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Live Feed Updates - 8/30 - Day 56

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  • Live Feed Updates - 8/30 - Day 56

    We're bringing you the Live Feed Updates right here in their very own forum ( you guys seem to like that the best ) and we'll do everything that we can to bring you all the drama that plays out inside the Big Brother 24 house, just like we've done for the past 23 years that we've been covering Big Brother.

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    ( here's the catch up )

    Alyssa and Turner

    He tells her that he knows that Terrane is pitching the Kyle thing ..
    He says he doesn't want anyone to think that he has anything to do with that
    He says there was no way that he could not have put up Kyle yesterday

    Alyssa tells him that she's leaving it up to Monte and Terrance to make decision ( to vote out or keep ) and she will do the same..
    She says will not be the only person to vote to keep Kyle

    She says she doesn't think that her and Kyle will be together after this ..

    She talks about the "house meeting" yesterday ( I assume which happened after the veto meeting ) about how Kyle said he had a Final 2 with Turner
    She tells him it upset her to find that out

    Turner explains that formed way .. back when the Leftovers formed.
    He said that Brittany and Michael had a f Final two and so did Joseph and Monte ... so it would be foolish for he and Kyle not to have one ..

    She tells him that makes sense..
    Turner tells her that when Kyle said that he was like " **** me ..why did you just say that .." "me and Turner have a Final two" .... and out my game to the entire house??? "
    Turner - I'm like ... that's not even relevant.. like what the **** ..

    Alyssa - him ( Kyle ) and Michael/Brittany had a Final Three ... and his ( Kyle's ) exact words were... " if I didn’t have people backing up my showmance I wouldn’t have fought to keep her in this game"

    She says that she is is girlfriend NOT his "showmance" ..

    She says she would have literally done anything for him in this game ...
    She says that "showmance" sounds fake ..

    She goes on about if she was expendable to him...
    What if Michael and Brittany didn't want her in the game.. etc.
    She says that she deserves someone who is going to fight for her ..

    She talks about how Kyle was raised in an very religious household ... was sheltered ..
    She says although it's very disturbing ... she knows that it comes from a place ignorance ...not a place of malicious intent..
    She says it doesn't matter anymore .. it's the narrative now and it breaks her heart for him ...

    She tells Turner that they ( her and Kyle ) say " I love you" to each other ..
    She says she's tried and tried with him .. she says she shows up for him always .. but she's never seen where he showed up for her ..

    She talks about how she's struggled this week.... with Kyle and everything that's happened
    She says she loves him ... but damn him for lying to her ... this entire game..

    She talks about how he manipulated their relationship
    She talks about how he would have neve backed her up .. no matter what ..
    She talks about how she looks roped into everything that Kyle has done/said.. all the horrible remarks...
    She says she would never never ever ever do/say what the did in a million years
    She says that everything about that ... pissed her off .. but ... she does love him and support him .

    She says that Kyle was laying there crying this morning and she stayed with him ...
    She says that she will do lay with him as a "friend " now ..but that's as far as she will go

    Turner says it sounds like they "broke up"
    She says not officially ... although he ( Kyle ) kept telling her to "break up with him"

    Kyle joins them
    he tells them that Terrance is probably the best person he's ever met ...

    Taylor and Brittany

    Taylor telling her that Monte is interested in a Final 3 with them
    They talk about how with Kyle gone... the others would be stupid not to try to pull Monte to their side ..
    Taylor tells her that she thinks that Monte will want to take out Michael before Final 4....

    They talk targets
    Brittany says she will target Alyssa .. because she lied to her ..

    Brittany and Taylor outside now ...

    Brittany is crying ..
    Taylor telling her it's okay ..
    Brittany saying that she likes them so much ..
    She says it just is seeming more and more of a reality ..that everyone but them are against Michael
    She says it's fine.. she knows it's coming ... but it sucks ..
    Taylor - for a lot of people it is the only way they win the game.
    Brittany- yeah ... she says she know that 'she's on board ... but ... she thinks that it's better for them .. the longer they can keep Michael in the game. he's a shield for them ..
    She tells Taylor that once Michael is gone .. they are "very expendable"
    Taylor - we'll be okay

    Turner and Monte

    Turner pitches keeping Kyle in the game until the Final 5 ..
    They talk about Michael .. have to get him out ..
    Monte tells him that Brittany and Taylor are also worried about Michael beating them as they get closer to the Finals
    Turner tells Monte that he thinks that if Taylor wins HoH .. she will put up Alyssa/Terrance and backdoor him
    Turner talking about how he feels like Michael and Brittany are shutting him out

    Brittany, Taylor, Monte and Michael

    Monte tells them that he was talking to Turner about Kyle revealing that they ( Turner/Kyle ) had a Final 2 deal ..
    Monte - he ( Turner ) revealed that Kyle wanted to put him ( Monte ) up as as a replacement nominee when Brittany came down.
    He says he will be "damned if he saves Kyle" for a multiple reasons .... but for a game level reason .. now . that is not okay .... because if Kyle stayed and took a shot at Michael and missed.. who would go up .. ( as in he would )

    Alyssa joined them so that convo ended.


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      ( Quick update )

      Kyle and Brittany talked

      He told her that yesterday, was filled with hurt, sorrow and that it was very hard for him when he realized that he had done
      He say's it's difficult .. but necessary ... in order to move forward

      Kyle tells her that he didn't "feel the weight of his actions" until yesterday.
      Brittany tells him that the way he is reacting is "justifiable"
      She tells him that even his " defensiveness "

      Brittany to Kyle - I don't hold anything against you.... not that .. that matters...

      Brittany tells him she's been struggling

      Brittany to Kyle - I don't think I have ever hurt somebody much as I have probably hurt you
      He tells her no . not to say that ..
      She says it's true
      Kyle -yeah
      Brittany- I don't typically find myself in these situations
      Kyle- I don't either ...
      He says that makes him feel badly ...
      He tells her that she "did nothing wrong"

      Britttany- no, i think that I did come to the realization that we forget that we are on camera too... and it feels like it started yesterday ... but it had't just started yesterday ...

      Brittany- America has known for a while..

      She tells him that she and Michael have "known about it for a while"

      Brittany to Kyle - It sounds like you hadn't had the awareness ....of what those things sounded like......

      She tells him she regrets not having conversations with him ..

      Britttany - but all that happened this week .. was just all the people in the house knowing ..

      Kyle - the weight of everything yesterday...... is realizing it's not eight people ( in the house ) .. it's the world. .... that is what's scary for me.. and like.. hard .. and like... I won't lie . when they said give your reasons why you should be taken off the block. I hadn't even processed that .. both you and Taylor could .. in your words... .like alienated me .. ( his voice cracks ) .. and I was like .. Oh My God ..

      Brittany - Kyle, this is and I could be wrong ... and I will get alienated when I get out of this house .. but this is what I know for sure...

      Brittany tells him that people aren't just upset with him.. they are upset with her and Michael too .. she says they took heat .... because she knows that he's not a malicious person.....

      Brittany to Kyle - you are not a jackass...that came into the house .. you are not a "this guy" .. you are not a "that guy" ...

      She tells him that "usually" if a person says a comment that is 'of this nature" . .they would have no idea .. and they ( the person ) would go out to Julie and then Julie would be like " here is what you said" and ask that person to answer for it ... and they would get booed ...

      Brittany- usually those people are just extreme...... completely racist..... you are not that way

      She tells him that it doesn't "excuse the comment" .. but he will have a chance to give a speech ..he's gets time to talk to everyone in the house ..
      She tells him it usually doesn't work like that on this show....

      She says that she didn't know if he had come to Turner and Alyssa with and if they knew or not ..
      She says wanted them to know ... before they got out and how that could also ruin them out side the house ...

      He tells her that having this week to have the conversations this week .. is a blessing ...

      She tells him that she hopes that America will see that this is a 'complex situation with shades of gray"

      Brittany- sure there are people out there in the world that are cold hearted racist people .. who take out their anger ...groups .. and that exists in the world...

      Brittany- and then there are people who would never ever think anything .. and then there are people ... who I myself at one time ... living in Georgia .. and being naive and stuff like that ... just hadn't .. before I moved to New York ... before I went to NYU .. I just .. I hadn't met any other .. I was just so insulted ... and it took a lot of education and eye-opening ... to just be able to understand how the world works ... and I'm not saying that is you . I was 18 ... and in High School.. we are now grown adults ..and the world has changed so drastically .. this was even before Obama was president .. it's a different world now . so there's no excuse .. but I do recognize that it's not so cut and dry ...

      Kyle talks about how he's lived a very sheltered life in Utah and has not experienced...

      Feeds cut


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        Kyle is alone in the Have Not room .. that gold blanket that's always with him ..covering his head ..


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          Terrance talked to Monte and recounted his talk to Kyle last night

          Monte tells Terrance that if a player last season had suspicions and acted on them .. that would be one thing ... as it would have been the truth.
          He says that the reality here now .. is that Kyle had nothing ... other than they were not white ...


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            Monte shared a story with Terrance about his nephew having to deal with racism in the coast guard
            He got very emotional as he shared the story
            the feeds were cutting in and out


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              Monte to Terrance - I just want to be free, bro ... it's like this ****ing chokehold that society has put on our minds ....that we have to think this way..... I would love to be able to walk around and not think about that... it restricts what I can do....I hate being told what to do.... when I live in a country where freedom is preached for everybody..... not for one type of person.... or this type of person...for every person. ... why am I in the freest country in the world..... but mentally I'm a slave ...


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                Monte to Terrance - unfortunately it makes certain folks...., it makes white America,...very uncomfortable to think ...that they have to be in a situation where... they are forced to be around more of us..... cause they are not used to that

                Monte tells Terrance that he's sorry for getting emotional .. when it come to "that stuff"
                Terrance tells him that he was emotional during "that time upstairs" ..

                Terrance - it makes you angry... it's to a point where this **** has to stop.... this line of thinking has to ****ing stop

                Terrance tells Monte that they have to "break this cycle"

                Terrance - that was my mentality with trying to get him ( Kyle ) to do it on a big stage..... because everyone is watching

                He says he knows everyone is watching .. based on this ... because "it's negative as ****"


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                  ( going back to catch some conversations )

                  Coming in on a conversation with Kyle and Alyssa

                  Kyle - I understand the consequences and I fully accept all consequences.... they are all deserved... and I'm just trying to best foot forward and to learn and I appreciate your patience with me . and your understanding .. and .. you know being there for me . that really means a lot ..

                  Kyle- I've never been good at expressing myself.. so this is so diffcult .. if I could just explain what I'm feeling . what is going on in my head.. it's just so difficult .. but I will try ..and I think that everyone is so patience and understanding .. and ... so yeah ... I appreciate you ... I'm sorry ..

                  He drops his head .. voice cracking ...

                  Kyle - I've cried so much .. I'm sick of it honestly .. I can't . . it's so difficult ... yeah .. I'm just so sorry ALyssa .. I'm sorry ...

                  Alyssa- thank you . I had a meeting with the therapist this morning just to kinda

                  Kyle- how did it go ?

                  Alyssa - good

                  Kyle - she's really nice

                  Alyssa- she helped me understand my thoughts.. because I think I was struggling a bit between ... personal and what's real and not real ... which is something really hard for me to understand .. but ... she kinda helped me organize my thoughts ... cause it's really hard for me to . as well...and I think that .. hmmm... okay ... give me a second ...

                  Alyssa- game aside.. just our personal relationship .. before coming into this game. I am always the person who ... has to . like fix someone .. or help someone . and when I say that .. I would have done anything for you .. I would have 100% .. would have until like abssoulltey forever ..

                  Alyssa- even in this situation of like the group meeting ... I know that you messed up and I would have stil supported you ... and helped you and given you the best advice that that I could have and been the best partner that I could have because I'm just the kinda person that's always going to stand behind you ..

                  Kyle -yeah

                  Alyssa- ummmmm... but .... I am not the person that I was before .. who will just stay and like take alot ... so I think that I need to watch the show ... and I need to see the conversations that have happened.. I need to see what was real. what was said.. and what was not said before I can decide if this is a realtionship that I want to be in . because . when I tell you that I love you . I don't say it lightly

                  Alyssa- I'm a very intense person .. outside of this house

                  Alyssa - and I feel like.. I dunno ... when you say that you feel dumb. I feel kinda dumb .. with this situation and I know that sometimes you speak with out knowing what you are saying ... but the.. ' I wouldn't have fought for my showmance, if I didn't have people backing me up"

                  Kyle- yeah

                  Alyssa- and there's probably been a hand full of times when I genuinely felt like my heart was going to break .. so it was definitely head over heart ... but. that being said ... I do love you a lot and I and I'm happy that I met you .. and no matter what happened in this game..

                  Kyle - yeah

                  Alyssa- it doesn't have to do with things.. but I do feel like you never fought for me... I mean I know you didn't use the veto one time.. but at the end of the day ...

                  Kyle -yeah

                  Alyssa - you would have picked yourself over me ... for sure . and that's just not somebody that I want to have babies with and imagine my life with

                  Kyle - yeah

                  Alyssa - I just feel like I deserve a little bit better than that .. but ...

                  Kyle - okay

                  Alyssa- but .. um.. that's really .. really ... really hard for me and it' going to be really . really hard for me.. for a long . long .. long .. long time... BUT . I am a strong person .. and I can handle myself ... it's .. I'm not okay ..

                  Kyle- yeah
                  Alyssa- I'm not okay at all ( she's crying ) ... like I'm not going to be okay for a long time... and like I just really thought that I had finally met my person .. and maybe I did .. maybe I didn't ... but that's' what I feel like I live for .. so it's just hard to feel like I was wrong ... again . I dunno .. everything that I've said to you . I've meant 100% ... and... I .. don't want to lose you as a person ... so I hope I get out of here and I hope that I watch back...and I hope that I'm wrong .. but yeah. I don't think that I can stand behind someone that won't stand behind me anymore. I've done it .. too much in my life

                  Kyle- yeah

                  Alyssa- and not to make your life any harder than it is . .. but .. that's what she was talking to me about this morning.. she was like . there's a very fine line .. what's game and what's real and what's important to me and what's not important to me..


                  Alyssa- but . it's hard for me to live in this house .. and see you and not want to hug you and kiss you .. hold you and lay with you ...

                  Kyle- yeah

                  Alyssa- but ... I just.. I .. I dunno . I feel sad... disappointed .. and yeah . how does that make you feel ???

                  <big pause>

                  Kyle- I don't even know ...


                  Alyssa- despite everything . was our relationship real to you ?

                  Kyle- yes.. I mean...

                  Alyssa- so you can tell me... you're not going to lose anything now

                  Kyle- no . it was .. and that's why I wanted to hold off on saying I love you .. until after the game.. because there was always that component .. of .. like.. we are still in this game... and like the things I said were 100% true .. certain things.. I've lied so much in this game.. but my feelings for you .. and what I think about you as a person are all genuine ..

                  Alyssa- I appreciate that ..

                  Kyle - as hard as it is to hear. and again I don't even know how to express myself.. I hope there is a chance outside of the game.. that we can explore something without the game.. that's what I hope for ..

                  Alyssa- I hope so too ... but being someone who has had ****ty relationships in the past it's just hard..

                  Kyle-yeah and having someone that has lied to you the past two months.. about game.. I completely understand ..

                  Alyssa- and having to hear it from everyone else in the house

                  Kyle- yeah

                  Alyssa- it's definitely been a lot .. but yeah .. and I have never lied to you .. I will never lie to you .. but I don't think we should leave this game in a relationship .. like just I will watch the show myself and hear from people who love me who have watched it along ...

                  Kyle- yeah

                  Alyssa - so I don't make the mistake that I've made a million times.. I've literally spent my life trying to fix grown men .. and I can't do it anymore

                  Kyle- I hear you .. and I'm just he most broken 29 year old .. I agree and like.. yeah ...

                  She kisses his hand ..

                  Alyssa- yeah .. but . that doesn't change any emotions that we had in here .. and blah . blah .. blah .. cause I st;il think that you are pretty cool ..

                  Kyle- yeah . and it's not over . it's not a final . I'm still holding out hope


                  They continue to talk ... saying .. they can talk after and see what happens ..

                  She wipes her tears and then ...

                  Alyssa- but if you can do anything for me . .game wise

                  Kyle- **** what ?

                  Alyssa- don't tell Brittany and Michael that you told me about the stupid Leftovers.. cause they are so fixated on that

                  Kyle - really ?

                  Alyssa- Terrance told Brittany that you told him.... about it .. and just him . so Brittany goes to Terrance and says that she hates liars and that "Alyssa lied" ..

                  Kyle- I can't keep lying . what can I say .. I can't ..

                  Alyssa- just tell her that you told me what you needed to

                  Kyle - no .. no .. I can't .. I'm sorry . I' m done .. I keep forgetting there's still a game going on .. I'm done talking game...

                  He says he wants to help her .. but this is the last thing he needs right now

                  She says she told them that she knew like 75% .. because she wanted to see if they would tell her something ..

                  She tells him .. then just avoid that conversation with them

                  Kyle - they are smart . the won't let me leave without .. I dunno .. my brain is fried... I'm out .. I know . I'm sorry ...

                  Alyssa- I just don't want them .. I just don't want to deal with them.. but whatever... just see if you can avoid that

                  Kyle - I w ill ... I'm sorry .. game wise you , Turner and Terrance are not in a good position game wise because of this ..

                  Alyssa- Brittany and Michael told Turner that they are not going to talk game ..with anyone until they see who wins HOH ...

                  She says she doesn't want them to think she's lying to them ..

                  Alyssa- Brittany was crying this morning and I asked her why and she was like "because I know I have to take my best friend out of this house" ... talking about Michael

                  Kyle - what ??

                  Kyle - holy **** ..

                  Alyssa tells him again that she's really glad she met him ...

                  they continue to talk back and forth about how the game and their relationship played out ..


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                    ( still rolling back to catch some convos )

                    coming in on a convo with Kyle and Taylor

                    Kyle telling her that during the movie ( when Michael/Turner/Alyssa/Taylor were watching the movie ) that he was very defensive ( with the others ) and trying to justify his actions.

                    He tells her that yesterday .. that transitioned to the most immense sorrow he had every felt
                    He says this morning .. he was feeling strictly fear.

                    cam moves...

                    Once back ...

                    Kyle saying that he doesn't know how know how to have this conversation.

                    Cam moves

                    Once back ...

                    Kyle- I realized I was playing a very selfish game ... and I think that's where a lot of the issues that I've had.. was just thinking me.. me.. me and not "why" ... not trying to understand other people's prespective .. and other people's beliefs and things like that ..
                    so . I have made mistakes

                    He drops his head

                    Taylor- take your time...

                    Kyle crying ..

                    Cams switch

                    Once back

                    Kyle still crying

                    Kyle- I feel so terrible Taylor .. I know I was wrong .. never should have made those snap judgments .. don't know how to explain.. don't know where to put my hurt or sorrow.. he says he's sorry for everything .. for having the mentality .. making snap judgments ..not learning about each person ...

                    Kyle - so that's where I'm at . .and the kindness you've shown... that everyone has shown .. I don't deserve .. that kindness but I appreciate it ..

                    Taylor - so it's hard .. as individuals ... I understand.. when your accused of doing racist things.. the need to be defensive .. because all of us try to be good people..... the circumstances of this game can push us ... but regardless. we all try to be good people...

                    Kyle - yeah

                    Taylor - to be told that you are ... or that you are doing something that is so heavy ... you are like "that's not the person I am.. I wouldn't do that . what? ".. but I think that you are doing a really good job of going through that journey .. of saying "no, I have done something racist"

                    Kyle-- yeah

                    Taylor - of saying " I have acted or had thoughts of racist behavior" and I think ... that the weight of that gets smaller .. when we are afraid of what the label is ...

                    Kyle- yea

                    Taylor - and just acknowledging that no,. .we are multifaceted human beings.. capable of doing bad things.. but I don't think you are this bad thing

                    Kyle - yeah

                    Taylor - I was shocked when they told me . I was like "Kyle ?? " .. cause that is not the person that I know ..

                    Kyle- yeah

                    Taylor - but I do know that we are multifaceted people and I'm sure that I've done things and said things in my past ... against other minority groups . in Middle School. I'm sure that I was a little asshole about everything.. mid 2000 ...

                    Kyle- young

                    Taylor- yeah . you don't even know what you are saying .. but .. I am sure that there are things that I have said in my past that I would be humiliated and disgusted by . but I can say that there's nothing that I have currently done .. but if I were to say something right now . knowing how I feel about people right now . I wouldn't be afraid to own that

                    Kyle- yeah like I did something wrong

                    Taylor- yeah and that is what you are doing

                    Kyle- trying to do ...

                    She tells him he's human .. and for her .. she is . working through the moment where .. she says she's no stranger to dealing with racism .. during her pageants.....when she was crowned.. etc.

                    Cam moves us

                    Once back

                    Taylor talking about how he had the Cookout in the back of his mind ..

                    Cam moves us

                    Once back

                    Taylor to Kyle- I see how you got there . it doesn't excuse it .. but I see how you got there . you said the "why's were similar"
                    Kyle - for me it was when .. that alliance was proposed to Monte and Jospeh ...

                    Cam moves us

                    Once back

                    Taylor saying the people of color uniting was .. greater the bonds they were forming ..
                    She says she was Leftovers to the end ..
                    Kyle- I know
                    Taylor - you dumby ..
                    Kyle - I know I was stupid ..

                    She tells him maybe that could of united them . but that was not the game they were playing this year

                    Cam moves us

                    Once back

                    Kyle saying that that hadn't even crossed their minds and he's sorry ..

                    She talks about why she came into the game.. because Black women get the burden of almost everything . and they are bullied and not given the what their counterparts are ...

                    Talk turns to when he didn't want to use the veto ..

                    She says when they were saying .. Alyssa is a mastermind, and he said .. but .. "what if we are evicting a really nice girl."

                    She tells him it triggered her ... because so many times in her life she was never given the opportunity to be viewed as the nice girl.

                    She tells him that in that moment, which girl got to make the mistake........... and then got saved and protected

                    She says that people like Alyssa .... are always going to be saved,.. when people like her ... are not always.

                    She says she's not a "call out" type of person .. she's a "call in" type of person

                    She tells him that she knows that he will pour in the work.
                    She says she will help hiim

                    She says that whatever happens outside the house, ....

                    Taylor- when we get out of here . I might look like the stupid black girl .. but I am going to be defending you ...

                    Kyle tells her that he hopes that he can show that her that he can learn and grow .
                    He tells her that he's appreciative of her and of everyone

                    He apologizes for not understanding the full impact of her not wanting to put up Jasmine ...

                    She laughs and says "and you know how I felt about Jasmine"

                    She says if she was walking into the game saying she wanted to be the one to carry the weight of black women in this game and in this world.. who was she to put up another black woman ..

                    She says she would have voted her out . no problem .. but she couldn't put her up ..

                    He tells her that he appreciates her so much as a person ......and appreciates her .. and her kindness and love.

                    He tells her that Alyssa kinda broke things off with him
                    Taylor - oh I'm sorry
                    He tells her no .. it's good ... she should have ..
                    He says he hopes he can be forgiven by her . the house .. everyone ..
                    He says this is a first for him . .. and he 's working through it .. best he can ..

                    She tells him that someone is pitching him to stay... and she knows it's not coming from him...
                    He tells her no . it's not ...

                    talk turns to if/how he will bring up all this in jury

                    Taylor tells him that she's here to help him with conversations he'll need to have
                    He tells her that he appreciates that and that Terrance has helped with that too
                    Taylor- I always say you don't know what you don't know

                    the cam has cut away a lot throughout this whole conversation ... ( it's annoying )


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                      ( still going back to grab convos )

                      Kyle and Monte

                      Kyle telling him he doesn't know how to have these conversations

                      He tells him that Alyssa broke up with him . but it's for the best

                      He talk about how Terrance has helped him to guide this conversations and he's never been in this situation before.

                      He says he has an opportunity to learn and grown ..

                      He says he goes from being optimistic to sorrow ...

                      He says that Terrance thought it would be good for him to explain his background ..

                      He starts to cry

                      Kyle - I'm sorry bro, I'm sorry . I really am

                      Monte- it's okay man

                      Kyle- it's another level with him...
                      He says he feels bad.. he says he will never forget the look that him and Terrance gave him.. he felt like he was lower than human .. lower than life.. and he's sorry ...

                      He talks about growing up in Utah ..
                      He says he grew up on an air force base for 5 years and it was diverse but then moved back to Utah and his high school had 5 African American students out of 1700 and many were adopted by white families.
                      He says he's lived a very privileged life
                      he's still crying ...

                      He says he's sorry .. he wanted to learn .. he's sorry .. no excuses ..
                      He says he's played a selfish game ..
                      He says he's sorry for what he said in the Have Not room .. it was just him being defensive... never should have said that

                      (Monte getting emotional throughout Kyle talking )

                      Kyle still crying- I just want to say how sorry I am.. your friendship means so much to me... you've done nothing wrong .. .me assuming or placing judgement was all on me.. I'm so sorry ..

                      He says that he was selfish and didn't understand when Taylor said she didn't want to put Jasmine on the block .. he was only thiking how that affected him . not about Taylor's "why" .. he says he should have been asking about her "why" .. and understanding it ...

                      He tells him again that Terrance has helped him to know how to walk through these conversations.. to explain is feelings, explain his background, explain how he wants to learn and grow .. feel remorse

                      Kyle- I don't know man . I don't know what do to or say ... you can just punch me in the face...

                      Monte laughs .. says no .. no

                      Kyle - that would help me feel something other than what I am feeling right now

                      Monte- you'd be asleep ... but other than that ...

                      He laughs . says he's kidding
                      Kyle laughs

                      Monte - for real .. I'm Terrance had that convo .. with you .. and help you with your approach on this ..
                      He tells him he appreciates the apology for the convo in the have not room..
                      He says t was a frustrating convo for him

                      Monte tears up

                      Monte says the reason it's tough for him
                      He says he didn't even realize it until this morning when he talked to Terrance....
                      Monte just like you shared your background ..
                      he says .. up until the 9th grade he was in diverse school environments... but .. high school was the first time. ... he went to a prestigious white school and the first year was rough..... he said he has a shoulder injury . a heart procedure he had to get done .. and it was hard for him .. because people just assumed he was there to play sports... so socially . it was hard .......he wasn't used to doing homework...
                      He said he worked his way through it .. but never felt like people wanted to know about him ..
                      He had relationships end and it usually had to do with race...but he chalked it up to it just being those kids......

                      He says in college . he hung out with people that looked like him ..
                      He says he was one of the few African Americans doing his internships i
                      It wasn't diverse and even were he works now it isn't very diverse
                      He says ... it always felt like he could get to the point where he could have a white friend he could truly trust.

                      He talks about his brother . how he means the world to him
                      He talks about the racism his brother dealt with in the military and how he couldn't be there for him to protect him.
                      Monte- that **** ****ed me up .. all the way..

                      Cam moves us

                      Once back

                      Monte saying that coming into the house he didn’t want to base anything off race or gender .....he just wanted to play with people that were true and honest.,and that he could trust ..
                      He says he never had the intention of all the black people working together.

                      He talked about Ameeah being a strong black woman

                      He says he never thought of trying to repeat what happened last year ..

                      He talks about when he and Kyle walked in the house together ...

                      Monte tells Kyle that he knew they never had a Final 2 .. .. but . when he and Kyle talked... they could be strategic and talk the same language.
                      He says it hurt a lot to hear the reason he wanted to work with others was attached to his race.,, that was the part that now he has to .. gotta.. don't care about Twitter.. it's his brother .. he has to think of his brother and how he would explain it to him

                      He says that lot of white American's feel the way Kyle did..... but he ( Monte ) is the one that has to deal with that...of always having to prove that he can hang out with them .. not looking like them ..
                      He says he's coming to terms with things..
                      He says when Kyle told him how he got to where he was .....he could see how he thought that...... yeah . there was Cookout ... things were based on the commonality of race.. but ... it was the follow through that hurt him
                      He doesn't hate him .. doesn't dislike him .. dislikes his thought process going into that ..but .. he loves him ... as a person ..

                      Monte says he was good when Kyle said in the living room that a lot of the thoughts were rooted in race... because in the Have Not room ..

                      Kyle - I was being defensive... didn't want to face that

                      Monte tells him it's okay... he forgives him for that

                      Monte is going to make sure he vouches for him regardless of what happens after this ..
                      He says for him.. it's unconditional ...

                      Kyle crying ... says he appreciates it .. appreciates him ..
                      He says it feels like a dark cloud over him ..

                      cams move
                      Once back

                      Kyle saying he wants to learn .. grow .. etc.

                      Kyle- thank you for your kindness. .. I don't deserve it .. but thank you ..

                      Monte tells him that he knows that he's worried about the outside ..
                      But he knows that people will look at what he's doing inside the house and what he continues to do outside the house

                      He warns him that there will be people out there that will offer him opportunities that think they way he was thinking is right .. and want to validate it.....

                      Monte tells him that it will be a testament to show white America what they can do..... to help support initiatives that are supporting diverse groups of people

                      Kyle says he appreciates him

                      Monte lets hug it out

                      Kyle talks to Terrance for a moment an d thanks him for helping him.... giving him the advice to talk to people and how to go about it.


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                        Kyle heads to the Have Not room


                        • #13
                          Kyle talked to Turner


                          • #14
                            Turner talks to Monte about the "timing" of Michael and Brittany presenting this info on Kyle

                            Turner- I just can't look at these people the same way now
                            Monte- yeah . knowing this was floating around for 2 weeks.. and they didn't say anything about it .. until now

                            Monte talks about how he thinks that Taylor has an emotional attachment to Michael and Brittany
                            He talks about how she defends them.. doesn't think she sees it they way they and Terrance do ...

                            Turner- I would have thought she ( Taylor ) would have felt some way about not being pulled off the block, under these circumstances ..
                            Monte- absolutely

                            Monte talks about why would he want to be in a Final 4 with Michael/Brittany/Taylor .. he says he would be the 4th in that ...
                            He tells Turner that Taylor and Brittany need to go after Michael, otherwise they are only going to get 2nd or 3rd place ... no question.
                            He says if Michael's gets himself to the end.. then he deserves to win.

                            They both agree that Michael will take Brittany because he can beat her ..
                            Turner talks about how the pecking order is ... Terrance, Alyssa, him ( Turner ) , Monte, Taylor and Brittany, leaving Michael as the winner

                            Monte tells Turner that they need to get Brittany and Taylor to understand that they can't keep Michael around ...
                            He tells Turner that he's talked to Taylor about this ... and he hopes that maybe she will see it and can help get Brittany on the same page

                            They both agree that Michael not using the veto on Taylor this week ... should show Taylor that she's 3rd in that trio

                            They talk about taking the shot at Michael .. as soon as they have one .. cause it might be the only shot they get ...

                            They talk about ow there has to be one veto that Michael can't win ...
                            Monte says that if it has anything to do with a ball ... or sports related .. he could maybe beat him.

                            Turner says best case is Alyssa pulls through just once and wins HoH...
                            He says maybe her time is coming ..
                            Monte agrees... and say that if she did .. then one of them ... Michael, Brittany, Taylor would go.


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                              Monte talking to Taylor about her thoughts on Michael taking down Brittany .. instead of her.

                              She tells him that she talked to Michael about it .. she says she didn't ask him to use it . to not use it ...

                              Taylor - I told him .. that if this works out ... that I'm not saved the white people this week .. the vote will ..

                              Monte- indirectly ..

                              Taylor- but their not the ones that bring something to light . they're not the ones who "save me" by taking me off the block ... without me having a voice in any of this ... I get to have a final speech .. a final moment .. to cap all of this... and if the roles were reversed.. it would be Brittany and Kyle... speaking to America about this ... but now . I get to say . the words that need to be said .. and I think for me .. that's more important... I don't want this whole week to be about white saviors


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