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Live Feed Updates 9/11 - Day 68

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  • Live Feed Updates 9/11 - Day 68

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    7:32 AM BBT

    Cams 1 & 2
    Monte, Taylor & Turner in the backyard playing pool.

    Cams 3 & 4
    Brittany & Alyssa in bed/sleeping.


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      ( here's the catch up from where I left off last night )

      Monte and Taylor talked a little more about Brittany ... and about Taylor going on the block

      Monte talking about how Brittany is safe this week... but still continues to lie to him ... her going on the block
      Monte tells Taylor that the worse that can happen next week for her .. is if Turner wins HoH and puts her and Brittany up
      He tells her he votes to keep her ( Taylor )
      They talked about how Michael and Brittany revealed the info about Kyle
      Monte says it felt very premeditated

      Monte, Turner, Taylor

      Taylor to Turner and Monte- since we are here.. can we just talk openly about this?

      Monte- yeah
      Turner - yeah

      Taylor to Turner - if go up Monday will you vote to keep me in the house?
      Turner- definitely
      Taylor- are you lying to me again?
      she laughs
      Turner- no .. my brain is like scrambled eggs right now .. but .. even though she’s ( Alyssa's ) my best friend.... I’m totally fine with sending her home... and us three making it to the end..... I know Brittany is probably pitching a F3 with every single person in this house..... we can make it to the end easily I’m totally fine with sending Alyssa out..if that means...

      Taylor – we go
      Turner- we go
      Turner – are you with it?
      Taylor – lets do it
      Turner – Fire

      They fist bump

      Taylor – we should name this Guys Girls
      Turner – Guys Girls that's perfect Girls
      Taylor - Girls Guys
      Monte- 2 dudes and a girl
      Taylor- no not that ..

      Monte – 2 guys 1 girl
      Taylor – please no
      they laugh..

      Taylor – have Julie Chen say that.. the alliance of ...2 guys 1 girl..

      They laugh

      Turner says he's interested to see what Brittany will pitch to him, because she knows he's close with Alyssa..

      He assures Taylor, that whatever Brittany might pitch, it won't change his vote

      Taylor- okay

      Monte – even if Brittany tries to pull a fast one ..
      He talks about how Alyssa would go anyway because Turner is solid with his vote and he ( Monte ) would break any tie...

      Monte – my biggest concern is Brittany continues to say stuff that is so off putting and not owning up to anything about last week. .. and not admitting that she was wrong for at least not communicating ....she's trying to blow smoke to cover her tracks...apparently she came up with the both of you the night I won HOH saying she wants to solidify a F2 ..

      Taylor and Turner confirm

      Monte – what the hell..
      Taylor – I was laying their tripping balls from that panic attack..

      Monte – my thing is ... her true colours will come out when you and Alyssa are on the block. if she starts pitching to Turner about Alyssa than .. I think that is the proof in the pudding right there that she was never to be trusted..... I know how much you’ve had a relationship with her.

      Taylor - yeah ..

      Turner – she was pitching for me to get Michael out of this house ....then she wins (veto) and says it’s for Michael.... where the **** is any loyalty right now... like what they hell ?

      Monte – even her explanation didn’t make sense to me

      Taylor – what she tell you ?

      Monte – she said something about he was my only friend in the house and it just felt like we were so close.. and that he (Michael ) said all those things to give me a sign what was out there.

      Turner – what the **** ?

      Monte – that is what she said.. he laid out all that information to help her..

      Turner – what?
      Monte – how does that possibly work
      Taylor – yeah.. yeah ...

      Turner – as long as she doesn’t win HoH .. or veto .. we’re chilling
      Monte – the two of you verses her in HoH .. I feel pretty damn good about the odds there.

      Taylor on the hammock alone ...

      Taylor - Oh My God .. how did I end up in an alliance with Turner and Monte called Girls Guys..... and I named it...... I literally signed up for third place .. the only way this works is if I win HoH .. and Brittany wins the veto ​

      A little later ... Taylor still hanging out in the hammock

      Taylor - I really do love Michael and Brittany, but a lot changed for me when they left me on the block, next to Kyle, a lot changed.

      Taylor - I don't win this game unless I dominate these next few comps ....and put myself in the F2 seat ....otherwise I'm carried ....and I don’t want to be carried by the guys.... I never wanted to be carried by the guys’s not the game I want to play ..... Turner cannot win this next HoH .. it has to be mine ...


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        Currently ..


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            ( quick catch up )

            Alyssa and Turner talked about how Brittany is annoying both of them

            Alyssa says Brittany is " manipulative and a liar"
            She talks about how Brittany wants her out this week
            Turner tells her that really she wants him out this week
            He talks about how Brittany is trying to get Monte to target him

            Alyssa tells Turner that Brittany told her that she "can't promise her anything" ( about her vote )
            She says Brittany told her they would just have to wait to see how the veto meeting went and then she would be able to tell her if she's safe or not

            Alyssa to Turner - so .. basically if you were up ....I would be safe… and if Taylor was up ....I would not be safe.
            Turner – yeah.

            Alyssa tells Turner that she knows that Monte won't put him up ..
            Turner tells her that is what Monte has told him ...

            Alyssa talks about how she doesn't want to go home...
            She talks trying to pitch to Monte

            Monte and Turner talked

            Monte talking again about having "more dogs in the fight" next week with Turner there ..
            He talks about how Brittany is the main target next week


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              Monte, Taylor and Brittany in the HoH room

              Brittany - well... I kinda just wanted to touch base and I thought it would be cool if Taylor was here too ... just curious where your head is at .. since we talked yesterday morning

              She says she knows she hit him with a lot.. but she's taken a step back and now she would like to talk to him about things that might be beneficial for the 3 of them ( her/him/Taylor) to move forward together in the game...

              Brittany tells him what she's heard is that when he is thinking about the decision that he has to make this week .. he's thinking what will be best for him moving forward... long term..

              She says she takes full responsibility for "some of the lapses" that he/she have had this week

              She talks about him putting Turner up this week .. and asks . what can she ..or they ( her/Taylor ) offer .. so that the trust goes up and the mistrust goes down

              Brittany- here's what might make sense and Taylor, feel free to chime in, let's say you do put up Turner ..

              Monte - hmm mmm

              Brittany - Taylor and I .. would be the 2 votes .. he would leave blood on your hands.. but you did put him up . so that is that ... but for next week...
              that would leave me, Taylor and Angela. why do I keep calling her Angela .. ALYSSA .. playing for HoH ..

              Monte- mm hmm

              Brittany- we were running through all the scenarios .. and what if we could.. I know that some of the trust issue is ..

              She talks about how he thinks that she is going to gun for him .. because of all the miscommunication they've had this week ..
              She tells him that's not the game she's playing... but she understands that can be a fear..

              Brittany to Monte- but . what if we could establish that if you ( Taylor ) were to win HoH .. you ( Taylor ) would me and Alyssa up ... you ( Monte ) would be the deciding vote ..

              Monte- mm hmmm

              Brittany- if I were to win HoH . I would put up Taylor and Alyssa ... you ( Monte ) are the deciding vote ..

              Monte- mmhmm

              Brittany- we establish that right now .. we shake on it and we know that is the plan ..

              Monte - mmhmm

              Brittany- then it comes down to veto .

              She says she and Alyssa are on the block.. Taylor wins veto ..keeps noms the same... Monte wins Veto . it stays the same..

              Monte- mmhhh

              Brittany- I win veto .. yes out of necessity you ( Monte ) would go up .. and that would be trusting me again .. that we are F3

              Brittany- and I would promise you on my entire game.. I would vote Alyssa out (Monte ) would stay ...

              Monte - mm hmmm

              Brittany - the only scenario we worry about is if Alyssa wins the veto ..

              Monte- which is highly unlikely
              Brittany - highly unlikely

              She talks about how Turner is good at comps ..
              She says instead of worrying about Turner .. they should be working together "in tandem" to get out the "weakest last link" ( Alyssa ) and then just assuring that us 3 .. are doing the popping the champagne and doing the round table recap episode and in F3 .. ready to play the 3 rounds... and letting it shake out however it shakes out

              Monte- mm hmm

              Brittany - and even though Dyre Fest went to **** and the Leftovers .. we as BroChella .. did the job that they came to do ..

              Monte- mm hmm

              Brittany - and we made it and we did it and we just play out fair and square from there ...​


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                Brittany to Monte- I trust you and I would much rather put myself on the block and be in that postion .. knowing that right now .. my game would be in your hands...

                Monte- mm hmmm

                Brittany - like you trusted me with this and I trusted you with that ..and if you were to screw me over Monte that would be something that ... that I could leave this game know . with my head held high ...

                Monte- mm hmm

                Brittany- I would be like.. at least I trusted the people that I was working with .. as opposed to things being chaotic this week ... and not knowing where Turner really is .. and not putting you ( Taylor ) in jeopardy this week ....

                She says they just don't know about what Turner would do if he was there next week ..he could even target Monte ..

                She says if Turner is there next week.....there's a "higher likelihood" that the 3 of them don't make it to the end" ... and that would be "such a shame"

                Monte - mm hmm

                Brittany to Monte- just curious where your head is on all of that

                Monte to Taylor- anything you have to say?

                Taylor- she pretty much laid it out .. all that we talked about yesterday ...

                Brittany talks about trust ...

                She talks about there's only 17 days left and she's trying not to think about life outside of the BB house .. but she is ..


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                  Brittany- my mind is thinking . what kind of job opportunities are going to be out there, what kind of things, I just don't feel like I've ever been in the postion ..nor do I ever want to be in the position to play.. I'm the "married gir" . what's my thing ? I'm the "married girl" .. I'm not the one that the manipulative things

                  Monte- mmm

                  Brittany - it would diminish my future job prospects ... my future everything.. my reputation ... that I would need out of this house .. to play a game ..that would diminish the trust of the people that I am working with .. that's not the kind of person I want to be . or want to be outside of this house .. so .. I know I ..and I'm trying to think through this in your (Monte ) shoes.. why it would be so important to me... and I hope that I can convey this . I would honor that ...more than anything .. I would . I would rather have someone else betray me... and get me out .. knowing that I stuck to ...what I stuck to

                  Monte- mm mmm

                  Brittany- cause that is the game that I came here to play ... and to play any other one .. would hurt me in my life...

                  Monte- mm hmmm

                  Brittany- in far bigger ways...

                  Brittany- than losing the game.. if you know what I mean ...

                  Monte-- mm mmmm​

                  Brittany- I don't know if that makes sense at all

                  Taylor - yeah


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                    Taylor says she has to win this next HoH .. she says she's "throwing down for it"

                    Taylor - I would rather just trust the 2 of you ( Monte/Brittany ) .. than 3 people next week .. (talking about if Turner is still in the house and "having" to trust him )

                    Taylor to Monte - it comes down to your decision .. but ...that is the game I will play next week .. if it's us three ( her/Brittany/Monte ) and Alyssa ..

                    Taylor talks about how she doesn't want Turner in the F3 ..​

                    Brittany chatters on and on about how Monte choosing to trust her and Taylor gives him less chance to see the block ..

                    She says again she would much rather go home.. with the people that she trusted ..

                    Brittany talks about how strong of a competitor Turner is

                    feeds cut ..


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                      Once back

                      Brittany still talking telling them to evaluate their game to see what makes the most sense...

                      She talks about how they wouldn't have to betray each other .. they are long term ..

                      Brittany - one day if I work with clients .. they are going to have to trust me as a human and I want them to see those actions ... that I am saying that I'm doing this and that I followed through with that

                      Alyssa comes in
                      Monte asks her to give them a few .
                      She leaves

                      Brittany continues to talk about her real life.. etc...

                      Then she looks at Monte..

                      Monte- yeah .. there's a lot to think about . this does require trust ..on my end. cause I'm just pretty much saying that I have to hope and pray that you guys are being truthful on your end ..

                      Brittany- yeah

                      Monte - I just got to look at .. and I tell you both this all the damn time.. and please let me know.. have I ever done anything to make you think that I would not follow through on my word .. on anything that I've talked to you guy about ? If there's anything . please let me know

                      Brittany - no

                      Monte- whether it would be . the time when you and Michael were exposed as a Festie Bestie ... and I went ahead and shared your information with Nicole and Daniel, hoping that they would not use the veto .. that came back to bite me

                      Brittany - totally backfired ..

                      Monte- whether it would be me volunteering myself to go on the block .. with Jasmine, knowing that she won the veto, I would likely have been going home that week, right? which is completely understandable from a game perspective...but that was risk that I was willing to put myself in for the group

                      Brittany- yeah

                      Monte- I don't know if there's anything that I could do .. to establish my trust ...any further with you folks.. right?

                      Brittany- yeah

                      Monte - I hope.. if that's agreed.. I feel good ...


                      Monte- if there is anything that you think I've done .. let me know right now .. cause I'd like to address it and get it off the table

                      Brittany - no .. and I feel like we've talked about are you more closely aligned with Turner, I feel like we've shared it all... it all checks out . it all makes sense... I 100% trust you . believe you an know that you are with us ..

                      She says that she just wants it to be that they trust each other .. and show people .. it can be that way ...

                      cam moves us to Alyssa in bed... ​


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                        Once back

                        Monte - when we were in Big BroChella.. what were we going to do with that information that would have put you guys at risk if you would have shared it? ... to me it was a mistrust was just a ... why should we share this if it's not going to benefit anything? that moment . when you guys did .. it totally benefitted the situation.... Kyle goes up so that he is the clear target for that week because of everything going down... and the risk to your game is essentially nothing...and granted .. Turner was insulated the following week... but was that the terms he made? like in order to feel safe.. like . did he pressure you guys to say that?

                        Brittany- Yes.

                        Taylor- He pulled three of us in the bubble room....and said " if I do this"...

                        Brittany- we had another conversation he wanted to put up Kyle but you (Taylor) still go home.. and the only way that he ( Turner ) would not do that is if we made the promise that if Michael or I won HoH... we would not put him up,...not evict him...not anything. ...Michael did win and honor that promise

                        Monte tells her that the reason that Michael went home had nothing to do with the promise that he made to Turner the week before

                        He talks about how even though she ( Brittany ) calls it "fluff" .. he was hearing things from Turner and sharing them with Taylor .. but not from her .. ... so that's a level of trust that is questionable to him ..

                        Monte to Brittany - - even in the recent conversations we have's an ultimatum if I don't put up Turner you are going to reconsider the way you vote next week .. and even it be you mentioning second place would be fine cause you need a certain amount for you to go through with things you need for your child birth...which I respect 100%...but to bring that personal stuff ... into a conversation about game just doesn't feel appropriate to me

                        Monte to Brittnay - to hear you speaking about Taylor wanting to do this stuff with the girls and how she is entertaining it...then to find out the next day...after you win veto... and you guys talk .. now .. it's different ...because you have that safety .. and you are secure this week .. it feels very off-putting .. all of this stuff that has been coming around and I've lost my patience for it . to be honest with you ...​


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                          Monte to Brittany - and then to hear of this deal.. where I have to prove my trust to you .. it just seems awfully, awfully absurd for me to even thing about that .. not for your sake (Taylor) cause I've already told you how I feel about you and all the conversations that I've had .. but for you Brittany, it's really hard for me to feel this way .. even the fact that I asked you .. if you have had a conversation with Turner about game this past week. .. you "no" ...meanwhile... Turner tells me and Taylor you came up to him talking about a F2 ... and making sure that is continued to be established.. if that didn't happen and he just made that up... wow he's doing a great job of lying ... but then the fact that you had the same conversation with Taylor about the same thing...and didn't tell me about htat .. it's just multiple things that add up that I don't have like.. I mean I respect and love you as a person .. don't get me wrong .. this is just game stuff ... that I have to consider in trusting a person with my game..


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                            Brittany - I see how you are seeing it through a game lense.. but a lot of it with Kyle, it had to step out of game . .and why the timing took so much, was because it was so much more bigger than game.. and I understand . and this is exactly the scenario that we were worried about ...that this is exactly how it would be perceived in the game...and why we knew it was not a good game move... but we would do it anyways.. cause you can't sit back and have things work out for your game...and knew that you knew this and neither Michael or I wanted to get further in this game or win this game...potentially .. making the right "game moves" knowing this .. knowing that it would only be natural for everyone to view it as a game.. when we knew it was bigger than that ...and we wouldn't want to win the game in that way ...

                            Taylor to Brittany- you and I have had a lot of conversations about how you and I feel about the timing (of the Kyle info). Monte and I have had conversations... we differ in how we feel about that .. that's us being different people... but I cant say Monte is wrong or incorrect in how he feels

                            Brittany- I'm not saying its wrong either . everyone is entitled to feel the way they feel

                            She says they thought they were doing it at the best time..
                            She says that Michael wasn't sure that he was going to do with the veto ..

                            Brittany throws it back on Turner that week saying that Turner said yes, he would put up Kyle..,but the target would stil be Taylor, if they didn't promise him ( Turner ) safety and if the did . he would get people to vote Kyle out ...

                            Taylor- I can be frustrated with Michael for the choice he made with the veto..... he didn't collaborate on that decision with you.... you did not know before the ceremony ..

                            Brittany- I said "please, I would love if you could use it on me.... I do feel at risk"... that was right before. ....the night before.... he was still unsure

                            Tayllor tells them that she is frustrated with both of them.. cause she has to go on the block again ...

                            Taylor- regardless of everything I have heard about.... I still choose each of you every single time... I feel I have been the person to assume the most risk of the three of us cannot be understated how intense that is and how I don't show the emotion of that.....

                            Brittnay- I'm sorry you are in this position .. because of the things that have happened and they way the have been perceived.. and I understand how you feel Monte.. but can I ask you just one question . do you trust me .. or it is just too far gone

                            Monte- at this point . it might very well be ...


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                              Monte to Brittany- - I don't know what can change. There has been some irreversible damage. to be hones with you .. that conversation yesterday was the most frustrating conversation I have had with anybody in this house... to get threatneed .. and then to be blamed .. for not sharing info that I heard .. about you with you ... that you could have shared with me ...

                              Brittany - I didn't know it existed

                              Monte (kinda chuckles) well .. okay .. alright .. okay .. that's your word ...

                              Taylor - well the fact of the matter is .. both of you are here next week. I have done everything I can to unite the two of you ....but I cant super glue this part of a triangle together. I'm sad.. and once again .. I'm on the block... ...I trust both of you when you say you will keep me here .. what I'm taking away from this . is that it's not the 3 of us a unit .. moving forward ..

                              Monte- it's hard for me to feel threatened and be told things weren't shared with me because they were fluff....and not to be include in conversations that not only impact me as a black man .. but then my game.. it's hard for me... to ignore all that and say let me put my faith and my game in Brittany's hands for next week.. that is tough for me to do ...

                              Brittany- I'm sorry .. I had no idea these things ran so deep ...I wish I could have cleared up these things sooner​


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