could change a narrative that's always a narrative

                          Monte- How do you feel about the trust component with him after this week?...that's only thing I struggle with... like if it's not Michael ( as a target ) then how do I know it's not me ( as Kyle's target ) based on the "evidence" that I've seen so far ..

                          Terrance - or me?

                          Monte - yeah .. exactly ..

                          Terrance- because at the end of the day . if we did save him ( Kyle ) ... theoretically . it is me and you ..

                          Monte- yeah

                          Terrance - you see what I'm saying ...

                          Monte - yeah and I don't think that he ( Kyle ) would hesitate on that at all ( targeting them ) and so unfortunately . that's my biggest concern

                          Terrance - that's fair . and I feel you .. I was just spit balling . and I always need a sounding board ... to say "nah T . that ain't the move" ... he ( Kyle ) is just going to have to figure it out

                          Monte- yeah ... . my thing is .. I'm just big on actions.

                          Terrance- me too.... words mean nothing. I tell my kids I'm deaf .. you gotta show me.. and changes happens in the moment on what you progressively do ..

                          they laugh

                          Terrance- and I definitely like that you ( Monte ) took the steps to say "talk to the therapist later"

                          Monte- yeah ... 100%

                          Terrance- that was huge . and I think that is what ..

                          Monte- prompted the thought

                          Terrance- yeah ... that's when it jumped in my mind saying ..

                          Monte- he's doing the work ..

                          Terrance- that let me see that we could talk about it and then move on to the next week

                          Monte- the toughest thing for him .. is that he (Kyle ) is a big competitor .. and the battles... we are going to need as many as we can . if Michael were to play in the veto .... cause it's just tough to beat him ( Michael ) right now .. and that would be the game benefit .. to have someone that could take that shot and beat him .. but at the same time... I think that everybody has to be thinking a lot of the same things right now ... I mean .. I've even be approached by

                          feeds cut to WE'LL BE RIGHT BACK

                          Once back

                          They continue to talk about how keeping Kyle in the game would be a big gamble .. not sure what he would do ... etc.

                          Monte - in the real world... there would be no exiling of him from my life... if anything,..... I would want to bring him closer....... I look forward to talking to him this week about all of this stuff.... but like. you know . it's like kids.... if they don't face any consequences for their actions...

                          Terrance- they don't really learn.

                          Monte- then they don't really learn... . It's not a negative consequence,, he ain't going to jail . thank god .. ( he laughs )

                          Terranc - that's trust

                          Monte- and I'm sure that there's going to be more consequences when he gets out ....of course...... but that's the justice in the process. .. but you know . you want to love on someone and help them .. but sometimes.. the best thing to help somebody is let them experience it...... I'd hate for the thought process to revert back and "it's not that big of a deal"...... you know what I mean ?

                          Terrance- right right ... the ramifications of it . and how it has affected people of color for many many years

                          Monte- right

                          Terrance - and like I said . I really wanted to bring it home... these situations based "just on color" ... have gotten

                          cam moves to Kyle and Alyssa on the couch by the bumper pool l.. just chit chat . no game talk ...
                          He's talking about being a boy scout .. going to scout camp .. at his church ..

                          Once back to Monte and Terrance...

                          Monte talking about how he things that "these steps he's taking" are good and that he ( Kyle ) as a lot of time

                          Terrance- before he sees the world...

                          Monte- yeah that .. and even before this Thursday ...

                          Terrance - yeah he's got time to get his head together

                          Monte- I hope he does . I got kind of emotional . seeing him react ... the veto meeting that way

                          Terrance- yeah

                          Monte - because I do believe that people are still giving him grace.. although he made a pretty tough mistake

                          Terrance- yeah

                          Monte - he ( Kyle ) probably would have expected to have been bashed ... or completely thrown to the much .. but he fact that we are still loving on him .....still forgiving him.... that's an unconditional love that you don't see a lot of times.

                          Terrance- - it would have been easy for us to ostracize him.. and not give him any type of ... energy or anything .. but you know . we still kinda vibing ..

                          Terrance talks about how Monte told Kyle, that he needed to admit his truth .. that he couldn't "dance around it"

                          Monte talks about how Kyle, in front of everyone ... said " I think my thoughts were rooted in race"...

                          Monte- that takes a lot of courage given the situation that he ( Kyle ) is in...... I think the repercussions of that are a lot less than denying ....denying,.... denying.. call a spade a spade.

                          Terrance- it's definitely a spade....

                          Monte- I look forward to seeing what he gets from therapy

                          cam moves us to Kyle and Alysa

                          Kyle- what if I go home this week and you win HoH .. and you go in and it's a letter from me .. but we just talked that same day

                          they laugh


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                            Terrance to camera- _ guess if you've been watching the live feeds... it's been an interesting 48 hours... you know ..... I don't even know if I want to talk about it.. I don't know .. I'm trying to be progressive, . I'm trying to change the narrative.... and ... you know ... I just feel like... if you do something different in the moment than what you can easily do, you can see some type of change..... I may be just too optimistic.....

                            Terrance - I do believe . and this is my truth .. and I know I talk about this company a lot .. but I do believe that Royal Caribbean.. has figured out racism ... you got every single melting pot on that boat and everyone just vibes out . and I guess if they are whatever . .they just keep it in the tuck ..

                            He shouts out to Seattle .. saying "y'all got it down pat too"

                            He talks about his weight loss journey .. making great process...

                            He moves on to talk about the game/house .. etc.

                            Terrance - like I've said before .. if you don't leave the whole game on the table . . don't play ..

                            Terrance - it's at a point where the fun has been sucked out of the whole situation,.....where it was fun..... where it was to the point where I was enjoying the experience as what it was... that doesn't make it a quit situation ....or you give up.... or you don't push yourself..


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                              Michael and Brittany in the Storage Room

                              Michael - will he really put up Terrance and Alyssa ?

                              Brittany- I don't know .. but I feel like that's a conversation worth having .. but he could lie to us ..

                              Michael -yeah .. but regardless .. does it really matter?

                              Brittany - I think it matters for jury management for us ..

                              Michael - yeah

                              Brittany - I would love .. I mean .. it didn't feel appropriate out there .. cause we were still smoothing things over and talking and rebuilding .. but I think that it's worth saying "hey... "

                              Michael nods yes


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