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Live Feed Updates - 9/9 - Day 66

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  • Live Feed Updates - 9/9 - Day 66

    We're bringing you the Live Feed Updates right here in their very own forum ( you guys seem to like that the best ) and we'll do everything that we can to bring you all the drama that plays out inside the Big Brother 24 house, just like we've done for the past 23 years that we've been covering Big Brother.

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    I updated on last night's thread ....

    Just adding this here to start this one off today ..

    Monte is the new Head of Household

    Brittany time was only 9 seconds away from his.

    The HoH competition was "Horror Fest"

    "think slasher movie"

    You get a phone call not to go into a house ... but you're already in the house and so is the "killer"

    The house guests had to maneuver in the dark, through crawl spaces/rooms to find six boards/planks to barricade themselves ...etc.
    It was an individual timed challenge

    Taylor tapped out ...
    She was panicked

    Turner got his HoH basket and letter from his girlfriend
    Monte got his HoH room, basket and letter from his dad

    Monte's nominations coming later today


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      (quick catch up from last night in Monte's HoH room )

      Monte talked one on one with Alyssa

      He tells her that everyone is onboard to send Brittany out
      He tells her that he will put her up beside Brittany
      She thanks him for being honest with her
      She asks if there's anything she can do for him
      He tells her to let him know if anyone is saying his name etc.
      She tells him she can do that

      Monte with Brittany

      Brittany talking about how she thinks that Michael wasn't "self aware" of how much a target he was ...
      Monte asked her about what was happening with her last week .. .asks her to tell the truth
      Brittany told him that she was trying to detach herself from Michael, because she knew she was getting closer and closer to being in danger and wanted to build some other ways for her to stay safe ...
      Brittany talks about how Michael said she had a lot of F2 deals ... she tells him that most of them came "out of convenience" and that a lot of them were "brought to her"
      She also told him that she knew that they weren't true F2's

      She told him about the early am talk that she had with Turner
      She told him that she knew sooner than later, that Michael would have to go .... but she didn't want to be the one that had anything to do with it

      Brittany told him that Alyssa wanted a F2 with her .. and an F3 with her/Michael and a F3 with her and Taylor.

      She told him that Alyssa has thrown his (Monte's ) name out there .. as a target
      She tells him that she thinks that Taylor is good with the 2 of them ( him/her) ...
      She talks about how they ( her/Michael/Taylor have had a F3 deal ... since before the Leftovers ...

      Brittany swears on her husband that she won't be her target next week
      She tells him that if Alyssa goes this week .. then Taylor and Turner will be targeting each other, rather than him/her

      He asked her how would she feel about "being a pawn"
      She told him that obviously she doesn't want to be a pawn ..but she understands why he would ask her and she understands the position he's in
      He tells her that everyone plays in veto, they can talk after that and that she should be good sitting next to Alyssa.

      Monte and Turner

      Monte told him that he already gave Alyssa a heads up about her going up with Brittany and that she ( Alyssa ) understands
      He says in his talk with Brittany .. he wanted to see what info she would give out ...
      They rehash the Brittany/Turner talk
      Monte says that the trust is lost with Brittany ..

      Turner tells Monte that next week.. if he wins HoH .. he would put up Alyssa/Taylor and that he thinks that if Taylor wins .. she would put up him(Turner and Alyssa .... and that if Alyssa won.. she would put up Monte and Taylor ..

      Monte tells Turner that he's not committed to anything yet .. he's going to "let the cards fall" .... this week ... see who might incriminate themselves.

      Turner talked about the what if .. Brittany wins the veto and Taylor goes up as the replacement nom .
      He says that's a conversation "to be had" ... but not now .. just wait see what happens with the veto

      Monte talks about if Turner wins the veto and takes down Alyssa..... that ties his ( Monte's ) hands and forces him to put up Taylor

      Monte said he appreciates where he is with Taylorj
      He talks about "if" he finds out that his name is "in her mouth this week" ... he's open to discuss

      Monte and Taylor

      Taylor talks about her panic during the HoH comp
      Monte talks about how Brittany isn't telling him the truth

      Taylor asking if Brittany is his target
      He tells her his gut says Alyssa... but he wants the week to play out .. see who says what .. etc.

      Monte tells her that he needs her to be his "eyes and ears" this week .. let him know if anyone, including Turner says anything about him ..

      Taylor told him that it was Brittany that brought her and Alyssa together ...

      Monte tells her about how Brittany 'sworn on Steven" ( her hubby ) that he would not be her target next week

      Taylor asked where Turner stands
      Monte tells her that Turner's resume is stacked. ..
      He says that Turner is objective,...logical .. and that he's a shield, and he does not want to take Turner out this week

      Monte tells Taylor that he can't help it if .... Taylor wins the veto .. and Turner has to go up on the block
      He tells her that she and Brittany would be the ones who choose who goes
      Taylor tells him she's going "balls to the wall" to win the veto

      He tells her that he's confident that Taylor can win the next Hoh comp
      She tells him that "all her eggs are in his basket" now


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        you've missed next to nothing ....

        Around 1:15 PM BBT

        BB told them it was time to "rise and shine" ...

        ( ya think? )


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          Turner providing himself with some privacy in the shower ..


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            At least he’s taking one!

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          The old .. walk by the Nomination's Day sign ...


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                ( y'all .. I fell asleep and thought it was the next day and that I was late for work, because it was light outside, but I don't even work tomorrow, so I was trying to rationalize all that in my brain, until I realized that it was still the same day )

                So.. while all that was happening, the feeds were down for the nomination ceremony and now they are back and Brittany is ( was in the HoH room, I had to roll back a little it ) talking to Monte

                Monte nominated Brittany and Alyssa for eviction


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                  Monte and Brittany

                  Brittany- yeah . so just wanted to check base.... I understand .. totally in line with what we talked about last night ...

                  Monte- yeah
                  Brittany - absolutely no hard feelings ...
                  Monte - yeah and I do appreciate you checking base too ... cause you know . I feel like more communication is better than less

                  Brittany- yeah .. and that's kinda what I wanted to check in with you on . is there anything else...last week that was said . or that I might be able to clear up? Because last night, I know we were al tired and everything.. but in my mind, I went through every single person
                  .. and kinda shared ..

                  Monte- yeah

                  Brittany and I at lease.. I would be remiss if I didn't ask if there was anything else.. I mean I've been .. I swear on my everything.. I've been straight up with you on everything I know ..

                  Monte - yeah

                  Brittany - I would hate to watch back and be like "oh no" .. someone was saying this .. and that's a lie.. and I didn't even know .. and that contributed to me leaving the house ... and it wasn't even true

                  Monte- yeah

                  Brittany- so I would at least like.. between you and I . I won't stir up anything .. that's the last thing I .. we know that's not .... how anybody . that doesn't help anybody ..

                  Monte- yeah

                  Brittany - but I was wondering if there's anything or anybody that I can at least clear the air about ?

                  Monte- yeah .. there was some .. more things shared .. through Turner's perspective... the details of that conversation you guys had ...

                  Brittany- okay

                  Monte -which I think he told me was a late night conversation ...or whatever have you

                  Brittany- yeah

                  Monte - things that were just associated with .. like .. you guys ( her/Turner ) having a F2 ...but then also .. how you feel about Taylor and me being closer apparently ... you know there were some things mentioned around that all girls thing ... that may have been a thing that Alyssa brought up .. or of you feeling like you didn't trust Taylor ... and then I think that Alyssa also shared ....she was approached by you for an F2 ... right? . that's how she proposed it ...

                  Monte - and she said that it was a very similar conversation that Turner had.. where similar things were brought up .. so ... and I'm telling you this stuff .. cause this is the information that was brought to me

                  Brittany- yeah. no .. and I appreciate that

                  Monte- and also they ( Alyssa/Turner ) have been fine with saying they are open to circling back ... or whatever. because they feel like that are completely fine with opening up with that information

                  Brittany- yeah

                  Monte- so I'm sharing this information because apparently the whole house knows about this infomration .. but I didn't hear about it .. you know . we ( him/her ) didn't talk about this .. stuff

                  Brittany- yeah .. no .. I mean .. that's really interesting and I can say 100% ... Alyssa approached ME ..

                  Monte- mmm hmmm

                  Brittany- uh .... she even wanted to call it .. uh ... "full circle"

                  Monte- mmm hmmm

                  Brittany- because we were working together the beginning weeks and then wasn't .. and then we came back

                  Monte- "full circle" .. gotcha

                  Brittany- I mean for me.. that's like.. I mean it's pure ...

                  Brittany- and for why I didn't take it as any kind of fluff or truth at all ... is because for me.. that's so conv.. what did we used to call it "Convenient Store"

                  Monte- yeah

                  Brittany - for me.. that's such Convenient Store mentality ...I could see that that was coming her . .because she .. and rightfully so ... I get it .. from her perspective . she's trying to make as many connections as she can . I'm sure ..not being part of the Leftovers.. going out .. coming back in ... and this being difficult .. I can try to empathize and put myself in her shoes and see why actions like that would happen ..

                  Brittany - and . and.. and.. just through logic.. that ..that.. makes no sense...

                  Monte- mmm hmmm

                  Brittany- I HAVE things established . she does not ...

                  Monte- yeah

                  Brittany- it does not make any sense for me to be part of that ...or to initiate something like that ...​


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                    Monte- yeah

                    Brittany- definitely .. definitely .. was not me ...

                    Monte- mm hmmm

                    Brittany- and .. yeah ... ummm... yeah .. I'm just trying to think... yeah .. all girls thing .. no.

                    Motne- mm hmmm

                    Brittany- ummm....yeah .. umm.. I .. ummm.. I guess .... I know that Taylor ... is more committed to you and I ... and her . than to Alyssa, her and me.. in any sort of way .. I do really trust that that's the case ...

                    Monte- mmm mmm

                    Brittany- umm.. I know that there have been conversations ... about her ( (Taylor ) .. really wanting to go to the end with a female...and I .. and that .. has been since the beginning ( she nervous laughs ) ... from her intro package .. and onward in this game

                    Monte- mm hmmm

                    Brittany - umm.. so .. yeah .. even last night .. in comments when we waiting to come in here and talk to you ... comments were made by her .. but I can't speak to how real that is to other people... all I know is that I was very much committed .. and I know the actions ...of .. of .. the comps .. that he .. Michael won .. demostrated .. the .. the.. the ....truth of us 4 ... but like any decision he was making .. I was right there with him ... and talking that through and that's kinda was where we were at ..

                    Monte- yeah

                    Brittany - as far as Turner .. you know . I regret that conversation ... you know because it was really early in the morning .. I think that it was probably misconstrued ...

                    Monte- mm hmmm

                    Brittany- him and I hadn't really talked all that much .. you know . so it was kinda typical .. awkward Turner talk .. and I think that we were just looking at the memory wall and looking like "okay, where do we both stand"

                    Monte- mm hmmmm

                    Brittany - and honestly I thought most of it was "kinda like a joke" ... like "we really ****ed ourselves" ...

                    Brittany - like "would that person vote for you? No ... would that person vote for you? No... "

                    Monte- yeah

                    Brittany - if that got misconstrued as a F2 ... I .. I.. I .. I mean . I won't say anything ... because this is just between us ..

                    Monte- yeah

                    Brittany- but .. that . was not my intension whatsoever

                    Monte- yeah

                    Brittany- I think that I thought that would be pretty clear... the fact that our relationship .. we ( her/Turner ) have never quite lined up in this game... at all

                    Monte- yeah . especially after him putting you up ..

                    Brittany - yeah .. that multiple times.. that really makes zero sense...

                    Monte- mm hmmm

                    Brittany - and yeah. I think know.. some of that too ... was just trying to get a sense of where his head was at... and like I told you last night .. let him know . "hey, I'm onboard with Michael" and just a chance to get to see where his ( Turner's ) head was out helping Michael make his decisions for last week

                    Monte- yeah

                    Brittany- and yeah . part of that was like like .. yeah .. I'm just going to see if I can feel out where Turner is a little bit .. and you know . just see where is head is at ... you know ..

                    Monte- mm hmmm

                    Brittany - yeah .. and .. you know . I don't necessarily see a future for us ( her/Turner ) in this game... and I know by saying that out loud ... you could very well go tell him that ... and you know. that screws me... but at the same time. I think that it makes sense.. to really know ... like .. where you're waiting to go .. and where you currently stand.. and ... I just feel like it's pretty pivitoal .. I don't ever see there being an "Alyssa turning on Turner"

                    Monte- mm hmm

                    Brittany- so what are we supposed to do next week.. there's 5 of us ...

                    Monte- mm hmm

                    Brittany - and I feel like right now .. it feels kinda scary to be in ... that "odd one out" .. but ... at the same time.. it's like "okay, that can be a number" ...

                    Monte - yeah

                    Brittany- a number when you need it ..

                    Monte- yeah

                    Brittany- and if I were to go this week ..okay . it would be ... 2 on 2.... I dunno .. I guess it just kinda exposes you in a kinda way .. you wouldn't need to be

                    Monte- mm hmmm

                    Brittany- any how ... it's totally up to you . you can chose to believe what Alyssa is saying ... or you can chose to believe what I am saying ...

                    Monte- yeah

                    Brittany - it's just's just .. it's interesting to me.. and you know .. it's funny .. I can feel it too . it's exactly what I anticipated .. I knew a lot of those conversations where " oh, you're close with Michael" ... "let's get close with you" .. that insurance policy ... we always called it the "insurance policy" ... whenever I talked to Michael, I would be like "Oh, I'm getting some "insurance policy talk" .. you know . people wanted to be close ...

                    Brittany- you know .. there was a very high likelihood that he ( Michael ) would win and they would say . just what you wanted to hear ..

                    Monte - yeah

                    Brittany - and Michael could never see beyond that ...

                    ( good lord )

                    Brittany- but I . I recognized it .. for what it was . you know?

                    Monte -yeah

                    Brittany - and that's why it never was . it was like "it's just talk"

                    Brittany- but you know it's like we said actions speak more than the words

                    Monte - yeah

                    Brittany- they never really meant anything .. we knew what our "actions" were .. in terms of who we wanted to work with and who we wanted to see long term

                    Monte- mmm hmmm

                    Brittany- and you know .. it's just very "convenient mentally" and I even see the sense of "pulling away" now you know and I'm like "oh how funny" know ..

                    Monte- yeah

                    Brittany - ummm.. how that works.. but yeah ..

                    Monte - I'm curious.. about how did Michael come to say all those things before .. he was evicted.. were those things that you shared with him in confidence ??

                    Brittany- I mean I would tell him . "hey, Alyssa is approaching me" you know . to try to work together a little bit more . "very convenient" "the insurance policy" sorta of thing

                    Monte- so he used that against you ?

                    Brittany- I know .. which is why I think I was most upset.. it was kinda a "hey, trying to let you know what the lay of the land is" .. and he ... he's a great player... I'm never not .. he won a lot of comps.. he had a .. lot of .. blind "self-awareness" ...

                    Brittany - of where he was in the game...

                    Monte- yeah

                    Brittany - it just wasn't there . and that .. cost him his game...

                    Monte- yeah ..yeah ..100% .. 100%

                    Brittany- you know

                    Monte- I think that unfortunately .. everybody gets comfortable... very confident

                    Brittany - yeah

                    She continues to talk about the "Insurance policy" and how she should have brought that up to him and Taylor more.. brought it to their attention...
                    She says that Taylor knew about the part about the girls,.. because she was a part of it ..

                    Brittany - I didn't bring it to your attention ..because it was just so "FLUFF" .. so "not real" ..
                    She says she guesses that was her downfall.. that Alyssa was coming to him .. but she wasn't ..
                    She says she should have come to him and told him that Alyssa was "throwing around his name"

                    She goes on and on about how making deals with everyone doesn't work ...

                    She says she kinda knew that Michael would go before F4 ..
                    She says that Taylor kinda filled her in on that ..

                    Brittany- and not that it matters now.. but I do think he would have gone F4 with us ( her/him/Taylor )

                    They continue to circle back over what they have already said

                    She says she realized now .. that even though her mindset was "this is fluff" .. she should have come to him ...

                    Brittany - me being that close with Michael, kinda handicapped me being able to play.. everyone was just telling me what they thought I wanted to hear ..

                    She says it's just frustrating for her to see people jump ship ..

                    He tells her that he's all about actions .. lack there of .. or all about actions ...

                    He tells her that them talking right now is clearing the air .. and that's what he wants...

                    He tells her that even thought it's "fluff"'s still information that maybe could help him see where Turner lies...

                    Brittany-- yeah I wish I would have brought those things to your attention .. but now I hope you know where a lot of it was coming from and you can chose who you want to believe...

                    She says she truly doesn't know where people lie

                    He tells her that this week ..he's hands off .. of a target right now.. he wants to let the week play out and see what people do .. say .. and if he finds out information that he's a target .. for next week.. he will have to take that info into consideration making his decision...

                    He talks about playing the veto... how that turns out.. and how people vote

                    She tells him she's going to "gun for the veto"

                    She tells him that no one wants to talk game to her .. until the veto ..

                    She gets emotional and says sorry .. she doesn't mean to get upset...

                    She tells him that she hopes that she can win veto .. and then maybe someone will want to talk to her ..

                    She tells him again she thought it was "fluff" and she didn't want to "stir up drama"

                    He tells her that as much as it 's "counter Big Brother" .. it's about honesty for him ...

                    He says not hearing the info .. creates a wedge ...

                    He says airing it out .. is better than holding it in" ... no matter what anyone thinks the narrative is ...

                    She tells him that when she heard his speech . she was concerned that maybe there wasn't something that she hadn't told him.. even though she thought last night that she had laid out everything to him .. about each person ...

                    She talks again about how the F2 with turner was misconstrued ... never was one .. and that it wouldn't be anyway .. because he took out Michael ...

                    She says that she thinks that Turner's real estate went up more in the Jury House .. for him taking out Michael ...

                    He tells her at this point it seems that every thing has been laid out .. but if anything comes up .. to come to him

                    She tells him about how Taylor was talking about how they ( him/her/Taylor ) have to stick together ...

                    He tells her that he's glad they were able to chat ....


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                      Monte and Alyssa

                      Alyssa tells Monte that if there's anything that needs to be said in front of Brittany ... she will .. ...

                      She tells him that she appreciates his speech ... and she wants to be as transparent ...

                      Monte tells her that (Brittany said that she ( Alyssa ) was the one to propose the three girl alliance thing

                      He tells her that in his head.. that doesn't make sense .....cause you are close with Turner... and that would mean she wanted to get rid of Turner...

                      Monte- is this something that was proposed by you? .. or did it come up organically ?

                      Alyssa- Brittany was like "how crazy is it the three girls who were not supposed to be here are here?".... .. and I was like "it's important we look out for each other cause women don't naturally make it as far in the game". ......I never said..... "I want an alliance..... I want to lock this in" ..becuase of how much Turner does mean to me. .. and I was trying to figure out where I stood with you too ..and Taylor can vouch for me on that . if you want her too ...

                      She tells him that Brittany has proven over and over again .. that she does not have anyone's best interest in mind....

                      Alyssa - there's no looking out for her....... I never wanted to lock down ..never wanted .. to be like.... "let's get rid of all of the guys".. ...

                      Alyssa tells him about when they were in the HoH room and Michael came in .. and that once he left... he is like "we'll just let the guys go after each other"...

                      Alyssa- I did say let's look out for each other. ... ( the girls ) .. but .. that was the extent of it

                      Monte- where was Taylor's head on that? was she also just ...

                      Alyssa- quite.. she was more like... "I hear what you ( Brittany) are saying." .. and like " who knew we would make it this far" .. and she ( Taylor ) apologized to me about misconceptions int the game...

                      Alyssa tells him it was "more like an understanding" .. not a pact... like "let's get these people out" ... it was more like.... moving forward from things in the past

                      She tells him that Taylor was never like.. . let's get you ( Monte ) out .. she does value and love you.. I know that

                      Monte – I'm just trying to take in as much as possible...your transparency and walking through exactly what was said and stuff means a lot and it's the opposite of what just happened with Brittany..... where she was trying to see what I knew ....and then trying to backtrack to confirm it. know what I mean?

                      Alyssa – yeah. ..

                      Monte – so like to me ....I don’t like when people lie directly to my face.... that's hard for me to just sit here and cope with

                      Alyssa – yeah

                      Monte – I'm just like damn.. but . that's where I'm at... I appreciate you opening up..
                      Alyssa - 100%
                      Monte- let's keep doing this throughout the week ...

                      Alyssa talks about how Brittany was always trying to get info from her ....

                      She says that she just wants to he there ..
                      She tells him she's all about honesty

                      Monte - and the thing is .. I'm not even initiating these conversations

                      He talks about how it was the same way with Nicole ..
                      He talks about how she would pull him and just tell him more lies..

                      He says that Brittany is doing the same thing and he doesn't appreciate that stuff ...

                      Alyssa - I just wanted to touch base,.. and thank you for your speech .....and also get a feel for how it is going to go with Brittany...... I will probably just be nice.... but keep it at that.

                      Monte – yeah.... . I appreciate you keeping the communication lines open .....and I doubt she's ( Brittany ) going to be talking any game now

                      He tells her that 'whoever he hears things from first.. he knows that is most likely to be the truth" ...

                      Monte- and that to me creates a lot of trust and makes me want to work with somebody more.. for me .. Brittany was like "oh I just thought it was all fluff" .. to me . that is BS

                      He tells her that he had established trust enough with Michael, Turner and Taylor that when people had his name in their mouths, they would let him know .

                      Monte- and I would like to establish that with you

                      Alyssa- yeah

                      He tells her it might be uncomfortable to talk about ..but this is his "incubated" ..and if it comes in . it stays in..
                      She tells him she appreciates that and she will let him know if she hears anything as the week goes on


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                        Alyssa and Taylor

                        Alyssa - Brittany is still trying to throw us under the bus with the all girls thing...... just so you know ... have your back and I hope you have mine too. .... all I said was we need to look out for each other

                        She tells Taylor that Monte asked her " did Taylor have any input"

                        She tells her that she told him .. no .. that all you did was apologize for this fake narrative they ( her/Taylor ) had ...


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                          Brittany to the camera -
                          She says she can't promised that she won't cry .. but she wants someone to talk to ..

                          She starts to talk to Steven .. then starts to cry and then talks about how much she cries.... and how she's feeling lonely, confused and betrayed ... but mostly lonely ..

                          Brittany- yesterday was pretty much worst case scenario.....and I know it's probably confusing . because I tell people it was good ....but I didn't think it was good.. it was worse case... I know it didn't make sense but I wanted to go to the end with Michael.. he probably didn't fully understand how much I meant that... cause people don't tell the truth in here .. myself included... to a lot of people.. so it's hard when you are telling the truth ..for people to get it .. but I really thought that Michael got it .... but I also think he realized that he wanted to stay ...and ... he was going to do anything that he could ... to try to stay.. even if that meant exposing things that he did . to help him ... I think what was tough was that this whole house and this experience feels so topsy-tury don't know what to believe and it felt grounding to have one person ... who got you and who you trusted... and to have that person flip on you ... I do not know what he was doing in that moment .I do not understand ... and it only lasted a few minutes ..

                          cams go to We'll Be Right Back ..

                          Once back she's still talking ...

                          Brittany- I do think he is a real friend... I should have just joined a club .. I wanted to make friends.... I should have just freaking joined a happy hour meet up in Austin, Texas and made friends that way.. coming here.. note to self.. anyone that wants to come here .. do not come here to make friends....not the place

                          .. I thought that being empathic .. caring about people... would set me apart.. but really .. it's been hell ...

                          I hope Michael is a real friend. ...I just feel so sad..... I was just so sad how it all went down. ...I didn't feel like there was anything .....I could do to stop it other than warning him it was going to happen....and he didn't listen to me .. and of course I wanted to stay . so I didn't do anything to stop it . but I wasn't going to add a salt to the wound

                          feeds cut
                          once back ..

                          Brittany- everyone who is here....other than only here because of Michael....everyone... myself included.... Michael protected everybody here and they did not protect him.. which hey ......that's Big Brother.... I don't fault anyone.. I tried to tell Michael .. but he didn't listen .. but I hope one day that he realizes... I was with him .. 100%....

                          I know I have not played this game very smart..... I can recognize that.... I'd do it entirely differently if I could start over. ...I just want to go home with first or second...or America's Favorite.... but I don't intend to.... it's okay guys, I know I am not getting that.. so I'm not expecting that ...

                          I just want $40,000 to be able to start my family...whether that be IBF or adpotion .. or whatever the world throws our away ..that's what I want... that's why I am here.. that's what I promised Steven I'd bring home.. no one will ever understand why.... I would have gone to the end with Michael but I know and my family knows. that I'm just a future mom . doing what I have to do . doing what I need to do .. ... that's why I tried to put in place a back up plan. .. if Michael wouldn't listen.... I needed a plan B doesn't really look like that plan B is working out too well for me.. but it got me through yesterday...

                          I just gotta trust . man if I would win this veto tomorrow .. I lost veto by 9 seconds... you guys are going to trip out .. when you watch .. it's crazy .. 9 seconds.. that was it .. aw man .. I think that's the crazy part.. today I'm just feeling sad.. because I lost my person ..

                          I didn't realize what a strong currency trust was in this game.... I totally understand Nicole Franzel.... her reaction when Cody betrayed her.... I used to think she was just being a brat. Sorry Nicole.... you were not a brat .. it hurts.. it hurts ... when your a real person playing this game.. I brought too much of a real person into this house .. that was a big no no .. I would do that differently .. don't expect to trust anyone... literally anyone .. the only alliance I have right now is with the rules of this game.....and then you expect the unexpected.. so you can't even really trust that's funny ... so funny ..

                          right now I don't know who I can trust . I know I need to go out there .. Alyssa is doing that and that is how she is going to win ..I didn't expect it would hurt so bad to have people distance themself from you..... Michael was a friend when no one else was....I think that's what hurts about that she out of everyone should know how that feels yet she is not making much effort to be with me

                          I can't believe that Turner said he would never put up somebody in the LGBTQ community and he did it... of course Paul is his favorite player that doesn't really surprise me...he thinks jury management isn't a thing but it's a thing


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                            Monte and Taylor

                            Monte tells her about his conversation with Brittany ...
                            He tells her that she lied about everything .. made excuses ..
                            He says she was fishing to find out anything she could from him ..

                            Monte- she was throwing you under the bus .. about the girls thing ...

                            Taylor-this girls thing.. I am telling you this .. because I trust you ... I am not the one who tried to unite the three girls,.... Brittany is not the one who tried to unite the three girls.
                            Monte - it was Alyssa
                            Taylor - Alyssa asked me in the bathroom.... I come up here in the HoH room and ... that's when she really tries ..
                            Monte- to bring it home..
                            Taylor- yeah .. but I think it's more obvious that I'm locked in more with you and Brittany than them. but that is where my tame is right now ..

                            Monte- she (Alyssa) pinned it on Brittany 100%..... I was like "so what about Taylor?... and she said.... "no,.... Taylor was quiet".. she was just kinda "chiming along " .. which is what you told me.. so that made sense.. but she was pinning it on Brittany 100%

                            He talks about how he doesn't think that Turner would make up what he said about Brittany ...
                            He says he trust Turner more than Brittany ..

                            Taylor - it's very clear that she (Alyssa) has no game outside of Kyle.....
                            Monte- yeah
                            Taylor - I don't fault her for trying to start an all girls thing.... it's all she could do. ....Brittany is trying to use that to throw Alyssa under the bus,,,, to throw me under the bus
                            Monte- yeah
                            Taylor- and she didn't have to do that
                            Monte- it just makes me concerned.. say .. we evict Alyssa this week. ....Brittany has a higher likelihood of winning something... say she wins HoH,.... I have no idea who she is putting up.. I'm assuming me and Turner...right ? .. but what if she put up me and you? .. she hasn't said anything about an F2 with me.. she's throwing you under the bus...that's my issue there .. but if Brittany goes this week..., Alyssa has not gotten close to winning... if there's some sort of miracle,....we are back to square one anyway. ... .. it's the same thing as last week with Terrance and Alyssa..... Alyssa is the most beatable

                            Taylor - if Brittany or Alyssa takes themself down...., who are you putting up?

                            Monte - it's gripping me .....but I think the shot would have to be...

                            They talk about how close she was to beating him yesterday ..

                            Monte- if Brittany takes herself down and Turner goes up, and Brittany make the vote and it is what it is...the following week..... we have our agreement and I hope we would be fine there.... and if not .. and I think that both of us .. if you win especially if you are going against Brittany and Alyssa ...

                            Monte to Taylor- it would probably be ideal for both of us if you win and pull Brittany down or Brittany wins and pulls herself down and then I gotta do what I gotta do at that point ...

                            He says he's open to whatever way it works out ..

                            Monte - - If noms stay the same and I have to drop the hammer on which one goes,.....she (Brittany) is making it harder for me to be comfortable with keeping her.. you know what I'm saying .. but yeah .that's how I'm feeling and it doesn't help that she's continuing to lie...

                            Taylor talks about how Alyssa told her that about the all girl alliance that Brittany threw me and her under the bus .. she asked me not to say anything .. but ... she told me to lay low.. stay quiet ...

                            She tells him she's working with him . and they can figure out Alyssa and Turner .. but she didn't want him to think she was holding anything back
                            He tells her he's not concerned about it

                            He talks about how anything can happen with this veto
                            He says he's going to lay back . see what happens
                            He says he feels good about her (Taylor ) and Turner ...

                            He says that Brittany is "out of wack"
                            Taylor- it's weird ..

                            She says she wants to know all the lies about her life...

                            Taylor = he (Turner) said she (Brittany) told him she knows who he is..... recognized him..... referenced a picture of him and Megan....., knows about the Rug Shack,.... and referenced a local newspaper article... like a town newspaper ..not city ... she wouldn't tell him how she knows all this

                            Monte - that's kinda creepy actually ..I'm kinda concerned about that ... that is odd .. the more I'm talking to her (Brittany), the more I'm getting sketched out by her and what the hell she is doing in this game
                            Taylor- I'm sorry but I don't think there is anybody in this game she wins next to
                            Monte- No..... there is nobody.. she's probably feeling like she's on the outs
                            Taylor- well . she put herself there
                            Monte- very much so

                            They circle about how Brittany was throwing Taylor under the bus about the girls thing ..


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