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Live Feed Updates - 9/4 - Day 61

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  • Live Feed Updates - 9/4 - Day 61

    We're bringing you the Live Feed Updates right here in their very own forum ( you guys seem to like that the best ) and we'll do everything that we can to bring you all the drama that plays out inside the Big Brother 24 house, just like we've done for the past 23 years that we've been covering Big Brother.

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    7:42 AM BBT

    All house guests are in bed/sleeping.


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      (catching us up a little bit )

      Michael and Brittany

      They agree that if Monte is HoH .. he will take a shot at Michael ..
      Brittany says .. so will Turner ...

      She says that she thinks that their game ( Monte/Turner ) is "to tell them what they want to hear" right now ..

      She asks him who he wants to go next week ...
      He says he doesn't know ..
      He says that he fears if he leaves Terrance in the game.. that someone will "drag him to the F2 ) ...

      She agrees...
      She says that she doesn't think that Alyssa if she won anything over the next couple of weeks.. would target them ..

      Michael says he wants to talk to everyone today ..
      Brittany – what could anyone say today? Michael – just to read people...

      Brittany - the thing with Monte.... his strategy.... he's playing such a clean game ... his thing is .. to not say anything at all.

      She says but .. if Michael put him in a convo and asked him questions like " who would you put up next week ..or what would you do in a double? he has to say something ...

      Brittany – we just need people to say what they would do next week and then see if they’re lying.

      Michael – the only thing with Alyss.... if we kept Terrance this week.... who would she put up next week? .. if Monte left this week? . she's not going to put up Terrance.

      They agree that Alyssa would, if Monte was gone, target Michael

      Brittany- the only thing she is willing to throw under the bus is Monte’s name.... that means .. leaving Monte and Turner in....

      Michael – which I don’t love..

      He asks .. if they lessen the competition or try and hope someone takes a shot somewhere else??

      Michael - if Monte does go this week.. obviously best case is you win next week.... but .. Taylor won and she was mad she would put me up..... Alyssa would put me up..... Terrance would put me up. ...Turner would put me up.

      Brittany – yep.

      Michael – but ... if Terrance goes this week.. there is a chance .. that Taylor holds for one more week... there's a chance.. that Alyssa goes after Monte. .. and I know Turner promised to not put me up next week.. I expect him to go back on it but at least its something there....

      Brittany – we have to remember that Turner is very easily influenced....we can make him feel even more solid.... I think he feels like he is safe this week because of that one week promise... and I don’t know if there's a way for you to make him feel more safe beyond that.

      Michael – like we need each other...
      Brittany – we just need them to delay it.. ( targeting Michael ) because if they take the shot and opportunity all eyes will be on me.... like at least you can win things... to protect yourself.


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        ( still catching us up )

        Brittany and Taylor

        Brittany saying that it's crucial who wins HoH next week....

        She says if it's a double . they just need to be prepared for what that looks like

        She tells Taylor that they ( Brittany/Taylor ) will get some amount of pressure to take a shot at Michael

        Brittany- I'm not convinced that next week is the week to do it… unless maybe it makes sense .. I don’t know. .... you don’t know if you will have the opportunity. again ..
        Taylor – that is the thing... if I was going to have a shot at having a single veto.... I thought it was going to be yesterday
        Brittany – so you think if the opportunity comes up next week .. we take the shot?
        Taylor – we just have to figure it out..
        Brittany – we just need to be on the same page....
        Taylor agrees ..
        Shet tells Brittany that she doesn't want to make the decision without you. her


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          Alyssa, Michael, Brittany in the HoH room

          Alyssa- how do WE make it to the final three? . that's what I want to know .. what kind of path do we take to get there?
          She says she knows it's about winning comps .. but ..
          Michael tells her it's also about who you are up against ... and who is there .. in case you don't win

          Alyssa tells them that if she's lucky enough to stay this week .. she knows she will be nominated again next week ..

          Alyssa - I would love to see us in the F3 .. and Taylor in the F4 ... that would be best case scenario for me.

          Brittany- How do you feel about Turner? .. are you guys close?
          Alyssa - ummm.. on a personal level. yeah .. , I love him so much... on a game level.... I don't know if he is close with people he was close to in the past.
          She says that she thinks that Tuner can be easily influenced

          Alyssa goes on and on telling them that if she stays .. she won't target them.. etc...

          Michael says he doesn't know what Taylor would do next week .. if she won HoH . but if she did put her ( Alyssa ) on the block .. .she would have their ( his/Brittany's ) vote to keep her


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            ( still catching us up )

            Michael was called to the DR

            Brittany, Taylor, Alyssa in the HoH room

            They talk about "how can they move forward"
            Taylor - the 3 of us are really well-rounded ..
            Brittany- in terms of comps .. our biggest threat would be Turner
            Alyssa- I think so too

            Talk turns to Monte ..

            Alyssa -I think I'm probably his ( Monte's ) target because we never talk game
            Taylor - I think there's a way to get you off his radar .. he wins...

            Alyssa - but yeah .. Turner is up there with Michael, he ( Turner ) has won 2 HoH's
            They say but no vetoes..

            Brittany - we'd be the majority ....., Michael can't play it ... we have to win
            Taylor -and the veto

            Alyssa - I would love for Michael to be in the F4 with us

            Brittany- I'm getting Powerpuff vibes
            Taylor -I'm obviously Buttercup ... the one with the attitude ..

            Alyssa- yeah but 100% .. if I am lucky enough to stay this week.. I would not nominate you .. put you up .. I don't see that being any benefit to me

            Taylor talks about how Turner saved her ... and she really didn't talk game to him ever .. but he told her she was safe.. he didn't like how she was being treated... etc.

            She talks about how they all Turner/Kyle/Monte/Joseph told her she's good .. and that is when she/Michael and Brittany were brought into the Leftovers..

            Brittany - but who is still left in the house . that was close before that ( before Leftovers )

            Brittany - I don't think we should negate how close Turner and Monte are still.

            Alyssa - I agree. and . Kyle did mention to me that Monte, Turner, Joseph, Kyle was the first four people in the Leftovers and that was a big loyalty thing and that's why he ( Kyle ) had so much trust in Turner and Monte ..

            She says that is scary for her ..

            Alyssa - if I'm lucky enough to stay this week

            Taylor tells her he keeps saying that .. and she can just drop it . she's safe..

            Alyssa brings up that 3 women have never made it to the F3 ..

            Taylor - if you think about it.. this would guarantee 2 women sitting in the F2 ...

            Taylor and Alyssa say that "gives them chills" ..

            They talk on about how it would be if they were able to pull it off... and it would t guarantees a female winner of this season

            Taylor and Brittany say that Alyssa's zing "pissed them off"

            Alyssa- they definitely think I'm some kind of bimbo

            Brittany tells her she will defend her online.. etc.

            Talk turns back to moving forward in the game...

            Taylor- let's let the guys take each other out

            Brittany- but here's where we run into trouble.... let's say Monte is HoH .. . Michael is on the block ... Michael wins veto .. the one of us is going home...

            Alyssa -unless one of us could convince the other 2 guys to get a guy out ...

            They bounce around " what if's "

            Taylor - basically what I'm hearing is there are a lot of paths.... for us three to get there ( F3 ) ... and it mostly relies on the guys just taking care of each other.

            Brittany - however I don't think we need to think we don't need to win HoH.

            Taylor - oh .. oh no ..

            Alyssa- I gun for it always

            Brittany - they are going to need us to execute whatever...

            Alyssa- if they went after Michael .. would they put you ( Brittany ) up there too .. ?

            Brittany- I don't know ...

            She goes on to say that they control the votes next week ..... as long as 2 of us aren't up there

            Taylor- I don't know why .. they ( Monte/Turner ) would choose a harder route... you know they think we're easy weight to carry


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              Alyssa asks if they think that Terrance is going to campaign
              Taylor says he's just been apologizing to her ..
              She says she told him "he could make it up to her in jury" .. " go say nice things about her"

              Brittany - I don't think he's going to say nice things in jury
              She talks about how Terrance said he was going to blow up Michael's game.. and hers...

              Brittany says that Terrance told Monte that he only way he would vote for Michael to win .. is if he's sitting next to her


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                Alyssa says that it would be insane if they could overcome all that they've bene through in the house ..and come together as women and kick ass the last part of this game..

                Taylor - that's the thing.. everyone thinks that this game is about big moves.. and this and that .. but it's about survival .. until you can take the right shot

                Brittay/Alyssa- yeah

                Taylor - and we've made it long enough .. so now we can start talking about the moves that have to happen ..

                Alyssa says it feels good to talk game.. She says she hasn't really had that opportunity


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                  Brittany to Alyssa - you ahd to survive in a very different way .. but you did it

                  Alyssa- mm hmmm

                  Brittany- and you were actually on your own island with it too .. so don't ever negate that . it might not feel like you played.. but ... you played.. in a very difficult way .. seriously ..


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                    Brittany- but now we are at the time..

                    Taylor to Alyssa - I did inadvertently to you what was done to me. I don't think I will ever be able to apologize enough for that.

                    Alyssa- awww ..

                    Taylor - there wasn't bullying involved .. thank God ... but I still didn't recognize the game... you weren't playing the game that I thought .. but you were playing the game

                    Alyssa- thank you so much .. I appreciate that so much. and I totally .. don't blame you for that at all. ...we both had different things being fed to us 100% of the time. .. so it's like.. you believe what you are told by people you care about and trust.. and that was totally twisted .. but now that we are here as our own .. people.. we can see things for how they are .. and it's like "okay let's do this" .. and I'm sure that no one suspects that .. and I'm sure that no one in jury would literally ever expect for this to be the F3 ..

                    Taylor - I can just imagine.. in F4 ... that they would think that it would be one of the girl walking in jury .. and it be one of the guys...


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                      Alyssa says that no one would have imagined that they would make it that far ...
                      She says it gives her chills to think about it

                      Alyssa- they would be like "those are the Final 3" ???

                      Brittany- and we have all played very different games too.. and that's what I like.. in terms of going to the F3

                      Taylor -look .. look at how we are sitting right now .. it's literally a triangle ... it's us ..

                      Brittany - I really think there are discussion to be had ... the pros and the cons......of our games... and I would just love to hear that discussion from the jury side...

                      Taylor- we'll see it eventually ..

                      Brittany- and that's where I want to be at the end. I don't want to be . where it's like.. okay .. line not where something is just set in stone .. I'm fine being 2nd or 3rd.. if I'm with people where it could be a toss up and I could an argument to them ( jury ) .. but there are certain people in this house . that we know for a fact.. that you just wouldn't win against ..

                      Taylor- yeah

                      Brittany - and that's just like.. we've come too far ..

                      Taylor - worked to hard ...

                      Britany- yeah .. to settle for that ... but .. there are moves to be made that can prevent that ...

                      They talk about the HoH's coming up

                      Taylor - yeah . and if we get there ( F3 ) then fair shot .. just duke it out ...


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                        Brittany- so Plan A . win .. Plan B .. influence...

                        She says they have to make sure they get the right people up on the block

                        Brittany - and then we take it from there.

                        Taylor - yeah
                        Alyssa- yeah

                        Taylor and Brittany assure Alyssa that she's staying .. no matter how Turner votes
                        Alyssa says she thinks that Turner will vote for her to stay ...
                        Taylor- he will . he will.
                        Brittany- and Michael has already told you that he's down for you to be here

                        Alyssa wonders if she should talk to Monte .
                        She says she's not sure that to say
                        Taylor encourages her to at least talk to him ...
                        She says to tell him that she wasn't happy about Terrance trying to throw her ( Taylor ) under the bus last week ..
                        She says that will at least open the door .. to talk to him ..

                        They tell Alyssa again about how strong she is .. played the game.. don't doubt herself .. etc.


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                          ( from tonight's show )

                          Zingbot's Zings

                 seems you have been everywhere except...the shower....

                          With all that's going on in the world,,,. there's some new Zinging Guidelines....... Masks are now optional.... unless your face looks like...Michael... cover that up!

                          Monte, I hear you are good at impressions... in fact... I have been working on my Monte impression........... I'm Monte and I'm so boring

                          I heard the Big Brother backyard was hot.... but this is brutal..... I really could use something icy and cold....could I borrow your............Taylor?

                          DJ Showtime.... you are popular in the underground..... cause that's where they find..... fossils.....

                          Alyssa, when I see you.... I can't help but think of a heavy winter coat in the desert. .... dead weight and completely useless....

                          Brittany, I have a song for you...... Jeepers Creepers.., where did you get those peepers? ....... where did you get those crazy ****ing eyes?


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                            Alyssa and Terrance talk about how they don't expect the veto to be used..

                            She tells him she loves him . would never do anything against him
                            He say he's just going to let the game be the game..

                            He says if she would have won the veto .. and someone else was up there with him .. he would "campaign his ass off" . .but not with her being up there with him ..


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                              BB gave them alcohol and the go-pro cam ..


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