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  • Shannon Elizabeth

    Shannon Elizabeth

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    Looking forward to seeing how she plays.
    She is friends with Evel Dick and has been on his show many times.
    She knows the game very well and is a huge fan.


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      Shannon Elizabeth

      Age: 44
      Hometown: Born in Houston, Texas. Grew up from third grade through high school in Waco, Texas, then lived in Los Angeles for 20+ years, and now my hometown is.....
      Current city: Cape Town, South Africa
      Occupation: Actress and conservationist

      Three adjectives that describe you: Compassionate, focused, and persistent.

      Favorite activities: My favorite activities are working with animals in any capacity, traveling, yoga, hiking, taking my dog, Peanut, to the beach, tennis, going to the gym, and watching Big Brother and The Amazing Race!

      What do you think will be the most difficult part of living inside the Big Brother house?
      I think it'll be most difficult to juggle many different personalities and to adapt to situations on the spot as they get thrown at me.

      What moment in your career do you think prepared you to live in the Big Brother house?
      I feel like I've had many different opportunities in my life that have helped to prepare me for the house. My career in acting has obviously prepared me so that I can go into the house and play a role, almost. I'll have to play the role of someone who can be friendly, backstabbing, deceitful, powerful, weak, and mysterious—just to name a few.

      Which past Big Brother cast member did you like most?
      It's definitely a toss up between… Dr. Will, Evel Dick, Dan Gheesling, and Janelle.

      Do you have a strategy for winning the game?
      My strategy is that I will constantly have to change my strategy. I have seen every single season of Big Brother at least once, if not twice. I will need to pull from all of the best players and make it my own. I am hoping for some big, loud, outgoing personalities that can stand out as big targets right off the bat. I, meanwhile, will be setting up my alliance and picking people off one by one.

      My life's motto is…
      "UBUNTU." It's an African saying that comes from the languages of Xhosa and Zulu. It means "I am because we are." We are all interconnected. This includes all living —people, animals, plants, ecosystems, the planet, everything. And every decision we make every day has a lasting impact on the people and planet around us. Only through living in tolerance and respect for everything can we all thrive.

      What would you take into the house and why?
      - My dog Peanut. He just makes everything better all the time!
      - An invisibility cloak.
      - A computer so I could watch the Live Feeds for Celebrity Big Brother.

      Fun facts about yourself:
      - I used to play poker on the pro poker circuit for years.
      - I was secretly an extra on Baywatch and the film Black Sheep before my career started. I wanted to get some on-set experience, but I never let my agents know.


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        Love her. No idea how she will do.


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          Interview on ET Canada...


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            Really like her... hope she does well... wouldnt mind seeing her win actually I think she's obviously come a loooong way since her "American Pie" days lol I think if she constantly tries to "plug" (for lack of a better way of putting it) her non-profits (which is kinda what she's basically said she wants to get from/do on here) ....she will start to annoy me. I'm not saying I'm a horrible, unfeeling person.... LOL but I just think if you go on and on and on about it, people start tuning you out and you do yourself and whatever your 'cause' is a disservice anyways. I respect her passion for her animal cause ... I just think there are some serious issues that need addressing in Africa and around the whole world really that are a higher priority (for me, in my own personal opinion/feelings) and so maybe her "pushing it" too much on there will do my head in lol


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              Interview on ET...
              The 'American Pie' actress -- and 'Big Brother' superfan! -- left her adopted home of South Africa to play the first-ever U.S. version of 'Celebrity Big Brother,' premiering Feb. 7 on CBS.


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