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Live Feed Updates - 9/3 - Day 60

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  • Live Feed Updates - 9/3 - Day 60

    We're bringing you the Live Feed Updates right here in their very own forum ( you guys seem to like that the best ) and we'll do everything that we can to bring you all the drama that plays out inside the Big Brother 24 house, just like we've done for the past 23 years that we've been covering Big Brother.

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    @ 7:41 AM BBT

    They are still sleeping .. however .. live feeds have gone to the WE'LL BE RIGHT BACK screen

    Today's the Power of Veto Competition .


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          9:25ish BBT

          Came back from kittens and Terrence asks to talk to Taylor

          He is talking to her about why he hasn't spoken to her and why he said something last week about keeping Kyle "to help him learn and grow".

          He talks to her about why he is angry with Michael/Brittney and how they held the information about Kyle until it could be used in a calculated manner for game.

          He is talking about how calculated Brittney is with her "friendship" and how she uses it for game.

          Terrence picked Taylor to play in veto and is basically explaining why.

          He talks more about how they sat on the information that affected all of the minorities. They needed to get Kyle out for their game, not just because of what he did.

          He tells her that after he leaves they will be basically playing in duos, He says you know Turner has Alyssa and Michael/Brittney are together.

          He wants her to see the bs about who is using her to go farther only be to dropped off when they don't need her anymore. And they are feeding her a bunch of ____.

          He doesn't feel that either of them deserve $750K.

          Taylor says she sees clearly and she has for a while. She can hold a lot of ___ in her mouth. The time will come when she can say everything.

          He says he thinks of her as a little sister. (I don't think I believe him here)

          Terr says that everyone absolutely expected him to pick Turner

          Talk about who has automatic jury votes.

          He said he will talk to Michael and Brittney this week about why he is still angry with them.

          He said he again he had the thought that he didn't want her game to progress, but he dismissed it and he apologizes.
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            Veto Players-

            HoH - Michael
            Nominees - Terrance and Alyssa



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              Sounds like everyone is trying to figure what is going on with Terrance and why he picked Taylor.

              After Taylor left the car room, Alyssa went into talk to Terrnace, Turner went into the golf room to non-chalantly talk to Taylor.

              Monte wandered around talking about breakfast and Taylor mentioned that she didn't want to eat because she thought the veto might be the spinning discs.

              Monte eventually went up to talk to Michael about Terrance picking Taylor. Michael said the only he thought of was that maybe Terrance thought she would be easier to beat.

              They chat about Terrance spiraling and that it's been a pattern this year with people going on the block. Terrance saying basically he wants to quit and then he will back out.


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                After Monte went back downstairs, Turner caught him in the SR. Camera had just switched to it, there was something about Alyssa and they said that makes sense. Turner tells him that

                Brittany now up to talk to Michael, she was meditating in her bed next to the door.

                Brittany talked to Taylor afterwards in the SR and Brittany tells Michael that Taylor says it was an apology pick and does buy into it (I don't think she does).

                Brittany talks about trying to talk Taylor out of it. She compares Taylor's and Joseph's games and they do stuff for tv and have a narrative, but it's no THE narrative. She is tired of the tv stuff. She says this is bad for Taylor's game and therefore their (M/Bs) games. (Brittany doesn't understand that her game is not necessarily Taylor's game).
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                  It not spinning discs they're predicting for veto. It is Bowl-a-rina


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                    ( catching us up )

                    Terrance asks Taylor if he can speak to her
                    She joins him

                    Taylor- why haven't we spoken?
                    Terrance- there's just be a strong disconnect ... part of that is my fault... and I own the part that is my fault... I feel... just to go back on the story .. to go back to just how I feel .. it was just hen everything rolled out with the Kyle situation... I was so angry about everything that happened.... and I'm going to speak on this later in the house meeting but you get a preview ...

                    He laughs

                    Terrance- I was just angry about the whole thing.. and yes.. I understand that Kyle had a role to play....and probably a significant role to play.. but I still feel other people held the bat too .. you know what I'm saying .. I am a very detailed thinker .. and you can't tell me anything with face value that I don't dig into ... what it is .. you can't me something and that is supposed to be the gospel .. I paid attention to everything that happened and I replayed it all in my mind... and yesterday ... was just a build up in anger that was in side of me... every since this has all come out ... it was nothing directed at you or feeling a way towards you...but you will understand why I couldn't have a conversation with you .. as we talk ...

                    Terrance- so . .let's just go back .. this is the story I'm going to tell later..... Thursday, before we left for BroChella and Dyre Fest.... Brittany and Michael knew damning information that affected every minority in this house ....

                    Terrance- information to me . that if we look at it on a real scale .. you know how we look a things that happened in Chicago .. things that happened.. you (Brittany/Michael) knew of a person conspiring to do something against multiple black people .....and you stood by

                    Cam moves us to Monte talking to Turner ..


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                      Turner - I was talking to Taylor and she was like if I win that veto .. I'm going "full savage speech" when I don't use it ..

                      Monte to Turner - I don't know why he would have you as a target, of all people... you haven't shown any signs of wavering at all ..

                      Turner talks about how he wanted to backdoor Michael last week .. but that Michael doesn't know about that ..

                      Monte- what we were talking about in the car room .. was about getting Brittany out ... I don't know why he stopped talking when you came in .. cause I was going to keep talking.. I was like....

                      Monte- Uh .. you don't want to talk anymore while Turner is here.. okay...

                      Monte tells Turner he will catch back up with him later....


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                        Once back ... to Terrance/Taylor

                        Terrance talking about after Michael saying after he won the veto either Terrance or Kyle said “There goes plan A”

                        Terrance – I don’t know who said it... I addressed the situation like ..if was said ....I can’t make a plan A ....I can’t make a plan B... I can’t make a plan C.... I dont' have any power.... who can make a ****ing plan? ... do the ****ing math on that part

                        Terrance - so long story go away ..
                        Taylor - I love when you say that .. so long story go away ..

                        Turner comes in so they stop talking ..
                        Once Turner is gone ..

                        Terrance -so .. Michael wins the veto .. and my assumption is that him and Brittany get together and they are like . do you think that they are coming after us.. well **** that ..

                        He says at that point they (Michael and Brittany ) decided that it was time to blow up the situation and expose Kyle ... because they were afraid they would lose Taylor.. and she's a number ..

                        Terrance- it was purely a game move .. ( for Michael/Brittany )

                        He says they claimed it wasn't game..
                        He says they could have exposed it before then .. over a week ago ..
                        He says that his anger continued to build

                        Terrance- and during the veto ceremony... to STILL keep you on the block ... knowing the information that just came out to save Brittany .. you know and I guess.. to make you ( Taylor ) feel comfortable he ( Michael ) was like " I guess you can come to the movie with me "
                        and we ( Michael ) will keep you on the block . just to make sure that Kyle goes home... it just didn't sit well with me

                        Taylor - mmmm hmmmm

                        Terrance- it just didn't .. as a black man in this thing .. and to just see the relationship that they (Brittany/Michael) have with's one that disgusts me ....because you are being taken on a ride.....

                        Taylor - mm hmm

                        Terrance- and I can't rock with that **** .. it's manipulative to me


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                          I will be so happy to see Terrance leave. He has been so mean to Taylor.

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                        Terrance to Taylor - I know a lot of information .. from Dyre Fest .. a lot of information that a lot of people told me.. I know when the girls started their little whatever .. they didn't include you and they didn't include Brittany and that is why Brittany reached out to you and was like "oh I care about you" .. I just think that it's just so manufactored .. you (Brittany ) care about everything.. you ( Brittany) fake care .. about Alyssa . but you want to make sure "did Alyssa lie to me"? .. "did Alyssa know?" .. but then you ( Brittany ) act like you want to embrace her .. but you don't .. want to .. because everything that you do is calculated. And that is the part that is angering me.. it's like .. I told Michael "you can win this game in this house ....but I promise you that you are going to have to answer to a lot of ****ing questions in jury"

                        Taylor - mm hmmm

                        Terrance- and I promise you ( Michael ) you don't have no answer as to why .. both of you ( Michael/Brittany ) as smart as the both of you are .. and you (Michael) tell me you don't make big moves.... you make smart moves in this game. thought about everything you were doing. ... you knew the information you had and you calculated .. and waited.... to tell people.. who you are in their face everyday ... every day as a minority ... you ( Michael ) vote out an minority ( Indy ) .. a minority is voted out ... ( Jasmine ) and you ( Michael ) are complacent .. with everything you know .. about what is going on . .. and now it's like...let's decorate the house . . let's do this/that.. let's make all these ****ing distractions ... for what is really going on .. you ( Michael ) are just as ****ing to blame as Kyle is ....

                        Terrance- and I feel that Kyle is the only one that has taken the repercussions of what has happened.. and I will go back to.. when things happened.. yes... I did say maybe we should keep Kyle. ... for me... it was a moment to teach him something.... to give him more clairty .. and ...yes .. it would have ****ed up your ( Taylor's ) game.... I agree... I hear you .. but ... I had a conversation with Monte.... he said " T, I understand . and I see where you heart is .. and I see how you feel about it ... but ... sometimes you can't hold people's hand"... people sometimes have to fall on their ass .. to understand the situation ..

                        Taylor- mm hmmm

                        Terrance - and I said.. you're right, that was my bad .... but by that time the information was already out and I know how you ( Taylor ) felt . I know who you ( Taylor ) move .. vindicative...

                        They both chuckle...

                        Terrance- so I was like there's no point... in having a conversation ( with her about it )

                        He says he should have talked to her . explained what he was thinking/feeling.. told her that he wanted her here .. etc.

                        He says he is sure he will be right behind Kyle and he will explain the situation .. when he gets there ..

                        Terrance - I don't want no cover up .. or anything ..

                        Taylor says yeah .. don't like Kyle say he was "just voted out"

                        Terrance - so that was my stance on it .. I just don't' like that he ( Kyle ) was the only one that was reprimanded on it ..

                        He tells Taylor that he wants her to see her game differently ...

                        Terrance - Brittany said it yesterday in the kitchen "I'm not here to win"..... I want you to see your game and what I see it from the outside looking in optics wise. .. this is .. the friendship and everything to me...a lot of the emotion and empathy is manufactured.. and I don't like it .. you know what I'm saying. I think of you .. I've paid attention to you ..

                        He says that he knows what he's up against in the house ...

                        Terrance- I wanted to pick you just for the simple fact that...not to ask you to play for me ( for veto ) .. if you do you do .. if you don't you don't. that's your decision ... I picked you ( to play veto ) just to show that " I do **** with you" .. don't think that I don't or I'm angry at you. I'm angry at a situation that you are directly ...connected to because of the association with people you rock with

                        Terrance- and how I feel . that affects me as a black person . knowing that they ( Michael/Brittany ) were okay with the situation .. for so long .. that they knew effected each of us .. in this house and it's okay for them to still be .. comfortable .. and move without no the house .. because they feel like they did such a great thing... they were like... it was the "timing" .. it was the "timing" ...

                        Terrance- it was absolutely "**** not the timing " ... it was purely my game ( Brittany and Michael's game ) and how they see this game going .. and being in jeoprady .. so this is what we have to do to further our game.. and it's going to look a way .. but guess what .. it isn't going to look a way .. because.. Brittany you are safe... I ( Michael ) won the veto

                        Taylor- and we leave Taylor on the block

                        Terrance - we ( Michael ) leave Taylor on the block .. and if it is .. that they do . we ( Michael/Brittany ) are still here...

                        Taylor - mm hmmm

                        Terrance to Taylor - you wasn't going to be...

                        He tells her that things could have flipped .. and things could have changed and she would have been out ..

                        He talks about him having that "instant thought" about ( about keeping Kyle ) .. he says he's glad the had the conversations that he had about it.. to give him clarity on what he was feeling ..

                        Terrance - if you think about it . Kyle had to go . for their ( Brttany/Michael's ) game too ... not just for the "minority situation" .. but for their game

                        Taylor -mm hmmmm

                        Terrance - he had to go . so I just wanted you to see that perspective ..

                        He says he knows she was thinking "why is Terrance acting like this " ..

                        Terrance- no, he ( Terrance ) is not crazy .. far from it... I just see things for what they truly are and I can't allow it to continue .. going forward.. because going forward . where do we all stand ?? After I guys basically in a sense have to play in duos... you know full ****ing well that Turner go Alyssa ... you know that Brittany and Michael are a team .. you and Monte would have to be a team . you know what I'm saying ?

                        Taylor - mm hmmm

                        He talks about how even though Michael can't play HoH next week .. you put him up .. he plays in veto it don't ****ing matter...

                        He tells her that he just wants her to see her game.. who is really working with her .. who is feeding her bull**** .. so they can take her as far as they need her . and then drop her off ... he says they have been feeding her ... and putting a good taste her mouth . that they can do that .. ( let them carry her and then drop her when it's good for them )

                        Terrance to Taylor- I do not believe in my heart ....that either one of them (Brittany/Michael) deserves $750,000... that's how I feel about it right now.. I would love anybody to sit them apart from one another .. from right now .. how it stands.. they stand to walk in together

                        Taylor - you say they (Brittany/Michael) have been feeding me a lot....putting a lot of taste in my mouth. ....I can hold a lot in my mouth... it doesn't mean I have been chewing, doesn't mean I have been digesting ....

                        He laughs
                        She laughs
                        She says " I didn't say swallow" ...

                        Taylor - there will be a time where I can say everything.... but for all of the **** that I have had to endure since Day One ... I see clearly and I have for a while. ...

                        Terrance - okay

                        Taylor - the moment you let people know you see clearly, it's the moment you go out the door

                        They laugh
                        Terrance raises his hand

                        Taylor- kinda like when Zingbot called me a bitch .. yeah ... saw that coming ..

                        He tells her he loves her .. thinks of her as a little sister ...
                        He says he just can't see it continue ..

                        He says that everyone thought he would pick Turner ( to play in the veto for him ) ...

                        She says everyone thought that he would .. never expected him to pick her ...

                        Terrance - I don't care who wins this game... it cannot be neither one of them (Brittany/Michael).... best case scenario.... I would love for it to be you sitting up against Monte

                        He tells her to look to see who she can win up against ..
                        He points out that if Alyssa goes to the end.. she has automatic votes ..
                        Taylor- yep. that's a wrap
                        He says that if Turner goes to the end.. just don't know
                        She says Turner's played a good game

                        He tells her that now he maybe doesn't need to have a house meeting ..
                        He says maybe he will just talk to Michael/Brittany directly
                        He tells her he's sorry for not talking to her sooner...

                        He says he's been thinking . if he does win veto .. who goes up in his place...
                        He says he worries about that

                        Taylor- I think it's pretty obvious..
                        Terrance- I think it would be you or Monte.. but it shouldn't be.. but that's how their game will go ..

                        She tells him that they have been playing the same game.. but on opposite sides ..
                        She says it's been like they have been on separate live boats... but she never wanted to pour enough water in his to sink it

                        They laugh ...

                        He continues to tell her that all that he's told her .. has just been his thought process.. and he hopes it helps her to understand

                        She tells him she appreciates it
                        He tells her he appreciates her too and "he's got her"

                        Taylor - I was wondering
                        He tells her not to worry . .don't let anyone say differently ..
                        He says he's still in the game.. even in a different house .. he's still in the game .. and "he's got her"


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                          Taylor - Zings are what America thinks of us ..

                          Taylor to Terrance- if I have to be the c *nt of the season .. that's fine

                          She laughs ..

                          Terrance- you're not .. no ...

                          Taylor about her Zing ..

                          Oh . I heard it was hot outside... I need something "Icey and frigid " can I borrow your ...... TAYLOR ...

                          They chat a little more and then he says that's all he's got
                          She says she will tell him more when she can ..
                          He tells her "he's got her "

                          Michael and Turner

                          Michael saying that Terrance got outplayed this summer. ...

                          Michael - it's easier to point fingers and say we are not playing the game right than to admit that ..

                          Terrance and Turner ..

                          Terrance tells Turner that he didn't want to pick him to play in veto . cause that might put him in a awkward situation ..

                          Terrance- I didn't want to make that a tug of war

                          Turner- I just didn't want you to be mad at me or something

                          Terrance tells him no . not mad at him... mad at them (Brittany/Michael )

                          Turner- the timing still?

                          Terrance talks about he doesn't think that Kyle was the only one who should have to face any repercussions ..


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                            Brittany and Taylor ...

                            Taylor tells her that Terrance admitted he tried to flip the house last week against her and with Joe
                            She says he explained why he was angry ..
                            She tells her that he said that he picked her ( to play veto ) .. because he "loves and supports her" ..
                            Brittany – nut ... that’s not a thing
                            Taylor – he knows he’s going it’s to save his reputation with the house
                            Brittany – do you think he picked you because he thought he could beat you more than Turner?
                            Taylor – no
                            Brittany - mmm.. that's interesting ...
                            Taylor - but what does that matter? As long as I win . or one of wins..
                            Brittany- yeah
                            Taylor- just keep noms the same
                            Brittany- yeah .. mmm ..mmm.. mmm.... well.. that's good

                            ( you can clearly see/hear the doubt in Brittany as she talks to Taylor )

                            Taylor- I wish things were different .. but it is what it is ..
                            Brittany- that's good ...

                            talk turns to what it might be . (the comp )

                            HoH room - Monte and Michael

                            Michael talking about how Terrance has talked about tainting the jury ..

                            Michael to Monte - my mind hasn't changed. ....I will let him (Terrance) dig his grave .....and be nice to him...... if he wants to talk


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