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Celebrity Big Brother 2 Live Feed Discussion and Live Feed Updates - January 25, 2019

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  • Celebrity Big Brother 2 Live Feed Discussion and Live Feed Updates - January 25, 2019

    A little different from the regular season, this topic is where you can both post updates AND discuss what is going on with the Live Feeds! If you do an update, please try to post the time and camera numbers in case someone wants to watch for themselves. Thanks!

    This topic will contain spoilers!

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    Good Morning everybody.

    Feeds were down for a while last night. They're up this morning, but everybody is sleeping.


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      I'm responding to Birdiefriend's question/problem watching the live feeds. I use Firefox as my primary browser but have had nothing but problems when trying to watch the live feeds. For the feeds I switch my browser to Chrome and it is completely problem free! I hope this helps!


      • birdiefriend
        birdiefriend commented
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        Thank you so much, I'll give it a try! I had the problem in the summer but can't remember how I resolved it!

      • joebourg62
        joebourg62 commented
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        A couple of seasons ago, Firefox absoultely would not work for the feeds. I just used IE for the feeds only with no problems.

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      1-25-19, 1:04am, Cam 2

      Ryan/Jon enter the bedroom with Eva, Lolo and Tamar. The purpose is for Jon to spearhead a convo to do damage control, hash things out and re-solidify the Power Alliance.
      To say the following 25 minute convo was a train wreck is a huge understatement.

      Eva talking to Ryan/Jon – “Tom has to go. The only reason Kato used the veto on him is cuz he’s got massive depression.”
      BEEP, wrong answer Eva, thanks for playing. The correct answer is “K-Train” alliance. Well played K-Train.

      Jon – “who are you guys voting for?”
      Lolo – “So obviously you guys don’t want your boy Joey to go. I mean, be honest.”
      A couple of observations about this.
      1st, this confirms the 2nd BB record this season.
      A week one Power Alliance crumbling in the first week, even BEFORE the first eviction. This breaks the Moving Company’s demise, who at least made it PAST the first eviction.

      This also confirms that Kandi is out of the Power Alliance. Further confirmation of this is stated several minutes later when, during damage control, Ryan/Jon confirm their commitment and loyalty to “Us 5.”

      Ryan/Jon saying “yeah, we hang out with Joey, that doesn’t mean anything. You guys hang out and that doesn’t mean anything.”

      Lolo – “I feel like there has been some shaky stuff going on about me… never said you wanted to backdoor me?”
      Ryan – “I may have said that after the thing (he is referring to when Lolo flipped off his wall pic) but we talked it out.”

      Lolo call them out on a meeting they had with Tom or Kato or anybody to have a guys alliance with Joey.
      Ryan – “the word alliance was never said.”
      Lolo – “then why didn’t you guys tell us that they were trying to form an alliance against you guys.”

      WOW! Eva calls them out about their picks for the 2nd POV Comp. It sounds like Jon and Ryan drew HG choice and did not do the obvious, picking an alliance member to play. Yes, you heard me correctly.
      It appears that Fessy has tutored Ryan on how to conduct an HOH reign….really it gets better, just wait for it.

      Eva – “I feel like you both $hit the bed on the veto competition because we’re in your alliance and you both had to pick and you would think you would pick us to use on our player and neither of you picked us, which makes us seem fishy, that’s all.”
      Ryan – “I already told you that was my fault. I apologized and told you it was my fault.”

      Lolo saying she can get the meeting outside out of her head.
      Jon saying she can get him out of that meeting cuz when it started, he left the fire.
      Back and forth convo with Jon trying to tap dance.

      Ryan – “all’s I know is this, us 5 as an alliance….as far as I am concerned, it’s us 5 to the end.”

      Lolo to Ryan – “you literally told Tom and Kato about the alliance, which means the alliance no longer has power. The power of an alliance is secrecy and you messed up.”
      Ryan – “I messed up, ya know, I sorry.”
      And there it is. You can not convince me that Fessy has got into Ryan’s head..LOL.

      Lolo to Ryan – “so, you did approach about backdooring me, did you not, be honest Ryan.”
      Ryan – “Yeah, probably, sure (then he giggles.)

      Ryan – “what do you mean, I’m getting confused now.”
      Again, this has to be Fessy’s doing LOL.

      Everyone hugs it out at 1:26am, but time will tell if “Us 5” remains legit.


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        Evening. Hanging out waiting for the HoH comp.


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          Feeds are up!


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            Now Feeds are back down. Sounds like it might be a little while before they do the HOH Competition. Dina is still in a dress. Looked like Joey might be getting ready to take a shower? Not sure.


            • KennyERJ
              KennyERJ commented
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              Feeds back up now.

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            I heard Kato say it would be about an hour and a half. Ryan said the thought of reading the card terrifies him.


            • ophelia__
              ophelia__ commented
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              Y'know, when Lochte had his 'incident' in Rio, I thought his 'apology' sounded incredibly lame and insincere...I didn't realize he was so hmmm, trying to think of a way to say this without it sounding harsh...but, is the guy learning disabled, or what?

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            Ok, I'll be back later. Going to watch my ID shows.


            • beckyd30
              beckyd30 commented
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              I love ID, would love to meet Joe Kenda. He probably has way more stories to tell of his time catching killers. So Cool!!!

            • KennyERJ
              KennyERJ commented
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              Yeah, I like "Homicide Hunter" too. "See No Evil" is another of my favorites, as is "Your Worst Nightmare" and "Evil Lives Here" and "Deadly Women" and etc, etc, etc...

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            Back shows ☹️


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              They were advertising across the top of the Live Feeds that the HOH Competition would start about 9pm ET. I guess they forgot this is the Celebrity Edition and folks would have to get dressed up for the live show and then it would take 60 to 90 minutes for these folks to change and get pretty for the competition! LOL On the regular show, everyone would have already been dressed for the HOH Competition and it would have taken place almost immediately!


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                Not sure if it’s just me or are the live feeds on?


                • KennyERJ
                  KennyERJ commented
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                  Right now they're just showing footage from last season as they get ready for the new HOH Competition that is suppose to be shown live on the Live Feeds.

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                I see they have the little message that the houseguests are shooting something awesome and the LFs will be back soon. Wonder if they decided not to show the HOH Competition live?!!!


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                  I hope the feeds are up soon! I've been watching for 2 hours with only about 30 - 45 min of live footage, the rest was last season with Chuck going home and Omarosa coming hard at Shannon

                  p.s. I wish Shannon would come back as an all star!


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                    Here we go. It's the wall comp. ROCK ON!


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