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Live Feed Updates - 9/17 - Day 74

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  • Live Feed Updates - 9/17 - Day 74

    We're bringing you the Live Feed Updates right here in their very own forum ( you guys seem to like that the best ) and we'll do everything that we can to bring you all the drama that plays out inside the Big Brother 24 house, just like we've done for the past 23 years that we've been covering Big Brother.

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    catch up from where I left off last night

    As everyone is sleeping ...
    other than Brittany who continues to count and mutter to herself ..

    BB making an announcement - What is it
    about no napping... houseguests..that you don’t understand?

    Brittany made her way up to the HoH room .. Monte and Taylor are awake and cuddling ...
    Monte moves off the bed ..
    Brittany is bored .. chit chat ensues and Brittany leaves ..

    Monte and Taylor back to cuddle again ...and then Turner arrives

    Turner on the couch listening to Taylor's music ..

    And, then Brittany rejoins ...

    Therre's talk about whether or not Joseph sold out Taylor ..
    Brittany wondering if Michael regrets selling her out

    Brittany leaves to go to bed, hugs Taylor.. thanks her for being a friend

    Turner who had been sleeping, wakes up and then goes downstairs as well

    Taylor and Monte watch the spy cam to try to figure out where Brittany and Turner are .. are they coming back..etc.

    Monte heads down to make sure the "kids are sleeping"

    Monte and Taylor kissing

    Talk turns to how Terrance always wanted it to be a “Family reunion”

    Monte – some uncles don’t get the invite

    Taylor – some uncles get banned

    Talk turns to how they were against each other in the beginning of the game

    Taylor tells it wasn't only him gunning for her ..

    Monte talks about thecircumstances with Girls Girls ..
    He talks about how the girls didn't like her because she is a pageant girl

    They cheer to the F3 ...

    Taylor – we were literally at each others necks at the beginning of the game.
    Monte – I love doing what people don’t expect.

    Talk turns to Paloma .. then Ameerah . then Alyssa ... then Brittany ...

    They talk about how Brittany trying to get "intel" for Michael about Turner.. that night in the bathroom .. blew up in her face...

    Taylor – I'm still having a hard time believing that the person ( Brittany ) ... I knew since day 2 in this game ...has run around intentionally trying to set up final 2’s and try to throw me under the bus..
    Monte – people in this game setting are willing to do whatever they need to.... just like Kyle I never thought Kyle ..

    They laugh about Kyle ..

    They talk about Kyle/Alyssa

    Taylor talking about how Alyssa had no game.. got dragged...

    Taylor – it’s hard to see.. really hard to see ...that is not how I want to women in this house to be...

    She says that Alyssa deserved better

    Talk turns to jury .. jury votes ..

    They talk about how Joseph would vote for either of them .. they are not sure about Terrance's vote ..

    Talk turns to back to Kyle ...

    Taylor saying she thinks people will forgive Michael easier than they will Kyle ..

    Monte- to me ....dependent on what is shown from those conversation between Michael and Kyle .... and dependent .. on what is shown with the conversations between Michael and Brittany.... when they were going to share this information.. that could be a very criminalizing thing for both of them.

    Taylor talks about before Michael and Brittany told about Kyle.. he ( Monte ) would have been the target to go home, if Michael won the veto )

    She says she had that convo with Michael the night before ... ( before Michael won the veto )

    Monte – they were willing to go to the grave never telling anybody ....and they said that very directly in the living room.... if Kyle went home that week ( Dyre Fest ) we didn’t feel there was a need to share it..... this wasn’t a morale thing

    Taylor – the only thing I will say to defend that ....if you in some capacity believed that racism has not been fully brought into the game don’t want to be the one that brings it into the game.

    Feeds move us to a sleeping Turner ..

    Once back ..
    They are talking about Turner..
    They talk about him ( Turner ) having to apologize to his family, for him standing up for Black Live Matters ..
    They talk about Turner's girlfriend being another ethnicity ..
    Taylor- I love that kid
    Monte - I'm very happy for him


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      Monte to Taylor- we made it
      Taylor- we just got to get to that F2
      Monte- hhh mm

      Taylor- if Brittany doesn't get to the Final 3 .. I'm going to be a bad woman

      Monte- a bad woman?

      Taylor - a bad woman ..

      Monte- what does that mean?

      Taylor - I was just so adamant about playing a girls game coming in here. and on both of my HoH's .. I'm the only woman this year to have 2 HoH's and on both of my HoH's .. a woman went home..
      and it is very likely that my closest female ally...well ally period.....until a week ago going home on my HoH.

      Monte- mm hmm

      Taylor - I'm going to be the "bad woman" of the season

      Monte- you really think they are going to think that?

      Taylor- I would hope not .. I would think that because I was so strong . coming in . wanting to play one way .. sorry

      Monte- why did you say "sorry" ??

      Taylor - I wanted to play a girls team . a girls game..

      Monte- it was very obvious that all the women in the house wanted a girl to win . that's fine .. I don't see anything wrong with that .. it's just . whether it be black, white, male, female, umm whatever your sexual orientation is.. whatever the hell.. I don't care... you know . we are all people.. and people show their actions and I've just been looking at people's actions .. and it don't matter whether you are a woman or a male .. once I saw Kyle acting sketchy .. I was like oh **** . Kyle's gotta go .. 100% . I don't care if he was a "dude" in the game or what .. even how close we were .. apparently we weren't .. so here we go . get him the hell out

      Taylor- yeah

      Monte- but I do understand where you're coming from around narratives .. and especially since you are very intune with entertainment news and being a part of the scene...that narratives that are created from things that you are doing .. is a concern .. but I also look at objectived .. like how were you treated .. and also it would make you look .. if you were making a decision based off of gender based off of rather a human interaction ...

      Taylor yeah . and logic and reason

      Monte - yeah .. but I do respect where you are coming from and wanting to

      Taylor - and that's why I say it to you too.. I'm not saying that because this is how I wanted to play this game.. that things must play out this way ..I just say it to say how I struggle ... if you see me upset, or struggling . or asking why ... it's not a matter of will I make the best decision ... it's more of like wow. I'm right back at the beginning of how I wanted to play this game...

      Monte- I wish the women of this season had of reacted differently to each other ...

      Taylor- me too .. the women of season 25 .. learn from our mistakes .. just look at the Cookout .. they were not best friends

      Monte- they were all must tighter of the people they had on the side.. but in order to achieve what they wanted for that year .. they put all that aside .. in order to achieve what they wanted ... that is what it was.. it was human interactions that they valued .. and that is how this game has to be played.. it doesn't have to be all girls. I wasn't dependent on all the ****ing black people in this house working together .. I wasn't dependent on all the dudes in this house working together .. God no .. especially with how erratic Pooch was.. and Joseph ..

      Taylor - and Daniel

      Monte - yeah


      • BB for life
        BB for life commented
        Editing a comment
        To me it seems that Taylor is trying to use her new sexual relationship with Monty to try to convince him to keep Britney over Turner because she wanted a girl to win... when in the beginning she was the only woman not bonding with the women. It doesn't quite add up.

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      Taylor - why do you want to take me to the end rather than Turner?

      Monte- I would rather lose to you . than anybody else... cause if I can be a part of this season . where a black woman wins... then I would be fine with that . I would be fine with taking that that "L"

      Monte- but with Turner... I feel like.. first of all .. he has a great resume...and I think logically ... I would have to really sale myself .. at that point.. and then secondly .. I know that from his perspective . he's got certain things going on .. in his lie that he wants to continue to push for ... like he's a creative person . he's just going to continue to create ...and succeed and do whatever he wants to do in life.. but . when I think about you ... I think about somebody who has gone through some things...someone who has certain vulnerabilities that you've shared with me...and clearly has a perspective that I clearly haven't been able to experience .. with regards to being a black woman this world.. and then especially in this game... and that was the reason I had that Final 2 . with Ameerah . by the way ..

      Taylor - mm mmm

      Monte- I told her very specifally .. if I'm going to lose to anybody .. I would prefer to lose to a black woman in this game

      Taylor - I had a feeling

      Monte- that is exactly what I said . and that is why Kyle.. took that information and when to Michael and said... oh these mother ****ers must be working together .. because Monte said this .. and Jasmine proposed an alliance with all these minorities...

      Taylor - and I was in here .. saying I want to be the first black woman to win .. it's my objective

      Monte- right . right . exactly .. so all of that stuff...drove paranoia in hm ( Kyle ) but that was the basic of my F2 with Ameerah . we can be in the same alliance and as things go on later in the game.. I would prefer to be sitting next to you ( Ameerah ) because that would possibly be a great chance for you to win ... over me .. and I feel the same way about you ( Taylor )
      .. that if I win sitting next to you . that would be great.. but if I lose . I would almost feel like I lost a very honorable cause

      Monte- you know what I mean?
      Taylor- yeah

      Monte- and I would must rather prefer that . so .. that's why . that's just how I think about things...

      Taylor- your jury is really ****ing solid...

      Monte- you're saying if we are sitting next to each other ..

      Taylor - it's going to be tough for me... but I am choosing a tougher battle ...

      Monte- I think you have the comeback story of the year .. I think you have the story of yes.. whoever sat next to you when home....but I think you have those pivotal moments where you controlled your own destiny ...


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        Taylor - should we shower?
        Monte- yeah .. we should condition my beard int the shower
        Taylor- okay

        Monte- you got multiple towels. to set them over
        Taylor- yeah .. check that ..

        Monte making sure the shower door is covered...

        Taylor- chococlate body scrub or coconut ?

        BB - please put on your microphone ..

        Monte- we are about to shower

        BB- Sorry ...

        Monte- to production .. don't you guys have anything else to focus on right now .. go focus on Turner and Brittany sleeping ...

        And .. in the shower they go .. they throw their clothes over the top .....and the feeds cut ..

        Once back . they are out of the shower and getting ready for bed..


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          Currently @ 10:20 AM BBT


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              Monte and Taylor talked in bed ..

              Taylor - us getting in the shower is definitely going to be in an episode
              Monte- mmm hmmmm

              Monte told Taylor that since he's made the F3 .. there's no reason to keep his secret (about his job )
              He talks about how people thought he was ex-military . but he's not
              He revealed that he studied mechanical engineering
              Taylor tells him that her dad is a mechanical engineer

              Taylor to Monte- there's something about being in your's so safe
              Monte- you are safe.

              They kiss

              Monte gets up saying that he "must go entertain"
              He goes to change his batteries ..

              BB continues to announce that it's time to get up
              Taylor- I know !!


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                    Monte in the DR
                    Taylor doing her makeup in the HoH bathroom
                    Turner continues to sleep


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                      Monte and Taylor in the backyard

                      Taylor says they look like they’re dressed to go to a gender reveal

                      ( LOL )

                      They talked about babies, what if your child was trans, how old would a child have to be to entertain having a sex change, how young children with feelings are not concrete but exploratory, talking to a professional in essential
                      Taylor saying in her past, she wasn't always so open-minded about such ...
                      She says in middle school, she made comments about people being gay ..
                      Monte says same..
                      He talks about being a heterosexual male .. how it was hard years ago ..

                      Taylor says she doesn't want to settle down until she's in her mid 30's ..doesn't want to just identity as someone's "wife" .. she says "after years in a marriage, you take on the role" .. then you "wonder who is the person you were before" ..

                      They talk about taking a trip
                      Taylor tells him he's in charge of finding the Airbnb

                      He says he's not good at things like finding the best deals.. not good at shopping.. etc.
                      She tells him she is .


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                        Monte - what's the best case scenario when you get out of here

                        Taylor- I win

                        Monte - well of course . but I'm saying post ... I know you are saying you are feeling anxious about that stuff

                        Taylor- best case . I am well received by this audience .... to the point . where I don't even have to knock on CBS's door

                        Monte- yeah . you should be on air

                        Taylor- yeah .. and that could happen regardless... but I think that is more likely .. like .. if I'm ... I think .. like . what is my headline??? And, what are in these articles ?? . I think that is more likely if my headlines .. are not .... newsworthy in itself ..

                        Monte- yeah .. I mean I think for the audience here ... ummm.. I think that you've mentioned that to a handful of people here .. right? But it hasn't been reoccuring ..

                        Taylor - no ... no...

                        Monte- it hasn't been like "this is what I want"

                        Taylor- no .. no ...

                        Monte- I think it's been brought up a handful of times.. I think that your story in the game.. is probably going to overwhelm ...your narrative and that stuff .. you know?

                        Taylor nods

                        Monte - there might be a sidebar, at least from what I take from it... I mean if I were watching the show ...and I think about Taylor

                        Taylor- I do not imagine that

                        Monte- yeah ... you see what I mean?

                        Taylor- yeah

                        Monte- I don't even know if CBS would highlight that ..

                        Taylor - yeah .. for their safety .. for their security ... there's no way . I think that these conversations are only out there because of the live feeds

                        Monte- the live feeds ...

                        Taylor- there's no way in hell that it's ..

                        Monte- and the live feeders consist of a very small portion ...

                        Taylor- yeah .. but you can see some really big stuff on the feeds that ...can get out there

                        Monte- fair .. but I think that if it takes over Twitter and Reddit circles.. I guess that it could eventually get into like...

                        Taylor - which I think that this is something that could get into the main stream

                        Monte- yeah ..

                        Taylor -I'm not saying that it shouldn't .. I'm just saying that ...I know how this goes for women particularly

                        Monte- yeah I would just like to think that what the majority of people would talk about ...this season for you is ..

                        Taylor- my Lays potato chip habit?

                        Monte- yeah .. your potato chip habit, you having no, you having a cold heart

                        Taylor - mm hmm

                        Monte - and you know how you defeat men ...

                        Taylor laughs

                        Monte- that is going to have more . than anything .. regarding that

                        ( okay I assume at least part of what they are talking about is that .. her having sex with him .. that's all I can get out of this . she doesn't want that to be her "narrative" ... I'm not sure what she's saying when she says for CBS's safety and security .. that "that" won't get out there, other than on the live feeds..... not sure where they are going with that .. they never finish the actual sentence about "that" .. but .. maybe it's not the sex that ... "this that" is .. that they are talking about ... especially since earlier she talked about how she knows the shower last night will make it on a episode .. it's like she's conflicted .. she wants it ..but she doesn't want it to be her "narrative" ..or the byline on "her articles" . .she wants that to be more about how strong she is .. etc. .. I dunno . just talking to myself here )

                        Monte- that's just want I belive .. I think that when you speak ..that's what they are showing.. I believe that is your narrative.. I think at worse . someone throws that out there deal with it for a few days and then it goes away

                        Taylor- mm hmmm

                        Monte- but I understand your anxiety about it

                        Taylor - anxiety is such a big word.. I don't have anxiety. but I am anxious about it ..

                        Monte- mmmm.. I get that ..​ it will be fine

                        Taylor- it will be fine-

                        Monte - like you always have been ...

                        Taylor - ooh .. man...and the fun we've been having ...

                        Monte- oh . the 2 of us?

                        Taylor- yeah ..

                        Monte - oh yeah that

                        Taylor- that will be interesting ...


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                          Taylor - I just thought about that

                          Monte- yeah I dunno if I am looking forward to that .. but that's why I'm not going to look at BB Twitter ..

                          Taylor -oh my god .. yeah ..that's why it was funny when I read my letter.. when she ( her friend ) she said that her and my mom were texting everyday ... I was like .. ummm. . have you been texting in the last week or so . she laughs ...and if so .. does what does that look like.. she laughs

                          Monte- I dunno .. I dunno .. people have to understand what this environment is like...

                          Taylor - yeah can't date.. you can't **** ...

                          Monte- yeah . that is just unnatural

                          Taylor- it is unnatural ...and you are put under a huge amount of stress.. trust no one -

                          Monte- yeah

                          Taylor - so relieve is necessary

                          Monte- yeah

                          ( so that "that" is not about the sex )

                          Monte- I even think about my family and friends judging me...

                          They both say they would like to see anyone else be in the house and face that ( not having sex )

                          Monte -it was literally causing me pain.. and that is not just something that guy says .. to have sex or whack off ..

                          Monte - just let the feeders have fun with that

                          Taylor- yeah .. if anyone wants to judge me. go **** yourself​


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                            Monte- yeah .. I am just starting to care less and less what people think about me

                            Taylor- yeah me too .. I'm not worried about what the outside world is going to think about me.. I'm not doing anything terrible or awful ...

                            Monte- hurting anybody .. just living your life.. the way you want to live it

                            Taylor- yeah ..

                            Monte- and hell. maybe this makes me more interesting .. apparently I'm boring ..


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