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Live Feed Updates 9/18 - Day 75

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  • Live Feed Updates 9/18 - Day 75

    We're bringing you the Live Feed Updates right here in their very own forum ( you guys seem to like that the best ) and we'll do everything that we can to bring you all the drama that plays out inside the Big Brother 24 house, just like we've done for the past 23 years that we've been covering Big Brother.

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    Honestly, there's not much to update from where I left off last night

    They all hung out together
    Brittany went to bed
    Taylor, Turner, Monte hung out for a little bit longer
    They named themselves the "Breakfast Burrito Club"

    Taylor took a bath ...
    Monte and Turner play pool outside
    They talked about how they don't understand why people didn't like Taylor ( ummm Monte ? )
    They try to figure out who will win AFP
    They don't think that it will be Michael ... because of how he handled the "incident" ( with Kyle )
    Monte tells Turner that Taylor said . that she thinks the representation for Michael from the LGBTQ may overshadow the handling of "the incident"
    Monte says he doesn't ... how could Michael's timing be over looked?

    Turner went to bed
    Monte in the HoH bathroom brushing his teeth... getting ready for bed
    They speculated if the veto meeting is tomorrow .. they still have time to talk ..but realized there's really nothing to talk about .. because Monte won't use the veto.
    Earlier Taylor dropped the headphones in the tub ... but BB gave her new ones ( quickly ) ..
    Monte listening to her music
    Taylor brushing her teeth, washing face, getting ready for bed
    and then the cam moves us out of the HoH room to a sleeping Turner and we never went back to the HoH room ..


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      Currently @ 9:35 AM BBT

      Still on Brittany and Turner sleeping


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        ( catching us up a little )

        So... Brittany is talking and talking and talking non - stop .. hardly taking a breath ... about her dreams.. . her brain .. her . hypnosis.. working out the brain muscle ..

        ( watch Turner ) ....

        Taylor leaves ...

        Brittany- have you heard about the water experiment?

        Monte- what's that ?

        Brittany- like where they will have two groups of people... they've done it with plants.. and water.. crystalized water .. where they will say .. "you are beautiful, you are loved" ..positive affirmations .. and the "you are ugly, you are awful" .. the negative and it literally like . wilts plants .. to hear the negative affirmations . the negative thoughts

        Monte- oh really?​


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          Brittany - or it will create these really ugly asymmetrical patterns... verses these beautiful kaleidoscope looking patterns in the crystalized water .. in the healthy plants ... just based on words and thoughts .. words.. verbalized thoughts...

          Brittany continues to talk non-stop ...

          ( but Monte's not helping )

          Monte- a lot of this stuff is just so important and so impactful .. in everyone lives.. but it's just not heavily researched...

          (he's like the person that you are in a meeting with and everyone wants to go home.. but that one person .. that one person keeps asking questions )


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            Still talking...


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              Brittany - I remember when I read the Secret back in 2008 .. in my doom room in college...

              Monte- it was not well received

              Brittany - it was like me and Oprah . that was it ... but there are those old manifestation books that are around from the 40's .. or the 20's ..


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                Brittany continues to talk and talk . she's hardly taking a breath between sentences....

                Cam moves from Turner .. to ...

                (pretty sure cause they aren't in the same room with Judgy Cat .. so they only had Crazy Bird )


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                  Monte continues to talk too ..

                  Brittany - I'm a very intuitive person . I'm very visual .. in terms of like my kinesthetic .. umm.. what is the word... like the modalities .. are the strongest for me.. some people are more auditory ..some people are more visual .. I am also a Feeler ...


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                    Brittany- even about getting cast on the show . I did hypnois .. every day .. twice a day ... like "I am on Season 24" ..again and again and again .. visualizing that .. creating pathways in my brain ... that it would even be possible for me to experience something like this .. but you can almost feel the frequency that that thought is at ... I know that's a really woo-woo thing to say ..but I can feel when I'm off ..I can feel when I'm not matched with it ...

                    She goes on and on ... I can feel this .. I can feel that .. how do I get there . how do I match it.. ... it's because of the inconceivable gut thing ...​


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                      Brittany- but how do you measure a gut feeling ..everyone knows what a gut feeling is.. but how do you measure it . I know what it feels like to me and you know what it feels like to you ...


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                        Brittany- where is that in any kind of study ?? that is hard to measure
                        Monte- yeah I have no idea .. that is the part that I think is a little more ambiguous ... I do think someday we will get to the point where we know .. what the neurological pathway what is effected by that gut feeling ... I just feel that it takes someone that is ... someone that patient enough .. .. that could research that .. that could even manifest the understanding of it ...

                        Brittany - yeah exactly right ....

                        She goes on and on about how she's just starting her business .. but if she could go back to school . she would LOVE to research all of this.. to move it forward in the scientific community .. .. and have the funding .. and how there are people researching .. but they are outside researchers.. and that creates a conundrum ..and having an observer effect... there are too many compounding factors...and the whole universe is lauging .. at us ...trying to fit it all in one box

                        She finally stops talking, as Monte kinda walks away ...
                        She leaves the kitchen too ...

                        Turner alone .. says " what the **** was that" ??

                        Turner- what ???

                        Turner - my brain just fell out ...


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                          Turner looking at his Tye Dye Shirts

                          Brittany - I like that one the best's so cool ...
                          Turner- I'm glad you think that

                          They talk about how they like Monte's black and white one ...

                          Turner to Brittany- that was a confusing conversation to me

                          Brittany- oh really? ( she laughs and laughs )

                          He keeps walking ... ​


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                            Monte and Taylor talked ..

                            Taylor saying that she's still being lied to about the vote ( against her ) ( for Alyssa )

                            Monte asked her if she's talked to Brittany or Turner

                            She tells him no.. that everyone is just operating this week .. like no one tried to vote her out.

                            Monte – as if it didn’t happen.

                            Taylor – yeah...

                            Monte – - I find it hard to think that Turner would be so transparent about how he felt..... and then Alyssa trying to guilt trip him into not voting her out...and then go all week confirming he is good with our F3 ... and then he decides at the last minute to flip his vote..... after Brittany came up to him saying that he should give her (Alyssa) a sympathy vote .. and then tells us exactly that.. like that just seems too obvious that he wouldn’t do that … .. whereas Brittany.... the whole week acting shady..... her threatening me and... from her game perspective it makes the most sense for her to want to vote you out.... because you would have been the next best competitor in the H oH comp... if you ... weren’t here.... she would be in F3 ... that is the reality of it.....

                            He tells her that Brittany flipped

                            Taylor says that they were locked in as a F3 .. him/her/Brittany .. so it shouldn't have mattered to her ..

                            Monte – I don’t think so. ....I think she thought that the two of us were getting close enough ....and that when we had that conversation with the three of us.....and she saw how you were responding to her mentioning Michael’s game was compromised ...... I think she realized that you were calling out her bull**** ... .... and at that point she said " I'm on the outs here" ... "what's best for my game" ... because both of these people don’t believe me..... the one that is closest to Monte .. wants to keep her..... so why don’t I do the exact opposite and get rid of her .. less competition in the Hoh Comp for her ...

                            Monte says that Turner stayed true to his word and voted Alyssa out against what he would have preferred.

                            Taylor – that logic just doesn’t… like I see the path you’re painting here but for Brittany to vote me out and secure herself in the F3.... then what do you think would happen .. her and Alyssa.. ( F3 ) ... so what she beats Alyssa for veto .. keeps Alyssa and get rid of Turner?

                            Monte – no gets rid of me....

                            Taylor – she gets rid of you?

                            Monte – yes Taylor.. I'm telling you it's been so obvious ....that she’s been wanting me out of this house..... it seems like very obvious. .. she would have booted me out in a heartbeat.

                            Tuner joined them .. so that convo ended..​


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                              Taylor to Turner- - Brittany still hasn't said anything about the vote...outside of ...."I can't believe Turner is denying he voted to evict you".

                              Turner - as if you won't see it in 10 ****ing days..... I will clip it and put it in the group chat

                              They laugh

                              Taylor- - she hasn't even come up here
                              Turner- I thought that she would be up here campagining ..
                              Taylor- it's not even that .. it's like everyone knows that she's been my closest ally .. but y'all are up here more than she is ..
                              Turner- maybe subconscious .. there is something there .. like she voted against you .. so she doesn't come up ...

                              Monte- yeah it could be that ... I just really think taht's a very easy alibi for her to pin it on you ... because you were so close to Alyssa ...

                              Turner- I would have to be so dumb for that
                              Monte- I also look at who was spending the most time with Alyssa .. Brittany was

                              Turner- also... we've seen defensive Brittany crying a lot... this is not Brittany who has been wronged.. this his is Brittany trying to be damage controlling.... we have both seen me and Brittany act in situations where we were wrong .. I get emotional .. clearly Brittany does the same .. why is Brittany not emotional at a time like this and why would I be? .. just everything about it .. is stupid

                              Monte- even last week when I was questioning her about everythng .. she didn't cry .. that's a good point .. she didn't cry .. she was like that was all "fluff" .. and then the following day . she denied it ..

                              Turner- we have seen her in a state like that and this is not that state ..


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