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Live Feed Updates 9/10 - Day 67

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  • Live Feed Updates 9/10 - Day 67

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  • #2
    Brittany won the Power Of Veto

    (I am kind of out of pocket today but I'll do the best I can to update here and there)


    • #3
      Alyssa told Turner that when they told Britney she won...
      Britney was like... That's for you Michael!!!

      Alyssa-I was like f***


      • #4
        Alyssa and Turner.. talked about if Monte would put up Taylor


        • #5
          Taylor and Brittany talked

          Taylor talking about Turner this... Turner that...

          ​​​​​​Brittany to Taylor- no one is talking to me cause they are spinning up this bull**** to make me a target. ...Turner was targeting you.... I dont know why something he is saying holds more weight than something I say


          • #6
            Taylor to Brittany- mind it was like Brittany trying to make me feel like Monte and Turner are working together when her and Turner are actually working together?". ....that's why I have been quiet and scared ....and felt like I had to win the veto today ...


            • #7
              Brittany to Taylor- if he puts Turner up,'s me, you, Monte ....and Alyssa is alone on an island next week


              • #8
                Brittany to Taylor- Monte can't play next werk...wouldn't you want to go into an HoH that's me, you and Alyssa ....
                Taylor- mmm hmmm..that's why I wanted to win the ****ing veto


                • #9
                  Brittany to Taylor- it would lock in F3...we both assure him. ....I would stick to this,....I would swear on Steven...


                  • #10
                    Taylor to Brittany- all cards on the table honest with me, you have any other F2...or F3's...that are in this house still?

                    Brittany- no...and that's what's ****ing scary.... If doesn't put up Turner....,I am on an island...


                    • #11
                      Turner to Monte - the only thing they can be plotting is for me to go up.

                      Monte to Turner - and are not..

                      Turner- thank you....

                      Monte- as person... as a human... you are not going up


                      • #12
                        Monte to Turner - why the hell would I put you up?... I don' t trust that those two would keep you over Alyssa. ...and secondly....,I have also been pondering over this whole girls thing.... If you are gone.... I am done next week...


                        • #13
                          Monte and Turner talk about putting Taylor up..
                          They also talked about Alyssa staying

                          They also talked about the possibility that Taylor would take Brittany to the end given the chance..

                          Monte - even in the case that Brittany wins next week ...and puts the two of us u..., one of us wins veto. Iff I win.... I'm keeping you. ...Alyssa doesn't serve a purpose for my game. ....

                          Turner- I am choosing you until the very end


                          • #14
                            Monte to Turner - if Alyssa goes and Taylor stays.... I wasn't banking on her as a jury vote anyway. ...if she goes on my HoH,....I dont feel horrible....but... If Taylor goes,....she is probably cursing me up and down in the jury house ....and now I am ****ed


                            • #15
                              Monte and Turner talked about working with Brittany and Taylor rather than Brittany and Alyssa


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