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Live Feed Updates 9/1 - Day 58

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  • Live Feed Updates 9/1 - Day 58

    We're bringing you the Live Feed Updates right here in their very own forum ( you guys seem to like that the best ) and we'll do everything that we can to bring you all the drama that plays out inside the Big Brother 24 house, just like we've done for the past 23 years that we've been covering Big Brother.

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    It's Eviction Day and a new HoH takes control.


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      Jus t a quick update from last night

      Michael, Brittany and Taylor recommitted their F3 with each other and they hope to add Monte as their F4


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        Julie posted on her Insta ...

        HoH tonight involves puzzle pieces and Zingbot, who will be appearing on Sunday's episode.


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          Kyle to Michael - I wanted to talk to you

          Michaeel's face ....asked

          Kyle just asking him ( like he has most everyone ) if he would mind doing him a favor .. once he's out of the house ... when Alyssa is having a bad day.. would he mind telling her how "kind" he thinks she is.

          Michael tells him he loves that and he will be glad to


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            Kyle pacing in the Have Not Room ..

            Kyle - well **** .. alright .... oh my god this is gonna suck ...

            He sits down ..

            Kyle - bottle it up ... bottle it up ..
            just make it funny ...

            Kyle -House Guests . I wanted to start off my saying how much I love each and every one of you. I wanted to share a couple of things that I've learned about each of you. .. I wanted to share something that I've learned and admire about each of you .......... holy **** ......... **** me..........

            He's back to pacing .... lots of deep breaths...

            Kyle - alright Kyle .... okay .. Taylor, I love how strong you are .. I love how you can face adversity with a smile on your face... and keep that optimism ...

            Kyle- Terrance, I love the example you set...not only for ( he starts to break down a little so hard to understand him ) .. then says .. 'but also the love that you've shown me"

            more pacing .. more attempts to talk .. more deep breaths...

            Kyle - I'm sorry . I'm not going to be able to do this ...

            Kyle so ....

            Kyle under his breath .. I can't .. I can't . .I can't do this ..

            Kyle - not only for the love that you've shown Tracy . but the love that you've .... kindness you've shown ...

            still pacing ..

            Kyle - Turner, my boy ...
            he's whispering to himself now

            Kyle- Monte, your loytaly ..your logic ..

            Kyle - Michael, you're so thoughtful ... everything you say and do ..

            Kyle -Brittany, the empathy that you show everyone.. you care and feel so deeply...

            pacing and voice cracking ...
            he's whispering again ... as he goes over what he wants to say in his mind ..

            Kyle- okay . ****ing get through that .. holy **** .. **** me... I think humor, humor, humor, humor ..

            still pacing .. sniffing.. pacing..
            he grabs a tissue ...

            Kyle - okay you can do that .. House Guests, I just want to say how much I love each and everyone of you and this experience has been the best and most life-changing experience .. of my life. .I'd like to start by sharing a couple of things that I've learned .. from each of you ..

            Kyle - Taylor, you are one of the strongest people that I've ever met. You face adversity, with a smile on your face and a bag of Lays in your hand...

            Kyle- that would be funny ...

            back to pacing ...

            Kyle- Monte, loyal ... .. you can beat me in bumper pool.. and in regular pool. and in Chinese checkers... chess.... and Big Brother . and the game of life .. but whose counting

            Kyle- Turner, your passion .. for things .. that are bigger than you are...

            Kyle - Michael, you are one of the most thoughtful people.. you think before do or say anything and i could definitely take a page from that book..

            Kyle - Brittany, you have so much love and empathy for everyone .. and I hope to embody that someday

            Kyle - Alyssa, Alyssa

            He gets a little emotional ..
            whispering to himself... smile on your face....

            And he goes back to what he will say to Monte.. bumper pool . .. etc. he adds "and your are taller than me" .. so chill ..

            He continues to pace/whisper ...

            And the feeds cut ..


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              Currently ..


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                  It's going to be a LIVE Head of Household Competition tonight per Julie .. Yay!


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                    uh oh .. Julie just said that the HoH competition starts tonight .. which as expected means it will be a "cliffhanger" for the viewers.. and we'll bring you the results from the live feeds...


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                      Michael is the new HoH


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                        Monte to Turner- I was like okay .. maybe I can do this ..running the pieces . I was right with him . and then I started trying to find a piece..and I looked over and he ( Michael ) was done.

                        Turner- says he ( Michael ) will also probably win the veto this week

                        Monte- we just got to make sure that neither one of us is up on the block

                        Turner - I think you are 100% good

                        Monte- I think you are 100$ ... the only thing is ... I haven't' really checked in with Brittany about where her heads at .. if one person does win the veto and takes themselves down ..

                        Turner- we have to make sure that doesn't happen ..

                        Monte- exactly ... so as long as Alyssa or Terrance doesn't win the veto ...

                        Turner- they probably won't
                        Monte- they probably won't . right . and at that point...I don't think that Brittany would want to force Michael to have to put you up .. so.. I don't think that Michael wants to put you up ..cause you didn't put him up last week

                        Turner- he told me 100 times that he wouldn't put me up ...

                        Monte- yeah I think that we are both straight for this week . .I hope ..

                        Turner- I hope ...


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                          Terrance to Monte - it ( HoH comp ) was over before it got started..
                          Monte - yeah

                          Terrance- next week .. he ( Michael ) is vulnerable.. but he's not

                          Monte- cause he can play ( in veto )
                          Terrance- yeah . cause he can play ...
                          Monte- this is exactly what he needed ..
                          Terrance - he can just coast ..
                          Monte- yeah .. he has to win very veto . he's going to slip once... put a ball in my hand.. I I just ...
                          Terrance- mm hmm

                          Monte - this is crazy man ..
                          Terrance- mm hm...

                          Monte- I'm not confident in what I'm saying ... but he has to slip once... and then ... well .. let's just say I pray ..

                          Monte- let's just enjoy the week ...

                          Terrance to Monte - I got Zingbot.... so I've got to enjoy that..... I got farther than I thought I would get.
                          Monte - yeah ... you never know.... man... so much **** changes in this game by the minute......
                          Terrance- yeah ...

                          Talk turns to Kyle's exit
                          Both saying that they didn't hear much, if any, clapping like they usually do ...

                          They talk about how they did the best they could with Kyle ..
                          How he has the rest of his life to make decisions/choices

                          Terrance - it's kinda good that he gets a chance to sit in jury for a second.... like it wasn't an instant out.... you know what I'm saying.. not just thrown out into society ..
                          Monte - to the wolves. ....

                          Terrance - salivating dude..

                          Monte- yeah ... and with time.. they can die down .. hopefully ... not saying anyone is going to forget it .. but it could die down
                          Terrance- that time in jury .. will hopefully lighten the blow when he comes out .. he's going to get an education in jury
                          Monte- yeah I'm sure that Jasmine and Indy will take care of that ..


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                            Monte- I call a spade a spade... it wasn't "this is weighing so heavily on my heart now/,,,,, so I must share it" was a game move (Michael/Brittany outing Kyle )
                            Terrance- I don't want to be the only one who feels like I'm crazy.
                            Monte- you are not...
                            Terrance- y'all are just as at fault as him ( Kyle ) and y'all were compliance with the **** ...

                            Monte tells him that he thinks that Michael and Brittany didn't say it before nominations because it could have turned out that Turner would have put them both on the block ...

                            Monte they (Brittany/Michael) say it wasn't good for their game. ..but .. it's great for their game... it will be very telling by who he puts up this week.

                            Terrance - it's definitely going to be me

                            Monte- you think so?

                            Terrance-= **** yeah

                            He says they won't put up Turner, they told him they wouldn't . and they won't put up Alyssa, they were wanting to pull her in ..

                            Monte- it might be our two black asses....


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                              Terrance to Monte- it was a pure game move... they ( Michael and Brittany ) better know it.... that the jury vote is going to be considered...

                              Monte- yeah ..

                              Terrance - you can win all of these things that you want to win,.....but I promise you that one thing from don't get my vote .. that's real ...

                              Monte- if there's something that happens that he (Michael) is still here and up there and it's not his F2 ( meaning him and Brittany up there ) but someone else up there ( with him ) ... .. people may consider everything and how it went down.

                              Terrance- I promise .. my word as my bond... you if I'm in that mother ****ing jury house..... I'm going to sway that ****


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