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Celebrity Big Brother 2 Live Feed Discussion and Live Feed Updates - January 27, 2019

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  • Celebrity Big Brother 2 Live Feed Discussion and Live Feed Updates - January 27, 2019

    A little different from the regular season, this topic is where you can both post updates AND discuss what is going on with the Live Feeds! If you do an update, please try to post the time and camera numbers in case someone wants to watch for themselves. Thanks!

    This topic will contain spoilers!

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    Good morning, everyone!

    Kato Kaelin is HOH.
    Dina Lohan & Tamar Braxton are nominated for eviction.
    A new TV episode airs tonight at 8pm on CBS.

    4:11 AM BBT (All Cameras)

    All houseguests are currently getting their beauty sleep.


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      Let's hope we at least get the feeds today and they're not down 8+ hours like yesterday. I hope to hear some game talk and strategy today.


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        I also wouldn't mind some drama today since we were deprived from seeing the whole meltdown with Lolo and Tamar and all the aftermath.


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          Ladies in the bedroom talking about how messy Tamar is while the camera shows the mound of crap on her bed and beside her bed.


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            Quick moment with Joey and Ryan in the kitchen as everybody mills around getting ready for the day, eating, etc. Ryan is still convinced he is getting backdoored.


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              Thoughts to ponder regarding the Friday show –

              1 – Isn’t it crazy that in the BOTB seasons where the ‘just because you win HOH doesn’t mean you are safe from eviction” theme never played out, but the train wreck alliance of CBB US 2 made it look so easy.

              2 – Was I the only one scratching their head on Friday’s episode about the large discrepancy between what was said on the LF’s, that I painstakingly transcribed on our LF Update thread on 1-25-19, regarding the POV comp player picks, and what Julie said on TV?
              We never got to see the picks happen.

              LF’s –
              Eva – “I feel like you both $hit the bed on the veto competition because we’re in your alliance and you both had to pick and you would think you would pick us to use on our player and neither of you picked us, which makes us seem fishy, that’s all.”
              Ryan – “I already told you that was my fault. I apologized and told you it was my fault.”

              Broadcast Show –
              Julie – “… along with Kato and Dina, who were chosen to play by a random draw, will battle it out….”



              • bazbaz65
                bazbaz65 commented
                Editing a comment
                I noticed that - she said they were randomly picked and I kept thinking, "That's not what I read on BBU!"

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              You know, I'm really not sorry that I can't get the feeds to work. I think I would be bald by now from pulling my hair out! I've been watching After Dark and the tv episodes. I think BB needs to send them to remedial BB camp. Such a group of clueless people. One thing I keep hearing is "Are the cameras on?" "Which camera is on". Sheesh! lol


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