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Live Feed Updates 9/23 - Day 80

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  • Live Feed Updates 9/23 - Day 80

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    In case you missed it

    Turner won the first part of the three part HoH competition and advanced himself to the final HoH round
    He will face off with the winner of part 2 of the HoH competition - between Taylor and Monte.


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      Just to keep you in the loop

      BB gave a wake up call @ 7:00 AM BBT
      All 3 were finally up and sitting at the kitchen table around 7:40 AM BBT

      Feeds have been on PET CAM since just after 8 AM BBT


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        we are about a little more than an hour into PET CAMS for the second HoH comp between Monte and Taylor


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          PET CAM - 2 hours


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            The Feeds have been back. Not 100% sure but about 90% sure that Monte won Part 2 of the Final HOH!


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              I think Taylor is somewhere sleeping too.


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                ( thanks Kenny.. work got busy around here and I couldn't get myself back here )

                ( I bet Monte won, otherwise Taylor would be all about it ) -( that's just my personal thought )

                (also, though .. for half a second, I wondered if he would throw it, so that if he wins Part 3, he wouldn't have to pick between Taylor/Turner ) - ( again just me wondering out loud )

                But, I'm pretty sure Monte won, he did a little prayer and then a celebratory hand up in the air, when he was in the bedroom

                We truly need Turner to WAKE UP! So that Monte talks to him!!


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                  LOL, Lexie. Yeah, I've been sitting here watching the close-up of Monte for a while now, waiting to see if he'll say something about it. He's mumbled a couple things to himself but couldn't make it out. It almost seems like he's going over something in his mind and having a conversation with himself trying to figure some stuff out. I know one time he did say, "Yes!" out loud and it was like he was answering someone. IDK.

                  Now all 4 cameras have went to Turner sleeping and snoring big time! lol


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                    Now we're back to Cams 1 & 2 on Monte sitting in the Dining area.

                    Cams 3 & 4 are now on Taylor in bed.
                    Last edited by KennyERJ; 09-23-2022, 10:10 PM.


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                      Monte started tearing up and getting emotional. He's using his hoodie to wipe away the tears.


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                        Last edited by KennyERJ; 09-23-2022, 03:32 PM.


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                          The quiet gets broken (and startled me and I think Monte too) by BB calling Monte to the DR. lol

                          He goes to the bathroom and then heads to the bedroom (same one where Turner is sleeping) to put on lip balm and hand cream. He heads to the DR. We hear the door open and close.

                          We hear the door open again and he comes back to the bedroom and picks up what looks like some little stuffed animal thing and a shirt and then heads back to the DR.

                          Now Cams 1 & 2 are on Turner sleeping and Cams 3 & 4 are on Taylor sleeping.

                          With that, I'm out! Though we're almost positive Monte won, hopefully we'll get 100% audible confirmation that Monte won Part 2 of the HOH soon.


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                            Kenny please refresh my memory on how this works. Turner won part one, Monte won part two. What happens next?


                            • Lexie
                              Lexie commented
                              Editing a comment
                              I'm not Kenny ..

                              But ..

                              Turner winning Part 1 .. advanced him to Part 3

                              Monte won Part 2 ( so we think ) and so he advanced to Part 3

                              Turner and Monte will face off LIVE on Sunday for Part 3 ...

                              The winner of Part 3 ... will get to pick who they want to take to the Finial 2 with them.

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                            Thanks Lexie.


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