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Live Feed Updates 9/24 - Day 81

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  • Live Feed Updates 9/24 - Day 81

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    ( catch up from where I left off last night )

    Monte asking Turner if Taylor is out of the DR yet
    Turner- no
    Monte - interesting ..

    Monte - - have you ever met somebody who was awfully ... just not self -aware?

    Turner- laughs... are you ... yes .. I do .. but I'm interested in what aspects

    Monte- ummm.. I have a set of friends back home who are like that ...and that seems to be a very similar pattern that I run into ... where when you try to let them know .. about what it is that may be something that they can work on .. or that maybe affecting other people

    They both say they have a friend back home that when talking to them . always tries to one up people... funny .. etc.. but not self-aware ..

    Turner - do you get that similar vibe ( with Taylor) ??

    Monte- yes

    Turner- that's funny .. I can totally see it ...

    Monte- and I don't think would have confirmed that . until I had that conversation ... with her ( Taylor ) about everything .. like with my Goddaughter ... the headphones.. and it was almost like when I was saying something about it . there was like almost just like a block about it .. like how can someone say that .. and not realize that that could potencially .. you know .. make someone feel a certain way ... the initial reaction ( from Taylor ) was . 'oh" .. you know .. like defense ...

    Turner- yep

    Monte - defensivness .. and that is very similar pattern that I've seem with people that are not self-aware and choosing to neglect what everyone is tryng to tell them ...cause I was like.. I was .. I was trying not to be an asshole.. I was trying to be very helpful ( to Taylor ) .. when I was saying " maybe there was a certain reason why people felt like they couldn't connect with you ( Taylor ) at first .. you know? "

    Turner- yeah .. I was one of those people

    Monte- yeah and me too .. I literally felt like this is one of those people that is super condescending and all of that stuff.... like I don't feel like I can have a conversation where it's pure, loving, talk and getting to know you . it just seems like there's a block here .. but anyway .. I was just like...I was just like ( to Taylor ) "do yout think that there's any sort of reason why people felt that way about you at first" and her ( Taylor's ) response was " well I've heard that before" and "I'm not going to sit here and change who I am.. for people to feel more comfortable around me" ...and I've also hear people say . when they get to know me . their impression changes" and I was like.. Okay .. but do you see how that could lead people to feel a certain way .. and she ( Taylor ) was like.. "well why is it that I am treated a certain way for saying things, and Nicole and Ameerah weren't treated that way" and I was like.. "well I don't think that people were saying the same thing about Nicole and Ameerah, that must mean that they weren't doing that .. and I never got that impression from them

    Turner- yeah .. totally ...

    Monte - that it was to the level or the extent that you ( Taylor ) were giving off ... that first impression and it was almost like she ( Taylor ) just bypassed that

    Turner- yeah

    Monte- and then starting talking about how she was sorry for making me feel this way and I was like "wow" .. you don't want to force it in anyone's face.. but you also want them to understand that this is not fine ...

    Turner- yeah . it's almost like there ears are closed ..

    Monte- it's so weird.. when it's me and her in the HoH room just talking .. it's like she's a completely different person .. but out here .. it's just like.. a smart comment ... after a smart comment ... and like insult after insult ...

    Turner- yeah

    Monte- and I'm like.. "what is happening here" ??

    Turner- that is super weird

    Monte- is it super weird .. and out of nowhere . and she's shared things about the men she's stated dated .. and it's just like a very pessimist view of the people who enter her life.. especially men

    Turner- yeah . I've definitely caught that vibe

    Monte- yeah like...but for you ( Taylor ) to then ignore that this is effecting the way that you treat people...that is the part that is hard for me to be cool with ... or at least be cool with being around . you know what I mean ?

    Turner- oh totally

    Tuner says he's spend the most time around Taylor .. but there's still some kind of disconnect ..

    Monte talks about how Taylor felt about her Zingbot Zing ... ​
    He says she thought it was funny .. cause it's not true
    He says he told her "they had to get that from somewhere"

    They talk about .. Michael's being ugly .. saying his wasn't funny .. cause there was no truth in it ..

    Monte- it was almost that was what she ( Taylor) needed to hear .. to continue doing it/being it

    Monte- that's what makes it hard for me... that's what I look like for in a person .. I have to with someone that knows themselves .. or is at least open to knowing themselves.. and that is why there's all these red flags for me

    Turner- is she ( Taylor ) interested in exploring something with you outside of this house?

    Monte - nothing around a reltionship .. but she's hinted .. like .. "are you going to take me on a date" afterward.... and **** like that . .and I'm like.. " it's just hard for me to get to a point like that" .. of "wanting to start something . that I know I'm not going to finish"

    Monte continues to talk about how he tried to make her aware .. but she's not interested in becoming self-aware ...
    He says he's not in the business of trying to change anyone .. he's in the business of being honest ...

    Monte- if who you are is truly who you are. then **** that . there's truly someone out there that may love that **** .. but it's not me ..

    Monte says he's glad they didn't get the HOH room back .....because there might be something "brewing" ...
    He says not having it ... gives him and Taylor some time and space... before they leave the house.

    They talk about how in the BB house .. you can't really hide anything ..

    Turner tells Monte that he's happy for him...
    Turner- people can get very easily hurt with ambiguity like that .

    Turner- you are one the most self aware people he's ever met.

    Monte thanks him and says if he hadn't of quit his job and found Big Brother .. he would have never learned as much about himself as he has ...


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      Turner - I'm going to ask you a question . and I don't think it's a question I should be asking in this game ..

      Monte- oh god

      Turner- but I feel like you are one of my closest friends... so I feel very close to you .. in asking ... I dunno dude.. it's very ****ing straight forward ...

      Monte laughs says oh no ..

      Turner talks about remembering last season when Xavier, Big D and Azah were being honest about who they were taking to the end

      Monte- oh yeah

      Turner- this question is going to give off that vibe.. and you might be like what the hell is wrong with you for asking such a question

      Monte- yeah yeah yeah .. it's fine dude.. I get it

      Turner- but .. in a day and a half... we are going to ****ing know anyway .. so it doesn't really matter

      Monte- yeah

      Turner- in the end.. and I am just being very honest, I don't think I have don't think that I have a good chance of beating your . and I don't think I have a good chance of beating Taylor ..

      Monte- mm hmm

      Turner - I think I have the worst jury management .. in multiple years of watching this show

      Monte laughs

      Turner- I'm going to be honest. I don't think I have a good chance of beating you .. so .. me bringing you to the end.. is like "I'm bringing my friend"

      Monte- yeah yeah yeah ...

      Turner - so I would love to know .. I don't think that if you thought that you would lose to me.. I don't think you would take me .. understandably

      Monte- mm hmmm

      Turner- so .. do you think ... given the votes.. now I don't think I'm beating either you or Taylor .. so ... me bringing you . is just that you have been my best friend throughout this entire season

      Monte- yeah

      Turner- like you and Alyssa ... mean a lot to me my personal life

      Monte- mm hmmm

      Turner- so ... as far as votes... me and you .. do you think you would beat me? cause I think you would .. but I also think that Taylor would .. so in that way .I don't ****ing care.. this is me being a candid as ****ing humanly possible .. if you are wondering why I'm asking

      Monte - no . no.. I'm perfectly fine talking about this stuff

      Turner- okay

      Monte- it all really depends on what this damn jury .. what they value right ?

      Turner - mm hmmm

      Monte - so . I think about Michael ... let's just walk through it .. we are sitting at the end. the 2 of us ... are there.. ...and I think that Michael can go about it one of two ways .. he could be very hellbent on what you said to him before hand ,and be very offended about how you wouldn't put up a member of the LGBTQ community kinda thing .. and not want to vote for you ... for that .. or he might look at game play .. I don't know how he's going to look at that situation .I have no idea

      Turner - I think that with the convo that we ( him/Michael ) had about it was .. I don't think there's anyway in a million years that I could get his vote ... him saying what he said . I was offended .. but I understood what he said . so I was like what the **** ...

      Turner talks about ... "as long as it's going to be the two of them in the F2 " ....he wants to dissect the jury votes more.

      Turner says neither of them win against Taylor .. in the end ..
      Monte- yeah
      Monte talks about Brittany .. how she used "threatening tactics" .. and how she said things to him about how she would not vote for him ...
      He says he doesn't know how she would vote.
      Turner- that's interesting ...
      Monte talks about how he didn't know if she was saying that just to get him to keep her .. or if that's the way she really thinks...

      They continue to talk about votes
      Taylor out of the DR ..


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        The 3 chit chat and then the feeds cut

        once back

        Monte talking with Taylor
        He tells her that he hasn't given Turner any promises that he’ll take Turner to F2.
        Monte says Turner is trying to figure out who Monte would take to the end.
        Taylor talks about how she wanted to win .. because it was important for her to not be carried to the end
        Monte saying that he can see how she would feel that way .. based on other seasons of BB that he's seen ..

        Taylor tells Monte that Brittany confessed to being the vote against her ..
        Taylor talks about how they had a good laugh about it
        Monte tells her that she's a very understanding person
        He tells her that he was sure that Turner hadn’t voted against Taylor by the way he was acting.

        Monte tells Taylor that he thinks Turner will take him to the end ......and it would be the harder path..... but Turner is trying to prove something to the Jury.


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          Monte in the DR

          Taylor and Turner talk

          Turner talking about how bad he thinks his jury management is
          He says it's worse that Paul's ..or Tyler's ..
          Taylor disagrees.
          She talks about how the only way she could have won .. is to win Part One of the HoH comp .. and then evict one of them

          They look at the memory wall
          They speculate what questions will be at the end... etc.

          Taylor tells Turner that his best chance to win .. is not against Monte ..
          Turner tells her that he will keep thinking things over and will let her know.


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            They had dinner .. talked.. played cards...
            Turner hopes they can all be on Challenge together ...

            Turner goes to brush is teeth

            Taylor and Monte shared a kiss

            Taylor to Monte- we're fine

            They look to make sure Turner's not coming .. and

            Taylor- I miss cuddling with you
            Monte- me too

            Taylor - I like hearing your heart

            Turner back

            They clean up a little and head to bed ...

            Chit chat and then quite...

            They all slept in the Car Room last night


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              Currently @ 10:09 AM BBT

              Lights are on .. but no one is moving

              Oops.. I lied Monte was up

              BB calls Turner to the DR


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                Honestly, absolutely nothing noteworthy has happened
                Chit chat here and there about the season, dreams they had last night, etc.

                BB locked them down in the bathroom area ( so it seems ) for about an hour
                Once back ...
                Turner in the bed
                Monte in the living room .. sitting like this ..

                He's not sleeping cause he's talking to himself ... more like mumbling to himself .. no way to understand/hear what he's saying ...

                Monte ate some lunch

                Turner and Taylor sleeping

                Monte called to the DR

                Turner and Taylor still sleeping


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                  (catching us up )

                  As Taylor clips in her extensions ...

                  She tells Monte that she told Turner that it would be nice if he would think about taking her ..

                  She says she told Turner that she knows he's not .. but it would be nice of him to at least consider it

                  Monte says that Turner is a honest, straightforward dude, for the most part

                  She says that Turner didn't say much .. just smiled ..

                  Monte- yeah . it's definitely going to be hard making that speech ... to try to say the right words... to umm . try to explain .. you know ... the thought process or whatever .. you know .. and I really didn't sleep much .. I was thinking about my speech .. about what I would say to him ( Turner ) ...

                  Taylor - yeah

                  Monte- and also .. I can tell that he ( Turner ) has been wanting me to say the words...

                  Taylor- yeah

                  Monte - and I've been like "yeah, yeah, of course, all good" but I haven't just said the words ... it's hard for me ..

                  Taylor- cause that's not what you do ..

                  Monte- that's just not what I do. that's just not in my nature.. so ... ummm ..yeah .. but .. we'll see ...what I gotta focus on the most is actually winning the damn thing

                  Taylor- yes ...get there

                  Monte- which I feel pretty good about . I think that I've studied as much a I could have

                  Taylor - yeah .. I asked him (Turner ) if was studying at all.. ( she shakes her head ) .. you will be fine ...

                  Monte- yeah .. well ... we were actually talking about school and stuff .. and he would cheat on everything and I would never do stuff like that ..I would just do the best that I could .. and that was what I was telling you weeks ago.. I can tell what he can do well in and what he wouldn't .. but that doesn't matter.. I am just going to do the best I can do . and then make that decision ...

                  Monte- the more I talk about it ..I think about how ... me and Turner's relationship is going to be impacted ... but this is my life and I gotta do what I feel is best ...

                  Taylor- yeah

                  Monte- so ...​

                  Taylor brushing her teeth .. she got toothpaste in her eye

                  Taylor- - it's so minty ...

                  She says she's fine ...

                  Monte leaves to go pack ..
                  He says they were told they need to do that ...


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                    Taylor alone ..

                    Taylor - America, I want this win so badly ...but I'm so scared that this jury is not going to my journey to a Final 2 seat is valuable ... because I didn't win one of these last HoH's comps ...but this season is so much bigger than Michael being a comp beast .. it's so much bigger than the people who were evicted and when they were evicted... <big sigh> ... this season can mean something.... it can mean something if I win.... just gotta hope the jury can be convinced of that. ...I didn't walk through hell for nothing.... how do I convince this jury that my story is bigger than people's evictions.... bigger than HoH's ... how do I convince this jury that my time in this house is more than people's resume....​


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                      Monte packing back and forth in the bedroom quietly ...practicing his speech​


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                        Taylor called to the DR

                        Monte and Turner in the bedroom

                        THey are packing .. chatting

                        Turner saying he doesn't have dress shoes in the house

                        Monte asking if he has any at home

                        Turner- yeah .. got my funeral attire ..

                        Monte chuckles ..

                        Turner says he got them for funerals .. but they are pretty nice, so he busts them out here and there ..

                        Monte - I was going to say .. if that is the only time you're wearing dress shoes, I can see why you don't wear them ..

                        ( LOL )

                        Turner- cursed

                        They laugh ...

                        Monte- see the dress shoes.. start shedding a tear

                        Turner- not the dress shoes

                        They laugh ...

                        feeds cut to WE'LL BE RIGHT BACK​


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                          Once back ...

                          Turner- I know what my speech would be to you ....I don't know if you know what your speech would be to me... it doesn't ****ing matter what you say to me....

                          Monte- yeah, yeah, yeah ..

                          Turner- imagine I am like "cause I'm not ****ing picking you"... no .. just kidding ..

                          Monte- yea. yeah .. that's kinda ****ed ...

                          They laugh ...

                          Turner- I was going to mention the Final 2.. but do you not want me to do that for the sake of Taylor?

                          Monte- No, it's okay..

                          Turner - at that point .. what do we have to hide.. so I was thinking of saying that

                          Monte- no. it's cool.. I think it makes it a little more ...

                          Turner- easier .. and I was thinking .. if I am there ... and I mention it .. so that Taylor is not like "what the hell?" ..

                          Monte- yeah

                          Turner - at least then . she's like . "oh okay"

                          Monte- yeah .. I think that is completely fine .. I think that ..

                          Turner- I'm just going to be like.. we've been together since... if you win

                          Monte- mm hmm

                          Turner- I'm going to say "we have been working together since week one in Oasis... then we made The Pound the FInal 4.. and we got to the Final 2 ... for the past month we have had a Final 2" ..

                          Monte -right

                          Turner- and I think ... I'm going to say.. just **** like that.

                          Monte- yeah .. yeah ... which I am completely fine with. .. I don't think she would.. even if it's new information for her .. I

                          Turner- I think then she would be more understanding ..if anything

                          Monte- yeah

                          Turner- that is where my thought process was

                          Monte- exactly ... exactly .. so I am 100% okay with that .. I am thinking the same....

                          Turner- alright .. coo

                          Monte - just to make it a little more clear ...

                          Turner- yeah .. well then .. perfect ..I feel really good about sitting in the end with you...

                          Monte- yeah. yeah

                          Turner- I'm so excited.... it's so crazy

                          Monte- yeah

                          Turner- most people make deals early on .. and they never ****ing work out ..

                          Monte- yeah ... ( he laughs/his laugh )

                          Turner- no I'm .. holy **** .. I'm just pumped

                          Monte-yeah bro .. no... we are on a solid trajectory right now...bro .. you know ?

                          Turner- yeah .. oh ... unless one of us does the worst ****ing thing....

                          Monte laughs his laugh

                          Turner- just like when I was on the block ..

                          Monte- yeah . yeah .. no .. it has been too long of a time coming for us... to get this far

                          Turner - to blow it now . that's what I was thinking ..

                          Monte- yeah . alright .. I'm going to do drop a turd ...

                          Turner- well. have fun out there brother ..

                          Monte- BRB

                          He leaves ​


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                            Turner looking at the memory wall .. going over comps/event/dates etc.


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                              Taylor there ..
                              Asking him questions ..
                              Taylor- How many vetoes did Alyssa play?
                              Turner- 7
                              Taylor- how many vetoes did Monte win?
                              Turner- 7
                              Taylor- how many HoH's did Monte win?
                              Turner - 2
                              Taylor- who has the most HoH wins?
                              Turner- myself and Michael
                              Taylor- there you go​

                              Taylor -who was the 6th HoH ?
                              Turner- you
                              Taylor- it's just crazy man

                              Monte there now ..
                              ​He passes through

                              Taylor to Turner- how many times was Indy nominated?
                              Turner- 2
                              Taylor- yep
                              Turner - sick


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