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Live Feed Updates - 9/7 - Day 64

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  • Live Feed Updates - 9/7 - Day 64

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    6:07 AM BBT

    All house guests are in bed/sleeping.


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      ( catching us up from where I left off last night )

      Taylor and Brittany

      Taylor tells her that Terrance said that she (Brittany) wants to keep him.... but she's ( Brittany ) is outnumbered and

      Taylor - and that I am the last vote ...

      Brittany- Are you kidding me? ... he didn't even try to pitch to me... I was like .. I know I'm going home.. you'll have to carry the torch for me...

      Taylor tells her that Terrance said that everyone else wants to keep him .. but she ( Taylor ) won't let go of the stuff from last week

      Taylor tells Brittany that she "told her" that Terrance tries to get into people's heads with all his talk ..

      Brittany - you're 100% voting him out... right?
      Taylor - yes
      Brittany - and so am I .. 100% .... pinky promise

      Brittany talks about how close Monte/Turner are
      Taylor tells her that they are not "locked in" .... like that
      Brittany - I hope so
      Taylor - they are not locked in like that
      Brittany tells her okay ...
      She also says that she trusts Monte
      She says she just didn't want to throw Turner's name out ( to go home ) to him ...
      She says that Turner "seems to think" that he and Monte are "really close"

      Taylor - can I ask you something that kind of bothered me the other day?
      Brittany - sure ...
      Taylor - why .. did you ask me who I would put up if I was HoH?
      Brittany tells her she was just curious .. and that they have like 3 different plans right now .. so she just wanted to make sure they were on the same page...


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        Terrance and Turner

        Terrance telling Turner that .... Taylor, Monte and him ( Turner ) will all vote to keep him ... but..... he's going to "pretend" like he's going home....


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          Taylor and Monte

          Taylor tells Monte all that Terrance told her .. about how Monte and Turner are keeping him ... and about how she needs to drop what happened last week .. how she's the deciding vote to keep him in this week ...

          Monte tells her that Terrance told him he had Turner and Taylor's votes ...
          They talk about how Terrance is lying to all of them ... and they are good with getting him out this week


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            Michael talks to the camera - live feeders.. what a day .. Brittany is apparently running around to everyone ......when she doesn’t have to.... she is still my number one... and still have her back ... but .. she's not doing herself any favors... and if she's a sinking ship ... I am not going down with her ...

            Michael - Plan A.... is to just win the veto this next week.... .granted .. not a good plan... but I will try



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              ( catching us up )

              Taylor up making her great grandmother's pancake recipe ..


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                Terrance joins Taylor

                She asks what he said to Michael last night
                He tells her that he him that no one is giving him a definitive answer ... and so it doesn't look good for him ( staying )

                Terrance - I talked to Turner,,,, and I talked to Monte.. ..... and they said . "make it different " .... and I think what you said ... put him (Michael) and Brittany on the block initially.
                Taylor- huh?
                Terrance- put him ( Michael ) and Brittany on the block
                Taylor- who said that?

                Terranc e- Turner and Monte. .. because ... . that makes sure that Brittany plays for the veto to save her life. ... you see what I'm saying .. and that keeps us all safe

                Taylor - I haven't talked to any of them alone yet .. I started talking to Monte, but we got interrupted by Brittany
                She tells him that she's going to try to get time with them ( Monte/Turner ) today


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                  After breakfast....

                  It' s Chinese Checkers time ...


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                    Turner to Michael and Monte - Taylor and Brittany are napping..

                    so up to the HoH they go ..


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                      Monte- well gentlemen .. I have some news ..

                      Turner- let's go

                      Monte- I'm kidding nothing crazy .. so T's ( Terrance's ) last attempt ..was t try and get . this is some crazy manipulation though... I guess he had a conv with Taylor, trying to make amends, right?

                      Turner - mm hmmm

                      Monte- after that conversation .. with her ( Taylor ) he ( Terrance ) comes up to me and says "bro, I got Taylor locked in" .. " I got Turner locked in" .. " I just need you for the 3rd" .. "let's make this official and I can stay for the week" . and I'm like... okay .. "do you have reassurance from these people?"

                      Monte tells Turner that he's sure that he ( Turner ) is "running him (Terrance ) amuck ..

                      Turner - oh for sure .. and he told me that he has Taylor .. and if I'm in're in ...

                      Monte - he pretty much thinks that he has all the votes now .. that the 3 of us are locked it .. but I talked to Taylor .. and he was like " he told me that you were still upset with me .. about you targeting me from week one" ..

                      Monte- he's trying to create mistrust between me and Taylor.. but at the same time.. saying there's enough votes if we ( he/Taylor ) are down

                      he says he checked in with Taylor and she was like " absolutely not" (about keeping him )

                      Talk turns to Brittany ...

                      Monte- I need to check in with Taylor to see what the hell Brittany is telling her. and ...I think Brittany is doing a lot with Alyssa and Taylor.

                      Turner- she ( Brittany) s biting off more than she can chew because they are aware

                      Monte- and I just don't know why .. she wasn't even in any jeopardy . but now . it's now becoming more apparent that she (Brittany) is doing things to incriminate herself....

                      Turner to Monte - you win tomrrow .. who are you going to put up? .. if I win . it's trying to think. Brittany/Taylor...Brittany/pawn....Taylor/pawn..... not you guys as a pawn ..

                      Monte - yeah that's the thing .. we need 2 votes to control things..

                      Monte and Turner both say they are not going to put each other ( or Michael ) up ...

                      Monte - it has to be some combination of the 3 ( girls ) ...

                      Monte - I'm fine with putting Brittany and Alyssa up at the moment..... Taylor has at least shown the most faith and given me this information ... and I feel good that I can at least trust her ( Taylor ) and with Brittany ... not sure .. and Alyssa told me directly . when we had our one-on-one . she was like "look, the way Michael handled things this week was perfect, he let me know ahead of time, he felt like he had no choice, and she so she ( Alyssa ) was like... I would understand if that conversation had to be had . so I feel good about putting her ( Alyssa ) up ....

                      Michael - it was like an invitatin .. "put me up, I won't be mad"

                      Monte- yeah .. not directly . but that's what I imagine it as

                      Turner- so ... in a world .. of either Alyssa or Brittany .. are we targeting Alyssa or Brittany?.... I would think Brittany.... I don't know if you ( Michael ) won the veto that you'd be uncomfortable not taking Brittany down .. if Brittany came down....we could put Taylor up .. or if we wanted to target Alyssa .. but I think that Taylor and Brittay are a lot more chaotic ..

                      Michael - I guess I see it .. obviously Brittany is doing way too much.... but I don't view her as a big competition threat

                      Turner -yeah

                      Michael - Alyssa isn't doing too much but she is a jury threat.... I guess between the 3 .. I would say that Taylor is the biggest competition threat....but I feel confident the 3 of us .. could beat her
                      in competition so ..

                      Michael - we have to think about who wins. who we feel comfortable . taking a shot at ... you have to think about jury... so for you (Turner ) .. if you think Alyssa is going to be pissed... and hold taht against you ..

                      Turner- Yeah... for me it would be a lot easier to take out Taylor or Brittany... if I took out Brittany this week.... next week you (Michael ) wouldn't have to take a shot at Brittany

                      Monte - yeah I think that's fair ..

                      Turner- Alyssa is now targeting Brittany....which is huge.

                      Michael- there was probably zero people targeting Brittany at the beginning... and now ..

                      Monte -and now .. everybody wants to put her on the block

                      Monte- for me . I probably would put up Brittany and Alysa, cause that's what I feel the most comfortable doing .. and if someone wins the veto and Taylor goes up . then we move on from there ..

                      Turner - yeah exactly .. who do you think... Taylor basically told me she would put me up..... but do you know who it would be next to me?

                      Monte- Alyssa.

                      Turner- okay.... that's fine

                      He says if one of them won the veto, it wouldn't even be necessary to use it ..

                      Turner - if Brittany won ( HoH ) would she also do me and Alyssa. .or would she do something more chaotic ?

                      Monte - that's what she's been saying around us.. putting you ( Turner ) up ..

                      Turner- yeah

                      Monte- but I have no idea at the moment .. she's also been telling Taylor that she distrusts the two of us ( Monte/Turner ) working together ...

                      Turner- yeah . she told me to backdoor you .. let's just hope she doesn't win her ( Brittany's ) first HoH ..

                      Monte laughs

                      Monte -all hell would break loose

                      Turner- yeah

                      Monte- we will all be ****ting ourselves..

                      Monte/Turner if Taylor wins HoH, as long as she doesn't put 2 of them up . they are fine ..

                      Monte says they all have talked about Alyssa being on the block ...

                      Turner - honestly .. it would be dope if Alyssa won since ....she is targeting Brittany..... and then all three of us could play the next week

                      Monte- yeah

                      Michael- yeah . then all 3 of us could play next week ... but we will see . she (Alyssa ) says she would put Brittany up . but when it comes down to it... is she going to ?

                      Turner - best case scenario .. we (him/Monte ) win HH ..

                      Michael - yeah​


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                        Monte talks about how right now Alyssa can say whatever she wants.. nothing to lose...

                        Turner- this might just be me being paranoid.. but for the past couple of days.. I feel like I can see Brittany's staring into my soul... out of the corner of her eye .. like 10 times a day .. and I'm like what the ****?? it just freaks me out

                        Michael - she ( Brittany ) did make a comment to me... she was like ..oh it's good that there were no spinning comps this week.. cause next week . Turner can't win those ...

                        Turner - my god ..

                        Michael - I don't think we would have a spinning HoH and a spinning veto ..and I don't know why the focus on "Turner, can't win"

                        Turner- I won't win a spinning comp .. I won't . I can't .. she has a point .. but

                        Monte- we have no idea what it will be tomorrow

                        Michael - but she was so excited about it .. and I'm like... "but Brittany, do you think YOU can win a spinning comp? " and she was like " well Turner can't "

                        Turner- I can hold on . until Brittany is not on .. after that . I would throw up .. all day .. probably for the next week. I'd be throwing up

                        Monte- oh my gosh

                        Turner- you just don't know how bad I am at spinning ..

                        Michael - during my one on one with Terrance.. he was like .. he would "out you guys up " . and he was like I wouldn't want to put up Taylor

                        Monte- yeah he's got to go man ...

                        They say worse case. .Brittany wins HoH ...

                        Turner says he would be shocked if Alyssa put him up ..
                        He says he think she would put up Brittany .. probably not Taylor .


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                          Monte - I feel like I have enough reason to put up Brittany, with all of this stuff surfacing ...
                          He says he would tell Alyssa, "you are not the target" .. but I gotta put you up ...
                          He says that putting Brittany up . he would tell her that everyone knows what she's been doing

                          Michael tells them that last night when they were talking . that Brittany could not understand how/why Alyssa would have all the jury votes ..
                          Michael -she was like "what about me"

                          Monte- what about you ( Brittany ) have just been telling everyone what they want to hear ..

                          Turner- and clearly that is the one way exit, telling people what they want to hear

                          Monte- yeah

                          Turner- every time

                          Monte- it's almost like talking too much .. it gets you on the block.. it gets you evicted.. just chill man ..

                          Monte talks about how Terrance just dug himself a hole this week.. by how he acted...

                          He tells Michael that Terrance told him that he was going to talk to him and "throw in the towel" .. act like it

                          Michael - no .. he didn't throw in the towel ...

                          Monte - he's going to be gassed up ..


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                            Turner to Michael and Monte -= I think we are looking good for a couple of weeks
                            Monte- yeah . it's just about locking in the HoH's ...

                            Turner- if it happens . there's a double. .at least we are all on the same page .. of who we would put up ..

                            They leave ...


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                              Michael to himself- if Brittany goes up and I'm not on the block and I win the veto.. I'm going to pull her down.

                              Michael - Brittany going home does not make sense for my game.


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