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Celebrity Big Brother Live Feed Discussion and Updates - February 11, 2019

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  • Celebrity Big Brother Live Feed Discussion and Updates - February 11, 2019

    A little different from the regular season, this topic is where you can both post updates AND discuss what is going on with the Live Feeds! If you do an update, please try to post the time and camera numbers in case someone wants to watch for themselves. Thanks!

    This topic will contain spoilers!

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    Morning all.

    Show tonight. Kandi and Dina are on the block. Who will win the PoV and who will go home tonight?


    • Nosyrosie
      Nosyrosie commented
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      I'm not enjoying this season at all. The best people in the cast are gone, and only the nasty ones remain except for Kandi and Dina. Also, the live feeds have been a waste of money. Whenever something starts to get interesting, they cut away to either the "We'll be right back", or all 4 cameras on somebody sleeping. Tamar gets on my last nerve. She most definitely is not all she thinks she is, and is rude and nasty and loud.

      I hope Kandi wins it all. She is the only nice one left.

    • CubbyBrother
      CubbyBrother commented
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      I'm totally enjoying this season---to me, it's about 100 times better than last. Shannon messed up last season by playing too hard, too quick. And Metta and Keisha leaving left a bad taste in my mouth.

      Whether it was good (or not--obviously not) there have been some decent game players here. Tom and Kato knew the game and played....oh, the mistake Tom made thinking Ricky was orchestrating...... Ricky, very solid player from someone I don't expect was a big fan. Kandi is good player, just can't (or won't) win a competition. Nat was good. Lolo makes for perfect entertainment with her mood swings and changes. I can do without the Tamar edit---but that's just me.

      Dina tries, but just won't win a comp unless it falls in her lap. Joey was bad, but tried to catch on.

      Big Brother is my little pleasure and I enjoy watching and following.

      Disclaimer---I don't get the feeds so I don't see the boredom.......

      And also--game is also completely different when they have to eliminate ten people in just over two weeks----the dynamics of alliances are totally different----although, I would really love to see a showmance!!!!!

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    I haven't been a fan of any of them really - but I did enjoy Joey and grew to like Kato. I too hope Kandi takes it. Lolo drives me nuts - what a kook - I can not believe she's an Olympian - she acts more like one of the Housewives with the drama and temper tantrums. Tamar rubs me wrong. I even like Dinah more than I thought I would.


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      I'm going to love watching the dynamic of the F4 HOH having to immediately evict TWO houseguests to get down to the final two. That's going to be precious because once you evict the two---you are probably losing their votes. It's crazy that there are five people left and I have no idea who is going to win, or even who will be in the final two.


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        Boring, boring, boring! No real celebrities, just semi notable, self absorbed (Tamar) nobodies! Don’t watch feeds or POP snore fest!


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          They are celebrities in their own right. Just because you don't know them or like their work does not deplete there status. They all have earned their title and they all have their own fans.


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            Originally posted by GrandmaSusan View Post
            Boring, boring, boring! No real celebrities, just semi notable, self absorbed (Tamar) nobodies! Don’t watch feeds or POP snore fest!
            I agree! I guess the term celebrity has been watered down so much that a retired football player and an actresses' mother are in that genre. But lets face it who most of us consider celebrity would never do Big Brother. It is more People you may recognize Big Brother or even famous BB. Lol However, I do like Tom and i like Dina alot more than I thought I would. LoLo is very immature and bitchy. Tamar is just too thirsty. Kandi seems nice.


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