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Live Feed Update 9/22 - Day 79

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  • Live Feed Update 9/22 - Day 79

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    ( quick catch up from where I left off last night )

    Brittany and Taylor talked
    Brittany deciding she will give one more try to get Monte to change his mind and keep her
    She tells Taylor that Turner does know dates/events/etc.

    Taylor and Monte talked
    Taylor telling him about how Turner is a bigger threat than Brittany to them.
    She talks about how Turner can rattle off the events/dates etc..

    Brittany talked to the cameras
    She says playing BB was more fun than she thought it would be ..
    She says to CBS that she will come back whenever
    She talks about it being hard ... but fun
    She says she wishes she could start over
    She says it' "cool" that she is the female that won the most comps this summer
    She starts to cry ..
    She says she's ready to go home, but will miss the house/game

    Taylor and Turner talked
    Turner asking if Brittany knows she's going ..
    Taylor tells him yes..but that she's still trying to sway Monte

    Monte and Taylor
    They discussed if their "showmance" will matter to the jury
    Monte doesn't think so
    Taylor talked about how Indy was jealous

    Brittany went to bed
    Turner, Taylor, Monte continue to play cards.. chit chat

    Monte and Taylor make their way up to the HoH room
    There's kissing and running of the shower...
    Taylor putting up a towel over the shower door ...
    Feeds moved us

    Monte did end up in the HoH bed tonight. ( if you're keeping count of the on again/off again "showmance" )


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      Just now ...

      Taylor to Britany- no matter what happenes . I tried

      Brittany- I don't think it's going to happen .. but thanks...​


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        Brittany- it's just as important for you as it is for me.. the girls aren't going to vote for you .. just because you are a woman

        Taylor- oh I know.. they will be "any woman BUT that woman" ...​

        Brittany- well .. being a woman isn't enough to win .. you know what I mean ?

        Taylor - mm hmmm


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              We're not done yet .. but it is our last Thursday together ...

              The next few days will be filled with the 3 Part Head of Household Competitions ... with a side get me to the Final 2 ....

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              ❤️ Lexie ​​


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                donation coming Lexie !

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                Thank you Gloworm ... your continued support means so much to us

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              Just for the record

              Taylor asked Brittany if she was the vote against her ... and Brittnay confessed

              Brittany told her she was so sorry ..
              She told her she knew she wasn't going to go anywhere
              She told her she wanted Turner to be blindsided


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                Feeds are still on PET CAM

                Missed tonight's show .. or need a recap

                We got you covered!

                Big Brother 24 Live Eviction, Jury Reactions, Cookout Thoughts and F3 Celebrate - Big Brother Updates


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                  10:45 PM BBT

                  Feeds are still on PET CAM even though the TV episode would have ended on the West Coast about 45 minutes ago so they may be doing Part 1 of the Final HOH Competition.


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                    Feeds are back. Sounded like Turner said he won Part 1 of the Final HOH.


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                      Yes, Turner won Part 1 of the Final HOH.
                      Part 2 will be Monte vs Taylor.


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                        ( thanks Kenny )

                        here's a quick catch up ..

                        Taylor told Turner that she thought the "spinning" would be a challenge for him ...
                        Turner saying he can't believe he won the spinning one ...

                        They talk possible jury votes

                        Turner telling her he's ****ing no matter what...
                        He says he might only have Kyle as a vote ...

                        Taylor says that she thinks that Michael will have a lot of influence in jury
                        She says she doesn't see the jury vote being 9-0 this year or even 8-1
                        She says she thinks it would be like 7-2 or 6-3.

                        Taylor says she could see Indy, Jasmine and Brittany voting of her .. but the rest going for him
                        He tells her he knows for sure he won't have Alyssa ....

                        Taylor says that Indy won't vote for her ...

                        Turner- Alyssa, Indy, Jasmine, Brittany ... I for sure don't have ..
                        Taylor- if you take Monte..... to the end ... you have Brittany’s vote
                        Taylor - literally everybody loves Monte ...except for Brittany


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                          Taylor tells Turner that Brittany admitted to her that she voted against her ..
                          Turner says he's glad she finally admitted it

                          Taylor tells Turner that she could see herself winning America's Favorite ... but not the game
                          He tells her that he could see her winning both.

                          Taylor talks about falling ( at the comp )
                          Tuner says he was losing hope and then Taylor fell.
                          Taylor says those jerks are disrespectful​


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