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Live Feed Updates 9/14 - Day 71

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  • Live Feed Updates 9/14 - Day 71

    We're bringing you the Live Feed Updates right here in their very own forum ( you guys seem to like that the best ) and we'll do everything that we can to bring you all the drama that plays out inside the Big Brother 24 house, just like we've done for the past 23 years that we've been covering Big Brother.

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    Last night ... well this morning technically ..

    6:50 AM BBT - Taylor and Monte in bed
    Taylor takes her shorts off
    Monte "uncages the snake" ( his words )
    Make out session begins ..


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      The updates are so to come since they are staying up so late and BB is letting them sleep in - even though that is against the rules- per Brittany ... lol

      But... as we inch closer and closer to the end of the season, we still need support for the expense that it takes to keep all this going.
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        Taylor and Monte in bed

        Taylor to Monte- so you can taste me all day....
        Monte- I think that you snatched my soul... gave me an out of body experience

        Taylor's hands go under the covers
        Taylor - I have to say ... this is impressive.,,, you've got something there
        Monte- thanks .... I think the circumstances are less than ideal .. but I'm getting there


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          Taylor to Monte- ( as they kiss ) I know I need to get up.... and not look suspicious ...but how am I supposed do that? ... .. can you blame me for not wanting to.. jump out of bed...


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            ( catch up )

            Alyssa and Brittany

            Brittany - I wonder if he (Turner) is going to pull you aside tonight or anything? .... I talked to Taylor... but .... I wasn't able to ask her if she knows how he ( Turner ) is voting but she was the one who told me he made that deal with Monte to vote you I don't know if that has changed or not ..all I Know he ( Turner ) told me if he was going to break it ..he would break it to you tonight.

            Alyssa - yeah

            Brittany- so .. we'll see .. if he doesn't talk to you and if he doesn't break it to you ... that is a good sign... if he does let me know how that conversation goes.

            Alyssa says she's going to talk to Turner to day ...

            Brittany - even if it’s a tie have a fighting chance.

            Alyssa- yeah

            Brittany- if he ( Turner ) thinks that he's solid .. giving you a sympathy vote ... then he at least feels good on his concience .. Monte can break the tie .. and then ( she snaps her fingers )

            Alyssa- yeah

            Brittany- if for some reason, he ( Turner ) breaks it down to night and he's like there's no way .. I can't do it .. something like that .. if you feel like there's no sway .. would you tell me?

            Alyssa- yeah .. 100%

            Brittany- okay .. cause my game is blown up ...I don’t mind blowing up anything.... if there's like... 0% chance of it going to work.. it's just nice to be prepared for

            Alyssa - 100% ... you've given me more .. I thought there was no chance this week. I was a mess in there ... but this .. you and I .. is more than anything .. so

            Brittany- okay .. I was thinking about it and I was like I don't want to ask. cause I don't want you to think that I'm going to go back on it .. I’m all in on this.... and if it blows up in my face that's fine.. but ... if there's no way in hell this is going to work... or if based on your conversations there is something I can say to him to help like..

            Alyssa – I’ll talk to him I’ll pull him aside.. and say "hey, can we talk, I just want to double check, and then be like reasure .. reassure .. and then if I feel like ... you know .. I'll let you know ..

            Brittany- yeah .. after you talk with him . I just want to confirm with him .. like...I'm all good with Taylor and that Monte can break a tie.. you don't have to do this ...

            Alyssa – yeah . yeah ...then I will talk to Monte again to make sure he feels good .. that he feels like it's not going to **** him over .. and he might be like fine ..

            Brittan- and it might not be something that we know tonight might come down to the wire tomorrow

            Alyssa- yeah

            Brittany- I know they are saying that they are going to sleep most of the day tomorrow

            Alyssa- yeah I will go up there and say I just want to touch base.. and say I really don't think that I have Brittany .. so I want to make sure that I have you ( Turner ) and say 'that means everything to me"

            Brittany- yeah .. force a tie ..

            Alyssa- yeah

            Brittany - yeah .. you would think in that case . if he knows you are going home and Monte isn’t going to keep you ....doesn’t that help build favor with you .. in the jury house if he gave you his vote?... him getting you out on Monte's HoH . is a stupid move ..

            Alyssa- yeah

            Brittany- if there is a 1% chance I will do it...

            Alyssa - yeah

            Brittany - it's only if there is a 0% chance.... and you’re like Brittany we gave it a good run.... you will have to make that call ....I will not make that call..... it will be nice to not have Taylor coming for me if I am here ...cause you know I am on my own if you leave this house.

            Alyssa- yeah .. I will tell you 100% . I just appreciate you doing this a tall .. I can’t believe it.... you are helping me ....thank you so much

            Brittany – yeah .. and talking about it a length .. I don’t know who to trust’s so hard she’s in my ear.... really affirming me "we’re good" .. but .. I know what you told me ....that you were in rooms where she’s okay with me going

            Alyssa – absolutely . she was advocating for it .. she said "this needs to happen"

            Brittany- wow ...

            They break and the cam moves us to Taylor .. who is sound asleep


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              Turner tells Alyssa and Brittany that it's nap time

              Brittany- is it though?


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                Monte talking to the camera

                Monte talking to the camera to his family .. if there's something planned .. like a welcome home .. to hold off .. 2 to 3 week after all of this ..because his plan is to "chill out in LA" for a couple of weeks.. 1 week with the cast and "vibe out" ... "unfiltered" .. and then after that week .. he wants to stay in LA and get him back to some assemblance of normal and look at what he's going to do ..

                He says if his mom or dad already have something planned.. he's sorry .. but he feels like this is "something he had to do" ..
                He says he feels like this is " if he comes back too soon ..he's going to be overwhelmed"

                Can't wait to see his family/friends though
                Can't wait to get back in the gym
                Can't wait to drive ..
                Can't wait to see what his social media looks like
                Can't wait to see the people that have helped him maintain his Taylor Fit Program
                Can't wait to catch up with his clients

                cam moves us to the napping peeps

                once back ..

                Monte still talking ...

                Can't wait to get a haircut from his barber
                He shouts out to Rihanna .. hopes they can hang out .. hopes the little one is good .. hopes that's not creepy

                cams move us back to the napping peeps

                once back .. he's still talking ...

                Monte- as far as the game goes .. I'm just letting it play out .. I'm continuing to visualize winning ...

                Monte- I told everybody when I came in here . I'm coming in here for one thing .. so regardless ... if that happens or not .... but don't be surprised if it does cause .. I feel like this is just something that is supposed to happen ... so ummm . yeah

                Monte- so I only got one more day in the HoH bedroom

                Monte- so . I'm going to try to enjoy that .. in my own way ...

                Monte- let me say it now .. apologizes to anybody who has ummm ...seen some things

                Feeds cut away​

                once back ...

                He's talking about how people probably didn't expect to see that he quit his job and ended up on TV ...

                feeds cut

                once back ...

                He talks about how both Taylor and Brittany went all season without having to be on slop
                He talks about how there's no more punishments...
                He talks about how there were no surprise powers this year ..
                He asks how you guys feel about that ..
                He talks about how is

                ers this year! WTH is going on. That is awfully unique. How do you guys feel about that? I wish there was, but, maybe not I got this far.

                Monte- just want to promote that . mental health is just as important as physical health ...​


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                  Monte says he's going to start stretching . he said he gave you enough time to put om something comfortable and join him ...

                  Monte - shout out to the feeders.. Zingbot said "I'm boring" .. what the hell? .. maybe I am... you know . that's completely fine .... you know . I'm sure you all would like as much entertainment as possible... but for my sanity . I'm just going to be if that's been entertaining to some of you guys ... if there's been anything that maybe you've learned from me... that's why I'm here . that's why I feel like.. that was my purpose to be here .. was to "step into a platform, where I could help more people with all that sort of stuff, so ...

                  Monte- I hope I was able to do that ...for some of you guys and I hope that I'm continuing to be able to do that .. whether it be the stretch routine or mindset stuff . whatever

                  Taylor walks in ...

                  Monte continues - it would be dope to hear that people got something from me being on this show .. so ...shout out to all of you .. and stay tuned to whatever the hell happens next.. because I 'm sure it's about to be a crazy ride...again .. 14 days lefts... so things are going to go by quick... you guys have like what .. maybe 5 more episodes? five or six.. or something like that . I dunno .. but.. enjoy yourselves...

                  Monte- this is Taylor everybody ...

                  Taylor ( off camera ) says - they are not going to turn to me . this camera never turns to me

                  Monte- ah . c'mon .. she's the show!

                  Monte- put the camera ,

                  Taylor - it won't

                  Monte- she's speaking .. okay .. never mind ...

                  ​ Feeds cut to We'll Be Right Back ...


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                    Taylor talking about now liking to work out with people....

                    Monte to Taylor - what do you think Joesph is doing right now?
                    Taylor -either chilling or stressed as ****
                    Monte- stressed? what does he have to be stressed about?
                    Taylor- Michael, Terrance, Kyle

                    Monte- what being in that environment?
                    Taylor - mm hmmm
                    Monte- I bet he loves it

                    Taylor talking about how she would love it there were Jury DR's ..

                    Monte- do you think that Joseph has any secrets? And, if he does . what the hell would it possibly be?
                    Taylor- you guys talked about secrets that I didn't know

                    Talk turns to what he might do for a living ...
                    Taylor- do you not think he's a personal trainer?
                    Monte- no I do . but I wouldn't be surprised if he has a lot more going on ..
                    He wonders if they will unload everything at the Finale ..

                    Monte- I was thinking, I might take a bath or something, just to make sure I use all my ammenties, before I it's all used up
                    Taylor - it's almost over
                    Monte - yeah .. 2 more weeks

                    Taylor - goodbye to the Have Not room

                    Monte - we should do something

                    Taylor - no ( she laughs )​


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                      Alyssa tells Brittany that she talked to Turner ..

                      Alyssa to Brittany- I was I have you?"... and He (Turner) was like "Alyssa, 1000%.... you dont have to ask me again... we dont have to have this conversation again" ...I have you one hundred thousand percent.. he said .. "there's no way he would vote me out of this house"

                      Brittany- okay .. you didn't mention Taylor or anything

                      Alyssa - no .. he just told me to make sure I talk to Monte .. so I dunno . maybe he did say something to him ...

                      Brittany- I don't want to overplay here . do you think I just leave him ( Turner ) alone? Just let things be? Do you thnk I shoudl talk to him? like tonight just touch base .. like he did with me when he told me he was going to tell you tonight ... be like.. have you told her yet?

                      Alyssa - maybe be like.. hey, I know the vote is tomorrow ...I've told him your undecided

                      Brittany- yeah .. but he probably thinks... yeah . .I need to tell you that you are truly going ...

                      Alyssa- yeah

                      Brittany- yeah I will talk to him and say . have you talked to her yet .. and see what he says to me .. see if he says he's going to throw you a sympathy vote or not ... see what he says . and then maybe be like.. if you consider throwing her a sympathy vote .. it's going to break her if you ( Turner ) vote her out .. be like "why can't Monte do it" ?

                      Alyssa - yeah .. but he was looking me right in the eyes and saying "yes, I am voting to keep you, stop asking me"

                      Brittany - okay

                      Alyssa - I'm going to talk to Monte and tell him how important it is to me

                      they think they hear someone coming so they scatter ..​

                      Currently @ 6:47 PM BBT


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                        Not much going on ..

                        Alyssa has showered ...


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                          All I could hear was snoring!

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                          Yeah .. Turner .. lol

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                        Without your support... this website.. these updates ( well not the one about Alyssa showering .. but the good ones .. you know ) would not be possible.

                        It's been a long season.. lots of words typed here and lots of time volunteered from KennyERJ and sdkgeo and a lot of dedication put forth to continue to keep all this up and running and available to everyone that stops by .... as we head into the home stretch....

                        If you've enjoyed being here this season, the updates, the discussions, the episode chats, please consider making a donation to keep all this going.

                        Any donation is truly appreciated ❤️​


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                          Alyssa finds Monte ..


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                            Alyssa tells Monte that she just wanted to touch base ...
                            She say she checked in with Brittany and Turner and she wants to check in with him so she can " get this over with and enjoy her night"

                            Monte laughs says yeah

                            Alyssa- and not have to stress about it .. I feel good with Turner, he's the homie, so I pulls through on that end, so I'm feeling decent with him ..

                            Monte - mm hmmm

                            Alyssa - Brittany .. same ****.. she's undecided . she's like.. you know I'm tight with Taylor, been with her throughout the game, you know I love you, but I gotta think this through .. so I'm pretty sure what that means..

                            Monte- yeah .. yeah ...

                            Alyssa - which I know might put you in an awkward postion . all I ask is that you think about it and make the best decison for your game... and I love you no matter what . so ...

                            Monte- yeah

                            Alyssa- I just want to make that clear, there's no hard feelings, but I hope you will think about it and weigh your options and yadda yadda

                            Monte- yeah

                            Monte- yeah . no I appreciate it .. and I think I'm going to do that ... that's only fair to you .. only fair to Taylor ... and fair for myself next week . cause that's when I'm the most vulnerable

                            Alyssa- yeah

                            Monte- so you know I'm going to take all that into consideration ...

                            Alyssa- I appreciate that

                            Monte- I appreciate you letting me know that it's all love regardless

                            Alyssa- yeah

                            Monte - because I've gotten to know you so much this week .. more than I have before .. and it's been like.. really .. enlightening to me... and it almost makes me feel guilty for not doing this sooner... you know what I mean .. and I really do appreciate you as a person .. and I wish the circumstances where a lot different ..

                            Alyssa- yeah

                            Monte -because if they were . I don't think that we would even be having this sort of discussion ..

                            Alyssa- I agree and I understand .. this past week has been freaking amazing

                            Monte- yeah

                            Alyssa- and I know it's not going to be an easy decision .. whatever happens happens. but I'm not going to be Michael or Terrance ... or anything like that

                            Monte laughs

                            Alyssa- I'm like I don't even want to have to be stressed about this. I just want to play Spades and have fun with you guy and then you make the best decision for you . you won that HoH .. like...absoultely .. so .. I just wanted to make that clear

                            Monte - cool.. cool ..

                            Alyssa - so if you have any questions between tonight and tomorrow .. just let me know ...

                            Monte- sounds good and thank you . it does mean a lot to me to let me know that you do have the feeling regardless... of whatever the decision is ..

                            Alyssa- exactly and I told Turner and Brittany too.. I was like . I don't want to bug you guys, everyone pretty much makes the decision that is best for themselves... me saying stuff over and over again.. isn't going to change your mind ... but I just want to make it clear that I do want to be here .. more than anything . this is a dream of mine . so .. I just appreciate you taking anything into consideration .. so I left that with them.. and said I was going to touch base with you ... in the bath

                            Monte laughs - that's fine

                            Alyssa - everyone else was sleeping ... so I just want to get this all done so I can relax and enjoy my night and then just respect any decision ... they make

                            Monte sounds good .. is everyone still sleeping right now?

                            Alyssa -yes

                            She says she hopes they can just play cards.. eat some good snacks

                            He says he's about that ...

                            Alyssa- love to you and we'll see you soon

                            Monte- okay and if we have to let's wake up these kids and get things going

                            She leaves...​


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