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Live Feed Updates 9/21 - Day 78

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  • Live Feed Updates 9/21 - Day 78

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    Good Morning,

    We are almost there!
    There's nothing much to update from where I left off last night ...
    Taylor continued to study in the HoH bedroom.. she broke out the M&M's to help her
    Turner took a LONG shower
    Taylor took a bath
    Brittany and Monte talked/played cards and then Turner joined them
    They all looked t the memory wall .. chit chat here and there ( no game talk )
    They all played cards together ...
    They were still all up at 4:00 AM BBT
    And.. if you're keeping count ... Monte did not sleep with Taylor last night.


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      ( quick catch up )

      Taylor to herself - you have one job ... and it's to study... it's to crush everybody's expectations of you this win Part 2 knowing what happened.


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        Taylor and Monte

        Taylor talking to Monte about wanting to hang out with him...but also wanting to take the time to study
        She tells him that she can't ask him to study with her
        Monte tells her that they have a "common objective"

        He tells her that he assumes she wants to beat him ( F2 )
        He tells her that at that point ( F2 ) it doesn't really matter...
        Taylor says they just have to get there
        He says that's where is head is at ...

        Monte tells her that he doesn't care ..but he respects if she wants to get there solo ...
        Taylor- we can do it together

        He tells her that they help each other .. if they are prepared over Turner
        Taylor tells him that she thinks that Turner is more prepared that Monte thinks he is

        Taylor to Monte - let's kick his ass...


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          Super quick catch up there hasn't been very much going on today ... they have hit the wall ... thank goodness tomorrow will shake things back up, at least a little.

          Monte and Taylor talked a little bit and they agree that Brittany has accepted that she's leaving tomorrow

          They talked about their games thus far, they feel like they are the least "messy" of everyone ...

          Monte talked again about the timing of Michael/Brittany releasing the info about Kyle...
          He said he didn't like the way it was one .. but ... one of them ( him/Taylor ) were probably going home that week ... had that not happened ..

          Monte talked about how he would love to say that he can/could control anything

          Taylor talked about his "ego"

          Monte tells her he's "humble"
          He says he doesn't like to "brag about himself" ... he's not that "type of person" ..

          He talks about how he was part of a unit ( Leftovers ) that got this far .. but he "doesn't find it natural" to take credit for things ..

          They talked about the house guests that have been evicted.. wondering if they have any secrets.. about their jobs/lives/etc.

          They studied a little bit more

          Monte starts to head downstairs
          Taylor - c'mere ( she reaches for him ) ( then says ) - wait you can't do that
          Monte- well ...

          He comes back and gives her a kiss

          Taylor- a quick one
          Monte- yeah .. a quickie
          Taylor- yeah . when I ask for a quickie that's what I mean

          She tells him she will come down and make him some eggs..
          She promises she will be down soon ..​


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            Monte headed downstairs
            Brittany there
            He asks if she got called to the DR this morning
            Brittany- no .. no one called me

            Chit chat about playing cards last night

            Taylor makes her way down and is making Monte's eggs ..

            And for the next never -ending hours ... .. it's this ..

            Currently @ 7:55 PM BBT


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