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Live Feed Updates - 9/2 - Day 59

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  • Live Feed Updates - 9/2 - Day 59

    We're bringing you the Live Feed Updates right here in their very own forum ( you guys seem to like that the best ) and we'll do everything that we can to bring you all the drama that plays out inside the Big Brother 24 house, just like we've done for the past 23 years that we've been covering Big Brother.

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    Michael will make his nominations today.

    ( here's a quick catch up from where I left off last night )

    Taylor and Brittany

    They talk about the targets for this week... Alyssa and Terrance
    Brittany says she wants Terrance out first
    They wonder if Alyssa or Terrance happen to win veto ... who would Michael put up as the replacement nominee .. . Turner or ... one of them as a "pawn"

    Taylor asked Brittany if Michael had talked to her about a Final 2 deal
    Brittany tells her "kinda"

    The Back Yard is open

    Turner and Brittany
    He tells her he's nervous about this week
    She tells him he's good

    Michael got his HoH room around 1 AM BBT
    Letter is from Hayden again

    Michael talks to Terrance
    Michael asking about what happened outside at Dyre Fest
    Terrance stuck with the Kyle and Joseph revealed the Leftovers story
    He told him that he didn't know what Turner was going to do with his nominations ( Taylor/Brittany ) last week ...

    Terrance talks to Turner and tells him about is talk with Michael
    He tells him that he told him that he ( Turner ) never told him anything about the Leftovers during Dyre Fest
    And, that he told him that he didn't know who he ( Turner ) was going to put up last week ... that he only knew that he ( Terrance ) would be okay, since he had pulled him ( Turner ) down during that week

    Michael talks with Alyssa
    He tells her that he just wanted to talk to everyone tonight... get a feeling of the house ...
    Thinks that after last week.... everyone is resetting ... and that he hopes there's some normalcy this week ...
    They talk about Dyre Fest ...
    She tells him that she wants to tell him something that Kyle told her ..
    She asks if it can stay just between him and her
    He tells her yes
    She tells him that Kyle told her that before the Leftovers ... there was an alliance called the "Pound"
    Michael – the pound?
    Alyssa - she tells him it was Kyle, Turner, Monte and Joseph .. they had a F4 ...
    He tells her that was "speculation" about the 4 of them ... but it's good to hear the "confirmation"
    She told him that Kyle told her to be careful .. because Monte/Turner are a "pair"

    Michael – I did tell Terrance after last week I won’t put Turner up this week....
    He says that Turner did the right thing ( putting Kyle up ) ....
    He tells her unless there's some wild info that he finds out about Turner ) that could change his mind.

    Alyssa tells him she thinks that very y respectful
    Michael – I think people will be afraid to sit next to you at the end..
    She tells him that whatever decision that he makes ( about noms ) she will "follow his lead"

    Michael and Brittany

    Michael talking about how no one looked/was excited that he won HoH
    Brittany says that Terrance was pissed ...
    Michael confirmed to Brittany that he will nominate Alyssa and Terrance
    He tells her that he really does like Alyssa
    He says he's worried that if he puts her up ..the others will want her out over Terrance...
    She tells him that Taylor wants Terrance out

    Michael – if there is a double I would much rather see Alyssa in it than Terrance.
    They talk about how Terrance has proven he’s good at the mental comps..
    Brittany points out that Terrance is gunning for Michael

    Michael – did you realize Alyssa’s zing.. .... it was " you’re dead weight and useless’ .. it was so bad

    Brittany - are still thinking about putting them two up though?
    Michael nods yes ...
    Brittany asks how he's going to handle it
    He tells her that he'll talk with everyone tonight ..and then again in the morning .
    Brittany tells him .. that really ... . overall Turner is their biggest threat..
    Brittany I know we’re not doing anything this week because of what happened last week.. and I’m totally onboard with that. .....I’m just thinking next week you can’t play HoH ...and Turner can. ....
    He says he know that he ( Michael ) is a target next week

    Michael – how do we feel about Monte?
    He says he won't put Monte up as an initial nominee and he doesn't know if we would want to put him up as the backdoor or replacement..... but if he is not solid on the final 4.....
    Michael - but also .. that's a doomsday scenario..... if we do take him (Monte ) out even if you or Taylor wins next week ... we could be put in a position where one of us has to go up.... so now I’m leaning towards not touching him ( Monte ) ... I don’t know..
    Brittany says they will needs as much force as they can .... next week to beat Turner ...
    She says again that they will need to get Turner out soon.

    Brittany – if it was ALyssa ( as HoH ) ... she would put me and Monte up.....
    Michael – I would hope they want Monte first.
    Britt any – I love Taylor but she's just waiting for somebody to take you out....
    She tells him that Taylor thinks they (Brittany/Taylor ) are locked as a Final 2 together ...
    Brittany- in her ( Taylor's ) eye.... if we ( her/him/Taylor ) are at the F3 ... the one that takes you out wins.

    Michael and Brittany talk about their Final 2 ... " The Chenbots"

    Brittany – once we get Turner out.. it's smooth sailing
    Michael says they just have to keep winning ...
    Michael tells Brittany that he's worried about what Kyle will say in jury about him and her ...

    Michael and Turner
    Michael – obviously I'm not putting you up
    Turner – thank you....
    Michael tells him it's obvious that it's Alyssa and Terrance.
    Turner says if he wins the veto he won’t use it....
    Michael – any preference?
    Turner – I like Alyssa more but I’m either way I’m fully onboard.

    Taylor and Monte talk
    She tells him that if she finds out he's in any danger of being put up this week, she will let him know.
    Monte asked if Brittany is 'fine with 2nd place"
    Taylor tells him yes...
    Monte – she actually said she’s fine with 2nd place???
    Taylor – she didn’t say it.....
    Monte - but .. you can tell?
    Taylor – yeah

    Monte asks if she would vote Brittany out if she was on the the block ...
    Taylor – I would prefer to be F3 with you and her

    Michael talked to Monte
    He told him that he is talking to everyone tonight and then again in the morning ..
    He tells Monte that Turner told him that if he won the veto, he would not use it.
    He tells Monte that was a big concern ( that he would use it on Alyssa )

    Monte and Turner
    They talked about being safe this week ..
    They talked about moving forward.... and hopefully getting a shot at taking Michael out
    Monte – we will look like fools if we didn’t ..

    Monte talks about how if anyone other than Brittany is sitting next to Michael in the end.. that person might have a fighting chance to win ..because of how Michael and Brittany handled letting out the info about Kyle
    He tells Turner about how pissed Terrance is about it ..
    He talks about how Michael and Brittany said is "wasn't good for their game" ...etc.

    Monte says that if they have a chance... to take out Brittany .. they should take it
    Turner agrees ...

    Monte talks more about how if the jury has to decide between one of them ( him/Turner/Taylor ) and Michael ... there "might be enough ruckus in the jury house" that was stirred up where the jury would be like .... "that was so petty low **** that they did to Kyle... and how they held the info .. waited until the final hour before he ( Turner ) had to put up a replacement nominee... in order to protect themselves....
    Turner – he’s ( Michael ) taken out half the jury
    He says Michael's jury management is pretty bad ... anyway

    They continue to talk about Michael and Brittany ...
    Getting him out ..
    Getting her out ..
    Monte says he won't vote for Michael to win .. unless he's there in the F2 with Brittany
    He talks about how what they did .. wasn't a "good social move"
    Turner - it was one of the most ****ed up Big Brother moves ever ...

    Monte agrees ..
    He says they ( Michael and Brittany ) throw somebody "under the dirt" ( new expression I guess ) ... and essentially expose something that should have been exposed.... but ... you time it to the point .. where it only benefits your ( Michael/Brittany ) game.. and then ... you play it like you are the victims... and like you care so much ... that you suddenly had to share it ...
    Monte- that's bull**** ..


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    ( quick catch up from this morning )

    Michael talked to Alyssa

    She asked him his thoughts on nominations
    He told her he has a "specific" person in mind, someone that's "thrown his name" out
    He tells her his only difficult decision is trying to decide who to put up beside that person.
    He assures her that the "specific" person that he's talking about (targeting ) is not her.

    She talks about how she would love to '"sit next to a strong player" in the F2 and references Cody sitting next to Derrick, knowing that he would lose
    She talks about how Cody came back and won All-Stars, and how THAT could be her story 'it would be the most insane thing ever"

    She tells him that she will respect whatever decision he makes for his nominations
    She says "he's a man of his word" ..

    He talks about how there is a small pool of people he can choose from ..

    He tells her that he won't promise her that she won't be the one sitting up there beside his "specific person"
    She says she respects that..

    They talk about Turner and how Michael promised him that he would not go up
    She tells him she also respects that decision


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      Michael also talked to Terrance

      Terrance pretty much laid it out for Michael
      Terrance saying that he knows that Brittany is "his girl" and he knows that "Taylor is his girl" and he knows that Turner has protection this week, because of everything that happened last week ..
      Terrance to Michael - that leaves me, Monte and Alyssa

      Michael tells him that's a pretty accurate breakdown.

      Michael tells him that whoever he puts up .. he would want the nominations to stay the same ..
      He asks Terrance if he's heard his name floating around .. or if he has any info that he should be worried about
      Terrance tells him that the vibe of the conversations are about how people are fighting for 2nd, 3rd, 4th place...

      Terrance tells Michael that if he is up this week .. and he stayed and won HoH next .. that he would not retaliate against him ... wouldn't put him in harms way .. for him going on the block this week ..

      Terrance- and that's just me to you ... like kinda after every thing that you've done for me in this game, thus far... I'm just saying.. that would be my solace showing you "hey, this is what we can do together" .. so ... that's me

      Michael - I appreciate it ...


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        Currently .. we're on PET CAM for Michael's Nominations .. and have been for about 40 minutes now...


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          Feeds back

          Terrance in the HoH room with Michael talking about "teachable moments' regarding Kyle ...

          Terrance - I didn't withhold anything from you ... you didn't want to talk game.. had you wanted to talk game, I would have shared that with you

          ( talking about how Terrance was leaning in on wanting Kyle to stay )

          Michael telling Terrance that things that he heard ( that were coming from Terrance ) concerned him ..


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            Alyssa telling Turner that she "knew that was going to happen" ..
            She says she knew that Michae would not put up Brittany'/Taylor or him ( Turner ) and that he would not put up Terrance and Monte


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              So.. as expected

              Terrance and Alyssa on the block


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                (catching us up )

                Terrance continued to talk to Michael

                He talked about how everyone is talking about fighting for 2nd, 3rd, 4th place and how the jury will have an opinion about what they did ( spilling about Kyle ) ...

                He says that he can't "wrap his mind" around them playing the way the do .. but it's "your game not mine" ..

                Michael tells him it's not personal ( his nomination ) that he doesn't take any decision that he makes lightly ... he has reasons for what he does ...

                Michael - everyone talks about big moves..... I make smart moves... they don’t always align...the big and the smart.....

                He tells him he's trying to do the best with the information he has ..


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                  Terrance and Monte

                  Terrance recounts his conversation with Michael to Monte

                  He says he told him that as far as jury goes .. there's a lot of things that you are going to have to answer for...the timeline on what happened with Kyle

                  Monte talks about how jury management is a real thing... and how people haven't won because of how they mismanaged the jury....

                  They talk about how Michael will play in every veto competition moving forward ..

                  Terrance - you put him and Brittany up .. and he'll play in the veto and win .. and hopefully y'all vote her the **** out. ....I don't want him to sit next to her... cause I don't want to give either one of them the money....neither one of them (Brittany/Michael) should win this game.

                  Monte- I just wish they were honest

                  Terrance - the reason they blew the whistle on it ( Kyle ) ... was because Turner put them up.

                  Monte - if Turner would have put you and Alyssa up....we would have never found out

                  Terrance - never

                  Monte says that up until now . no one would have had any reason to believe that they ( Michael/Brittany ) would do some sort of **** like this ..

                  Monte - they are hanging their hat on their reputation of being nice people...

                  Monte says that Taylor is falling for it...

                  Monte - I hate saying it but she is... she's the key .. if she would open her eyes and see .. we can be onboard to get at least one of the two of them out

                  Terrance talks about Taylor's pageants and how she doesn't have "no real friends" .. and she "doesn't know how to make friends"
                  he says that Michael and Brittany both will make Taylor feel like they love her .. but it's not a real connection ...

                  Monte - it's clear as day once he ( Michael ) decided to use the veto on Brittany instead of her ( Taylor ) ...

                  Monte says that Brittany hasn't seen the block on an eviction night. .. and that Michael was willing to risk his relationship with Taylor to pull down Brittany cause that's how much he wanted to protect Brittany ...

                  Monte - Kyle, for sure, had things wrong .... but Brittany and Michael need to speak up to America and on a bigger level... they need to speak up to white America about what damage silence can do to people when you don't speak up about something that's wrong...

                  Monte- it was actually a dumb move for their game... they could have had me but now they lost me... they don't know that they lost me.. but they lost me ...

                  Monte says that they did was a 100% game move


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                    Monte talks about how Taylor has to know that she's 3rd with them ...

                    Terrance talks about how Brittany says she doesn't care if she wins this game or not....

                    Monte- anybody who is fine with being carried to 2nd place doesn't deserve 2nd.. that's why everybody couldn't stand when Big D won 2nd place.. cause he was just going along with the plan and didn't make any moves for himself..... Brittany is playing that role


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                      Monte to Terrance - I have a wild conspiracy theory after Zingbot... who got the harshest zings..... Michael and Brittany..

                      He says that .... Zingbot usually is using information based off of what fans think.....

                      Monte says Taylor's zing about "being ice cold" .. is a compliment
                      He says that Turner's about him showering.... yeah .. whatever .. he had his moments when he didn't shower... that' s just obvious.

                      He says but ... Brittany and Michael's zings...... they cut deep


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                        Michael, Brittany, Turner and Taylor

                        Michael talking about his conversation with Terrance ...
                        He talks about how Terrance was upset/frustrated
                        Michael tells Turner that Terrance implied that he ( Turner ) was the one that wanted to backdoor him .. and that he ( Michael ) should be targeting him ( Turner ) instead ..


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                          Monte and Taylor

                          Taylor talks about how Terrance talked to Michael ..
                          And how he ( Terrance ) told her that he's "going to poison the jury."


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                            Alyssa and Brittany in the Storage Room

                            Brittany asking how she's doing ...
                            Alyssa tells her that she wanted to talk .. to her ..
                            She tells her that she talked to Michael and that he made it clear that if there's any talk of flipping the vote to get her out ... he's open to using the veto .. and that he has her back
                            She tells Brittany that she "really does trust Michael " and that she "really does want to work with them"
                            She says if this ( being on the block ) is what he has to do "to prove herself" .. then so be it ..

                            Brittany tells her that no one . has any intention of her leaving
                            Alyssa tells her she appreciates that ...
                            She talks about " building trust" .. and "showing them that she's a team player" ...
                            Alyssa- I want you guys on my side .....just as long as I can prove that.... and it can workout.... I 100% trust him and any decision you make.... I know you put so much thought into it.

                            Brittany – I don’t think anyone wants to see you go
                            Alyssa – I am excited to play veto and see what happens..... I would prefer not to sit there on eviction night but I do..... I trust you guys.


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