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Celebrity Big Brother 2 Live Feed Discussion and Live Feed Updates - February 2, 2019

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  • Celebrity Big Brother 2 Live Feed Discussion and Live Feed Updates - February 2, 2019

    A little different from the regular season, this topic is where you can both post updates AND discuss what is going on with the Live Feeds! If you do an update, please try to post the time and camera numbers in case someone wants to watch for themselves. Thanks!

    This topic will contain spoilers!

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    Morning all.

    Show tonight at 8.


    • beckyd30
      beckyd30 commented
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      What happened to having it on Wednesdays Thursdays and Sundays? It seems like they use it as a filler this season. It's on a different day of the week that it was on the week before and it's irritating it's not on a set schedule!

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    Looked for some highlights from last night.

    Lolo and Natalie spilled a lot of tea to Tamar. 9:55 BBT

    Lolo told Tamar that Kato was going to compare Tamar to Miss Cleo when he nominated her. He was going to say "You look like Ms. Cleo and you should have seen it coming". They told her though that Ricky had her back.

    Tamar then proceeded to go upstairs (about 10:28 BBT) and go off on Kato. She was pretty controlled though and just read him the riot act that it told him it was unacceptable and she was ashamed for him. The camera wasn't on the scene, but you could hear her yelling at him throughout the house.


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      With all the fighting that went on yesterday.....nothing could surprise me today.


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        Other stuff:

        Joey spends hours and hours grooming himself.
        Kato slept upstairs with Tom. They built a pillow wall between them.


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          I am really trying to find someone to really get behind in this cast. Been watching the shows and some of the live feeds.

          Nat and Lolo to me are just mean girls. There was no reason for Lolo to tell Tamar about the Ms. Cleo comment.
          Ricky - Just do not like him. He has been very condescending to Kandi on at least two occasions. Saying but you are not even playing the game.
          Kato - Is just trying to hard to be funny
          Tom - I think he is a nice person he just got caught up with the HOH power. I also think he let Kato into his head too much.
          Joey - he just complains all the time. He complained the whole time through the wall HOH comp. About how long it was taking. That is the whole point of the comp.

          Tamar is the swing vote tonight. If she is smart she will vote of Joey. Right now there are three sides to the house.

          Nat, Lolo, and Ricky
          Kato, Tom
          Dina, Kandi, Joey, and Tamar in the middle

          Tamar should vote out Joey. Kandi will always have her back and Joey just floats to whoever is in power. Tamar, Dina, and Kandi will be safe not matter who wins HOH. It would be the Nat/Lolo/Ricky group against Kato/Tom. I would let them two groups fight it out while I sat in the middle.

          At this point they should probably try to get to the end with Tom or Kato since everyone in the house seems to hate them. Lolo even said that there is no way she would vote for either of them if they got to the end.

          Really wish that we they do the Celebrity version they would try to find some that at least have some concept of the game.


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            8:03 AM BBT

            All houseguests are still getting their beauty rest.


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              it would be much cooler if they put Celebrity Big Brother versus regular Big Brother at the same time. It'd be really interesting to see do you put in super fans for the regular and would they be so Starstruck that they would what and keep the celebrities who have no game whatsoever or when they vote them off first and then cannibalize each other. It would be awesome and Epic!


              • Diane40
                Diane40 commented
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                I think CBS should forget the celebrity Big Bother and go for the favorites from the regular Big Brother cast. These “celebrities” are not entertaining one little bit. Last years group were so much more entertaining. This group are nasty, (LoLo, Tamar and the rainbow colored hair lady wrestler) scary (Ricky) motormouth (Kato) and semi nice (Tom, Kandi & Joey). I realize you have to have a variety of different personalities, but this group really just don’t meld.

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              OMG, now Tamar and Lolo are fighting over the food list and why it is so expensive.

              So, of course it goes to BRB screen


              • #10
                We've lost Jonathon, Ryan, and now Joey. Do they have a female alliance thing going on?


                • #11
                  We've gone to reruns,


                  • #12
                    Still waiting


                    • #13
                      Tamar won HoH


                      • #14
                        Tom and Kato are the planned nominees. Sounds like it came down to Tamar vs. Kato for the HoH.


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