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Live Feed Updates - 9/8 - Day 65

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  • Live Feed Updates - 9/8 - Day 65

    We're bringing you the Live Feed Updates right here in their very own forum ( you guys seem to like that the best ) and we'll do everything that we can to bring you all the drama that plays out inside the Big Brother 24 house, just like we've done for the past 23 years that we've been covering Big Brother.

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    It's Double Eviction Night!

    ( catching us up from where I left off last night )

    Monte and Turner

    Turner tells Monte that he talked with Taylor about the whole "Brittany thing"
    He says she asked if he had talked to Michael about it .. and he told her yeah .. he filled him in on it a little but .. and will talk to him more about it later..
    He tells Monte that Taylor said she would "probably target Brittany" ..but she wants to make sure everyone is on the same page ..

    Turner asks Monte how his talk with Taylor went ..
    Monte tells him good ..
    He tells Turner that he told Taylor that the whole house is going to be on board with Brittany ... at least touching the block... but as far as who the target is.. whether its her or Alyssa. I don’t really care .. you know what I mean?
    He talks about how now he's just good that they have a "justifiable cause" ... to put Brittany up .. so it makes it a lot easier ...

    Turner talks about trying to build some trust with Taylor ..
    He says he's close with Alyssa
    He says would try to somehow get her ( Alyssa ) up as a pawn.
    He says that he knows that Alyssa would be "relatively annoyed" .. if she ended up to be the one that went home.... but ... if they ( him/Monte/Michael ) are all on the same page... then it wouldn't matter... wouldn’t make a different anyways.

    They talk about being on the same page...

    Monte talks about how if they had Taylor "on their good side" next week...
    He says.. if he wins HoH and doesn't put up Taylor ... puts up Alyssa/Brittany .. either he or Turner win the veto ... and say "**** it" .. use it .. and put up Michael .. then the next week... Taylor will fine knowing they didn’t put her up .... they could have Taylor "in their good graces" and have the target as Alyssa...

    Monte- if he (Michael) slips one time next week.... we would almost be foolish not to take it.
    Turner - of course ... having him on our side is great until that happens

    Monte tells Turner that Taylor said she is "willing to take that shot" ( at Michael )
    Turner - she said that to me too.

    Michael, Monte, Taylor, and Turner in the HoH room

    They talk about Terrance.. how he must know that he's going home... he's distant ...
    Turner- we have deeper fish to fry...
    Talk turns to how Brittany has been blowing up everyone’s games and how no one knows why ...

    Michael talked about how the other night, when Taylor came up to the HoH room and he and Brittany were in there and how Brittany told her to give them some time to talk and come back later.... even though they ( he and Brittany ) weren't discussing anything Taylor couldn’t hear.


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      Tonight's double eviction will increase our traffic which means that it will also increase our bandwidth consumption.

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        I will donate! thanks to all who make this site great!

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      going to PayPal right now


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        Missed tonight's show or need a recap

        Got it right here for you - Double Eviction Night Results


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          Feeds did come back ..

          But have been down for a couple of hours now .. as the HoH comp plays out ...


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            Here's the catch up before they went down

            Alyssa talking about how Michael went from being HoH to evicted all in one night

            They talk about what the jury house will say ...


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              Turner and Monte telling Alyssa they hope she didn't take Turner putting her up personally ...

              They assure that Turner told everyone that she was not going home on his HoH

              Monte- it was the best move for me to pull you down .

              They talk about Brittany ..
              Monte saying maybe they just act like they don't know what Michael was talking about ..

              Monte talks about how Brittany probably knows her game is ****ed...

              Alyssa- Final 3
              Monte- I think we have a solid group here
              Alyssa - I don't even know what to say to Brittany anymore
              Monte- I know
              Turner- just give her a hug and make sure she's okay
              Alyssa- yeah

              Monte telling Alyssa he's glad they get a chance to work together ...
              She tells him that she trust Turner more than anyone . and Turner trust him ... so she does too. and now that he used the veto on her . she trust him every more

              Monte talks about how big of a target Michael put on his back ..
              Monte- for me . I am just glad that we got to this point .where the shot could happen .. and now we can move forward

              Turner says he's pissed about what Michael said about him ..
              He says he never tried to manipulate him ...

              They say they were shocked that he just walked out like he did ..


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                Taylo to Brittany - at least you didn't have to do the vote.
                Brittany - I know it was what needed to happen...
                Taylor = that pitch was hard to hear....
                Brittany - he didn't understand that people were after him

                Taylor – the way he went out more than anything.

                Brittany – I was thrown by what he said and I don’t know what to think.

                Taylor – think about what?

                Brittany – like what the rest of this game looks like...... I don’t know .. my brain is really jumbled

                Taylor – we’ll figure it out…I know you’re hurting more that I am.

                Brittany – I should have gotten off the Michael train awhile ago....
                Taylor – he was your friend.... mine too .. but ... you were closer. ...

                Brittany – I don’t want you to think that my friendship with him negated how I feel about you and wanting to work with you...... I knew that had to happen..... I hope you know that that is truth......


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                  Turner and Monte talk about winning the HoH and the veto ..

                  Tuner to Monte- we can win this ****ing game,bro
                  Monte- yeah .. I'm going to go crazy on this next HoH comp ..

                  Turner - do you think she ( Taylor ) will put up Brittany and Alyssa . if she wins ?
                  Monte- I would hope.. but she could be telling me one thing an then put you up with Alyssa ..but we are all playing in the veto ..

                  Turner- I don't think that Alyssa would put us up at all
                  Monte- I don't think so . I just saved her

                  Monte- I'm proud of us bro
                  Turner - that was perfect....


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                    Turner to Brittany- I'm sorry
                    Brittany - it's okay ..
                    Turner- - it was the best way possible to have you not have to vote Michael out...
                    Brittany - I appreciate not putting me in that position......obviously I was thinking of him too much of a friend..... and he was thinking of me as a pawn
                    He tells her he's sorry .. loves her .. wishes her luck in the HoH comp and tells her he's glad she's still here


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                      Brittany to Taylor - what do we do?

                      Taylor - we win .. that is what we do .. we knew with that setup how it was going to play out,..... but now we win. .....I'll be damned if I let Turner and Monte railroad us until the end ..

                      She talks about how Turner can't play in this HoH comp ...

                      Brittany says she can't shake the feeling that she will be the next one walking out the door
                      Taylor tells her she won't be


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                        Taylor to Monte, Turner and Alyssa - I'm sorry Brittany is crying right now...... but that **** was good


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                          Alyssa to Taylor and Turner- -- he (Michael) was like ....."you cannot keep her (Brittany).. she does not have anyone's back...she's constantly throwing everyone's name around and is just trying to save herself. .. she's going to ride along to F2


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