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Celebrity Big Brother 2 Live Feed Discussion and Live Feed Updates - January 22, 2019

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  • Celebrity Big Brother 2 Live Feed Discussion and Live Feed Updates - January 22, 2019

    The Live Feeds start at 12 Midnight/11PM (Central) tonight! A little different from the regular season, this topic is where you can both post updates AND discuss what is going on with the Live Feeds! If you do an update, please try to post the time and camera numbers in case someone wants to watch for themselves. Thanks!

    This topic will contain spoilers!

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    Ok, some major updates...

    Kato Kalin won the POV.

    It seems Anthony Scaramucchi has self-evicted or is out for some other reason! He's gone! Earlier, other houseguests were talking about his photo hadn't been greyed out yet.

    Tamar is majorly pissed at Kandi! Sounds like Kandi said something that really got her mad. She said Kandi is shady and is trying to make her (Tamar) look shady. She was talking about leaving at one point. She went to the DR.


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      So watching right now it looks like Anthony's photo still hasn't been greyed out so not sure what is going on.

      Ryan & Joey had just got through working out in the gym.

      Kandi is taking a shower in the HOH room. Joey was giving her a pep talk before she went up telling her to take her time because she seemed sad. When they showed her in the HOH bathroom, it sounded like she had been crying.

      From earlier Lolo & Natalie were talking about Kato & Dina flirting. Just now Dina came walking through the bedroom and Kato was like wow!


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        Dina, Jonathan, Ryan & Joey in the bathroom area.

        Joey brushing teeth. Ryan gets in the shower. Does a little striptease. Talks about he feels like he may need to bleach his feet afterwards.

        Dina & Jonathan lying on the couch


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          Ok, not sure what is going on... sounds like there were TWO POV Competitions or two people won POVs: Ricky & Kato.

          It sounds like from listening to this conversation between Dina & Kandi in the bathroom right now that at least one POV Ceremony has taken place and Kandi is on the block now.

          Hopefully things will be cleared up on tonight's show!


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            Natalie looks different without her makeup but still pretty...


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              Tamar is back from the DR and still talking about Kandi to Natalie & Lolo.

              Tamar is crying now. IMO, she really is making a bigger deal out of this than what it was but if you have watched, "Braxton Family Values" or know her from any of her shows (her and her ex-husband music producer Vincent Herbert had a reality show too), you know she can be a bit of a drama queen, for sure!

              I didn't see/hear the actual conversation between Kandi & Tamar so again, guess we'll have to wait for the show to see what actually was said, if they show it, which I think they will for the drama factor but then again, they mentioned a bunch of other celebrities in the conversation/argument(?) so they may not. IDK.


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                I heard the whole conversation. It was an argument over the word relevant. Tamar went on and on and on about how success did not mean something was relevant. She was the only one agitated and Kandi did NOT call her shady or any other bad name. This one is all on Tamar. After Kandi left the room Ricky told her he thought is was just miscommunication and she went off on him.


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                  Going to be greatly disappointed if this is a self evict situation. It put a huge shadow on last season and I thought the producers addressed this in many interviews.


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