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Celebrity Big Brother 2 Live Feed Discussion and Live Feed Updates - January 29, 2019

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  • Celebrity Big Brother 2 Live Feed Discussion and Live Feed Updates - January 29, 2019

    A little different from the regular season, this topic is where you can both post updates AND discuss what is going on with the Live Feeds! If you do an update, please try to post the time and camera numbers in case someone wants to watch for themselves. Thanks!

    This topic will contain spoilers!

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    Tom Green is the new Head of Household


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      Morning all!

      Tom is the new HoH. Tom, Kato, and Ricky talking up in the HoH. Sounds like the plan is to put up Kandi and Tamar. If they get a chance to backdoor Joey great, but Ricky is counseling Tom that he could protect himself with Joey if he doesn't put him up. Ricky doesn't want Joey to go. Kandi could become the target.


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        Tom and Kato aka "tomato" have won the last four events in the Celebrity Big Brother house . I know right?!

        Kato told told that he ( Tom ) needs to put up Tamar and Kandi with Joey as a back door target.


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          sdkgeo jinx ... lol


          <<< I'm off to work>>>


          • sdkgeo
            sdkgeo commented
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            You owe me a coke.

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          Looks like Kandi could use The Power of the Publicist help. I tweeted for her.

          Here’s the info on Power of the Publicist......

          The Power of the Publicist will allow the chosen Houseguest to remove him or herself from nomination at one of the nomination at one of the next two Nomination Ceremonies or Veto Meetings. The power can only be used once and expires after the Veto Meeting on Feb. 4, 2019, whether it is used or not.

          All you've got to do is tweet the hashtag corresponding with the Houseguest of your choice, and then tune in on Wednesday, Jan. 30 at 8/7c to see who viewers chose to receive the power.

          The hashtags are:


          More details...


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            Poor Tom---although he's my guess to win the Power of the Publicist....what a critical game mistake he made last night. He just didn't think quickly enough, once there was the tie in the veto, to throw it to Tamar. She would have taken herself off, Kato still would have put Ryan up and he still would have left the house. Now Tom has that blood on his hands, tipped the cards even further to his alliance and will become a target.....he's going to have to keep winning or have the power or have his real alliance win to stay out of the crosshairs.


            • gabesrah
              gabesrah commented
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              While I agree that it wasn't necessary for Tom to win the POV in order to get Ryan out, it would have been difficult to throw a comp that was pretty much a crap shoot.

            • CubbyBrother
              CubbyBrother commented
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              It would have probably been more difficult to throw it without being too obvious. He could have thrown hard to get zero (too obvious), but certainly could have "come up short" and been on the lower half of the board. And in some respects---if everyone seemed to be in on backdooring Ryan, maybe the blood isn't as thick as I first thought. But, in the real game----it would have been a critical mistake.

            • AmyBeth
              AmyBeth commented
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              I don't think getting blood on their hands is very important with this group. They are a more forgiving group than regular bb casts are. Probably because they don't need the money as much as us regular folk. Ryan summed it up in his interview with Julie. It's just a fun game and some TV time to them.

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            5:37 AM BBT

            All houseguests are getting their beauty rest. As you can see, Tom is spread out on the HOH bed.


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              Kandi and Tamar as the nominees. I have mixed feelings about this. I would prefer Kandi stay but with the little I have seen on the feeds, she does not seem to be playing the game. Kandi is just hanging out. On the other hand Tamar is attempting to play the game but I am so tired of her drama. So very over the top IMHO.


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                The way they were just talking before the feeds went off.....Kandi and Joey will be nominees.


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                  Somehow I 100% forgot this was coming on, even after I stopped in a couple weeks ago to "kickoff" the new season with my BBU buds

                  It also means I've avoided all spoilers, so I guess I'll try to catch up on my All Access eps tomorrow while I'm at home avoiding the brutal Midwest cold!


                  • belle1
                    belle1 commented
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                    Keep warm.

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                  So, now Tomato are thinking of blindsiding Ricky. Their spidey senses are tingling about him walking into conversations. They're suspicious that he is not on the up and up.


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                    Nomination time


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                      Kandi and Joey on the block.
                      Last edited by sdkgeo; 01-30-2019, 06:50 AM. Reason: Edited to changed Tamar to Kandi. These people are so confusing.


                      • Kimbers
                        Kimbers commented
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                        I don't understand why Joey is on the block .. Tamar and Kandi (imo) better choices

                      • AmyBeth
                        AmyBeth commented
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                        Just his association with Ryan and his lack of liking alliances. Makes him unpredictable if he gets any power. imo

                      • kokomogirl
                        kokomogirl commented
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                        I thought it was Joey and Kandi OTB, not Tamar.

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                      Lexie reported Kandi was up. I don't understand then why Tamar was pitching such a fit about people making bs reasons for putting her up.

                      Sorry, I'm so confused.


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